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Xuan Shan's blood bones turned into bone powder and entered Harson's G.o.d Body.

Harson's broken soul was gathered slowly. Corpse Qi swirled around him and gave people a desperate, scary feeling.

It was like a corpse or a dead person slowly waking up...

"Taking things seriously, after the training in the G.o.d Clan's deathtrap that year, Harson wasn't pure anymore. His soul has been fused with Xuan Shan's and it gave Harson the purest strong will. He and Xuan Shan's wild fixation have fused..." The Ring Spirit's voice didn't have any emotion as if it was just narrating some simple facts.

"Besides Death power Upanishad, Xuan Shan had mastered using the Corpse Qi that Frederick controls..." The Ring Spirit narrated. "The Charteris family had only urged the brutal Death power in Xuan Shan's skeleton. They couldn't force the other energy of his. Today, this energy and the bone powder have entered Harson's body. When he wakes up, he will be much stronger."

"Eh, so he's alive or dead? Is he the member of the G.o.d Clan or the Corpse Clan?" Shi Yan was surprised. "He's still Harson. After the Death energy in Xuan Shan's skeleton is used up, the Corpse Qi will appear. Of course, the dead will become corpses. However, Death and Corpse Qi energy have something in connection. Only Xuan Shan of the Bloodthirsty understood this essence that year. Because of that, he became a foreign race. That's how he was eligible to keep one part of my memory."

The Ring Spirit didn't make it clear. "After Harson wakes up, the Corpse Qi will fill him. He can use the Burning Purgatory Upanishad to burn Corpse Qi to generate his life magnetic field. It will be the same with what he used to have. The reason why I chose Harson that year was because he's a member of the Charteris family that cultivated Burning Purgatory power Upanishad. I can't say what would be created when the Death, Corpse Qi, and Burning Purgatory power Upanishads are combined. However, I had chosen Harson as the successor of the Bloodthirsty's Master at that time to take care and nurture..."

The "I" that the Ring Spirit had mentioned was the third party of the ring's memory staying in Harson's blood bone.

"If you, a better option, hadn't appeared, Harson would have become my master and the successor of the Bloodthirsty Force. The reason why I had to divide into three parts was to prepare for every case. We don't want to hang me on only one tree. It turns out that we've made a right decision. Besides Xuan He who didn't find his luck, Xuan Shan had succeeded in finding Harson. Although he wasn't the best choice because of his soul and fate, we still have another option..."

"I don't quite understand," Shi Yan shook his head.

According to the Ring Spirit, Harson was a member of the G.o.d Clan, but he had fused with the crazy will. And as Shi Yan'd known, he was the new star of the G.o.d Clan.

Shi Yan had fought with Harson, so he knew how intimidating Harson was. This young man was one of the rarest terrifying enemies Shi Yan had ever encountered in his life. If he didn't have the blood sword, which had boosted his power, it was hard to say who would be killed.

If the Ring Spirit had considered Harson a chosen one, it must have keen eyes. Harson was eligible. But why did the Ring Spirit say that Shi Yan was the best choice?

When the Death power Upanishad, the Corpse Qi power Upanishad, and the Burning Purgatory power Upanishad combined, even the Ring Spirit was terrified. When the Ring Spirit's memory was complete and could impart Harson the Devouring power Upanishad of the Bloodthirsty Force, wouldn't he become invincible? Who could subdue him then?

But why did the Ring Spirit choose him?

Although he was always self-confident, when he faced Harson and got to know his power, Shi Yan still felt pretty strange.

"The Inheritance of the Bloodthirsty's Master can be imparted to only the members of the four great races and in the ancient continent..." the Ring Spirit continued calmly. "Harson is a G.o.d warrior and you have Immortal Demon Blood. You guys are the same in this aspect. You were born in Grace Mainland and Harson was born in Ancient G.o.d Continent. It's not really different... However, there's one thing that distinguishes you two. It's also the reason why you are the successor of the Bloodthirsty's Master!"

"Please tell me!" asked Shi Yan earnestly.

"Although you have the Immortal Demon Blood in your body, your soul is..." The Ring Spirit paused for a while, "You know how you came here better than anybody else? Who you used to be before you had entered this body?"

Shi Yan was shaken. He looked panic-stricken.

Of course, he knew who he used to be and why he had descended to this world. However, that year, he was an extreme athlete. He didn't belong in this universe. He thought that he was dead in an adventure, his soul sinking...

When he woke up, he found himself inside a dark cave of Grace Mainland in the body of another Shi Yan. He had become another man from that day.

Shi Yan thought that no one in this world could know this secret of his. He had never thought that when the three memory parts of the Ring Spirit reunited, it could expose him quickly and make him feel naked like that. It scared him out of his wits.

"Don't worry. We've chosen you. Lao Luo and I had exerted our efforts. We didn't regret using the Origin of Grace Mainland to bring you here from another universe. Of course, we won't hurt you. If we hadn't used the Origin, Grace Mainland wouldn't have drained its energy that fast. Since he had to guide you here from another universe, Lao Luo was dead because of his exhausted energy..." said the Ring Spirit indifferently.

After the Ring Spirit had its full memory, it didn't conceal information anymore. It began to explain to Shi Yan, "The reason why you were the best choice and the reason why you were chosen by the Bloodthirsty Force is that your soul doesn't belong in this universe. It's the main reason why Harson could never be compared to you!"

Pausing for a while, the Ring Spirit continued, "Since your soul doesn't belong in this universe, it means that rules and principles of this universe can't bind you. Because your soul wasn't born in this universe, you are able to cross any barriers of this world! What our Master couldn't do that year, you could do it all. It's because you can break all the rules and principles! It's the reason why Harson couldn't be compared to you. His soul was born in this universe. His soul was shrouded by the principles of the cosmos that nothing could free him."

The Blood Vein Ring slipped on his finger once again and emitted immense red light. He stroked the ring while his soul listened to the Ring Spirit. He stood there in a daze and said nothing for a long time.

Until now, he had thought that his soul coming to Grace Mainland was just something coincidental or unexpected. Today, he had finally figured out that the Ring Spirit and Lao Luo had used the power of Grace Mainland's Origin to activate something that he would never be able to understand to bring him into the body of a warrior who belonged to one of the four great races, the one with the Immortal Demon Blood.

None of these was coincidental. Someone had plotted for this.

Everything was planned!

Shi Yan was so astounded!

"My memory hasn't fully combined yet. I need more time. I'll be idle for the time being. After you get into Desolate, I'll tell you what to do." The Ring Spirit's voice faded away. "You don't need to care about Harson. The mark on his head will fade away. It will tell him what has happened. He can still be a member of his Charteris family. He needs time to clear his head and know what he got. The G.o.d Clan won't spare his life and he won't be willing to be under someone's control. He's predestined... to be our warrior."

The Ring Spirit's voice grew faint. The halo of the Blood Vein Ring dimmed. Eventually, it quieted down.

Oddly enough, the Corpse Qi in Harson's body was burning. After the Corpse Qi burned, it changed and generated vitality in his body, giving people the feeling of something becoming robust once again.

As Shi Yan knew Death and Life power Upanishad, he knew it could change. Although Harson didn't know Life power Upanishad, his Burning Purgatory power Upanishad had the magical power of burning the soul to generate energy and vice versa as well. It could burn the Death energy to produce vitality.

No wonder why the Ring Spirit said that it didn't know how powerful Harson's power could be when his three powers Upanishads could fuse altogether. We couldn't use the normal standard to a.s.sess this man.

That year, when Xuan Shan had cultivated his Death and Corpse Qi power Upanishads to a profound level and decoded the connection between the two powers, he had become a new race of the Bloodthirsty Force. That was how he was eligible to receive a part of the Ring Spirit's memory. Today, with the Burning Purgatory power Upanishad from the G.o.d Clan, no one knew to what height Harson could reach in the future.

Luckily, his soul didn't belong to this cosmos. In the future, he could tear all the principles and rules that had bound creatures here. Without this advantage, perhaps Harson would have been the chosen one and the Ring Spirit's best option.

Looking at Harson reviving, Shi Yan frowned. He knew that it would be awkward when Harson woke up and saw him here. Another battle would be inevitable. And now, Harson had been imprinted the mark of the blood cloud, which certified his membership of the Bloodthirsty Force. At the same time, Shi Yan was the current leader of the Bloodthirsty Force. When Harson had made up his mind, he would be Shi Yan's subordinate.

As things were all set, Shi Yan didn't need to care about them so much. Studying Harson for seconds, he smiled frankly and then left.

After he had left, Harson woke up, his face baffled. He looked so confused when he sat up and mumbled to himself. "Weren't I... just dead...?"

The mark flashed on his forehead. Images appeared in his brain. Death power Upanishad Inheritance... Corpse Qi flowing like a stream... All the memories flooded his soul altar like a rushing river. The two powers Upanishad that had been existing vaguely in his soul altar for a long time became clear. Many magical things he had touched before in his dreams were now visible in front of him...

Harson gradually understood it. He sat in silence for a long time before clutching his head and screaming in pain. "No! Impossible! It shouldn't be like that!"

Harson cried and screamed pitifully, tearing his skin and hair. He looked like a howling beast that wailed as he wanted to eliminate the Death power and Corpse Qi in his soul altar. He wanted to wash the power in Xuan Shan's bones. He couldn't accept all of these.

He had always considered the Charteris family his pride and glory. He had set his mind to kill Haig and become the next leader of the G.o.d Clan. He deemed the Bloodthirsty his mortal enemy, and the Immortal Demon Clan, the Heavenly Monster Tribe, and the Imperial Dark Tribe his rivals.

All of a sudden, he was resurrected from death and he found that everything was tumbled upside down. What he had believed in for years was shattered. He had become the archenemy that he had pledged to kill. Harson collapsed.

Harson screamed and cried, trying to harm his body and torture himself. He didn't want to accept all of these.

He needed time to adapt to this tragic change.

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