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It was only one piece of Blood Essence Stone and it was enough to provide Shi Yan with rich Blood Qi. It had helped him refilled the Immortal Demon Blood and it also refined his body's containing capacity to another level!

The Immortal Demon Blood was the power generator of his Immortal Demon Body. Filled with adequate Immortal Demon Blood, the damages to his G.o.d Body were insignificant.

After the Blood Essence Stone was used up, it became a plain stone. Shi Yan's G.o.d Body was fully covered in a blood coc.o.o.n. Life energy fluctuations surged immensely inside that coc.o.o.n and it gave people an impression of seeing something with endless vitality.

Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue were so excited as they were collecting crystals with different characteristics.

The Ice Soul Cold Crystal looked like they were condensed from frost and mist. The Fire Jade was as red as the most beautiful flame. The Water Heart Crystal seemed to have real water murmuring inside. The Fresh Wood Crystal had a wooden texture. The Refined Gold Crystal looked like precious gold. The Absolute Earth Crystal was transparent in a marvelous amber hue... Those were all the Original Incipient Grade materials with the powers of Five Elements. Each of them was priceless.

The two women harvested the crystals, putting them in the special containers. The piles of crystals around Shi Yan disappeared quickly.

When there was no crystal around them anymore, Shang Ying Yue and Cecilia laughed contentedly and returned to Shi Yan. Then, they saw him shrouded inside a blood coc.o.o.n where life energy surged torrentially.

"How is your harvest?" Cecilia smiled charmingly, light twinkling in her eyes.

"More than sixty pieces," Shang Ying Yue arched her brows happily. She couldn't hide her joy. "They are so huge that they take a lot of room. Luckily, I've prepared properly. Before I came here, I've thought of this. I brought many Fantasy Sky Rings."

The crystals and jades here weren't small at all and they had similar sizes. Although the number of them wasn't more than several hundred thousand pieces, dozens of Original Incipient Grade jades sounded terrific enough.

She got a huge fortune!

What she had collected included the crystals of Ice and Thunder cla.s.ses, which were so important to her cultivation. They could help her break through to Incipient G.o.d Realm more easily.

Cecilia had focused on collecting the Water Heart Crystal and then the Absolute Earth Crystal and Fire Jade Crystal. She had dozens of them in her Fantasy Sky Rings. Now, she was smiling to her ears.

And as Shi Yan's condition was stable, they could ease their minds, chatting with each other.

"Hey, girl. Have you had any plan for the future?" Cecilia hesitated for a while before asking softly. "We have to get out of here anyway. After that, what do you want to do with him?" She extended her hand and pointed at Shi Yan.

Shang Ying Yue's elegant face blushed a little bit. She bit her lower lip and muttered, "I don't know... Let's see what happens then. He and my father have a connection and he's in Agate Star Area. It's not really difficult to find him."

Lifting her face, she looked at Cecilia and asked, "Your star area is very far from his. How about you? What's your plan?"

Cecilia beamed like a blooming flower. She soon had a plan and she spoke frankly. "After I've arranged things in my family, I will... go to Agate Star Area to find him. I've made up my mind. If I go with him, my life will be more colorful. Haha."

"You can give up your family?" Shang Ying Yue was surprised.

"After I've reached Incipient G.o.d Realm, I won't be too dependent on my family. With these treasures, no matter where I choose to stay, I can live a better life," said Cecilia relaxingly.

Shang Ying Yue showed her respect. She looked at Cecilia with admiration.


The blood coc.o.o.n covering Shi Yan was torn, its pieces turning into blood-red powder and scattering.

Shi Yan appeared naked.

His lean, beautiful-built body emerged as if each of his muscles was carved by the most skillful craftsman. His G.o.d Body looked like it was molded out of metal, which was full of the masculine attractiveness of a robust man.

Shang Ying Yue jerked back as she was startled. She didn't dare to look at him, her heart beating hard. She cursed him under her breath.

Cecilia was much braver. Her beautiful eyes scanned Shi Yan's body as she smiled gently, "Oh wow! Not bad at all. It makes my heart beat faster." She laughed and threw a glance at Shang Ying Yue, making the girl shyer.

"Hey, how are you?" Cecilia asked tenderly and stopped teasing Shang Ying Yue more.

Shi Yan beamed, "The Blood Essence Stone is truly the most suitable divine material for the Immortal Demon warriors. Don't worry. After using the energy stored in one stone, I've fully recovered. And my Immortal Demon Blood and my body are all improved.

Listening to him, Shang Ying Yue and Cecilia could finally ease their minds.

"Let's get out of here." Shi Yan lifted his face looking at the flaming red sky.

They were under the desert on a hard rocky ground. It looked like a ma.s.sive well dug deep into the earth. The wall of this well had many extruding rocks that which they could use to climb back to the surface.

"We have to go back there now?" Cecilia discolored slightly. "The desert has many scorching storms and we can't get rid of them. I'm afraid..."

Shang Ying Yue and Cecilia had been walking in this desert for a long time. They couldn't get out of it until Shi Yan had arrived. However, the area under the desert was quiet enough and it wasn't affected by the stone and sand over their heads. She wanted to stay here for a while.

"It should be easy to get out of the desert now," Shi Yan smiled and explained, "because the maze is solved."

When he was using the Blood Essence Stone to heal his body, he could feel a little change of the desert above his head. Sensing for a while, he knew that the barrier had disappeared. That's why he wanted to leave this area.

Hearing him, Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue were so thrilled. Then, Shi Yan and the two women used the extruding stones on the wall of this pitch to climb up to the desert. They reappeared in the middle of the desert one more time.

"We can finally get out of here!" Shang Ying Yue cheered.

The holy mountain that used to be so far from them was now in their sight. They could even see the smaller peaks around the holy mountain. Apparently, they weren't illusions anymore. They were all real.

"You guys should use those Original Incipient Grade crystals you got to recover. We will depart later. I will protect you guys while you're cultivating," said Shi Yan.

The two women didn't babble. They sat down cross-legged next to him and used the Water Heart Crystal and the Icy Soul Cold Crystal to take in the energy. As those crystals matched their powers Upanishad, it recovered their G.o.d power really quickly. Shi Yan could sense the energy fluctuations in their bodies surging and becoming torrential.

It was the sign of gathering and producing G.o.d power.

The Original Incipient Grade materials with the same attributes with the warriors' power Upanishad were the purest source of energy in earth and heaven. To the warriors with matched power, those crystals were like big hearts that could pump them power and give them the essence of the power Upanishad. At the same time, they could use the crystals to create weapons. They could be deemed treasures for multiple purposes.

Holding the Water Heart Crystal and the Icy Soul Cold Crystal, Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue quickly gathered their G.o.d power. Their skin started to glow and it made them more beautiful.

Shi Yan looked around and changed his visage right when he was about to sit down to cultivate.

"Harson is coming!" He hissed.

Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue were filled with fear. They jolted up from their cultivation and looked at him with stern faces.

"It's all right. As I'm now at my peak condition, even if Harson comes here, he won't take anything good from me. Well, if they want to seize the chance and attack me, I'll show my weak face to them." Then, he urged his energy and made his face pale, concealing his energy fluctuation. His makeup made people think that he had consumed a lot of energy.

"Do you know anybody else besides Harson?"

"He is coming with the members of his Charteris family. I could sense them only. It's because of the blood bones. I'm not sure if some other people have accompanied him. Anyway, we must be cautious."

Wearing a stern face, Shi Yan shouted. "Don't care about too many things. You guys should seize the time and recover. Harson will come here, but not now. You must recover your energy to the peak. Then, we will meet them."

The two women pulled themselves together. They resumed their absorption progress to take the energy from the Original Incipient Grade crystals. They had to refill their energy quickly.

Shi Yan wore a dark face as he waited in silence. Thoughts flashed in his head.

Rattle! Rattle!

All of a sudden, he heard some tiny noises as if some insects were moving through the sand of the desert...

Shi Yan looked baffled.

The ancient continent didn't have any spirit animals or insects. It had only flowers and plants with consciousness and strange crystals. How could this desert have insects?

An earthy-yellow insect that looked like a scorpion made its way out of the sand. This insect had only one dull, yellow eye. It looked at Shi Yan and sent him a soul thought. "Shi Yan, this is my Life Gu. I sent him to you first. We're on our way. We'll get there soon."

It was Sha Zhao's voice!

Shi Yan was surprised and he sent his soul message. "Besides you, who else is going with you?"

"Audrey, Jiao Hai, Jiao Shan, Mo Fou, and the Wu brothers. We're going with each other," answered Sha Zhao.

"You guys slow down. If you come early, Harson's team won't dare to come," Shi Yan contemplated for a while and then continued, "You guys wait for my signal. Just stay by the edge of the desert. You can use the Gu to locate me. Don't stay too far. We need to wait for Harson's team to fall into our trap."

Sha Zhao reacted, "Understood. I'll notify them."

"Good!" Shi Yan smiled and stood up with a dark face. He looked in Harson's direction. He could vaguely sense the bloodthirsty desire from Harson's team.

Apparently, Harson thought that Shi Yan was still hurt and he wanted to take this opportunity to kill him, giving him no time.

When Shi Yan sensed Harson's aura, he found the distance between Harson and him had been shortened rapidly. Harson's team was moving at their maximum speed. It seemed like they couldn't wait any longer.

Good then!

Shi Yan gave a faint smile. He hadn't gathered all of Xuan Shan's blood bones yet. His chance was coming!

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