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Haig put his feet on the deathtrap prepared by Mo Fou, Sha Zhao, and Wu Feng.

It was the least dangerous area because Mo Fou, Wu Feng, and the others had used the good stuff they had before, which made Mia's team pay a deadly price. They didn't have many lethal weapons to use after that.

Haig steadied his body in this area. While his thoughts were changing, a silver metal ball emerged in his palm. When it fell on the ground, spikes jutted out, making it a metal hedgehog with sharp thorns and spinning in front of him.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Gold bolts of lightning shot out rapidly. Sound waves exploded ear-splittingly. The earth shook as if there were dragons moving underground, releasing terrible tremors and dashing towards Haig.


Haig's clothes exploded. Silver-scaled armor arose on his skin. Fierce spikes jutted out of his body. Instantly, he had transformed into his G.o.d Undying Body.

In this so-called perfect fighting form, Haig's eyes were astonishingly placid. Each silver scale of his armor generated a furious energy fluctuation and made him look like a human volcano with the sea of fire around him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

With Haig as the core, all the weak restrictions exploded. The fierce energy was triggered and it burst off with echoes.

Within that short moment, this entire area fell into an earth-shaking tremor. The earth looked like it received the rage of fire from heaven. Everything was burned, charred, and even the ground was cracked and black under the scorching heat.

The brutal features and intensity of this fire had surpa.s.sed Shi Yan's heaven flame. It was the powerful performance of the flaming Origin that had been fused to a high-level.

A beam of cold, dark light flashed in the corner of his eye. An extremely cold aura emitted and filled the area with white fog. The world of flaming h.e.l.l changed rapidly. It was frozen and it created many icicles.

The flaming h.e.l.l turned into a world of ice while Haig changed his thoughts. He had alternated the boiling condition and the icy condition in just a thought. Everything was done smoothly.

When Mia, Phelps and the G.o.d warriors arrived, they were bewildered and scared as they looked at the world of ice.

"Eh? Aren't we going to the forest area? Did we make the wrong turn to the world of ice?" asked a warrior in astonishment.

The others had reacted like him. They looked baffled as they didn't understand.

Mia's bold brows furrowed. She shouted and pointed at the area ahead of them, "You fool! Why didn't you look further ahead?"

Her finger pointed to the area afar where people were surprised to see the endless forest with countless woods.

Right after that, they understood. They all turned to look at Haig and they looked at him with fear. They became vigilant as they knew how strong he was.

"Indeed, they had left to go to Harson." Haig sent his Soul Consciousness to check around as soon as he entered the forest. He had located Audrey's spot immediately. "They're one or two days away from us. We must move quickly! And you must notify Harson and tell him to hide. Don't let the others swallow him."

Mia changed her countenance. She hurried to take out the Sound Stone and shouted at it, "Harson, be careful. The fish from the two territories are gathering and heading to you. You should leave immediately. Do not engage in the fight with them directly. They are really strong!"

"Oh," the Sound Stone sent her an impatient voice and then nothing else...

"Harson! Harson! Are you there?" Mia grabbed and shouted at her Sound Stone, her face grimaced. However, the Sound Stone didn't react and its glow was dimming. "d.a.m.n it!" cursed Mia.

"We're going there right now!" Haig bellowed. "That lunatic has mental diseases. I'm afraid that he will act rashly!"

The sh.o.r.eless sea territory.

There were many logs of wood floating in the sea, each carrying some members of the Charteris family. Sitting neatly on the log that led this fleet was Harson, the skeletal ghost-like leader. His eyes were bloodshot like the most furious, bloodthirsty beast.

The tree trunks floated and moved like arrows. Shortly after, they had arrived at a ma.s.sive island. This island looked like it was situated on one end of the sea and was inside a thick fog. The dense fog covered even the horizon and blocked the view.

The wood logs stopped by the sh.o.r.e of the island. Harson brought the thugs of his Charteris family and walked to the other side of the island where the fog was the thickest. The other side of this area seemed to be a whole new world.

"The other side was the forest territory. This island is the main port to enter the Center. We will wait here for them to come to play with us." Harson's ruthless eyes scanned the fog. He suddenly grinned fiendishly, "Well, those low creatures are so naive. They want to kill me. Haha. I think we will have fun with them a little bit."

"Young Master, do you want to set something up?" asked a warrior who had a lot of blood stains on his face as he licked his lips.

"Blunt Wu, tell me what to do to give them a surprise?" Harson smiled sinisterly.

"White Bone Refining Blood Ghost Grave?" The Charteris family's warrior called Blunt Wu grinned fiendishly.

The other members of the Charteris family had their eyes brighten. Their faces expressed their desires like wild beasts that caught the scent of blood. They nodded to him excitedly.

"Alright! It's the White Bone Refining Blood Ghost Grave then!" Harson laughed.

Each member of the Charteris scattered and stood in their precise positions. Terrifyingly evil aura gushed out from them. Blunt Wu shouted ear-piercingly while one of his hands tore his own belly as he tried to find for something in there...

He took out a sharp, b.l.o.o.d.y piece of bone that looked like a dagger from his abdomen. Apparently, it felt so painful that he winced and screeched. However, his eyes looked manic.

The same thing happened to the other members of the Charteris family. Each of them had torn their own abdomen, searching and slowly pulling out pieces of blood-dripping bones. The thick scent of blood filled the entire s.p.a.ce.

The whole place was dyed red and a stinky smell shot up into the sky.

Each member of the Charteris family had taken a blood-dripping bone out of their bodies and planted it in the ground in front of them. When they did that, the sounds of screeching, crying, and wailing arose. Cold gusts of wind slapped their faces and raised people's hair.

"Dripping blood!" Harson laughed crazily, spurting blood from his mouth, which then sprayed on the bones planted in the ground. After that, a thick sea of blood arose above their heads.

From a far distance, the blood of sea above the White Bone Refining Blood Ghost Grave created by Harson and his fellows looked somehow similar to the Blood Soul Sea that Shi Yan had used his power Upanishad to create. It also had evil, wicked energy fluctuations that could affect people's minds and sink their soul altars.

Harson's team was still doing something...

Their G.o.d Bodies slowly disappeared. From a bird's view, it was just a sea of blood where they could see a gloomy grave made of white bones in the middle of the sea waves. However, they couldn't see Harson or the other members of the Charteris family. They seemed to become one with their White Bone Refining Blood Ghost Grave.

A brutal, bloodthirsty aura slowly generated from the blood sea. It seemed to have an evil power that could condense murderous aura from outer s.p.a.ce...

Wisps of strange aura gathered from underground, the sea, and even the horizon. It seemed like the White Bone Refining Blood Ghost Grave was attracting and collecting the last beam of the grudging aura of creatures that had died in the ancient continent for years. Those wisps of resentful aura could increase the power of that wicked formation.

More terrifyingly, while the White Bone Refining Blood Ghost Grave was gathering more energy, it had also distorted the earth and heaven energy and covered the entire sky that even the Soul Consciousness couldn't see through...

"This place."

Cang Yun wiped the sweat on his forehead and pointed at the steamy area in front of them. He looked exhausted though.

It was a vast river and they couldn't see the other river bank. On their side, it was the forest. The steam hovered and separated the two sides, so they didn't know where the other riverbank was. The thick vapor was a natural barrier that divided the vast river into two parts: the forest part and the ocean part.

"You should show us how you crossed that river." Audrey nodded and urged him in a cold voice.

Cang Yun stopped by the river. Audrey had released her Soul Consciousness to sense that he had then crossed the steamy barrier to explore. She didn't see anything strange, so she wasn't really worried.

Cang Yun had also sensed quietly. He didn't find anything strange, either. However, he was cautious as he spoke, "You guys should be careful. Harson is a lunatic and he isn't weaker than Haig. Although he's restricted in the ancient continent, his lethality isn't less than Haig's. This man has a... mental problem. He was born bloodthirsty. We can't treat him like a normal person. And his troopers are all mad men. When they feel that the situation doesn't favor them, they won't hesitate to make everyone die altogether. They can kill themselves to kill the enemies too without a bit of hesitation."

Cang Yun was still fearful.

In this vast area of sea, he had witnessed how crazy and brutal Harson's subordinates were. One time, a warrior of Harson's troop was surrounded by three warriors at the same realm. He was hurt, but at the critical moment, he committed suicide, bursting off the three warriors who were closest to him.

And, his soul ran away and he returned to Harson. Later on, he could have a new body and recovered.

Each warrior under Harson's command wasn't afraid of death. They listened to Harson like the most religious disciples. They could kill themselves for Harson. This kind of extreme mad men was the toughest to deal with that would give anyone a terrible headache.

"Guys, be careful. Harson is a maniac. Never underestimate him." Audrey nodded. She knew how dangerous Harson was. She agreed with Cang Yun's reminder.

"I don't know why, but I feel like something is wrong." Shi Yan frowned as he had an extremely insecure feeling. He felt distracted. His acupuncture points couldn't help but vibrate, which confused him.

There was a similar energy fluctuation hiding somewhere that made his acupuncture points resonate!

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