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"Wait a minute, what's that Heavenly Monster Tribe you've mentioned?" Shi Yan intervened anxiously.

Grace Mainland was one of the ancient continents. Shi Yan understood that, but he didn't know the Heavenly Monster Tribe Shang Ying Yue had mentioned that was born on Grace Mainland.

He suddenly recalled the words of "Heavenly Monster"...

The Vault of Heaven Sea Area in the Endless Sea had a mountain range called the Heavenly Monster Mountain Range. Ghost Hunter, Holy Spirit G.o.d, Devouring Gold Silkworm, and the King of Demonic Insects had received an inheritance in the Heavenly Monster Mountain Range and found the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage that led to Agate Star Area. Would it relate to something?

He was puzzled.

"I heard that the Immemorial Monster Tribe in Grace Mainland is called the immemorial creatures. Legends say that the four Holy Beasts including the Vermilion Bird, the White Tiger, the Black Torture, and the Azure Dragon were great ancestors of the Heavenly Monster Tribe. Cecilia has mentioned the decline of the Imperial Dark Tribe tens of thousands of years ago in a b.l.o.o.d.y battle that had shut them for years. The tribe that had fought them was the Heavenly Monster Tribe. The consequences of that battle were that the Imperial Dark Tribe hasn't gotten up yet and the Heavenly Monster Tribe has gone secluding. It seems that their ancestral star, Grace Mainland had vanished altogether. No one could find it," said Shang Ying Yue.

Shi Yan was shaken hard.

Grace Mainland used to have three different eras, which were the Immemorial Epoch, the Antiquity Era, and the Ancient Time. Legends said that immemorial creatures were born in Immemorial Epoch. They were the kind of living beings with ma.s.sive bodies that could connect to earth and heaven energy directly, and their Life Seal carried the essence of power Upanishad.

Because of their existence, Grace Mainland, an ancient continent, couldn't hold it anymore. Its earth and heaven energy was drained fast, which lead to an exhaustion of energy.

During the Immemorial Epoch, they had left the Grace Mainland to outer s.p.a.ce, moving in different star areas. According to Shang Ying Yue, they were called the Heavenly Monster Tribe, the ancestors of Monster Clan.

The current Monster Clan was their descendant after they had scattered in different star areas. They could only call themselves Monster Clan instead of Heavenly Monster Tribe...

If the Heavenly Monster Mountain Range was the cradle of the Heavenly Monster Tribe and if the four Holy Beasts were the precursors of the Heavenly Monster Tribe, after Ghost Hunter got the inheritance from the Heavenly Monster Mountain Range and Zuo Shi got the inheritance from the Black Tortoise, would they become members of the Heavenly Monster Tribe?

"G.o.d Clan, Immortal Demon Clan, Imperial Dark Tribe, and Heavenly Monster Tribe are the Four Great Creatures. Throughout billions of years in this vast universe, these four races were always the key members of the universe. In some era, the Immortal Demon Clan could rule the whole world. And in the next era, the Imperial Dark Tribe would be the main characters, or perhaps it would be the Heavenly Monster Tribe. Most of the time, they have fought against each other. These four races were born gifted. Their existences were the nightmares to the other races. The other clans or tribes would always be their backdrop. When these four races were strong, the others could only be their feudal va.s.sals or be killed. They had never had the slightest change to top these four races..."

Shang Ying Yue was speaking while Cecilia, Mo Fou, Wu Bai, Wu Feng, Jiao Shan, and Sha Zhao were giving compliments as if they hated that they weren't from these four great clans.

"In our era, the Immortal Demon Clan and the Heavenly Monster Tribe are secluding somewhere. They rarely show up. The Imperial Dark Tribe guards their Dark Star Area. They don't want to contact people from the outside. However, no other clan or force dared to provoke them. The G.o.d Clan is now the tyrannical overlord of this era. However, no matter how arrogant they are, they don't dare to operate around Dark Star Area." Shang Ying Yue looked at Shi Yan, her face solemn. "If Audrey's the Princess of the Imperial Dark Tribe, and she has the Origin of the G.o.d-bless Continent, she will have the competence to battle Haig."

Shi Yan stayed quiet while the others nodded.

"No wonder why she's so arrogant. Turns out that she's the Princess of Imperial Dark Tribe. No wonder!" sighed Mo Fou.

"The members of the Four Great Creatures have never put any other creature in their concern. They only know each other as they considered the others as their rivals. They were born with a sense of superiority. I can understand Audrey, though," added Cecilia.

Shi Yan was surprised.

After those people knew the Princess t.i.tle of Audrey of the Imperial Dark Tribe, the discontent they had for her was washed away. They thought that Audrey's arrogance was something natural. No one felt offended.

It seemed that somehow deep in their minds, they had acknowledged the high position of the Four Great Creatures. They thought that Audrey should behave like that as it suited her n.o.ble echelon.

"Currently, the Immortal Demon Clan and the Heavenly Monster Tribe have been secluding. We can guess that they are resting to recover and that's why they don't mind the current picture of the universe. If there's any clan who isn't afraid of the G.o.d Clan, it will be the Imperial Dark Tribe alone." Cecilia paused for a while before continuing all of a sudden. "Let's talk about the main business. What do you think?"

"Listen to her. If she's the Princess of the Imperial Dark Tribe, I don't want to go against her," Mo Fou expressed himself.

"Yeah, if we stay with her team, we can fight Haig," Wu Feng also nodded.

The other people voiced their opinions. After they knew that Audrey was the Princess of the Imperial Dark Tribe, they quickly unified. They even looked excited as if they wanted to fight against Haig, Mia, Phelps once under Audrey's command.

And Shi Yan. . .

He was surprised for a while, but he didn't know whether to cry or smile. Begrudgingly, Shi Yan nodded and agreed with people's decision.

Should he tell them that he was a pureblood of the Immortal Demon Clan?

It could work because it had rooted in their heads that only the members of the Immortal Demon Clan, Heavenly Monster Tribe, and the Imperial Dark Tribe could resist Haig's team. However, Audrey's team was stronger. He couldn't be their leader, anyway.

Thus, it was the same whether he told them or not. It was better to shade his corona and hide his ident.i.ty and real competence. He should listen to the others for the time being.

"Audrey may not know that I have the ability like hers and that I'm not bound by the ancient continent. Agree with me and say no word about me. So when she has bad intentions towards us and makes us the sacrifice, I can get it and tell you guys. We won't die unknowingly," said Shi Yan.

He had stressed his good intentions, which was to protect everybody but himself. He knew that Cecilia, Wu Feng, and the others cared about them first. They would consider everything related to their welfare their priority.

Indeed, Mo Fou, Cecilia, and Wu Feng didn't need a long time to consider and agree with his suggestion.

Shi Yan didn't need to say more. He knew that the others had made up their minds. They wouldn't disclose his ident.i.ty. It wasn't that they wanted to give him face. It was because of their safety and their welfare.

"What else do you know of Grace Mainland?" After they had agreed with him, Shi Yan calmed down and asked Shang Ying Yue, "You said that Grace Mainland is one of the ancient continents and that after the war between the Heavenly Monster Tribe and the Imperial Dark Tribe, it has never shown up until now?"

"No," Shang Ying Yue frowned, "They rumored that the Heavenly Monster Tribe had moved Grace Mainland away and pushed it to the edge of the universe. No one has rediscovered this ancient continent yet. Just like Ancient Demon Continent, Grace Mainland is the most mysterious. It's possibly because of their defeat that they didn't want the enemy to hunt them down to the last member. The Immortal Demon Clan was defeated by the G.o.d Clan. Their Ancient Demon Continent also disappeared. No one sees them in the sea of the stars. That's how they could be strong once again in the future."

Shi Yan nodded in his head.

He pondered and then figured out that although he had seen the starry sky in Grace Mainland, those stars should be pretty far away from him. And there wasn't any warrior from the other planet who came to tell him whichever star area Grace Mainland belonged.

Grace Mainland was an ancient continent and a star. Logically, it should stay close to many other life stars. However, Shi Yan had never found any warrior from the other life stars paying a visit.

Today, listening to Shang Ying Yue, he knew that Grace Mainland was placed at the edge of the universe that didn't belong to any star area or had any neighbors. It existed in a secluded area to be exact.

He bought whatever Shang Ying Yue had told him related to Grace Mainland. Finally, he knew that Grace Mainland used to have times of glory. It was one of the five ancient continents of the cosmos and it had given birth to the Heavenly Monster Tribe, one of the Four Great Creatures.

And as for the Heavenly Monster Tribe that used to be domineering, how many members of them had survived? Where were they? Would they return to Grace Mainland one day?

Since Shi Yan had the Origin of Grace Mainland, did it mean that he had a close relationship with the Heavenly Monster Tribe? Were Ghost Hunter and Zuo Shi members of this great race? Could they sense and contact the members of their tribe? If they got stronger, would they have to battle against the Imperial Dark Tribe?

All of a sudden, Shi Yan had so many questions in his mind and his heart was a messy ball of cotton threads. For the time being, he had immersed in the mysteries of the Four Great Creatures and the ancient continents.

Stroking the Blood Vein Ring, he thought that the Ring Spirit could give him some a.s.sistance. Unfortunately, the Ring Spirit was still dormant. It didn't give him any response for quite a long time.

"Time's up."

Suddenly, Mo Fou hissed and told them to come back and give Princess Audrey of the Imperial Dark Tribe their answer.

"Yeah, we should get over there. She's the Princess of the Imperial Dark Tribe. Only she can lead us to fight against Haig. We may get the triumph at the end." Wu Feng nodded, waving his fane and gently moving forward.

Sha Zhao, Jiao Shan, Cecilia, and the others didn't talk more. They left with happy faces as they had finally found a big rock to lean on.

In their minds, Audrey was now indeed much more important than Shi Yan. She was their new backbone.

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