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Audrey, Shang Ying Yue, Mo Fou, and the others stood by the clear lake and looked at the suns, moons, and scattered stars twinkling.

All of a sudden, the lake rippled. It looked like some strange and evil energy was trying to do something to the lake to hide its peculiarity.

The ripples on the lake surface ceased.

Everybody changed their visage in fear. There was no sun, moon, or star anymore. The lake now reflected the clouds, which were the exact objects floating above their heads. The strange reflections in the lake... were gone.

Shang Ying Yue paled. She couldn't help but scream in panic.

The other warriors looked at her.

Shang Ying Yue promptly told them what Cecilia had told her. She explained how Cecilia's teacher's husband had disappeared into that lake. The lake became normal, but her husband had gone forever. No one knew whether he was alive or not.

And now, things on the lake had changed the same way it had done ten thousand years ago. It happened exactly as Cecilia had told them.

"Do you know what's going on?" Wu Feng looked at Audrey. "As you're from the Imperial Dark Clan, if you don't know it, I think no one will have a clue."

Everybody was waiting for Audrey to talk.

Audrey shook her head, "I don't know."

"What should we do?" Shang Ying Yue was so worried as if she had a flame burning her. "If what Cecilia said is true, are they gone in this lake and we won't be able to find them even ten thousand years later?"

Jiao Shan, Sha Zhao, and Mo Fou had serious faces. They were really worried about Shi Yan. They frowned and thought about what to do.

"No! I have to go there to see!"

Shang Ying Yue gritted her teeth and then jumped into the lake. She moved around the bottom of the lake for a while. Audrey, Sha Zhao, and the others were baffled to watch Shang Ying Yue moving into the lake. However, she didn't disappear. They could still see her swimming and raking through the lake bottom.

They knew that the lake had resumed its normal state.

Sha Zhao, Jiao Hai, Jiao Shan, Mo Fou, and Wu Feng jumped into the lake, trying to see if they could find the secret of the lake to rescue Shi Yan and Cecilia.

After a long time, they got out of the lake including Shang Ying Yue. This lake wasn't really big. After two hours, they had carefully checked the entire lake several times. Audrey had even used her Soul Consciousness to check. No one got anything.

Shi Yan and Cecilia had disappeared like that.

"I can say that when we saw the lake having the suns and moons, it would be a magical s.p.a.ce entrance at that time," Audrey contemplated and then spoke.

People nodded in agreement.

"I mean Shi Yan and Cecilia aren't in the lake. They've been transferred to another s.p.a.ce or are confined somewhere. Or they didn't want to get back. And if they want to get back, it's not sure if they will reappear here. The ancient continent has so many marvelous secrets that I can't see through."

Pausing for a while, Audrey sat down cross-legged and said indifferently, "We'll wait for them for half a day. If they don't go out, when our time is up, we must leave without them."

Jiao Shan and the others wore heavy faces. They knew Audrey's decision was correct so they could only nod begrudgingly.

"I'm going to stay and wait for them," said Shang Ying Yue coldly.


The suns and moons were in the sky while they had stars under their feet. It felt like they were walking in the void.

Shi Yan stood there and lifted his head to look at the sky and the columns of sunlight and moonlight descending from the sky like the rivers. Specks of starlight like flying fireflies entered the Ethereal Extent above his head.

His Ethereal Extent was like an unreal world or a ma.s.sive, greedy mouth that was swallowing the moonlight and sunlight and making them a part of it.

Shi Yan looked like he had been petrified. His G.o.d Body was still and it remained in his state to receive all of the light.

His soul altar was emitting terrifying energy fluctuations... especially his Devouring power Upanishad!

The black hole was connected to the Ethereal Extent. Shi Yan's Ethereal Extent was swallowing the lights of the suns, moons, and stars. It seemed like his Ethereal Extent had controlled everything.

Cecilia looked at Shi Yan and gasped in fright for a while. Then, she realized that Shi Yan was standing still as if he didn't hear her calling.

However, she knew that Shi Yan was fine. She could see that he was taking in the marvelous benefits of this area. Except for the fact that she didn't know where they were. Looking at Shi Yan standing still for a long time, she didn't dare to disturb him.

Cecilia hesitated for a while and then moved around this strange place to explore.

As she always remembered her teacher's words, she wanted to find the remains of her teacher's beloved one, which was possibly here for ten thousand years. She started to walk around.

She continued walking...

This place seemed to not have an end or any border. After a long time of moving, she figured out that she was pretty far from where Shi Yan was standing. Unfortunately, she hadn't found anything yet. There was no river, mountain, sea, rock, or even a leaf of gra.s.s. Nothing she knew was found here.

Not a single bone.

Eventually, she felt hopeless, so she turned around and walked back to Shi Yan.

All of a sudden, she saw a mountain, which was very ma.s.sive like a pillar that supported the whole sky and stood majestically.

She stood still and watched the ma.s.sive mountain. After a while, she was struck that she suddenly recognized that it was the Center of Desolate!

She woke up all of a sudden.

She found that she was standing in a vast forest by the foot of the Holy Mountain. She was just one step away from the mountain!

The galaxy under her feet and the wonder of eighteen suns and moons above her head had disappeared. It looked like everything was a dream, a fantasy dream...

It felt like she had entered the lake and got to this place when she got out.

Cecilia stood in a daze and knitted her brows to think. She wanted to know the truth. She wanted to confirm that she wasn't just dreaming.

Bewilderedly, she thought that she just had a hallucination. However, she thought it was more of a hallucination now than before. She stood with a dull, baffled face.

"Oh, you've come here one step ahead!"

A surprised voice arose. Cang Yun's succulent body appeared. He immediately retrieved his murderous aura and showed his innocent smile.

Cecilia pulled herself together from her thoughts, her charming face bewildered. "I don't know how I got here. Just a moment ago, I was in a strange place where there were nine suns and nine moons. I could see the galaxy underneath my feet. Why am I here all of a sudden?"

She furrowed her brows and said uncertainly, Abruptly, she yelled, "Shi Yan! Where's Shi Yan? It's not a dreamland! It's not a dream!"

She didn't notice that Cang Yun had a panic-stricken visage when she described the area to him. He looked at her but his eyes weren't focused as he was mumbling something.

Cang Yun surely knew something!

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