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A corner of the ancient continent was a strange place where many rough and sharp rock columns grew. However, they were as cold as ice with cold air filling the entire area.

Harson, Mia, Yue Man, and the two warriors of the Charteris were sitting cross-legged in the center of this rock forest. They were using divine crystals to refill their energy.

Previously, they were attacked by cold gusts and the stone monsters in this rock forest. Their G.o.d powers were drained. Yue Man's arm was still bleeding. Mia's light yellow dress was torn and it revealed her snow-white skin.

Harson's hair was disheveled. He looked more like a sinister ghost as his body was covered in a brutal, dark aura.

He was the first one to wake up. He had something in his mind when he slowly drew a gory bone out of his abdomen. His big, rough-skinned hand gently stroked the bone and he closed his eyes to sense.

The two Charteris warriors sat on his right and left, their faces filled with the flame of anger.

After a long time, Harson stroked his bone and said darkly, "I can't sense that brat. We need to move."

His two subordinates nodded quietly.

Six hours ago, Harson took Mia and found them here. Harson had used the connection between the blood bones to find and gather his troopers. Then, he was going to take revenge until Shi Yan was killed.

He always wanted to find Shi Yan, kill him and take back the bones he had taken.

They were the precious treasures that the Charteris family had spent a huge fortune to refine. Those bones belonged to Harson only. Even if the owners of the bones were killed, when he came home, the Charteris family could use the power of the bones to find him new suitable troopers. After the new troopers had received the blood bones, he could create the White Bone Refining Blood Ghost Grave once again, which would help him keep his terrifying fighting competence.

The blood bones were the most wicked weapons that were specially customized for Harson. They could boost Harson to fight Haig once. Those bones were also sharp weapons for him to compete for the Chief position of the G.o.d Clan in the future.

He would never lose those bones.

The divine crystals in Mia's hands turned into powder after their energy was all taken. Her delicate eyebrows twitched. She took a deep breath and then said, "Harson, how are you?"

"I'm okay," Harson grinned fiendishly. "People say that Haig is the future leader of the G.o.d Clan. I don't think so! I'm not convinced! In this ancient continent, as long as I get Desolate's approval, everything will change! Desolate is the most mysterious and strange planet. It has a soul. As long as Desolate recognizes me, even if Haig gets the Origin of the ancestral continent, I still want to slash him off his horse. I want to step on him!"

Harson didn't have a good reputation in G.o.d Clan. He was always stubborn. He would take revenge for every grudge he held. His deeds were always ruthless and b.l.o.o.d.y with the Essence of the Charteris family.

That sort of man couldn't get along well with other people or yield to anyone. In their peak of glory, the Charteris family was the strongest among the other families of the G.o.d Clan. Currently, all members of the Charteris family had quietly competed against the Bradleys. They wanted to step on the summit once again.

Harson was the hope of the Charteris family. All elders of the Charteris family had tried their best to teach and nurture him. They hoped that he could defeat Haig and could bring the family to a whole new world.

Since he was young, Harson had pledged to make Haig his compet.i.tor with a clear target; he wanted to replace Haig and make the Charteris family the leading family of the G.o.d Clan.

He didn't have many friends in the G.o.d Clan. Mia was one of his few friends. When they were just little children, Mia and Harson were brought to the Five Absolute Domain of the G.o.d Clan to cultivate ascetically. At that time, he wasn't as strong as Mia. Mia had taken care of him for a while. Harson always considered Mia his older sister. From that moment, they had formed a strong friendship.

Mia didn't like cold, empty men. Haig was that sort of man. In that year, Harson was really young and simple. The two of them had experienced struggles and difficulties together, which had strengthened their friendship.

"Haig got the best reward of our ancestral star. If he can get the approval of Desolate, no matter how hard you try, you won't have the slightest chance. You must take care of this very well!" said Mia.

"Don't worry. I will win this time!" Harson said with a dark face and took a deep breath. "If I can't get the approval of Desolate, I will try my best to kill Haig on this ancient continent. He'll die or I'll die. Only one of us will become the leader of our clan."

"I do hope that you could win," Mia smiled at him.

"Ahhhhh! Ahhhh!"

Suddenly, the two members of the Charteris family clutched their stomachs and rolled in pain.

Their whining got louder and finally, they screamed with red faces. The blood bones were stirring inside their stomachs. They couldn't control the bones anymore. It twisted their intestines and gave them an incredible pain that made them ashen and tear up.

Harson wasn't also shaken. He pressed his hands on the bone in his abdomen. The veins on the back of his hands bulged like wriggling snakes, releasing an enraged, ruthless energy that entered the blood bone quickly. The peculiar formation on the bone became visible like when someone unfolded a roll of a picture.

The bones inside Harson's two subordinates struggled like beasts that wanted to get out of the confinement. The energy waves emitted by them were terrifying.


The two of them rolled on the ground by Harson's feet as if someone was tearing their intestines. The formation on their bones glowed and flashed. They seemed to want to get out of their bodies and fly away as someone had erased the wicked formation on them.

"What's going on?!" Mia shouted hoa.r.s.ely.

"That Immortal Demon brat! He's messing with us!" Harson looked so ferocious. Looking at his two troopers who couldn't endure anymore, Harson changed his face and then extended his hands.

He placed his hands on the heads of his two subordinates.

Boom! Boom!

The skulls of Harson's two troopers were crushed. The host soul in the soul altar exploded directly like a fragile egg, sending away the broken pieces of soul remnant.

Harson wore a cold face. He didn't even look at his warriors who had just died tragically. He waved his hand and retrieved the two pieces of bone. Taking a deep breath, he stabbed them in his abdomen. He said with a wince, "Their souls weren't strong enough to hold the blood bones. I have to destroy their souls and use my soul to control the bones. That's how I can counterattack that brat."

Yue Man watched him silently, his face pale. He shivered as he witnessed Harson's cruel act.

Mia knitted her brows. Although she didn't really agree with Harson, she didn't say anything. In her eyes, Harson's warriors were paws of a cat that the Charteris family had arranged for him. It wasn't a big deal when they died for him.

After Harson had squeezed off the head of his warriors, their souls have broken altogether, but they hadn't become ashes. They suddenly ignited and burned. At the same time, their bodies withered and dried up, releasing the powerful energy that then entered one end of the three bones that jutted out of Harson's abdomen. They boosted Harson's power instantly.

The "Burning Purgatory" was the wicked power Upanishad of the Charteris family. Warriors who were bestowed with a blood bone understood this power Upanishad.

Harson had used the special features of their soul and bodies to activate the Burning Purgatory through the wicked formation, which supplied him abundant energy instantly. Now, Harson could strike Shi Yan hard and he could kill Shi Yan even though they weren't in the same location.

The surging, terrifying energy poured into Harson's blood bones. Then, his intestines and veins twisted around the three blood bones as if they had eyes. Harson faced the sky and roared, trying to mobilize his G.o.d power. He sent his soul into the evil formation of the three blood bones. Despite the distance, he could activate another deadly ability of the White Bone Refining Blood Ghost Grave.

In the desert, the nine blood bones in front of Shi Yan were shaking. All of a sudden, Shi Yan paled as if he was hammered badly. His body trembled hard.

Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue were near him. Seeing his condition, they discolored and shouted, "What's wrong?"

Shi Yan had blood trickling down the corner of his mouth. His eyes became icy and cold. He waved at the two women to signal them that he was alright. Then, he closed his eyes once again.

A wave of lethal death energy emitted from him. The pale wisps of gray mist slowly floated out from his acupuncture points and congregated in each of the blood bones. The magical formation on the blood bones dimmed out as if an invisible brush was cleaning the evil formations carved on the bones.


A b.l.o.o.d.y bone pierced through the desert from nowhere. No one knew how far it had traveled before it halted right in front of Shi Yan. Now, he had one more piece of bone.


Shi Yan spurted out blood, which sprayed on the ten pieces of bone. They became gory with a strong blood smell.

Shi Yan's face was paler.

In this ancient continent, the remaining Charteris warriors, whether they were struggling in the deathtrap or closing their eyes to meditate, had their souls shaken.

They were guided and drawn by a terrible energy floating up into the sky and flying in a direction.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Charteris warriors fell in front of Harson. Wicked aura meandered around Harson as he shouted, "Give me your best to resist this!"

Each of the Charteris warriors immediately understood that Harson had used the forbidden White Bone Refining Blood Ghost Grave to burn his soul and body to guide them here.

They didn't say anything and surrounded Harson before sitting down cross-legged. Then, they urged their energy to help Harson counter the enemy.

Harson's condition wasn't good. Everybody knew that when he urged his power to the acme, it was also the time when he was in the biggest danger. It was the common disaster of the Charteris members; they were using their Burning Purgatory power Upanishad!

Mia and Yue Man exchanged looks. They could see how serious this situation was. They knew that Harson and Shi Yan was engaging in a b.l.o.o.d.y battle even though they were thousands of miles away from each other. And this time, their struggle was much more perilous than the previous time.

If Harson failed, all of his subordinates would also be killed with him. Shi Yan would be able to take all of Xuan Shan's bones. The blood bones that the Charteris family had to spend countless types of materials to refine for Harson would become a sharp divine weapon in Shi Yan's hands!

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