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In the vast woods, Haig, Mia, Phelps, and the warriors of the G.o.d Clan were dashing like lightning. G.o.d power that emitted from their bodies were rattling the woods as they were heading to the island where Harson's team and Shi Yan's team were fighting at their maximum speed.

Suddenly, the Sound Stone in Mia's sleeve sounded ear-piercingly. Mia paled, her finger fiddling the stone. She cursed out loud, "Harson is engaging in battle with them."

"d.a.m.n!" Haig darkened his face, his countenance solemn.

"That lunatic!" Phelps couldn't help but curse. "We've noticed him and asked him to be careful. He didn't listen! If he contacts us now, there is only one possibility! He can't endure it anymore."

Haig and Mia nodded in agreement.

They knew Harson well. Unless he was backed to the dead corner without any possible solution, with his stubborn head, he would never request for a rescue. This mad man was really stubborn.

If he called Mia, it meant that his team was besieged in a really perilous situation without a single chance to overturn. Otherwise, he would still make the last bet. He would never admit his failure. This man was always that brave and stubborn.

"We must go faster." At the critical moment, Haig was always terrifyingly placid. "At our speed, I'm afraid that we can't help him on time. Okay, we should go faster." He looked at Phelps, Mia, and Payton.

Phelps, Mia, and Payton all had secret treasures and they had cultivated a unique technique of the G.o.d Clan that would boost their energy for a short time and create a tremendous explosive power.


Mia, Phelps, Payton, and the three other G.o.d warriors nodded, their face dark and solemn.

In the next moment, flows of ruthless, savage auras gushed out from the bodies of the seven warriors including Haig. They had transformed into their Undying G.o.d Bodies that looked formidable. Energy shot out from them all along the way.

With the furious energy, the seven warriors turned into seven sharp swords, flying close to the ground towards Harson's. Ancient trees along their way were burst off, their branches and leaves turning into powder and scattering away.

On the misty island in the sea territory.

Fuller, Mo Fou, Sha Zhao, and Wu Feng released their Ethereal Extent, circulating their powers Upanishad. They formed groups of two or three to attack the Charteris family's warriors. Cang Yun, Cecilia, and Shang Ying Yue weren't idle anymore. They scattered and vaguely surrounded Harson in the center.

"Be careful with those lunatics!" Cang Yun's voice sounded like a giant bronze bell that reached every corner of the island. "Try your best not to engage in close combat with them. They will drag you to death altogether."

No one dared to ignore Cang Yun's reminder.

Because just a moment ago, two warriors under Audrey's command were killed all together with a warrior of the Charteris family right before they could kill him. That madman had exploded his own soul altar and created a tornado that covered the other two immediately.

After the shock waves ceased, of course, the Charteris family's warrior was gone, but he had taken with him the two warriors who had attacked him all the time.

The manic disciples of the Charteris family didn't have consciousness or fear. If they found that the situation couldn't be saved anymore, they would try their last attempt to take a bite of your flesh or even bone before they died. They would never let you finish your deed with ease.

Thus, without waiting for Cang Yun to stress it further, when they were fighting those lunatics, they were all cautious.

Because of that, although they had fought for a long time, the Charister family had lost just one warrior, the one who had exploded himself. Since they didn't dare to approach the Charister warriors, the others still had room to resist.

This situation had maintained until Shi Yan and Audrey joined the fight. Significant changes were made afterward...

Shortly after Audrey had agreed on the compet.i.tion with Shi Yan, she had set her eyes on a member of the Charteris family. She coldly commanded the others to leave that man and then urged her power.

A soul magnetic field that could cover the entire island gushed out from Audrey's lean and graceful body. In that glimpse, people felt a strong vibe in their soul. They had to pull themselves together and calm down their soul to prevent it from flying out of the soul altar.

They now hallucinated that Audrey had turned into a soul vortex that released a large magnetic field to draw all their soul in.

When Audrey performed her strange power Upanishad, everybody's soul altars were affected; their energy attacks, which used to be smooth were halted and stagnant, preventing them from using their skills.

In this area, there were only two warriors who weren't affected by Audrey's power. They were Shi Yan and Cang Yun...

Only the two of them had strong soul altars that Audrey's soul magnetic field couldn't affect. Thus, their powers Upanishads weren't sluggish.

The warrior of the Charteris family who had to bear Audrey's soul magnetic field was at Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. He cultivated Wood power Upanishad. His soul was drawn out of his body, moving above his head.

This man's soul was dim and gray and it looked like a mossy, ancient tree was planted in his head. His soul didn't have any gleam of fear. Quite the contrary, it had a madly disordered soul energy fluctuation.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Wood power of the Five Elements was urged. A terrifying commotion arose under Audrey's feet. A long, narrow climbing plant like an ivy with its branches slithered like snakes animatedly and wound around Audrey's graceful body. That plant then sprouted so many vines with teeth and started to bite and saw Audrey's beautiful thighs and delicate waist.

The ancient gray tree soul of that Charteris warrior withered at a speed that the naked eye could observe. His vitality was drawn away rapidly.

At the same time, the peculiar, evil vines coiling around Audrey were strengthened rapidly. They became tougher and more agile with vitality. It could be compared to the thickest armor and it shrouded Audrey. At the same time, the toothy vines were still biting and tearing her body.

It was another form of jade and rock shattering together!

Each member of the Charteris family was that extreme. As long as they could kill the others, they could even destroy themselves to do that. They seemed to have no mental barrier.

Audrey apparently had underestimated the craziness of the Charteris warriors. Being wound by the vines, she looked like a soft fruit growing in the center of a big tree. As the other's soul was withering, her body was squeezed and it made her look bony.

However, no matter how hard the vines had tried to bite or cut her, they couldn't leave any wound on her body.

People knew that the G.o.d Body of the Imperial Dark Tribe warriors wasn't as strong as their soul altar. Evidently, Audrey was an exception. Her lean, soft body had an intimidating, surging energy, her snow-white skin and jade bones containing powerful tides of energy.

Audrey swayed. Fire rings rolled down from her snow-white neck, turning bigger on the way. Just like hula hoops, the fire rings got bigger and slowly fell from her thighs to her ankles.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The ancient tree suddenly ignited. It wasn't the vines on her body, but the tree that jutted from the head of the Charteris warrior in front of her!

That man's dim, gray soul smoked and then burned off. People could vaguely hear the shrieks and screech when his soul met death.

Rings of fire expanded from her body. The vines with teeth that were squeezing her body were burned down like the snake bone. They fell off her body.

She wiped the charred remains of those vines on her body in disgust. Lifting her head to look at Shi Yan, she told him coldly, "That's the first one."

Then, a cold light flared in her eyes. She flashed and disappeared shortly before reappearing in front of another Charteris warrior. She told Jiao Shan and Jiao Hai who was fighting with him, "You guys stay away."

Jiao Shan and Jiao Hai wore cold faces but they didn't dare to say much. After nodding, they moved away and gave her the opponent.

Cang Yun, Cecilia, Shang Ying Yue, and the Wu brothers were surrounding Harson, but they still had time to watch. Cang Yun, Cecilia, and Shang Ying Yue shivered inwardly as they were worried about Shi Yan.

The terrifying deed that Audrey had just performed made them wary in fear. Finally, they knew that it wasn't only that the ancient continent didn't shackle her that made her the leader of this team.

This woman had a peculiar and unpredictable power Upanishad. At the same time, the acc.u.mulated energy in her body was pure and abundant. Apparently, she didn't have the common weakness of Imperial Dark Tribe warriors, which was a fragile body. She had used her strength to get people's approval.

Seeing her kill one enemy in a short moment, Cang Yun and the two women were anxious. They doubted themselves whether or not it was a good move to support Shi Yan. They didn't think that Shi Yan was strong enough.

Because they could see that Shi Yan was fighting a member of the Charteris family... his power seemed to be just equal. He couldn't even take the upper hand.

"He has just Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. Maybe we've evaluated his competence too highly! Wrong move!" Cang Yun, Cecilia, and Shang Ying Yue sighed inwardly.

Shi Yan's opponent cultivated Ice power Upanishad.

This Charteris warrior had ice shrouding his entire body and even the ground under his feet was frosty. He was using his power Upanishad to create a favorable battlefield.

Wherever he moved, the place then had glacier and snow that created a whole world of ice and snow. Sometimes, hidden arrows made of sharp metal energy would shot towards Shi Yan...

This man also cultivated Metal power Upanishad. However, he hadn't mastered his powers Upanishad enough to combine the two. Still, he made some mistakes.

However, his real competence was stronger than the man Audrey had killed. As he could use two powers Upanishads at the same time when fighting Shi Yan, he didn't fall into a perilous situation. He had even licked his lips and grinned fiendishly with a cruel face. He wanted to kill Shi Yan.

His eyes changed. A savage, murderous aura burst out of his chest. A piece of b.l.o.o.d.y bone emerged with the evil energy fluctuation from his body as if it could erode people's soul.

His eyes were so strange as he gazed at Shi Yan. Shortly after, a beam of violent soul energy shot out of his eyes and entered Shi Yan's soul altar!

Shi Yan was shaken, his face a little strange. Abruptly, divine light shot out radiantly from his eyes.

What he was waiting for was this moment!

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