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The blood sword came from the Chasm Abyss Battlefield in Grace Mainland. It looked like it came from the sky but in fact, it was the secret treasure of the Master of the Bloodthirsty Force.

The crimson eyes opened and Shi Yan deliberately cut the air. A blood river appeared in the sky with many bone islets that formed the shapes of b.l.o.o.d.y clouds. Shortly after, the river shrouded Harson.

Harson continued to burn his soul and flesh, squeezing his blood bone. The energy in the blood bone shot out like a rainbow and streamed.

However, no matter how Harson tried to wiggle, the energy from his blood bone couldn't pierce through the blood river. And at the same time, the blood river had absorbed part of his energy.

Harson rapidly drew his G.o.d power to an intimidating level of an Incipient G.o.d Realm warrior. The energy in his flesh body was so earth-shaking that it had created a magnetic energy storm. It could crush everything. He wanted to use that storm to resist the blood river.

The white bone islets that looked like white clouds in the river seemed to be the source of evil things in this world. They connected with Shi Yan's acupuncture points and made him full of negative energy. A deadly thought of destroying every creature suddenly flooded the entire area.

Harson had the power as strong as Shi Yan's and because of the blood bone, his power somehow connected to Shi Yan.

However, when Shi Yan took out the blood sword, Harson's G.o.d power and power Upanishad were subdued. Also, he felt so begrudging as if he was restrained.

He continuously burned his blood, flesh, and soul to raise more energy. This burning had drained his Qi, spirit, and soul gradually and changed his life magnetic field. However, his energy was still increasing.

Shi Yan held the b.l.o.o.d.y sword in his hand, his soul altar slowly spinning. The deadly aura from his body could draw the aura of anything else into him.

The more he fought, the stronger he became. When he swung the blood sword, his G.o.d power gushed out and created another blood river, making a cross in the sky. The crossing point of this point was above Harson's head. The blood light dripped as if it was the real viscous blood.

Harson's Undying G.o.d Body couldn't resist this attack. When the blood light dropped down, explosions and breaking sounds echoed.

Harson's bones exploded. His body became weak. Although his energy was still abundant, he looked helpless.

Shi Yan had used all of his power and mobilized the most brutal Death power Upanishad, his Immortal Demon Body and the Rampage to strike the other. He didn't retain anything. That's how he had reluctantly gained the upper hand.

It was because Harson had underestimated Shi Yan and gave Shi Yan the chance to hurt him with the Death and Life Seal and the starlight Lance. If Shi Yan didn't use the blood sword, he could only get the slightest advantage.

Harson was the rare expert Shi Yan had ever met. He was the extreme kind that could insanely hurt his body and soul to attack the others. He made Shi Yan discolored in fright. Shi Yan had to gather all of his energy to attempt to kill him here.

By the edge of the desert.

Audrey, Jiao Hai, Jiao Shan, Mo Fou, Wu Feng, Wu Bai, and Sha Zhao were joining hands to fight Mia and the G.o.d Clan's warriors. Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue came as they were not far from them. They joined the battle and tried to kill Mia and Yue Man.

All of a sudden, Audrey felt a vibe in her heart. She couldn't help but lift her head to look at the center of the desert.

Jiao Shan, Mo Fou, and the others could also recognize something. Even Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue halted while heading toward them. They all looked in the direction where Shi Yan and Harson were fighting.

The sky was scarily red as if it was painted with fresh blood. A flow of savage, bloodthirsty aura shot out grumblingly from the desert. This kind of intimidating energy made Audrey shiver. She looked aghast indeed.

Jiao Shan, Sha Zhao, and Wu Feng were pale and they shivered.

They had sensed a terrifying pressure from deep inside the desert. It was like a giant demon in the ancient time had just woken up. They faced the sky and roared. They had a desperate, dispirited feeling that made them want to bow.

"So intimidating!" Audrey's breast heaved as she was taking deep breaths. Her exquisite face was filled with fright. "The battle between Harson and Shi Yan could reach such a degree. It was really earth-shaking."

Everybody quieted down all of a sudden.

Mia, Yue Man, and the Charteris warriors also looked dark and solemn. They instinctively looked at the center of the desert in fear.

"Sha Zhao, what's going on over there? Your Life Gu is there. You should have gotten something, right?" Wu Feng suddenly shouted.

Audrey's pretty eyes immediately focused on Sha Zhao.

Sha Zhao quieted down and closed his eyes to sense. Then, he shook his head.

Rattle! Rattle!

A scorpion-like sand insect got out of the sand and flew into Sha Zhao's mouth. It looked a little scared.

Shi Yan frowned and gave a forced smile. "Shi Yan sent it away. I don't know what has happened there."

Audrey was very surprised. She hesitated for a while and then said, "You guys stay here and deal with them. I'm going there to check them out."

"He said that he wanted to fight Harson once. Please respect his decision." Shang Ying Yue stopped her with a cold expression. "We're here. It means that he didn't want anybody else to interfere with him. Please stay."

Cecilia also nodded and glanced at Mia and the Charteris warriors. She said deliberately, "When we left that place, Harson was hurt severely. If nothing unexpected happens, he'll die..."

Hearing her, Mia and the Charteris warriors grimaced.

Audrey pondered and then nodded. She stayed at her spot.

As Cecilia, Shang Ying Yue, and even Sha Zhao's Life Gu were sent away, Audrey understood that Shi Yan had something that he didn't want anybody else to know. Thus, he had asked everybody to leave.

Whether he was the Immortal Demon or a member of the Bloodthirsty Force, he had many secrets. If Shi Yan didn't want people to know or sneak on him, getting there would make him turn his back to her.

Audrey understood it well. She wasn't persistent. She moved her focus on Mia's team once again. "Then we just need to finish these."

"We have no objection," Jiao Shan, Wu Feng, and the others agreed cheerily.

Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue also joined the battle, teaming up with Jiao Shan's team to attack Mia and Yue Man.

Audrey looked at the desert and frowned, Then, she turned to Mia. "Shi Yan will kill Harson. So... I'll kill you."

Mia's eyes shot out strange light and said fearlessly, "Although the Imperial Dark Tribe isn't ordinary, it's not easy to kill me."

"Let's try." As soon as Audrey's voice vanished, the Dark G.o.d Imperial Throne emerged and connected the Underworld and this area. The wailing ghosts and departed spirits from the endless dark abyss roared and shrieked. They attempted to nibble Mia's soul altar.

The center of the desert.

As Harson was shrouded in the blood river, his blood and flesh were torn off his body and they sprinkled on the ground. He looked as if he was skinned alive, which was so miserable to see.

Even though he was in such a situation, Harson was still crazy and ruthless. He was rolling and crying inside the blood river, trying to show Shi Yan his intimidation before he died.

Shi Yan crazily poured his G.o.d power into the blood sword. He felt his energy was running out. The open eyes in the blood sword were using his G.o.d power ma.s.sively. And the two blood rivers crossing in the sky was the energy of his entire body performed using the blood sword.

To create the two blood rivers, Shi Yan had to use almost all of his energy, which had also drawn half of his negative energy.

Since he had come to this world, he had never endured such a terrible battle. Harson's strength was beyond his estimation.

If his power Upanishad couldn't subdue Harson and if he didn't have terrifying tricks, it would be impossible to make Harson this helter-skelter.

He knew that Harson was now a lamp running out of oil.

He didn't dare to approach Harson as he was afraid that Harson would commit suicide and drag him altogether. Shi Yan didn't care how cruel and terrible Harson's roaring and cursing was. He just stayed deep inside the blood river and held the sword, pumping more energy to wear Harson out little by little.

He didn't look at Harson either.

Gradually, Harson's painful screeching faded out and disappeared...

After a moment later, Shi Yan couldn't sense the life energy fluctuation from Harson anymore. He changed his power Upanishad, retrieving the blood sword and the two blood rivers.

Thud! Thud!

Harson felt from the sky and landed on the ice that was scattered on the ground. He looked like a gory skeleton.

Walking to Harson, Shi Yan could see his internal organs, but there was no fluctuation of life energy. Shi Yan knitted his brows tightly.

Although Harson's G.o.d Body remained, his soul was burned down because he had madly urged the Burning Purgatory. That's how he was killed.

Shi Yan's thoughts changed. He extended his hand to grab the bone that Harson had clutched before he died. The blood bone from Xuan Shan flew to Shi Yan.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Two pieces of the blood bone flew out from Harson's body. They were both from Xuan Shan's skeleton. One of them was the key bone that helped Harson control and made his subordinates die for him. This one had a special evil formation.

Harson's soul energy had ceased. The drawings of the evil formation on the three bones faded to the point where they had almost disappeared.

At the same time, the six members of the Charteris family who were fighting Audrey's group far from them suddenly had their heads exploded. Their soul altars shattered. The blood bones inside the bodies flew out and headed to the desert.


While Shi Yan was about to gather all the blood bones, his face changed. A divine light shot out from his eyes as he was gazing at the bone from Harson.

A beam of energy arose from the blood bone, which had triggered Shi Yan's Blood Vein Ring and made it glow in the red light.


The Blood Vein Ring flew out of Shi Yan's finger and was placed on that blood bone, gathering some kind of remnant energy from the blood bone.

The last piece of its memory!

Shi Yan was shocked. His eyes brightened as he knew what was going on.

Xuan Shan's bone had the last part of the Blood Vein Ring's memory. After it had fused with that part of memory, the Ring Spirit would be intact!

While Shi Yan was sinking in his thrill, his face changed again!

He found out that the ten pieces of the blood bone he had collected flying out of the Blood Vein Ring were gathering with the other pieces of bone here. All were releasing a marvelous Corpse Qi. They were moving around Harson and entered his body.

And the dead Harson was now covered in the thick, pure Corpse Qi. Magically, Harson's dried, b.l.o.o.d.y body was recovering rapidly!

Harson's flesh was growing. Slowly, a drawing emerged on his glabella!

It's the blood mark!

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