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Mo Fou and Wu Feng led them back to the gathering point of the other team.

Princess Audrey of the Imperial Dark Tribe stood under the shade of a big tree, her face cold and arrogant and her posture superior. Waiting for Mo Fou and Cecilia to come, she said impatiently, "Are you done thinking?"

"We've made up our minds. We are willing to be under your command." Wu Feng gently waved his fan and beamed brightly. He represented the group to give the answer.

After he had known that Audrey the Princess of the Imperial Dark Tribe, when Wu Feng eyed the woman, he had a gleam of secret admiration in his eyes. He seemed to like Audrey a lot. This man always wore a dark and stern face. However, his countenance was bright and smiling now.

Wu Feng's expression made Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue disdain him discreetly. The two women had their bright eyes observing Mo Fou, Sha Zhao, Jiao Shan, and the others.

Cecilia's and Shang Ying Yue's bold brows knitted slightly as they found that most of the men on their team didn't look different from Wu Feng. Their looks attached to Audrey with obvious emotions.

Shi Yan was the only exception. When he treated Audrey, he still looked cold and stern as usual. He didn't have any different change on his face.

Cecilia and Shi Yan nodded secretly as they appreciated Shi Yan more. They knew that it wasn't just his luck that he could gain the upper hand in dealing with Mia and Phelps. In their eyes, Shi Yan wasn't ordinary.

"Good." Audrey nodded. Her line of sight raked through them as she said, "Tell me in detail about the force of the G.o.d Clan in your territory. I want to know their specific competencies to prepare better." She looked at Wu Feng.

"There are Haig of the Bradley family, Mia of the Fernandez family, and Phelps of the Ascot family. These three leaders have forces staying in the swamp opposite to us. Haig has just arrived. Previously, we were fighting Mia and Phelps..."

Wu Feng frankly told her the situation he knew. Then, he added, "Haig isn't bound by the ancient continent. His Soul Consciousness has a strong ability of detecting. Thus, we couldn't hide there. We have to move here."

"Haig has the Origin of the Ancient G.o.d Continent; of course, he wouldn't be shackled in this continent. I know that." Audrey wasn't surprised and she said deliberately, "Anything else I need to pay more attention to?"

Wu Feng frowned and glanced at Shi Yan unconsciously. He then saw Shi Yan's cold face with a warning gleam in his eyes.

His mind flickered before he shook his head. "That's the situation over there."

"You guy stay here. Do not leave the barrier. Let's see if Haig's team dares to come here." Light danced in Audrey's green pupils. She walked towards Mo Fou's side. The other four members of the Imperial Dark Tribe followed her on her sides so she would be at the center.

Audrey stopped in front of the layers of toxic air. Looking at the thick ma.s.ses of poisonous air hovering and sensing the powerful energy of the barrier between the two territories, she asked, "How did you get here?"

Just like the situation of the swamp area, this side behind the barrier also had layers of toxic air. And at the same time, the barrier between the two areas was really tenacious. Ordinary people couldn't just simply break it. Especially because of the ma.s.ses of toxic air, Audrey couldn't help but frown after sensing the toxic air.

With her in-depth knowledge of the soul altar, she knew that this kind of toxic gas could erode the soul and make the Sea of Consciousness change unpredictably.

Audrey's cold and arrogant eyes scanned Mo Fou, Wu Feng, Cecilia, and eventually, Sha Zhao. She asked curiously, "Did you break it?"

Sha Zhao shook his head.

"Then who?" Audrey continued asking. She felt surprised, indeed. In this group, she found that only Sha Zhao from the Gu G.o.d Sect perhaps knew how to deal with the toxic gas. She didn't see this special ability in other people.

Pausing for a while, Audrey continued speaking, "We used to visit this area when we were chasing after Yu Jia. As they didn't have anywhere to run, they had tried to cross this barrier to enter the swamp territory. He failed in the end. We've tried to get through it and go to the swamp area. However, we found it too troublesome to dissolve the toxic green air. I want to know who opened the barrier. It's very important!"

Mo Fou, Sha Zhao, Wu Feng looked at Shi Yan at the same time after Audrey had said that.

Audrey was surprised. It was the first time she studied Shi Yan, her voice strange, "Was it you?"

Among Mo Fou, Sha Zhao, Cecilia and the others, Shi Yan at Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm wasn't outstanding at all. Moreover, he didn't urge his energy but concealed it. Thus, right from the start, Audrey hadn't concerned him...

When Mo Fou and Sha Zhao looked at him, Audrey also eyed Shi Yan for the first time.

Her fulgent emerald green eyes focused on Shi Yan. A flow of unknown Soul Consciousness like a stream of transparent, cool water came out and ran directly into Shi Yan's head, which made him discolor.

He suddenly recognized that Audrey was using her strong sensing ability to check his soul and body. She wanted to see every tiny thing he was hiding. It was a special power of the ones who had fused with Origin. Just like Shi Yan, he could see the realm of the enemy at first glance.

A thought emerged and Shi Yan's soul altar changed immediately. Starlight dots glowed and twinkled inside his head, covering his soul altar entirely.

When Audrey's Soul Altar came near, it was blinded in that mysterious and bright light curtain. It was like she an intense beam of light struck her eyes. She couldn't see the mysterious features of Shi Yan's soul altar. Reflected in her Soul Consciousness, Shi Yan's soul altar was a piece of a twinkling galaxy that was indeed mysterious and she couldn't see through it.

She wasn't so persistent. After a slight frown, she retrieved her Soul Consciousness and said faintly, "If you don't want me to see your secrets, I'm not going to force you. I just want to ask you one question. If I request you to break the barrier, can you do that?"

Shi Yan turned his head to see the thick toxic gas ma.s.ses behind them and nodded, "If it's the area behind us, it's not a big problem. However, I need my full G.o.d power to do that."

"Excellent," appraised Audrey.

"But if you want me to break the barrier and return to the swamp, it's not a good idea." Shi Yan didn't look at Audrey but the layers of green gas. He said in a low-pitched tone, "The combined force of Haig, Mia, and Phelps is one level stronger than us. If we face them directly, we can't gain the upper hand."

"I know that," Audrey nodded, her voice cold. "We will wait for them to get through the barrier then. We will install the restrictions here. Let's see if they dare to come!"

Everyone's eyes brightened.

It was true. If Haig's team wanted to pursue them, they had to cross the barrier first. If they could set up a lot of restrictions here, they could damage the others severely.

"We can do that," said Cecilia.

"Then we should hurry and prepare."

Audrey delivered a series of orders. The warriors started to take action under her commands. She divided the barrier into many sections, arranging teams and team leaders. Under her management, people began their works orderly.

"You don't need to take action. You just need to maintain your best condition for us."

When Shi Yan was about to join them, Audrey shouted coldly, "I don't care how you break the barrier, but I want you to know that when I need you to break it, you must try your best. Or else, I'll let you die a terrible death that will be much worse than if Haig kills you."

"Oh yeah, I don't have much to do then." Shi Yan didn't mind that. He found a big tree trunk to sit down and closed his eyes to rest.

On the other side of the barrier.

"Harson doesn't want to come," Mia reluctantly put her Sound Stone away. "It seems like we have to do it ourselves."

Phelps squinted, looking at the thick ma.s.ses of toxic gas with a dark face. After a while, he waved his hand, "I can't break this barrier. Unless you have a safe method to open it, I'm not going to get there in vain."

He looked at Haig.

All the warriors looked at Haig too. At this moment, they obviously a.s.sumed that Haig could always give them a way.

"Harson always acts alone. He doesn't get along well with people. I knew we couldn't count on him." Haig didn't change his visage. He wasn't enraged because Harson didn't want to cooperate. Looking at the thick toxic gas in front of them, he said calmly, "If we can get here from the land of ice, of course, we can get into the forest area too. It's not a problem for me to break the barrier."

"Then, what is making you hesitate?" Phelps didn't understand.

"I'm worried if there is a deathtrap behind the barrier." Frowning, Haig looked stern. "I think something is wrong. The woman who killed Yu Jie sounded too placid when I talked to her. She... is not afraid of us."

"Eh? They are not afraid of us? Is there someone in the sea of stars not afraid of our clan?" Phelps said haughtily.

Many warriors of the G.o.d Clan looked arrogant. They acted as if their clan was the sole powerhouses of this vast universe. They didn't want to put anyone in their eyes.

"Right, she isn't afraid of us." Mia suddenly cried. With a strange light in her pupils, she said, "If she's a member of the other three clans, it's true that she won't be wary of us. This trip to the ancient continent is really interesting. I've met one of them..."

Hearing her, Haig, Phelps, and the other members of the G.o.d Clan were shocked.

"Who? These clans?" Haig said sternly.

"It's the man cultivates s.p.a.ce power Upanishad. He has the Immortal Demon Blood. He can transform into the Immortal Demon Body." Mia gritted her teeth, "He and I used to fight. To be honest, I'm not sure if I could defeat him."

Haig, Phelps, and the others changed their visages. Their arrogance faces vanished. They began to consider the matter seriously.

The G.o.d Clan was arrogant and stubborn. They wouldn't be afraid of most of the other races. However, when facing the Immortal Demon Clan, the Imperial Dark Tribe, and the Heavenly Monster Tribe, they would never be so haughty.

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