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Earth-shaking explosions arose from the center of the vast island. It was like the island had to bear a bombarding from meteors. Ma.s.sive holes appeared. Pieces of land settled deep into the ground.

Mo Fou urged his soul altar. An earth yellow Ethereal Extent arose above his head. Gray dust and sand rose up, creating savage beasts that jumped out of his Ethereal Extent. With the power of Earth, they became real and they wildly a.s.saulted the Charteris family's warriors.

Wu Feng, Fuller, Sha Zhao, Jiao Shan, and Jiao Hai were mobilizing their power Upanishad like the erupting volcanoes.

The freezing, icy world of Ethereal Extent appeared. Another world of fire in h.e.l.l glowed dazzlingly. Lightning bolts that could strike the entire sky emerged. All the warriors released their Ethereal Extent, their willpower that could overturn the whole sky. Together, they pressed down and covered the Charteris family's members.

As Wu Feng, Fuller, and the others had control of their bodies back, they started to pour their flames of anger on the Charteris family's warriors. They were all ruthless and insane.

Instantly, strong gusts raked through the island, rolling the sand and rocks. Fire rose high in the sky. Lightning bolts rampaged. It looked exactly like what would be the scene of doomsday.

Shi Yan changed his visage slightly as he looked at the earth-shattering fight. Hearing the violent explosions reverberating, he immediately urged his energy.

Beams of starlight that looked like hair braids weaved with each other, creating a magnificent set of starlight armor and shrouding Shi Yan's G.o.d Body. He looked like he was bathing in the starry night as his entire body looked transparent and twinkled, releasing the marvelous halo of starlight.

Lightning strikes, flames, and gusts of wind were wreaking havoc. However, they were neutralized when they came in contact with his marvelous starlight armor. Nothing could create a scratch on his body.

Cecilia and Sheng Ying Yue slowly moved, standing on his right and left sides. One looked so gently pure while the other was so s.e.xy. They were like two pretty flowers that made people jealous of Shi Yan's beautiful encounter. They were surprised, indeed.

Harson had shot him a malicious look. However, he wasn't free to care about Shi Yan as Mo Fou, Wu Feng, and Fuller was attacking him at this moment. He looked helter-skelter indeed.

Besides Cang Yun, Audrey and Shi Yan's group of three, the other had joined the fierce battle as they wanted to vent out their anger by a.s.saulting the Charteris family's warriors.

The flame of war didn't burn only this section. It was spreading to the entire island. Shadows flashed and disappeared into the sky like lightning. In just a blink of an eye, they could travel ten miles away. The warriors had urged their powers to perform the marvelous abilities of earth and heaven. They could see the lightning dragon, the sea of fire, or the world of ice.

However, the terrible damages they left on this island weren't very different. This island was about to break. Explosions reverberated continually.

Audrey's cold eyes moved. Her line of sight raked through the area and then she fixed her eyes on Shi Yan as she asked, "Why weren't you affected by that wicked formation?"

Cang Yun's innocent, fat face beamed as he squinted his eyes. However, he didn't ask anything. He knew that Shi Yan was a member of the Immortal Demon Clan who had fused with the Origin. Thus, Cang Yun believed that Shi Yan wasn't ordinary and he wasn't astonished that Shi Yan wasn't affected by the evil formation.

Of course, Audrey didn't know this...

Being the Princess of the Imperial Dark Tribe, her innate endowment was the most outstanding among her kind. She understood the essence of cultivating the soul altar. She was tough as she had endured different wicked pieces of training. That was how she wasn't affected in that b.l.o.o.d.y formation.

In her eyes, Cang Yun and Shi Yan were ordinary warriors, so they wouldn't have the ability to protect their soul alters like she did. Thus, she knew that Cang Yun and Shi Yan were hiding something from her. She wanted to know that.

"I don't know, either," under Audrey and Cang Yun's gazing, Shi Yan just shrugged and shook his head.

Audrey's phoenix eyes narrowed to cold, dangerous slits. She coldly glanced at him and released the prying energy to break into his soul altar...


It felt like when you hit a leather drum. Audrey's Soul Consciousness was shaken as she bounced back from Shi Yan's head.

"Under the given circ.u.mstances that you're not allowed, please don't touch my soul altar. Of course, if you want to do soul intercourse... it's another story." Shi Yan grinned.

Cecilia and Sheng Ying Yue were so surprised. They looked strange, their eyes discreetly observing Audrey as if they were somehow amused.

Cang Yun grinned. He also shot Audrey an odd look and then at Shi Yan with a little, sneaky ambiguous smile.

The arrogant and proud Audrey's exquisite face stiff. It seemed like she had never experienced the same teasing from her male friends before. For the time being, her beautiful eyes looked puzzled. She pulled herself together after a long moment, wearing a very strange countenance. "Are you teasing me?" She asked to check if it was true.

"Ah no," Shi Yan felt funny as he shook his head. "I want to make it clear that I don't like my soul altar being touched. Unless a woman wants to do soul intercourse with me... I will consider carefully."

"Lowly little human brat! You dare to talk so vulgarly to me. I doubt that you want to live anymore." Magically, Audrey's voice was calmer than she had ever been before. Her beautiful eyes turned into slits like icicles that gazed at Shi Yan. Then, she said faintly, "Wait until we've finished Harson and killed all the members of the Charteris here. Then, we'll talk."

"Nah, you guys. Don't be like that. It's our priority to deal with the G.o.d Clan. After that, you can play however you want," Cang Yun tried to ease the tension.

Too bad for him, Audrey didn't give him face. She snorted arrogantly and lifted her face up. She didn't even bat an eye at him.

Shi Yan shrugged, talking as if nothing mattered to him. "Well, help yourself. I've yielded to you and have been willing to listen to your orders. It's because I believe you can guide people on the right track. But... it turns out that it's not like that. You do make mistakes. This time, your mistake has almost killed all of our warriors. I did remind you, but you didn't listen."

Cang Yun frowned and thoughts rolled in his head. His bead-like eyes brightened as he suddenly got something.

Shi Yan had to take this chance to seize power!

Before this event, Fuller and the others had deemed that Audrey was the best choice and that she could lead them to resist the G.o.d Clan and claim the final victory. It was because Audrey had never made a mistake before...

But it was different now...

If Shi Yan hadn't smashed the gravestone, Fuller, Mo Fou, Sha Zhao, and everybody else would have been killed by the Charteris family's warriors. None of them could have escaped.

Especially since Shi Yan had told them that something was wrong before they got here, Audrey couldn't sense the abnormality or buy what he told her. With all of these and the support from Mo Fou, Sha Zhao, Wu Feng, Cecilia, and Cang Yun himself, it would be possible for Shi Yan to take control.

If he could defeat Audrey, it meant that he was stronger than Audrey. And as he could sense the changes of the earth and heaven energy, he would have a bigger chance!

Cang Yun was discreetly excited. He wanted to support Shi Yan!

He knew that if Shi Yan could become the leader of this group, it would be much easier for them. No one could control them, so they would be free to do many things.

"Big mouth, though." Audrey's beautiful eyes were cold. Soul energy emitted from her more fiercely. She coldly looked at Shi Yan as if she was gathering energy.

Mo Fou, Wu Feng, Fuller, and the others were chasing the warriors of the Charteris family around the island. Since they were doubled in number, they had a significant advantage. The warriors of the Charteris family were struggling crazily. However, their room was being narrowed.

If nothing unexpected happened, Mo Fou, Wu Feng's team would win in the end. They could clear the warriors of the Charteris family quickly.

While they were fighting, Shi Yan and Audrey didn't exchange a word. The atmosphere around them was tense and stiff as if they would burst out fighting against each other in any minute.

As Cang Yun wished Shi Yan to successfully seize power, he didn't advise the two but pushed it further. He smiled, his eyes squinting. "I think it's not a bad idea to make Shi Yan the leader. Without him, I'm afraid that all of us would have suffered." His voice was like a thunderclap that was sent around the island. Everybody could hear him clearly.

Cecilia and Sheng Ying Yue stood on his left and right. Of course, they supported him. They nodded continually upon hearing Cang Yun.

Audrey's eyes were as cold as ice. Her perfectly proportioned body shivered. Obviously, she was enraged.

"You and I will compete once," Shi Yan appraised Cang Yun for understanding him tacitly. He rose his voice, "You and I will take action to kill the members of the Charteris family. Let's see who can kill more. The loser will give up the leader position and listen to the winner. Do you dare to play with me?"

Every warrior on the island could hear him.

Mo Fou, Fuller, Sha Zhao, and Wu Feng were astounded. Many warriors who had followed Audrey earlier just listened. No one opened their mouths to question or object him.

If Shi Yan had challenged Audrey like that earlier, her followers would have swarmed him with insults and attacks. However, since Audrey had just made a fatal mistake and Shi Yan had saved them from the wicked formation...

They suddenly recognized that Audrey couldn't always be right and that she wasn't their only choice to be the leader. Shi Yan's appearance was also an available option.

They wanted to see who is stronger.

"Good solution!" Cang Yun shouted, "I agree with this method. You guys don't need to fight against each other to reduce our powers. Creating a compet.i.tion upon killing our enemies, whether you lose or win, you contribute to our team. I like it! I support it!"

"We also support this idea!" Mo Fou, Wu Feng, Jiao Hai, Jiao Shan, Sha Zhao, and the warriors coming with Shi Yan had woken up after Shi Yan had saved them one more time. They yelled in agreement.

Fuller and the others remained silent. They just tried to attack the Charteris family's members more harshly. They wanted to circle those warriors like they were luring animals into cages.

"Okay, I agree." Audrey took a deep breath. She smiled coldly. "Low creature, you don't know how high the sky is. Today, I will show you why the Imperial Dark Tribe is called one of the Great Four Creatures! Let's make this bet!"

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