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By the border of the desert, the six warriors of the Charteris family had their soul altars shatter all of a sudden. They died tragically, which put a stop on their b.l.o.o.d.y battle. Mia and Yue Man didn't think anything and they ran away at their max speed immediately.

Mia understood that unless Harson had encountered something terrible, his warriors wouldn't perish abruptly like that.

Mia and Yue Man were wise enough to run away right after that.

Sha Zhao, Mo Fou, and Shang Ying Yue wanted to chase after them, but Audrey raised her hand to stop them. "No need to pursue them. Haig is near."

Mo Fou and Wu Feng were surprised. They became thrilled. "We can kill them all together!"

Audrey shot them a cold look and said indifferently, "Haig gathered more warriors than we did. If you think you can destroy him, just go there and check yourself."

Sha Zhao, Mo Fou, and the others looked frightened. They waved their hands reluctantly and didn't want to insist on this.

Are you kidding us! Haig was the strongest of his generation in the G.o.d Clan. He was even stronger than Harson. And, he had a lot of warriors going with him. Without Audrey's support, how could they dare to take risks?

"Didn't you say that your Soul Consciousness couldn't sense this area?" asked Cecilia in confuse.

Audrey was still cold and calm. She said simply, "Too close. We can still feel each other. The battle between Shi Yan and Harson had stirred up the energy in the center of the desert, which has changed the earth and heaven's principles out there. Many warriors were attracted to them. Haig wasn't an exception."

"Should we prepare to engage in a battle with them?" asked Sha Zhao.

Audrey shook her head. "I think that we shouldn't. Haig's team isn't very different from us. Before we reached the Holy Mountain, he won't spend energy in vain. Unless his team is stronger than us, he won't come to us proactively. I know this man. He's very cautious. He won't be wild and rash like Harson."

"Did Shi Yan win?" Wu Feng's eyes looked strange. "As we can see that the six warriors of Harson's team had died all of a sudden, I think Harson is now in big trouble. Otherwise, it wouldn't be that fast."

Everybody thought the same.

"Harson was the hope of the Charteris family. His power Upanishad is refined and he's brutal and crazy. He's the only warrior of the G.o.d Clan who can face Haig directly. I didn't expect that Shi Yan could defeat him. It's a big surprise, though." Sha Zhao seemed to admire the other a lot.

Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue had waves of happy light ripple from their eyes. Their hearts had many vibes as if they could share his glory.

Audrey was astounded. She was a little shocked knowing how strong the Immortal Demon Clan was.

"Here he comes," Audrey hissed.

Everybody focused and waited.

Shortly after, a shadow approached and appeared in their sights at a normal speed. He pitched his voice. "Are you all right?"

It was Shi Yan.

Everybody else smiled and jabbered, "Where's Harson? Did you kill him? Are you hurt?"

All of them cared about Harson's situation since he was the sharpest weapon of the G.o.d Clan who was the big fear in their heart. This included Audrey.

People's fear for Harson was bigger and deeper than what they had for Haig. This was because Haig was a sane man and he could reason like a normal people while Harson was a bloodthirsty mad dog that no one dared to touch. No one wanted to taste his sharp, spear-like madness...

"Harson is still alive. I haven't defeated him yet. However, his G.o.d Body has some problems... He ran away." Shi Yan had something made up already. He said with his jaw clenched, "The Burning Purgatory power Upanishad of the Charteris family is really terrifying. Harson's power seemed to be able to increase unlimitedly. If his soul and body could endure it, I think that I would be the one who had to run away..."

Hearing him, people changed their visage. "Harson is still alive?" they couldn't help but yell.

"Seems like Harson's damages were significant and his body couldn't bear it. Thus, he had killed his six subordinates to supply energy to him. He seized the chance and then ran away. He's going to come for you to take revenge later." Audrey drilled her look into Shi Yan. "It's enough for you to be proud. After Harson grew up, he has been experiencing countless big and small battles. He has left his mad reputation in the big star areas. No one has ever heard that he had to run away because he couldn't resist the enemy. You could force him to run away. Your reputation would spread throughout the cosmos."

Listening to Audrey, people then looked at Shi Yan with more respect and admiration.

The one who could force Harson to run helter-skelter would be the most talented warrior in the vast universe. He was eligible to resist Haig.

In their minds, Shi Yan's position had just leaped up. He was about to surpa.s.s Audrey for sure.

"Leave the desert. We're heading to the Holy Mountain in the center." Audrey observed the area and let out a low shout.

People replied cheerily.

Situated by the desert was a dark valley where filled with strong howling winds.

Mia and Yue Man staggered and landed in this valley as if someone had guided them here. As soon as they landed, they felt a sudden chill as if some beast was watching their soul altar.

A strong gust slapped over and cleaned the thick mist in the valley. Haig, Phelps, and around ten warriors of the G.o.d Clan appeared.

"Haig!" Mia hissed.

Haig nodded and said coldly, "Has something unexpected happened to Shi Yan?"

He could feel the heat from Shi Yan and Harson's fighting in the center of the desert. The earth-shaking energy changed due to their battle and it attracted other warriors who came and checked.

"Harson... I think he's over..." Mia frowned painfully. She tried to talk while hiding the pain. "His six troopers died instantly. Their soul altars shattered. It means that Harson has encountered something unexpected. Perhaps, he was dead already."

Phelps, Payton, and the other warriors of the G.o.d Clan discolored in fright.

"We know something unexpected had happened, but I don't think Harson would be killed that easily," Haig pondered for a while and said with his brows knitted. "I've been competing with Harson for years. I know how strong and wild he is. Whoever wants to kill him including me, has to pay the most disastrous price. Perhaps, the G.o.d body was smashed."

To that point, Haig paused for a while and then looked at the desert and said, "The one who fought with Harson still has full energy. He wasn't hurt. Thus, even though something had happened to Harson, I believe he's still alive. If Harson was killed, I'm afraid his opponent wouldn't be able to even move now."

Haig understood the situation well.

After years of fighting with Harson, Haig knew clearly how terrific Harson was. He knew that Harson's most fierce feature was that no one would return intact from the battle where Harson had to die.

The fact that Shi Yan was safe and sound helped Haig confirm that Harson was still alive. However, his condition wasn't really good.

"We should go there to rescue Harson!" Mia proposed, her face stern and her eyes begging.

Haig looked unconcerned. "They aren't weaker than us. If we go there, both sides will bear losses. It's not my style. The wisest thing to do now is to gather our people. We should try to kill the enemies on the way and try our best to destroy them to reduce our loss." Haig explained his plan.

Phelps and the others nodded. Apparently, they had considered Haig their leader. No one batted an eye on Harson's story.

Mia sighed discreetly. After she could confirm that Harson was alright, she wasn't so persistent. She agreed to Haig's plan too.

"They are heading to the Holy Mountain too. We should hurry up." Haig waved his hand and smiled at Mia. "I got many good things to help you increase your power a little bit. Desolate is a rich land. If you notice, you will find treasures everywhere."

Mia cheered up.

From a bird's view, people could see many small dots like a colony of ants heading to the Holy Mountain in the Center.

Shi Yan, Audrey, and their warriors gathered on one side while Haig, Phelps, and Mia took their warriors and walked on the other trail. The two teams weren't close or too far from each other. However, it was impossible to use the Soul Consciousness to sense them. Anyway, if one team moved faster and the other team moved slower, they would encounter each other.

Many warriors from the other clans were operating alone in the other areas. Regardless, every person was heading in the same direction.

The Holy Mountain stood majestically in between the radiant rainbow and auspicious clouds. It looked so beautiful even though it stood still. It sparkled and waited for people to come and explore.

There was a small dot, which was closest to the Holy Mountain. He was moving really fast though.

If nothing unexpected happened, he was going to be the first one to enter the imposing mountain.

That warrior was Cang Yun.

Cang Yun was part of the first wave of warriors entering the Center. As soon as they had stepped in, Cang Yun separated from Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue and moved away alone.

Shi Yan, Audrey, Mia, Haig, Phelps, and the others had encountered battles or deathtraps, which delayed them for a while.

However, as Cang Yun was heading to the Holy Mountain alone, he was ahead of all of them.

Cang Yun's monster body was as tough as granite when he moved between the th.o.r.n.y bushes. He wasn't afraid of the hooked thorns from the bushes as he moved forcefully and brutally. His body was like a bulldozer that crushed the th.o.r.n.y bushes that could tear normal warriors apart. He was dashing like crazy.

Being a member of the Heavenly Monster Tribe, one of the four great races, Cang Yun had shown his intimidating power of the Heavenly Monster Tribe.

Cang Yun suddenly changed his direction and moved between the bushes. After traveling for several hours, he halted.

A mountain range that had the shape of a roaring tiger appeared in front of Cang Yun. This mountain range wasn't as majestic as the Holy Mountain. The brown-gray rock was built in the shape of a tiger that roared at the sky. It looked lively and it gave people a terrifying impression.

Cang Yun reached the foot of the mountain and then thrust his arm into the rock f.l.a.n.g.e. The sea of energy in his arm gushed out tremendously.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The mountain range exploded. Big rocks fell and shattered in the mountain stream.

A ma.s.sive crystal white skeleton emerged inside the mountain range, which had the shape of a robust tiger.

"The Holy Beast White Tiger!"

Cang Yun mumbled. His eyes glowed with a magical halo as he was tenderly stroking the white-jade claws of the huge tiger skeleton. He was trying to sense something.

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