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Auspicious clouds like beautiful, brilliant fish scales gathered above the Center of Desolate, the ancient continent. Majestically imposing mountains stood still, supporting earth and heaven and giving people a subduing aura that nothing could compare to.

The refreshing scents of gra.s.s, spirit herbs, and blooming flowers wound around the place and diffused from the Center. They were the diluted heavenly river that calmed and refreshed the minds, making people inhale continuously to enjoy more. They couldn't help but want to get those gra.s.s and herbs to improve their strength and souls.

The four territories including the glacier, swamp, forest, and the immense sea all had their barriers melted down. Earth and heaven spirit Qi of the four territories moved and mingled with each other, creating milky white rivers of energy and flowing towards the Center of the ancient continent.

The sea territory was a big ocean near the Center with many islands and islets. Many silhouettes were moving fast in that area.

They were the young geniuses of different clans of this vast universe.

A Light Divine Boat created by five-colored divine light radiated the dazzling light in the thick fog. It looked sacred and solemn, indeed. A fulgent lotus imperial throne made of billions of crystals released a pure and cold aura. However, the center of this throne seemed to connect directly to the sinister h.e.l.l. Countless evil spirits were crying, howling and trying to get out.

The members of the G.o.d Clan and the other experts from different star areas were performing their best abilities and energy attacks in the middle of the drifting islands. The floating Ethereal Extents and the G.o.d Domains had stirred up the sea, rising tsunamis, storms, and tornadoes, which boiled the sea water.

On a stream closest to the Center, logs of wood pierced through the area like sharp swords. Around that time, warriors of the Charteris family were riding the logs.

They all looked dark and cold. A perceptible piece of bone appeared on their abdomen and gave people a clue of something very evil.

On the same stream was another drifting log that was pretty far behind them. It carried only three people: a man and two women.

The fat man looked like a giant maggot that had a piercing look as if he could drill through the thick mist to observe the members of the Charteris family. His small eyes squinted to the icy slits. He grinned inaudibly.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

All of a sudden, near the Center where the Charteris family's members were riding the wooden logs, a surging energy swept over and tried to wreck everything.

A ma.s.sive energy vortex appeared, which looked like the mouth of a giant beast that could swallow the whole sky. They could even see the pointy fangs that were like sharp spears in there. The energy vortex moved and stirred the sea water. Shortly after, it swallowed the logs of wood that the Charteris warriors were riding all together with their riders.

The sounds of the ma.s.sive mouth chewing things arose from the vortex. Each of the Charteris warriors was struggling crazily and releasing energy.

They knew that they had been plotted against.

"You cultivate Water power Upanishad, right?" Cang Yun suddenly turned his fat face, smiling mildly and asking Cecilia.

Cecilia was surprised but she still nodded. "Yeah?"

"Wait for a little more, I would like you to show your power and let those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds have fun." Cang Yun's bead eyes had a malicious gleam as he muttered, "I used to be bullied by the Charteris warriors in this sea area. I had to use all of my tricks to escape. Today, if I have a chance to repay their favors, I won't let it slip away. I hope you guys would help me deal with them."

"You had disappeared for a while to set up the trap aimed at the Charteris warriors?" asked Shang Ying Yue solemnly.

Looking at the innocent fat face that seemed harmless to both humans and animals, she suddenly felt a chill in her heart. Behind this man's warm smile, what kind of wicked thoughts did he have?

"Yep," Cang Yun laughed heartily. He stood up on one end of the log and sent out a beam of pure energy, which made the log surf forward quickly like a dragon. "I can get anything, but I won't get the worst of them. I will repay even the smallest thing that they have treated me."

Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue exchanged looks. They became unnatural as they suddenly felt that this fatty who would repay even the slightest grudge wasn't safe at all.

The terrifying vortex appeared in their sight like the mouth of a demon that was chewing food. The Charteris warriors were being dragged into the maelstrom. They were shaken so hard that they felt so dizzy and even the G.o.d power in their bodies disordered.

"You don't need to give me face," Cang Yun laughed until his small eyes became slits and nodded to Cecilia.

"All... all right," Cecilia pursed her lips. The sounds of rapid flowing water arose from her plump body. The magical energy bobbed and expanded. The seawater around her rose up into the sky. Billions of tons of water were compressed rapidly.

The egg-sized water b.a.l.l.s emerged, which were as heavy as a mountain with the energy in the shape of Cecilia.

"Extremely Great Water!"

Cang Yun threw a glance, smiling contentedly and nodding continuously.

This was a subtle performance of Water power Upanishad, which compressed the water tens of thousands of times to have a pure energy attack as heavy as a mountain. This strike would be flexible like water and be endlessly compelling.

Cecilia had compressed the seawater to make drops of Extremely Great Water. They twirled in the sky like pure energy cannon b.a.l.l.s that then bombarded the vortex in front of her.


The sea exploded and sent grand mountain-like waves up into the air. The vortex forcefully collapsed into the sea. The Charteris warriors being dragged into the maelstrom disappeared shortly after.

"You guys continue moving forward. I'm going to the sea to check if I can kill more." Cang Yun cheered loudly and then advised Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue. Then, he plunged into the sea like a big worm, diving deeper to the bottom.

"Who is this man after all? Why do I always feel like something is wrong?" After his aura had utterly disappeared, Cecilia mumbled, her face awkward.

Unfortunately, Shang Ying Yue couldn't explain her doubt as she was also suspicious, trying to guess Cang Yun's real ident.i.ty.

On a corner of the sea territory, earth and heaven energy like a dense heavenly river gathered and poured above Shi Yan's head.

"I can defeat you because I can urge and collect earth and heaven energy, which is infinite in this ancient continent. You'll be worn out to death!" Shi Yan smiled crazily. Earth and heaven energy above his head was forced and formed into an energy giant whose head touched the sky.

The giant looked like it was made of thick mist with terrifying energy. It could shoulder the sky and stomp the ground, giving people the impression of an invincible creature.

The giant furiously tore and smashed the gas columns that Harson was controlling from his subordinates' soul energy.

"It turns out that you've fused with the Origin like Haig!"

Blood trickled down the corner of Harson's mouth. His face was dark and harsh when he shouted.

Warriors with the Origin weren't shackled in the ancient continent. Moreover, they could urge and collect the earth and heaven energy there. In this place, this kind of warrior could collect as much energy as he wanted to create a possibly lethal attack.

While the two sides were still struggling and losing energy, Shi Yan suddenly struck out his sharp attack that pushed Harson into a dangerous situation.

But it was not only that. . .

After Harson had just shouted, the b.l.o.o.d.y bone in his abdomen sent him a heart-p.r.i.c.king pain. His soul altar also throbbed like someone had used the big needle to thrust him.

His face paled like a skeletal white-faced demon. He faced the sky and howled mournfully, "Who's killing my warriors?!"

The Charteris family's warriors with Xuan Shan's bones had been interlinked with Harson. The pain from his bone in the abdomen and his soul altar told him one thing: Some of his warriors were dying!

Harson roared sorrowfully. He shot Shi Yan a sinister glare and said, "I will kill you in the Center!"

Then, without waiting for Shi Yan to reply, Harson drilled into the thick fog immediately and flew away like a bolt of lightning. He was out of Shi Yan's sight shortly after.

Shi Yan grinned evilly, but he didn't chase after him. He just sat down cross-legged.

He knew that Cang Yun was the one who had killed Harson's subordinates and he knew his mysterious competence. It was good for Shi Yan to have some basis to estimate Cang Yun's real abilities when Harson came there and troubled him.

The four pieces of blood-dripping bones lay quietly by him. He squinted and released the white mist of negative energy that was entering the bones. He attempted to erase the wicked formation carved on the bones. Afterward, he would make these bones his sharp, fatal weapons.

As they came from Xuan Shan, Xuan He's blood brother, they had the Essence of Death power Upanishad, which would boost up his energy and abilities tremendously.

The Soul Consciousness connected the blood bone. His soul quietly moved and urged the power Upanishad, making his acupuncture points release a suction force. He then twisted his Soul Consciousness and it extended to a remote area...

On the other side of the sea, Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue were sitting on a log of ancient wood when a strong vibration appeared behind their back. Three blood-dripping bones shot out of the sea together with some pieces of internal organs. They flew away as if they had received an emergency call.

"It's Shi Yan!"

"It's him, though!"

Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue screamed. They shut their mouths immediately, exchanging odd looks.

"Move faster!"

Cang Yun's voice arose from the bottom of the sea. In the next moment, he floated up and landed on one end of the log.

"What happened?" Cecilia asked, having no clue at all.

"Harson the Mad dog is coming. He's crazy now. I don't want to risk my life to fight him." Cang Yun said curtly. "He's very dangerous at the moment. Whoever provokes him will receive a very very bad consequence. Perhaps he would kill altogether. We'd better head to the Center. Otherwise, it will be big trouble."

Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue wore astounded complexions.

They knew why Harson was coming. If Cang Yun hadn't plotted his warriors and killed three of them, Harson wouldn't have chased after them crazily.

No one dared to encounter Harson when he was mad. Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue shivered. They pulled themselves together and focused on mobilizing their energy to protect themselves.

"Don't be so tense. Before he comes, I will take you two to the Center. Yeah, it's like I'm doing him a favor. When I meet him, I'll tell him that I've proactively done a lot of things for him. I didn't just watch the fun, right?"

Cang Yun beamed a silly smile, using his maximum speed to urge the wood. He shot it like it was a lightning bolt towards the Center.

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