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Shi Yan bursting out was a thrill to everybody.

While Haig, Phelps, and Mia were dashing toward them, Harson had shown his real competence, which was against the rules of Nature. In this challenge, Mo Fou and Wu Feng hoped that they could finish this battle soon, so they could save more energy to deal with Haig.

At the same time, the power that Shi Yan suddenly performed, which could rival Harson's, was no doubt a tonic to people that cheered them up.

Everybody gazed at Shi Yan.

With one knee touching the ground, his entire body was covered in armor made of tough keratin, giving people the beauty of power. His spikes gave people a feeling of something so sharp that it could break anything.

Waves of evil, bloodthirsty energy gushed out from his G.o.d Body. His energy was so condensed that it almost couldn't be real. Like a bunch of sinister ghosts, they flew around him, inaudibly roaring and crying as if they wanted to crush and tear the world apart.


In the loud explosions that shook the entire land and mountains, Harson's bony hedgehog body got out of the ground and he stood in front of Shi Yan once again.

Deep inside Harson's pupils was a dark, sinister halo. A piece of bone jutted out from his abdomen, which was carved an exquisite formation. The evil formation spun like a vortex. It was nibbling and devouring Harson's blood and flesh, making it more terrifying.


The roaring of a beast who was about to be extinct came from the mouths of the remaining Charteris family's warriors. As they had pledged to serve Harson with their whole lives and offered him a wisp of Soul Seal, they currently acted like wild, enraged beasts.

The cold, crazy gleam appeared deep in their pupils, making them fighting puppets without consciousness. Everyone was shivering upon seeing them at this moment.

The power of each warrior of the Charteris family increased by 30%!

Mo Fou, Fuller, and the others fighting them had to discolor when they burst out as if they weren't afraid of death. Mo Fou's team had to dodge.

Harson's warriors roared and gathered by Harson like a horde of evil dragons. The bones in their abdomen tore their skin to jut out of their bodies, releasing terrible, brutal energy.

"They are burning their souls!"

Audrey couldn't help but shout, her face icy cold. She reminded people to be more cautious.

It was worth their reputation of the mad Charteris family!

Cang Yun, Cecilia, Wu Feng, and the others changed their visages. They were so surprised and instinctively had such thoughts in their minds.

Harson was acc.u.mulating energy while his malicious eyes gazed at Shi Yan. After his subordinates gathered, he still didn't move, but the frightening aura on his body was rising higher and higher.

And the warriors of the Charteris family also had their power increase, making their general competence much higher.

"d.a.m.n!" Cang Yun screamed in fright, his face getting serious for the first time. "Harson can draw their energy, so he still can increase his power!"

Everybody else discolored.

When Harson struck his strongest attack, his abundant energy could be compared to Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm expert, which was already terrifying. And now as he could gather energy from his subordinates through the sinister contract, how terribly strong could he be?

"Shi Yan! Shi Yan is also increasing his energy!"

Cecilia covered her mouth in awe. She looked so disbelieving, her s.e.xy body shivering slightly.

Everybody looked at Shi Yan, their eyes hot. They were all shocked and baffled. Many of them couldn't help but shout in fright.

Shi Yan now had garnet eyes while blood mist covering him and it diffused the pungent smell of fresh blood. Brutal, wild, bloodthirsty, and fearless energies generated and intertwined to create demons that looked real.

The terrifying energy magnetic field he had built was also expanding and increasing, which wasn't less than Harson's.

People gawked and dropped their jaws.

No one knew that the Essence Qi of the four Charteris warriors and the two from Audrey's side had flooded Shi Yan's acupuncture points. He didn't filter or refine it to absorb but used it directly. He forcefully compressed the energy and used it all to create the Death G.o.d Domain from Third Sky of Rampage.

The Essence Qi of the six dead warriors at Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm was used in this battle in conjunction with his own terrifying abilities. Together, they increased his aura.

If he had remained the human form, he wouldn't have supported such power. He would have exploded and cracked his lungs and heart. However, in the form of the Immortal Demon Body, he had Immortal Demon Blood running through his veins with immense power. With this domineeringly, tenacious body, he had the ability to join this interesting battle!

Harson had used the wicked contract to collect his subordinates' energy while Shi Yan used the ability of his Devouring power Upanishad to capture the Essence Qi of the dead warriors. Both of them were using extreme methods to rocket their power in just a short time!

"Don't act rashly!"

Seeing Cecilia, Shang Ying Yue, and Sha Zhao silently approaching Harson and Shi Yan to try to affect their battle, Audrey shouted to stop them, "Unless you guys could boost your energy to their level, you will only get hurt if you go there."

Cang Yun's fat face shivered as he said, "She's right. Unless you guys could reach their level, you shouldn't come near them. Your bodies and powers aren't enough to endure their attacks. You should just... stay away."

Although Cecilia's group didn't believe in Audrey's opinions, they knew that Cang Yun wouldn't lie. They hesitated and then stopped.

At the same time, Harson and Shi Yan were like two wounded beasts roaring and howling. Earth-shaking energy arose from their bodies and expanded everywhere as if they wanted to destroy the entire island. They had created a storm energy magnetic field that could crush everything in its way to nothing!

Mo Fou, Sha Zhao, and Cecilia were terrified. They tried to dodge and use the G.o.d power to condense protective light cages. They reluctantly resisted the shockwaves of that energy storm.

They staggered as if they were drunk. They wore unhealthy red faces. Apparently, they had consumed a lot of energy just to protect themselves.

So strong!

All of them shouted in fear. The storm energy that Shi Yan generated and Harson's energy and aura had created hurt their bodies even though they were standing far from them. If they had stood near the center of the storm, would their bodies be torn apart?

In the chaotic situation when rocks and sand were twirling everywhere together with a thunderstorm, people couldn't see Shi Yan and Harson. However, they could see Audrey and Cang Yun standing still by the edge of that energy storm.

They had to agree that Cang Yun and Audrey were much stronger than them.

They weren't surprised to see Audrey because Audrey was the Princess of the Imperial Dark Tribe. She should have this ability. They were astounded and curious about Cang Yun, so they started to guess his ident.i.ty...

"The energy shockwaves are so tremendous!"

Mia of the G.o.d Clan halted while flying through the woods. She looked aghast.

Phelps, Haig, and Payton also stopped. They discolored, looking at the area ahead of them. They all wore dark and solemn faces.

The energy fluctuations ahead was so fierce that the barrier between the two territories couldn't hold it within. This group was scared about the shockwave reaching them.

"Such great energy fluctuation could be seen in the battle of the Incipient G.o.d Realm experts. Who could do that?" Phelps wore a sinister, cunning face. "The Charteris family has so many dark and secret techniques and Harson is a lunatic. One of them should be him. He... got this ability. But who is his opponent?"

"The woman who killed Yu Jia!" confirmed Mia.

Haig didn't say anything, his eyes cold and placid. He squinted and tried to sense. All of a sudden, he arched his eyebrows and hissed, "No, it's not true!"

Everybody looked at him.

"It's not the woman who killed Yu Jia. It's the man you said, the one from the Immortal Demon Clan!" Haig was scared. The placidity in his eyes was broken. He took a deep breath and lowered his voice, "Aside from being a member of the Immortal Demon Clan, he's also an heir of one of the Bloodthirsty's inheritances! He's cultivated Death power Upanishad. What a coincidence!"

"Death power Upanishad?" Mia's soft body shivered. "People rumored that the Charteris family annihilated Xuan He's blood brother and used his skeleton to create the blood-dripping bones. They then carved the secret formation of the G.o.d Clan, making Harson keep the key bone that controls his subordinates. That's how Harson could be so strong. Well, we would have never expected such a coincidence."

"We must kill this man. We won't give him room to grow. Otherwise, no one can estimate the consequences." Haig arched his brows and said harshly, "I'll kill him myself."

Mia and Phelps were surprised and then they nodded heavily, "If you do it yourself, I'm sure he can't escape. He shouldn't appear here. He shouldn't expose his ident.i.ty that early," said Phelps in a dark voice.

"Both of them are strong. If I want to deal with him, I have to use my best powers too." Haig darkened his face as he shouted. "Move! We have to get there quickly!"

Energy rose in the center of the island in waves of immense, hazy light. The island had earth-shattering energy. Where Harson and Shi Yan were fighting was a place that people couldn't observe. The entire sky was covered by light curtains that shielded people's vision.

Each member of the Charteris family sat on the ground as if they were actually petrified. Columns of energy burst into the sky from their heads, which Harson's soul controlled. They were moving like devil dragons that wrecked the area around them into ruins. The ground under their bodies expanded terrifying tremors.

Shi Yan's body was like a stone hovering inside a blood sea. His mind flickered, shifting the abilities of the Death power Upanishad, which made the energy turn into ma.s.sive blood hands and shooting blood meteors that bombarded Harson.

The sinister demons generated by the negative energy were entangling with the air columns made of the energy of the Charteris warriors. They started to attack them like the evilest, fang-showing monsters.

Shi Yan and Harson were fighting each other as if no one was watching. As they were equally strong, they had struck each other too fiercely and the island under their feet was about to break into pieces. They made the earth and heaven energy in this area change dramatically, triggering the wonders that take place on this ancient continent...

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