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While they didn't notice, the tough barriers that connected the North, South, East, and West territories of the ancient continent had shattered. The abundant earth and heaven energy from the four territories swarmed and squeezed each other, flooding torrentially to the Center.

The sealed Center became vaguely discernible. They could even see what was always hidden there...

Auspicious clouds hovered in the sky and drifted to the horizon. Divine grand mountains jutted up and pierced the clouds. Waterfalls and streams spread and meandered. Scattered here and there were clear water lakes that they could see to the bottom. Mist and steam wound above the water surface, moisturizing the peculiar flowers and floras. All of them had created a dreamy, unreal fairyland.

Mo Fou, Cecilia, and the others stood by the edge of the island. They now looked dull and mesmerized as they observed the miracle land of the Center. Their eyes were gazing with infatuation at the hazy Center. They looked dreamy as if they were having a beautiful dream.

They had thrown the fierce, crazy battle between Shi Yan and Harson behind their heads.

Even the two experts who could gather earth and heaven energy here, Cang Yun and Audrey, couldn't help but observe the Center after struggling in the energy storm. They were so happy that they looked almost crazy, shivering in thrill.

The area they were watching was what they had craved for when they came here. It was the Center that they had to visit. It was the most mysterious and precious area of the ancient continent. That piece of land was called "The Spirit Herbal Garden of the Universe." Rumors said that precious treasures were scattered here and there. Every little gra.s.s they might step on could contain the surprising spirit Qi, which could be a priceless ingredient in some high-level life stars.

The Original Incipient Grade spirit herbs, woods, crystals and gemstones that were scarce in other life stars and were things that people had to be crazy for were abundant in the Center of this ancient continent. In all the times, the Original Incipient Grade materials were the top precious cultivating materials that the warriors had always dreamed of.

As the Center was perceptible, the barriers between the territories had disappeared. Everybody could get in and find their opportunity.

All the warriors became thrilled as they found the strange, magical Center. They were excited to look at the Center with desires. They were ready to get over there!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The loud explosions of the hammer breaking the mountain arose like a heavy punch pounding on people's heart. Mo Fou and Cecilia were shivering and turning pale.

They were so frightened as they looked around.

The immense island exploded in the middle. Mountains collapsed. The island was now like a big tree that exploded. The ground looked like a cake cut into many pieces by a sharp knife, drifting away in the sea territory.

Mo Fou, Jiao Shan, Jiao Hai, Cecilia, Shang Ying Yue, Sha Zhao, Fuller, the four guards of the Imperial Dark Tribe, Cang Yun, Audrey and the members of the Charteris family scattered as the island broke apart. Standing on different pieces of land, they drifted away.

The barriers between the four territories were torn, revealing the Center. Barriers and restrictions vanished. It was the signal that they could enter the Center.

The warriors following Audrey shouted and gathered by her when the island cracked and drifted apart. They wanted to go with Audrey to the Center to take advantage of her ability to sense the commotion of living beings to search for more treasures.

Mo Fou, Shang Ying Yue, and the others were searching for Shi Yan and they found that the thick mist arose on the sea. They could hear the sea rumbling, but they couldn't locate Shi Yan.

Shi Yan was still having a deadly fight with Harson. They understood that even if they found Shi Yan, it would be tough to go with him to the Center. Many warriors hesitated for a while and then gathered around Audrey. They decided to stick with her.

Only Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue hadn't moved yet. They hurried to find Shi Yan as they still wanted to advance or go back all together with him.

Cang Yun had already disappeared into the thick mist. No one knew where he had gone or could sense his aura.

Big woods surfed above the water. Fuller, Mo Fou, Wu Feng, and the others moved towards Audrey's piece of land rapidly. They hurried to get on the island and gathered by Audrey. They were so excited and they urged Audrey to move faster, taking them to the Center.

----- They temporarily forgot Shi Yan at this moment.

As soon as they got to the Center, they would encounter a lot of deathtraps. Although the G.o.d Clan was strong, they couldn't compare to the fatal restrictions there, which meant that they wouldn't need to be afraid of the G.o.d Clan's pursuit anymore.

Without the G.o.d Clan's threat, how could they have free time to care about others?

The reason why they had to gather was to resist the G.o.d Clan and got over that challenge before the Center opened. Today, they thought that they had finally gotten over that challenge.

"Do you really think that we can avoid the G.o.d Clan when we enter the Center?" Audrey sneered, her face cold. "Naive! The Center has the most precious land. Eventually, we will get there. When that happens, we will encounter them for sure!"

Fuller and Mo Fou gave a dry, embarra.s.sed smile, but they didn't oppose her.

"Haig is near," Audrey snorted, "Before the Center has opened completely, we must strike them hard first! Even if we don't go to the Center, we still have to face them sooner or later!"

While Shi Yan and Harson were fighting, Audrey had sent her Soul Consciousness far away to sense Haig, Phelps, and Mia's commotions. She knew that they would be here soon.

As Audrey found that their whole team didn't come here, she thought that they should seize this chance to strike them hard. She had made up her mind so she thought that no one should question or object her ideas. She shouted, "Anyone who wishes to go with me, follow me. Once we get to the Center, I will not care about the warriors who don't go with me or whether they are dead or alive."

The four Imperial Dark men gathered by Audrey, their faces solemn.

Audrey picked an emerald hairpin from her bun of hair, which had flame carvings supported by purple clouds. This emerald hairpin suddenly had torrential powers like a rising tide. It transformed and enlarged as it was placed by their feet like a jade pillar supporting the sky.

The aimless, drifting piece of land was controlled like a boat now had a navigator.

The purple clouds on the emerald hairpin seeped into the ground like a flame. This piece of land was now a treasure of Audrey that she could control using her soul. She drove it and moved in a direction deep into the thick mist.

Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue were standing in another drifting piece of land. They saw only the hazy sky. Vaguely, they saw the divine grand mountain from a very far distance. They knew that it was the Center and their destination.

However, the two women didn't act recklessly. They were anxious as they wanted to see Shi Yan. They wanted to track the direction by the energy explosions.

Mo Fou and Wu Feng decided to stick with Audrey, centering her once more time. But these two women didn't do that. They deemed Shi Yan as their backbone and the one they should count on. They acknowledged Shi Yan as the leading role only.

"The barrier is down. It's good for us though."

Haig's eyes were so harsh and cold. Abruptly, a divine, powerful energy fluctuation emerged from his body. He had transformed into the Undying G.o.d Body in just a blink of an eye.

Beams of five-colored light radiated from Haig's body and moved around him. The power of the Five Elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth, rose and generated in Haig's body like the circle of perfect power with brilliance.

Haig's eyes were blindingly brilliant. While his thoughts changed, a bright halo floated behind his head and gave him the impression of the ancient Deity that low creatures couldn't trespa.s.s.

The divine light in gold, green, white, red, and yellow hues held the power and rules of Five Elements that connected, intertwined and overlapped each other by the Light power Upanishad to create a world of the five-colored light world behind him. It was changing continually and giving Haig a pure, solemn aura of the powerful, tyrannical imperial lord of the world of light.

The world of five-colored light holding the rules of the Five Elements suddenly pressed down. Above the island, they then saw the ma.s.sive gold sword, the green ancient tree, the sacred white sea, the red sun, and the precious earthy yellow land. The energy of the Five Elements energy rose and flooded the entire area.

The giant gold sword, the divine green tree, the white sacred sea, the red sun, and the yellow land were the five treasures of the Five Elements. They scattered, flashed, and then disappeared in the thick mist.

"Oh Gosh!"

"Not good!"

"It's Haig!"

Fuller, Mo Fou, Wu Feng, and the others gathering around Audrey discolored in fright and screamed.

They saw the Five Elements treasures ear the thick mist and press down on them like giant meteors. This kind of earth-destroying aura had suffocated them. The low-realm warriors couldn't even stand straight. They had to bend down and have subdued feelings that made them want to bend to their knees and bow.

This pressure suffocated people!

"The World of Five-colored Light!"

Audrey's face was stiff and cold, frightening energy fluctuating in one of her bright eyes. She let out a cold shout, placing her jade-like finger on her glabella.

An imperial lotus throne made of seven-colored crystals floated up. This shining and sparkling imperial throne was made of dozens of thousands of small crystals. Each of them was a precious treasure of earth and heaven with different secret domains of powers Upanishad. This was the marvelous treasure of the Imperial Dark Tribe.

Inside that fulgent imperial throne was a dancing soul flame that had just turned into Audrey's image.

It was her co-soul that had fused with G.o.d-blessed Mainland's Origin. It could control the changes of earth and heaven with the power of heaven flames. Her co-soul sat neatly on the crystal lotus throne. Abruptly, the throne released the endless fire of Karma that then supported the throne to fight against the World of Five-colored Light.

"Dark G.o.d Imperial Throne!"

Everybody screamed in awe as they felt that the terrifying pressure from the World of Five-colored Light was reduced a lot and they could stand up now.

The Dark G.o.d Imperial Throne was the top precious treasure of the Imperial Dark Tribe. It was the root of G.o.d-blessed Mainland. Only the members of the Imperial Dark Tribe with the purest blood who had been approved by G.o.d-blessed Mainland could control it. It was very famous among the Original Incipient Grade weapons. It could boost the secret techniques and powers Upanishad of the Imperial Dark Tribe.

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