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It was true that Shi Yan had promised her.

He had agreed to do one thing for Cecilia even before he had anything ambiguous with Cecilia.

He had almost forgotten it until Cecilia reminded him. He thought that Cecilia came to the ancient continent just to collect the treasures of Water Cla.s.s. In the middle of the desert, Cecilia had harvested a lot of Water Heart Crystals. He a.s.sumed that those crystals were the reason why she was here.

Today, Shi Yan finally understood that he was completely wrong after listening to her.

"You've agreed with me. Will you help me?" Cecilia begged him.

Shi Yan smiled and nodded naturally. "It's true. I agreed with you. Of course, I will help you."

Shi Yan and Cecilia walked behind the group. When Cecilia talked to him, she held his hand, so they had to stop walking for a while, which gave them a little distance from the others.

People who walked in the front couldn't hear their conversation.

Mo Fou was still scouting ahead. That strange lake stood in front of him where the images of the suns and the moons were reflected. However, there weren't only one sun and one moon. They counted and found nine dazzling suns and nine bright moons.

Gray clouds stuck in the horizon. This place didn't have a single star, which made the reflections of the suns and the moons in the lake so odd.

It made people not dare to act rashly.

Mo Fou stopped. He urged his energy and tried to sense the surrounding.

Audrey frowned and said, "We need to swim across the lake. The areas around the lake are even more perilous."

No one dared to doubt Audrey. They changed their visage and studied the lake. Their hearts sank and felt helter-skelter.

Audrey looked at Mo Fou and said indifferently, "You still need two more miles. You go first."

Mo Fou's countenance changed.

According to their agreement, they would take turns to scout. After he finished his ten miles, the Wu brothers would take their turn. He had finished eight miles. If that d.a.m.n lake wasn't there, he could finish his turn smoothly.

But now. . .

Mo Fou wore a dark face. He accepted his unfortunate fate, sighing and preparing to jump into the lake.

"Wait a minute."

However, at this moment, Shi Yan called out from their back and sauntered to their front.

People didn't know what was going on and they just turned around to look at him. Mo Fou had no clue. He asked, "Is there anything you want me to do for you?" He sounded friendly because Shi Yan had helped him many times during this trip.

"You stay here. We will enter the lake first," Shi Yan turned to look at Cecilia.

They now noticed Cecilia following him closely. Her charming face was stern.

"You two?" Shang Ying Yue screamed in surprise.

Shi Yan waved his hand as he said, "That lake is a little strange. Let's go there first. We will notify you later."

Mo Fou showed great grat.i.tude.

They all could see that the lake had something weird. Mo Fou had prepared to encounter dangers. At this critical point, Shi Yan suddenly took the responsibility. Although Mo Fou didn't know his intention, he had appreciated Shi Yan from the bottom of his heart. He had made up his mind that whenever Shi Yan and Audrey had a dispute, he would stand on Shi Yan's side.

"Thank you," Mo Fou exhaled in relief. He backed off and said sincerely, "You must be careful. This lake isn't normal at all."

Audrey frowned. She studied Shi Yan and then Cecilia, and then snorted. She didn't voice her opinion in this.

If Audrey didn't have any opinion, of course, no one would oppose it. They decided this task that way.

When Shi Yan and Cecilia came by the lake, he gestured and said to the others, "Guys, back off. I need to talk to Cecilia."

Audrey nodded. The other warriors stepped backed and left Shang Ying Yue at her spot, looking at Shang Ying Yue and Cecilia worriedly.

Shi Yan smiled and didn't mind Shang Ying Yue who stood still at her spot. He asked calmly, "Can you explain the situation now?" He looked at Cecilia.

"I have an elderly teacher. Ten thousand years ago, she used to visit this area..." said Cecilia sadly.

Her teacher cultivated Water power Upanishad and she had lived for more than ten thousand years. The last time this planet opened, she had come here with her husband. They had made it to the Center of the ancient continent and reached this lake. Her husband went to the lake and sank little by little as if he was pulled by something invisible and drowned.

While he was sinking to the bottom of the lake, he sent his wife the soul message and asked her not to get into the lake no matter what. He told her to stay and wait for him.

Cecilia's teacher had waited for him.

Not long after that, the lake became normal and had no reflections. Everything became pretty normal.

Cecilia's teacher couldn't sense any commotion of her husband. She entered the lake to search but found nothing. Her husband seemed to have vanished into thin air.

Right after that, she stopped her expedition of this ancient continent to search the lake for years. When the ancient continent kicked her out, she hadn't found her husband yet.

It became a sickness in her heart.

Afterward, she left the ancient continent and returned to her life star. She had continued to search for her husband's whereabouts. Unfortunately, she didn't have a clue.

She was sure that her husband had disappeared in this lake on the ancient continent. Perhaps he had been dragged into a strange domain or confined somewhere. Probably... he had died...

She stopped yearning for the day she could reunite with her husband. However, she wanted to see his remains. Thus, she accepted a disciple and taught her skills and abilities. She had even tried to find a Guiding Fruit for her to send her to the ancient continent the next time. She hoped that her disciple could fulfill her wish.

"My teacher used to tell me that this lake has some power of Water with the s.p.a.ce power. She couldn't see its real competence. She told me that it would be possible to enter the lake when I go there with someone cultivates s.p.a.ce power Upanishad. Then, we can decode the riddle of this lake," Cecilia looked at Shi Yan.

Shi Yan suddenly understood.

No wonder why Cecilia showed a deep interest in him when she saw him using s.p.a.ce power Upanishad. Later on, she wanted to go with him and shoulder to fight Mia's team.

Cecilia had wanted to count on his power earlier.

Because he knew s.p.a.ce power Upanishad.

"I want to enter the lake. I've promised my teacher to help her find her husband's remains. My teacher has done so many things for me to come here and to have my attainment today. I won't let her down," Cecilia looked at Shi Yan tenderly, "Please help me..."

"Alright," Shi Yan smiled and agreed with her. He turned to Shang Ying Yue and said to her, "You heard it, right. We know what had happened. I will jump to the lake with her. Don't worry. We will be alright."

"I'm going with you guys," Shang Ying Yue suggested all of a sudden.

"No need," Shi Yan waved his hand to stop her. "I can deal with it. You just stay here. Leave it to me."

Shi Yan didn't wait for Shang Ying Yue to talk more, directly jumping and pulling Cecilia into the lake. No water splashed. It seemed like they had just walked through a door and disappeared.

Shang Ying Yue was scared.

Shi Yan and Cecilia had jumped into the lake. She saw it with her own eyes. However, she couldn't see any signal of them in the lake. Cecilia and Shi Yan seemed to have vanished into thin air right at that moment.

The lake was still clear and bright like a mirror with the reflections of the suns, moons, and the cotton clouds. Everything looked normal.

Shang Ying Yue felt her hair rising on her nape.

Where have Shi Yan and Cecilia gone?

Audrey, Mo Fou, Sha Zhao, and the others also saw Shi Yan and Shang Ying Yue jump into the lake. They dashed forward and stood by Shang Ying Yue to look at the lake skeptically.

Shang Ying Yue took a deep breath. She told Audrey what she had found. Since she knew Audrey had a supernatural ability, she wanted to use her to find Shi Yan and Cecilia.

Audrey changed her visage. She immediately closed her eyes to urge the soul altar. She wanted to use the secret technique of the soul-searching of the Imperial Dark Tribe. She set her Soul Consciousness to the lake.

After a while, Audrey shook her head, her face cold. She confirmed, "This lake doesn't have their auras!"

They then wore heavy faces.

"Don't rush. Shi Yan isn't like the others. I think he could deal with it." Audrey contemplated for a while and then comforted them, "We just have to wait here and see."

Since they didn't have any better idea, they had to agree with her. They scattered by the lake and focused on the water, waiting for Shi Yan's commotion in silence.

"Where are we? This is absolutely not the bottom of the lake!"

Cecilia looked at the sky and screamed in surprise.

Shi Yan also wore a strange countenance. Lifting his head to look at the sky, he mumbled, "Is it a real world?"

The dark red sky held nine suns and nine moons arranged in some particular formation. The eighteen suns and moons radiated the hot sunlight and the cold moonlight, which looked like a light column piercing through the sky and earth to illuminate this area.

The ground under their feet was like a ma.s.sive crystal with dazzling light streamers moving inside.

Above their heads were the suns and moons and under their feet was the galaxy of stars. This strange world couldn't be caught even in their fantasy dreams. It looked so strange, indeed.

Shi Yan wasn't so sure if those things were all real. He urged his soul altar and focused on his Ethereal Extent and the Star power Upanishad.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The sunlight, moonlight in the sky, and the starlight streamers underground suddenly surged torrentially as if they were revived. Together, they flooded his body.

The sunlight and moonlight columns above their heads moved, all shining on Shi Yan's body.

"Oh Gosh! They are real!"

Shi Yan couldn't help but whine, his face disbelieving.

It was not a fantasy world!

The suns, moons, and stars in the imaginary world couldn't bring him any energy. His Star power Upanishad couldn't work in a fantasy world. But it was real here. Is this place... still the ancient continent?

Cecilia covered her mouth, looking at the fierce shower of sunlight, moonlight, and starlight swarming Shi Yan. Suddenly, she saw an Ethereal Extent emerge over Shi Yan's head. She could even see the sun in that Ethereal Extent. Magically, it looked quite similar to the world they were at.

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