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A dark purple flame glowing dazzlingly flew out of Little Fatty's left pupil. It flickered and released a dominant soul energy fluctuation.

Little Fatty squinted his bead-like eyes. He used the dark purple flame to sense the auras of other people around him. The dark purple flame danced and sent flows of Soul Consciousness hundreds of miles away in just a blink.

This process didn't take a long time. He retrieved the dark purple flame into his head and laughed harmlessly. "Those women are staying far away from us. They can't hear us for sure. Thus, you can tell me the story of Grace Mainland. Yeah, by the way, I'm Cang Yun. You can call me Little Cang or Little Yun. It's up to you. Don't be too distant."

Little Fatty was a member of the Heavenly Monster Tribe. However, he wasn't born in Grace Mainland. He had always been curious about Grace Mainland that had given birth to their tribe. As he had suddenly found Shi Yan, a guy from Grace Mainland, of course, he wouldn't let this opportunity to know more about his homeland slip away.

"The Grace Mainland's energy is exhausted. Warriors who used to stay there are now in Agate Star Area. About Grace Mainland, throughout the Immemorial Epoch, the Antiquity Era, and the Ancient Time, it was in the hidden corner of the edge of this universe. It's hard to contact the outer world..."

Shi Yan told him everything he knew.

"Is there a place called the Heavenly Monster Mountain Range?" asked Cang Yun all of a sudden.

"Yes," nodded Shi Yan.

"After we're done with this, can you take me there?" Cang Yun's fat face shivered slightly and showed his thrill.

"No problem," Shi Yan agreed.

"Anything special?" asked Cang Yun.

"Hmm, nothing," after thinking carefully, Shi Yan shook his head."

Cang Yun quieted down. He pulled himself together, arranging his words for a while before starting slowly, "I can't tell... the exact location of Ancient Demon Continent. It should be like Grace Mainland and in a crack by the edge of the cosmos. Anyway, I know how to get in there."

He looked at Shi Yan and said, "If you want me to bring you there, I can do that too. But I want to make it clear that Ancient Demon Continent isn't very different from Grace Mainland. The energy there is exhausted and there are no members of the Immortal Demon Clan dwelling."

He said continuously.

Cang Yun was one of the Holy Beast Azure Dragon descendants of the Heavenly Monster Tribe. The b.l.o.o.d.y war between the Heavenly Monster Tribe and the Imperial Dark Tribe that had shaken even the big star areas ended with the Heavenly Monster Tribe's defeat and seclusion. Members of the Heavenly Monster Tribe had to try their best to hide and find a secret place to cultivate ascetically and avoid the Imperial Dark Tribe's pursuit.

And in a very accidental situation, they found Ancient Demon Continent...

When they got there, they found that this continent had been barren for years. They didn't see any members of the Immortal Demon Clan. At that time, the Ancient Demon Continent hadn't had much energy. It wasn't suitable for high-level creatures to cultivate anymore.

However, as the Heavenly Monster Tribe had just been defeated, they just wanted a place to stay. Moreover, they had a lot of divine crystals. After a brief discussion, they decided to stay in Ancient Demon Continent. Cang Yun was born in the Ancient Demon Continent. One time, when Cang Yun was cultivated underground, he had reached too deep and he accidentally touched the Origin. Afterward, he had fused the Origin with his soul altar.

After many years, members of the Heavenly Monster Tribe started to leave the Ancient Demon Continent and started secluding in other star areas. Cang Yun had also followed his fellows and left.

When the members of their tribe all left Ancient Demon Continent, it was completely depleted. It was just a barren, desolate star that didn't have any signs of living beings dwelling. It was merely a dead star.

However, as Cang Yun had recently found the Origin of the Ancient Demonic Continent, he found that the continent was like a dry tree sprouting in the spring. It seemed to wake up one more time and it started to gather energy from outer s.p.a.ce. Ancient Demon Continent seemed to begin a new Samsara and have a marvelous transformation...

After he had found that, he came to consult with his precursors in the tribe. Then, he understood a fact: The ancient continents would never be completely depleted!

The earth and heaven energy in an ancient continent had the Samsara or the reincarnation circle. It would have ups and downs too. When the earth and heaven energy there had reached its peak, it would gradually decline. After its energy was totally exhausted, the magical process of gathering energy would start once again. It would be able to collect energy from outer s.p.a.ce and acc.u.mulate it.

Ancient Demon Continent had been collecting the free energy in outer s.p.a.ce.

According to the elders of the Heavenly Monster Tribe, the five ancient continents had a marvelous connection. When the other four ancient continents were in the worst stage of lacking energy, Desolate would have the richest energy.

In this stage, Desolate would give birth to the treasures that were the most precious in this world. It was the rare chance of tens of thousands years for the warriors to enter Desolate at this point of time. Whoever could get to the Center could harvest the items he had always dreamed of!

Thus, Cang Yun went to this area under the arrangement of the Elders of his Heavenly Monster Tribe.

"You say that Ancient Demon Continent is reviving?" Shi Yan shouted in astonishment.

"It's true," Cang Yun smiled until his eyes narrowed. "Not only Ancient Demon Continent. I think that G.o.d-blessed Mainland and Ancient G.o.d Continent are about to be depleted. Also, they are going to gather energy remnants in outer s.p.a.ce once again. Rumors say that the energy cycles of the four ancient continents are amazingly similar. They have a close connection. If Grace Mainland doesn't have earth and heaven energy anymore, the other continents will face the same problem. Today, as Ancient Demon Continent's reviving, the other three will have the same situation."

"So Haig, Audrey, you and I all have the Origin of the ancient continents and we're all here," Shi Yan pondered and frowned, "the ground under our feet and the Origins we have have a special connection. You're here because of your Elders' arrangement and I'm here because of a man. I think it happened the same to Haig and Audrey. Hmm, the fact that we're gathering here and what Desolate has should have some connection!"

He eyed Cang Yun without blinking once. "Can you tell me more?"

To this very moment, Shi Yan understood that Cang Yun appearing here by the lake wasn't because he wanted to see Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue bathing. His purpose was to lure Shi Yan out. In other words, Cang Yun was here because of him.

"Don't look at me. I don't actually know the details." Cang Yun shook his head continuously and said with confusion, "I don't know. My precursor just told me to go to the Center. Something will happen there. And I think my precursor and your Immortal Demon precursor have contacted. They told me that if I met you by chance here, I should cooperate with you..."

"Why has n.o.body ever told me this?" Shi Yan was enraged all of a sudden. It was the feeling when someone had discreetly set you up for something that you didn't know. Shi Yan didn't like this feeling.

He had come here because Shang Chen had come to him and Frederick, one of the Bloodthirsty's Cortege of Eight, had asked him to do so. Discreetly, a pair of hands was planning everything for him, manipulating him and making him work as the other pleased.

He didn't feel cool with this.

"Don't ask me. I know nothing," said Cang Yun dispiritedly.

Shi Yan darkened his face. Contemplating for a while, he said, "Alright. Then tell me. What should we do now?"

"I don't know," Cang Yun shook his head, "my precursor told me to do my best to cooperate with you. I don't know the details. They told me that... you will know what to do gradually. They told me to listen to you."

"I will know gradually? What the heck would I know?!" said Shi Yan agitatedly.

The feeling of getting his fate decided by someone else displeased Shi Yan a lot. He wanted to curse out loud.

"Hey... you have a strange ring, don't you?" Cang Yun rubbed his head and asked all of a sudden. "They said that you could know what to do from the ring. I don't know what it means."

Shi Yan changed his countenance. He instinctively looked at the Blood Vein Ring, his thoughts flickering.

The soul memory of the Ring Spirit wasn't complete. It was still dormant now. It hadn't talked to him for a long time. After many failed attempts, he had almost forgotten it. He remembered the ring when Cang Yun reminded him.

Perhaps the Blood Vein Ring could give him some directions. He immediately contacted the Ring Spirit.

Unfortunately, he got no response. The Ring Spirit seemed to disappear, which made him begrudging.

"Audrey will come here soon."

Cang Yun gave a cough. He stylishly took out an exquisitely made robe and put it on. The robe shrouded his white, shining fat body and gave it a magical aura. The faint monster aura of his gradually disappeared.

Shi Yan couldn't find anything wrong with this boy. No matter what he tried to investigate and sense, Cang Yun was just an ordinary, fat human boy. There was nothing he could find to connect him with his Heavenly Monster Tribe kin.

He looked at Cang Yun in awe.

"Our tribe and the Imperial Dark Tribe are mortal enemies. If she finds out my ident.i.ty, she will kill me for sure." Cang Yun smiled dryly and embarra.s.sedly, which pushed the rolls of fat on his face together. "I will tell her that I came here from Harson's. I have to join you guys to ensure that I won't be killed by Harson or Haig."

"What do you want after all?" said Shi Yan with a dark face.

He always felt that Cang Yun had hidden something from him. He felt that Shang Ying Yue had his own decisions, but he didn't have anything to guess or read the other's mind. Although this Little Fatty looked naive and innocent, he was really smart that even Shi Yan couldn't read his moves.

"I'll listen to you," Cang Yun smiled and showed his servile face, "I don't know what to do, but I know it's not wrong to follow you. You will always... get it."

"Shi Yan!"

"Shi Yan! Someone is coming!"

Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue dashed together from afar as they all sensed strange energy movement, which was strong and cold and made them tense and nervous.

"It's Audrey," Shi Yan didn't change his countenance. "She found you when she used her Soul Consciousness to patrol. She's worried so she came to check you out."

Cang Yun squinted his small eyes, leaning against a tree casually as if he wasn't afraid of Audrey coming.

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