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Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, and Black Tortoise were the four Great Holy Ancestors of the Heavenly Monster Tribe. The Vermilion Bird and the Black Tortoise had fallen and their remains were wandering around the vast sea of stars.

Shi Yan had met the Vermilion Bird's remains by chance. It helped his Vermilion Bird True Flame evolve. The Black Tortoise's skeleton now belonged to Zuo Shi and it turned into her Seal of power. At the same time, no one knew where the Azure Dragon and the White Tiger were.

Today, in the Center of the ancient continent, Cang Yun had found the White Tiger near the Holy Mountain. The skeleton of the beast was like a several-thousand-meter tall mountain range. It was fulgent in white and it radiated beautifully like the white chalcedony. Still, the skeleton had maintained a fierce, bloodthirsty aura.

The White Tiger was the Killing Star. The genealogical book of the Heavenly Monster Tribe had a detailed record of it. In the White Tiger was one of the branches of the Heavenly Monster Tribe who held a similar position to the Charteris family of the G.o.d Clan or the Immortal Demon Clan of Demon Clan. They were the best valiant warriors of these clans.

Cang Yun stroked the giant skeleton of White Tiger. His face had some subtle, magical changes in silence...

Tiger stripes appeared on his skin. The word "King" identifying the White Tiger branch also appeared on his forehead.

Cang Yun was from the lineage of the Holy Beast White Tiger!

As he fondled the white crystal bones, boiling energy fluctuations emitted from his monster body just like a ma.s.sive whirlpool that could swallow everything in this world.

Streams of crystal white energy gushed out of the White Tiger's remains and slowly entered Cang Yun through the palms of his hands placed on the skeleton...

The drawings on Cang Yun's body rippled and surged like sea waves. He suddenly faced the sky and roared like a real tiger. His monster body changed immediately. He had transformed into a majestic tiger that was several hundred meters long. He had become the king of the animals in the forest and he drew in the torrential energy from the chalcedony bones of the White Tiger.

Beams of white light emitted from the Holy Beast White Tiger and fell on Cang Yun's body like a dense sprinkle. Cang Yun's Blood Qi became br.i.m.m.i.n.g. It looked like he was taking in the Immemorial Inheritance to obtain the purest power and the power Upanishad of his branch!

The Holy Ancestor White Tiger's remains turned from crystal white to gray-white. As its energy was being taken out, it lost the halo gradually. The skeleton cracked as if it couldn't remain tough any longer.

In contrast to this, Cang Yun had become more robust and imposing. He was filled with power that could help him tear all the flesh of any creature. He looked imposingly tyrannical, indeed.

It was the imperial aura of the Holy Beast White Tiger!

Cang Yun was absorbing the energy from the White Tiger's remains.

By the river flowing through a mountain stream, Shi Yan, Audrey, Cecilia, Shang Ying Yue, Wu Feng, and the others were moving along the river and heading towards the Holy Mountain. Audrey had picked this trail, so no one had any other opinion.

It was strange that since they had walked along this river in the valley, they didn't encounter any deathtrap. Everything was so smooth that it made people confused and afraid.

Audrey didn't give them an explanation. They could only hold their doubts within.

Everybody understood that as Audrey was the Princess of the Imperial Dark Tribe, she must have a lot of knowledge about this ancient continent. Also, Audrey had mastered the abilities of the soul altar. She wouldn't bring people to a dead corner.

"Dangers are awaiting us ahead after we pa.s.s this area. If my ancestors weren't wrong... there should be a big lake over there that we can't walk around to pa.s.s. Otherwise, it will be much more dangerous," said Audrey all of a sudden.

Everybody was perplexed.

"Our Imperial Dark Tribe will come to this ancient continent every ten thousand years. Many of my precursors had been here. Of course, most of them had explored the area and returned with nothing good. Only some of them had a significant harvest." Audrey pondered for a while before telling the details. "The precursors who had visited this continent had recorded things that they had experienced. They wanted the next generations to explore more..."

People understood it now.

In this vast universe, it was rare that the dominant force could keep their power without declining for a long time. It meant that the force or the family of Cecilia, Shang Ying Yue, Wu Feng, and Mo Fou might not have existed tens of thousands of years ago.

Thus, they knew the magical features of this ancient continent from others or some special channels they had. However, they couldn't have any ancestor telling them the marvelous characteristics of this place... Tens of thousands of years ago, their ancestors weren't born yet!

Anyway, the Imperial Dark Tribe was different.

They were the strongest race in this world. They were the key characters of the cosmos in every era. Thus, the experts of the Imperial Dark Tribe were able to come to the ancient continent every time it opened.

Throughout many generations, the precursors of the Imperial Dark Tribe had described the features of the ancient continent and gave instructions to their future generations. Thus, they could have better knowledge than anyone else on getting into this place, which made them different from ordinary warriors.

That was why Audrey knew that Desolate has consciousness. She even knew its strange interest to give Shi Yan some advice.

"So... we should be more cautious in the coming time, right?" Wu Feng asked with a heavy face.

"Correct," Mo Fou replied and frowned. He didn't walk more, his eyes scanning Jiao Hai, Jiao Shan, and the others as if he wanted to find some scouts.

At this point, they all knew that it would be perilous to advance further. There would be a lethal deathtrap waiting for them. Thus, they became careful. No one wanted to walk ahead. Everyone hoped that someone would replace them to be the vanguard.

All of a sudden, no one proactively stepped forward. Everybody halted.

Audrey and Shi Yan knitted their brows.

"You and your brother go ahead and make way for us." Shi Yan darkened his face and pointed at Wu Feng and Wu Bai, asking them to scout.

"Why us?" Wu Feng's eyes changed and looked at Jiao Hai, Jiao Shan, and Sha Zhao sinisterly. "Why not them?" He turned to Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue. "How about them?"

Apparently, Wu Feng didn't want to do that.

"It's okay if you don't want to go," Shi Yan pursed his lips and grinned, "Then leave this team."

Wu Feng felt a sudden chill in his heart. He couldn't help but look at Audrey with the hope that she would say something fair.

He understood that Cecilia, Shang Ying Yue, and Shi Yan had something ambiguous. He also knew that Jiao Shan, Jiao Hai, and Sha Zhao had followed Shi Yan. During a moment like this, of course, Shi Yan would protect them to maintain his force. That was why he asked his brothers to take risks.

Shi Yan had proven that his position and state could surpa.s.s most of the people here and he was able to stand shoulder by shoulder with Audrey.

Thus, he could only count on Audrey.

Unfortunately, Audrey didn't give him face. "You brothers should go scouting. After ten miles, Mo Fou will take the shift. Then, we alter every ten miles," said Audrey.

In Audrey's eyes, only Shi Yan was strong enough to talk to her or bargain with her in this group. The others were all inferior creatures that weren't worth her time.

Listening to Audrey, Wu Feng's face turned pitiful. He had no other choice.

The two big bosses had agreed. They had no way to reject it. The two brothers put on faces that they would have when they attended a funeral. Since they didn't have any other option around, they started to walk ahead of the team, guarding and checking dangers for every people. Their existences were like sacrificing p.a.w.ns.

Shang Ying Yue's eyes had a strange light twinkling. She eyed the Wu brothers and then Mo Fou with his wince. All of a sudden, she felt that the wind had changed.

That year, when she had just entered the ancient continent and accompanied Shi Yan, Shi Yan had only First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. No one appreciated him. Sha Zhao used to want to finish her and Shi Yan at the same time. Thinking back to that time, she thought that the Wu brothers and Mo Fou were really tough to deal with. At the same time, she wanted to kill the Bai family's warriors too.

It'd been just five years! Five short years!

Today, Sha Zhao was filled with admiration and grat.i.tude for Shi Yan. He always tried to protect Shi Yan's welfare and he treated him as his leader. The Wu brothers also needed to follow Shi Yan's orders.

And Shi Yan had killed all of the Bai family's warriors. Afterward, Shang Ying Yue had a strange, yet new affection for Shi Yan. She also viewed him from another angle...

After five times, people's position and status here had changed dramatically. It felt like they had survived several generations. Thinking about it, Shang Ying Yue felt so emotional.

Her cold and clear eyes studied Shi Yan quietly while her heart became resolute. He could change everything around him within five years. So, after fifty years or five hundred years, could he change the entire world?"

Since Wu Feng and Wu Bai had walked in the front of the team to make way, they had indeed encountered a lot of troubles. The natural barriers had struck them all the time.

Audrey and Shi Yan followed them closely. Once they found the Wu brothers encounter danger, they would help them timely. They had saved Wu Feng and Wu Bai many times.

After ten miles, it was Mo Fou's shift. This time, Mo Fou happily performed his role. He didn't resist even a bit.

It was because Audrey and Shi Yan were worth their trust. They wouldn't ignore them when they were in danger. Audrey and Shi Yan were trying their best to reduce the losses for this team.

Mo Fou had advanced eight miles ahead.

He halted and raised his voice. "Guys, check it out. There's a lake ahead of us, which looks like a bright mirror!"

People dashed forward and stood by Mo Fou to watch. They then saw a lake ahead of them that was so crystal clear that it was like a mirror. It didn't have a single leaf or a small fish.

This lake had a strange, clear water that reflected some images. With a closer look, they found that there were the bright moon and the dazzling sun as big as the stone mill.

People instinctively looked up to watch the sky.

The sky was covered by the cotton clouds and it left no gap for the sunlight to reach the ground. They didn't see a single star, let alone the sun or the moon.

If there were no star, moon, or sun in the sky, why could they see their reflections on the water?

Everybody frowned and felt something strange happening around them. This abnormal lake made them feel insecure.

A cold, soft hand appeared in Shi Yan's palm. He was surprised and he turned around to find that it belonged to Cecilia.

Cecilia didn't have her s.e.xy makings anymore. She looked a little pale, mumbling with fear. "Remember you've promised me to help me with something?"

"I do," nodded Shi Yan.

Cecilia's cold finger pointed to the lake as she whispered, "It's this place. Will you come with me to the lake? You've promised me..."

Shi Yan was astounded.

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