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Chapter 138 Fusion

Late at night.

The iceberg was giving out an icy air. The white ripples, propagating from the iceberg, were chilling the surrounding area.

A thousand meters away from the iceberg, the warriors from the four big groups woke up, in surprise, and gazed at the iceberg in melancholy.

Several low level warriors moved out, away from the iceberg, at their senior’s gestures.

The warriors remaining near the iceberg were all either at higher realms or had rare treasures.

Many vagabond warriors, far away from the iceberg, also noticed this anomaly.

All of them were looking at the iceberg in excitement, whereas the low level warriors moved farther away as the cold atmosphere became more dense.

Suddenly, Xia Xinyan appeared and stood three meters from Shi Yan.

Xia Xinyan’s s.e.xy figure was shining with a greenish light.

The greenish light was shining in direct opposition of the cold air. Xia Xinyan thought of something and frowned, looking at Shi Yan in surprise.

Far away.

The experts from the four big groups were all watching the iceberg in wonder.

No one was striking the iceberg this time, but the iceberg was still emitting colder and colder air.

Was it fighting back?


Suddenly, crystalline light erupted from the iceberg, looking like thousands of arrows.

The crystalline light was even colder than those ripples.

Warriors from the four big groups were suddenly thrown into a panic, as they struggled against the crystalline sparks.

Those warriors who were slow were all turned into ice statues after being struck by the crystalline light.

Xia Xinyan was astonished.

Her hands shimmered as she produced strange seals, in the form of green lotuses.

As the crystalline light flew towards Shi Yan, Xia Xinyan would throw out green lotuses toward it.

Shi Yan had his eyes closed, and was still cultivating.

Inside his body, the negative energy was attacking his blood like a sharp weapon.

As his blood boiled, Shi Yan’s whole body was shaking due to the immense negative aura.

The thought of training in the Second Sky of Rampage, when his meridians were undergoing changes due the negative energy, had suddenly come into Shi Yan’s mind, and this was his first attempt.

To train in the Second Sky of Rampage while his meridians were purifying the negative energy. This was what dawned on him, and this was his first try.

While he was on the iron ship, Shi Yan had repeatedly practiced the Second Sky of Rampage, trying to fuse the negative energy in his blood.

But all of his attempts ended in failure.

Just one time, when he was on the brink of losing his consciousness, the negative energy had suddenly moved, and was about to fuse with his blood.

After pondering for a long time, Shi Yan reached the conclusion that the negative energy could be fused with his blood only when the energy was about to be purified.

Later, Shi Yan tried many times to implement his thoughts, but was still unable to achieve success.

Shi Yan knew he was correct, so he tried to achieve his thoughts till at the verge of losing his consciousness.

All the 720 meridians in his body were under tremendous pressure, as the negative energy slowly his mind.

The idea of fusing the negative energy with his blood was deeply engraved in his mind.

Even at that moment, he was still trying to fuse the negative energy in his blood.

His blood was boiling, and all of his bones were under ma.s.sive strain.

Shi Yan shouted in a low voice, straining to achieve success, but the negative energy and his blood were still in conflict.

The cold ripples were quietly wrapping around Shi Yan.

Cold air was diffusing through his body and seeping into his veins, bones, and flesh.

Shi Yan had no time to protect against the cold air with his Profound Qi, as he was still immersed in merging the negative energy with his blood.

His body was trembling a lot.

The cold air was continuously entering Shi Yan’s body, nearly turning him into an ice statue.

Xia Xinyan was very anxious when looking at Shi Yan, wondering whether to help him against the cold air.

More and more ice was gathering around Shi Yan due to the surrounding cold air.

Even Xia Xinyan, who was at the Earth Realm, felt her Profound Qi slowing down.

Shi Yan was stone stiff.

It was if the ripples emerging out of the iceberg had found something interesting, and were gushing toward Shi Yan from all directions.

“Ka ka ka!”

While Shi Yan was trembling from the cold, ice was rapidly covering his whole body

Xia Xinyan’s expression changed as she sensed a dense cold air in Shi Yan, which was as strong as Beiming Shang’s Polar Ice Fire Martial Spirit.

Xia Xinyan stopped hesitating, intending to drive out the cold air from Shi Yan.

At that moment, Shi Yan’s meridians suddenly glittered.

His 720 meridians produced light all at once!

Shi Yan’s body was now like a starry sky.

Xia Xinyan was totally shocked.

The next moment, 720 wisps of odd energy went into Shi Yan’s body.

The odd energy in Shi Yan fused with the negative energy and gushed into his blood veins.


Shi Yan was in a terrible in pain, and he bellowed and rolled on the ground.

Xia Xinyan was getting anxious, as she didn’t know what to do.

“Shi Yan, Shi Yan...” She bent down and whispered, “What can I do to help you? Answer me!” Xia Xinyan was incredibly anxious.

“I’m okay! Don’t worry about me!” Shi Yan said in a tremble.

The ice on him melted quickly and the cold air slowly disappeared.

Xia Xinyan didn’t know what was happening with Shi Yan, but she was still on guard.

“Bang bang bang!”

At a distance, the people from the four big groups had begun another round of strikes.

But the strange symbols surrounding the iceberg once again shone in the light, defending the iceberg from their barrage.

Shi Yan bellowed for half an hour, then lay quietly on the ground.

“Shi Yan, what are you training in? I’ve never seen anyone in such a pain while training. Shi Yan, stop it! Stop whatever you are training in! Train in something else, I can provide...”

Xia Xinyan was very sad as she squatted beside Shi Yan, and whispered her advice.

Shi Yan didn’t reply, as if in a deep sleep.

Xia Xinyan stayed beside Shi Yan and covered him in a green light, supporting his body so that he wouldn’t fall into one of the ditches.

The sky was bright.

As the sun rose, the iceberg once again became quiet, and the ripples stopped spreading.

People from the four big groups were covered in sweat, but were all still smiling in excitement.

The light emitted by the symbols around the iceberg had become dim.

All of them thought that the strange symbols had lost their power.

At the thought of what could be hiding inside the iceberg, everyone was ecstatic.

Shi Yan woke up slowly, with a tired and pale face, though his eyes were full of excitement.

He was correct in his hypothesis!

When his meridians were purifying the negative energy, he had entered a crazy state.

In that state, he had lost all of his reason and wanted to do all sorts of bad things.

And that period was the best time to fuse the negative energy with his blood.

At night, all that strange energy went into the blood.

With help from that strange energy, the negative energy had immediately started fusing with his blood!

The strange power seemed to have changed his blood and made it accept the negative energy!

With a pale face, Shi Yan struggled to sit and took a deep breath, trying to operate the negative energy.

The negative energy once again started fusing with his blood, this time without any issues!

His blood was boiling, as if on fire!

He could feel that his strength had greatly increased.

A strong bloodthirst overwhelmed his body.

Shi Yan was stunned as he realized that the negative energy had turned icy, but his body was still unaffected.

His body seemed to have adapted to the cold air.

Translated by: Qian
Edited by: Jimmy and Eli 
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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