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In the desert, Shi Yan spurted more blood. His blood looked like pieces of dark ruby that sprayed on the ten blood bones. The formations carved on the ten bones were so vague. They were almost cleared.

Shang Ying Yue and Cecilia looked at him and felt so tense. They were worried that something bad would happen to him. They hoped that he could resist until the end.

As things had come to this, they could see that Shi Yan was fighting Harson one more time. They all knew how crazy Harson was. They were worried that Shi Yan couldn't defeat Harson and his soul would break. His life would be over because of those ten bones.

However, Shi Yan was much stronger and tougher than they thought.

His body transformed. Slowly, he had the Immortal Demon Body. Each drop of Immortal Demon Blood was boiling inside his body and releasing immense, evil energy waves.

Layers of silky clothes made of starlight gradually covered his Immortal Demon Body and sank him into a dreamy, transparent cloak. When Shang Ying Yue and Cecilia saw him like this, they felt that he was so perfect. The two women were astonished. Their beautiful eyes looked at Shi Yan strangely.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The exquisite blood line flew out of the ten blood bones when the wicked formations on them vanished in just a blink of an eye.

Countless blood lines floated and flew away, heading towards Harson.

Shi Yan's tense nerves were relaxed. He felt so exhausted. However, he was laughing happily as he was excited to watch the ten blood bones.

The blood bone with the stains of Immortal Demon Blood in Shi Yan's body became more crystal clear and garnet. They were fulgent and twinkling as if they were blood crystal. Although they looked beautiful, they all had a brutal, deadly aura. Now, they could be combined with Shi Yan's bones.

Looking at the ten blood bones and feeling the close connection with the blood in his body, Shi Yan knew that he didn't waste his efforts. From now on, these ten pieces of Xuan Shan's bones would become his real sharp weapons. The Charteris' evil formation had turned into fine blood lines and flew away. For the time being, they wouldn't be any threat to him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The ten pieces of bone fell on the ground. Shi Yan smiled and also lay down relaxingly. "Those bones belong to me for now. Although I got hurt, it's worth it."

Shang Ying Yue and Cecilia exhaled in relief. Cecilia pried, "How about Harson?"

"I don't know. I guess he won't be better than me. Anyway, I got ten bones. He lost them." Shi Yan grinned. "Those blood bones belonged to Xuan Shan, an expert who cultivated Death power Upanishad. I got the inheritance of the Death power Upanishad... He wanted to fight me... Harrumph!"

Shang Ying Yue and Cecilia exchanged looks. They could see the strange feeling in each other's eyes. Shi Yan had just confirmed his relationship with the Bloodthirsty Force. The two women felt a little insecure.

They quieted down and said nothing about the Bloodthirsty Force. They knew that it wasn't the right time.

Inside the rocky forest, Harson was bleeding all over his body. His face was as pale as a sheet of white paper. He looked so savage and dark.

The members of the Charteris family standing near him also grimaced. They felt so powerless.

Although they had helped Harson counter Shi Yan, they couldn't stop him from cleaning the wicked formations on ten blood bones. Afterward, it made them felt so dispirited that they couldn't beat Shi Yan up. It annoyed them a lot.

As they had followed Harson for years, they had met many kinds of enemies. After years of battling, they had never received such a big loss.

"Hey, are you alright?" Mia asked, her face worried.

"I'm alright. That brat has the Death power Upanishad Inheritance. He has a subtle, magical connection with Xuan Shan's bones. It's not easy to get the bones." However, Harson didn't sound dispirited. "At least I gave him a hard strike which means he won't recover in a short time. I'm sure his power is reduced by half. And I... my power isn't reduced..."

What he had burned were the bodies and the souls of his two subordinates. Indeed, he didn't spend anything significant.

"As long as we find him, he will be dead!" Harson said gloomily, "He thought he got the upper hand, but he didn't know that he's near Death. We need to move now. Check around. If I can locate him, he'll be smashed!"

Then, Harson stood up.

Mia and Yue Man exchanged looks. They didn't say anything because they knew Harson's desire of killing Shi Yan had been prioritized beyond everything else. At the same time, they had to bear a lot of bitter fruits from Shi Yan. They thought that should take the chance to kill him.

In the desert, the furious sandstorm became stronger and it terrified people. The unceasing wind howling echoed in their ears. The entire desert seemed to become an enraged beast. It was getting wilder and stronger.

Shang Ying Yue and Cecilia darkened their face and watched the storm raising sands to the sky. They felt so bitter.

They had stayed in this desert for a long time. They knew that it would have sand storms every three or five days. They had to bear a lot of trouble here...

The two women had consumed a lot of G.o.d power and their mental condition wasn't really right. And Shi Yan looked even worse than them. And now, as the sandstorm was rising higher in the sky, should they bury their bodies in this d.a.m.n place?

What should they do?

The two women looked at each other, seeing despair in each other's eyes. They couldn't do anything but sigh.

Looking at the sky, they knew that Desolate was trying to torture them one more time. And now, as Shi Yan was here, the sandstorm seemed to be much wilder and more savage.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

All of a sudden, the sand under their feet collapsed inwardly. As they hadn't reacted yet, they fell together with Shi Yan into a deep hole that appeared all of a sudden in the desert.

Shang Ying Yue and Cecilia changed their faces. They rose their hand, clutching Shi Yan's arms. Together, one on his left and one on his right, they fell into a bottomless abyss under the desert.


Shang Ying Yue shouted.

Deep in the bottom of the pitch, they could see twinkling, sharp crystals. They jutted into the air from the ground like the sharpest swords. They were the icy, transparent crystals, that looked really marvelous. However, they had the cold light of sharp metals.

As they were falling at a speed as fast as lightning and they were so close to those sharp, pointy crystals when they descended, they were going to be pierced through.

Because Shang Ying Yue could recognize what those crystals were...

They were the Icy Soul Cold Crystal! They were the Original Incipient Grade material and the extremely cold ones. And they were Shang Ying Yue's primary target when she came to the ancient continent this time. It would be the critical point for her to break through to Incipient G.o.d Realm!

The Icy Soul Cold Crystal was the hardest thing in this universe that many divine weapons couldn't cut it. The Icy Soul Cold Crystal could be used as the mysterious divine weapons of the warriors who cultivated the Ice power Upanishad. Its hardness, coldness, and sharpness were all the best of the best!

Shang Ying Yue urged her power and tried to reduce her falling speed. Cecilia did the same.

Unfortunately, the ground down there had a terrifying gravity. No matter how hard they had tried, they couldn't overturn the situation, so they could only follow their fate and fall.

Despair filled their hearts once again.

As the two women were clutching his arms and his condition wasn't good after the battle with Harson as it cost him a lot of energy, he couldn't even urge half of his power to create the flood of energy to stop his body from falling.

Anyway, the more dangerous the situation was, the calmer Shi Yan became. Thoughts flashed through his head as he tried to find a solution.

"Desolate is so curious about love. Don't make it feel bored. Don't make it less interested in you..."

What Audrey had told him echoed in his head one more time. His thoughts flashed like the holy spear when he made up his mind rapidly. He wanted to bet once!

He bet that Desolate was watching all of these! He bet that Desolate is tricking him!

Seeing that the three of them were about to touch the ground, he decided quickly. The bones in his body sounded like fried beans. A new force was generated. He swung his hands forcefully.

Shang Ying Yue and Cecilia were moved by his force. A cushion of starlight appeared above his head to bear Shang Ying Yue's and Cecilia's soft bodies. Right after that, he used his Immortal Demon Body to fall on the sword-like sharp Icy Soul Cold Crystals.

"Puff! Puff! Puff!"

His immortal body couldn't bear the piercing strength of the Icy Soul Cold Crystals. His body was pierced. Three Icy Soul Cold Crystals had drilled through his body from his feet to his shoulder. His body and internal organs were penetrated.

He had to bear a thousand blades slashing him at the same time. This heart-p.r.i.c.king pain was so hard to endure. Shi Yan roared and hissed when his body seemed to be shattered. His consciousness became hazy.

And Shang Ying Yue and Cecilia were put above his head. They stayed on the cushion he had created with his last pieces of power that kept them safe from harm.

"You let your body down to give us a chance to live!" Cecilia had tears on her eyes. The lake in her heart rippled as if someone had thrown a stone in there. She was so touched.

Shang Ying Yue bit her lower lips. A strange light emitted from her beautiful eyes. She quivered but said nothing.

"I can't die yet," Shi Yan was bleeding, his blood making a dark red puddle on the ground. He smiled at them. "You guys, please get down. My starlight cushion can't bear you for a long time."

The two women were shaken. They hastened to jump off his head and moved their slender thighs to land between the Icy Soul Cold Crystals. They then observed him with bright eyes that made him a little scared. "Are you all right? Here, swallow these pellets. Quick, melt them down." Shang Ying Yue talked to him in a tender voice that he had never heard before. She took out some red pellets that were as big as longans and shoved them into his mouth.

"I'll help you melt the pellets!" Cecilia's jade hand pressed on his chest. A beam of supple power slowly poured into his body and carefully helped him melt the pellets.

Shi Yan enjoyed their care and his face strange. He looked around and become bewildered. He shouted as if he was so thrilled. "You guys, look! Let's see where we are!"

The two women turned around to look. They were filled with astonishment instantly. They couldn't hold their scream of surprise.

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