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It was an endless forest with big, lush trees. Each of them was hundreds of meters high. The trees looked no different from the mountains.

The fresh auras slapped their faces, making Shi Yan's team astounded after they went through the barrier. Gradually, they pulled themselves together to observe the surroundings.


Cecilia couldn't help but scream, her beautiful face anxious and gingerly. Mo Fou, Sha Zhao, and the Wu brothers also changed their visages and frowned. They solemnly looked at the warriors standing in front of them.

Under the shade of a towering tree, many warriors from different races were standing, their auras brutal and abundant. They were gazing at the newcomers, their faces strange.

Evidently, they weren't members of the G.o.d Clan.

The leader of this group was a woman who looked tall and thin. She had a faint green hair reaching her waist. Outlining her body was a long green dress that touched the ground. Her face was so exquisite with a perfect ratio for her facial features. She had a green crystal imperial crown on her head. She was n.o.ble and arrogant. She was looking at the newcomers with her cold, crystal clear emerald eyes.

Standing on her sides were four male warriors who apparently were from the same tribe. They wore shining armor, their faces stern and cold, surrounding her.

Many warriors from different star areas and races scattered around this woman. They protected her as if she was the moon and they were stars. They had considered her life their top priority to protect.

A group of green flames was flickering above her head, releasing the clear soul energy fluctuation.

Shi Yan glanced at the woman, his pupils shrinking. He was astonished.

Lucky for him, before he had gone through the barrier, he had retrieved his co-soul into his soul altar. Otherwise, they would know his secret immediately when she saw him...

Because that woman was like him. They were the sort of special existences that had fused with the Origin. On this ancient continent, they weren't be bound. The green flame floating above her head was another soul of hers that could sense the different commotions of the ancient continent.

Shi Yan was frightened.

First, it was Haig and now, it was this woman. This ancient continent was really marvelous as it had attracted the most outstanding warriors from the universe, gathering in one place.

Looking at the unknown woman, thoughts crossed his head rapidly. The more he thought, the more frightened he became...

If she was still alive, it spoke up to the fact that the G.o.d Clan's troop in this territory was cleaned up!

This finding astounded Shi Yan. He became more cautious looking at the woman. He was considering his words and how to talk to them.

Mo Fou, Cecilia, Wu Feng, Sha Zhao, and the others were also bewildered. They all looked strange. From what they heard from Shi Yan, they knew the woman in green in front of them was like Haig. She was a peculiar existence that the ancient continent didn't shackle. They became excited, their faces bright.

"You guys have killed all the G.o.d Clan's warriors in this territory?" asked Mo Fou excitedly.

Including that woman, this group had twenty-six warriors from different races. Their realms and powers were tremendous. Compared to them, their force had only twelve warriors including Shi Yan. Apparently, their general competence was behind the others.

Moreover, Mo Fou could see that this force of twenty-six warriors was enough to deal with Haig's, Mia's, or Phelps's troop. As Mo Fou's team was in the dead end, they were forced to get through the barrier to reach this territory. And now, seeing twenty-six warriors whose situation was almost similar to theirs, he had a joy of finding the exit in the deathtrap.

Unfortunately, what the woman was about to tell them had smashed his excitement...

"You guys have two options," said the chilly, arrogant woman. From her bearings, it seemed like everybody had to listen to her orders and should bow on her feet. This was some kind of the innate dominant personality she was given. "Listening to my order, working for me, or... returning to your territory. I've exerted my efforts to clear this place. People who don't obey aren't allowed to stay."

Mo Fou's team knitted their brows.

"I think you know about the G.o.d Clan's clearance operation in the ancient continent. Just like you guys, we're also victims. Haig, Mia, and Phelps have chased after us. Begrudgingly, we had to cross the barrier to this area. We hoped that we could unite and resist the G.o.d Clan."

Cecilia gave an unnatural smile and explained, "If we return, we can't escape from Haig's team one more time. We could be..."

"It has nothing to do with us," the woman intervened her and said faintly, "I will repeat one more time. Listen to my order or leave this place. Otherwise, we will kill you all."

As soon as she said that, the sharp aura was shot out by the other twenty-five warriors of her team. They were like needles stabbing Mo Fou, Cecilia, and the others, making them agitated.

"Why?" Wu Feng's face was dark and gloomy.

"You aren't qualified to bargain with me." The woman turned impatiently, walking deep into the dense woods and leaving them cold words. "I'm giving you five minutes to consider."

The four warriors from her clan followed her, walking into the forest to protect her. The other warriors lay down or leaned against the trees. They looked cold and harsh when looking at the others.

"Polk! You are Polk, right?" Sha Zhao suddenly screamed as he spotted someone.

It was a hunky Dark Spirit man. He looked a little surprised, gazing at Sha Zhao for seconds before he could react. "You are Sha Zhao of the Gu G.o.d Sect?"

"It's me." Sha Zhao forced a smile and probed, "Could you tell me what's going on here?"

The Dark Spirit man he called Polk looked at the members of his team. Seeing that they were indifferent, he hesitated for a while and then said, "Audrey is the princess of the Imperial Dark Tribe. Without her command, we would have all been killed by Yu Jia. We've cleaned all the warriors of the G.o.d Clan in this territory. All is thanks to Audrey's extraordinary abilities. Since we are friends, I advise you to listen to Audrey. That way, you can save your life."

Polk stopped after he said that and shrugged.

Cecilia, Mo Fou, Wu Feng, and the others listened carefully. When they knew that Audrey was the Princess of the Imperial Dark Tribe, they looked genuinely shocked.

Sha Zhao changed his visage and contemplated. Next, he turned to Shi Yan and then Cecilia, Mo Fou, asking silently.

Cecilia gestured and they retreated, remaining a distance so that the others couldn't see them with naked eyes. They set up a soundproof barrier before starting their discussion.

"The woman called Audrey is the Princess of the Imperial Dark Tribe. What is that clan?"

"You... don't know the Imperial Dark Tribe?" Cecilia was surprised.

Shi Yan shook his head.

"The Imperial Dark Tribe is the royal family of the Dark Clan. They are in Dark Star Area, a mysterious galaxy in the universe. The G.o.d-blessed Mainland, one of the five ancient continents in Dark Star Area, is the ancestral star of the Imperial Dark Tribe. It is the cradle of the Dark Clan. The Imperial Dark Tribe rarely forms a relationship with the other star areas. This tribe is superb. No one can compete with them in understanding the soul altar. I heard that they have a special method to cultivate their soul altar, which is indeed mysterious and unpredictable. Different from the Dark Clan with the lanky physique, the Imperial Dark Tribe has tough bodies. Dark Star Area is also the holy land of the Dark Clan in this universe. The Imperial Dark Tribe is also one of the Four Great Creatures," explained Cecilia.

"So the Imperial Dark Tribe is mighty? To what level?" Shi Yan was more surprised.

"Okay, it's like this. At the dawn of this universe, the Imperial Dark Tribe was one of the most combative races in the world. Just like how the G.o.d Clan conquered the big star areas, their force was really enormous. However, after a b.l.o.o.d.y battle where they were defeated, they had lost a large number of clansmen. It has taken them more than dozens of thousands of years. Yet they haven't recovered yet. Thus, they've stayed within Dark Star Area until now. They haven't risen any storm ever since," continued Cecilia.

"You said the Imperial Dark Tribe is one of the Four Great Creatures. What are those?" Shi Yan didn't have a clue.

Honestly, he didn't have much knowledge of the mysteries of the universe. Raging Flame Star Area wasn't a high-level star area. And at the same time, it was closed and conservative, which led to the limited information Shi Yan had of many great events taken place in the vast universe.

Cecilia, Mo Fou, Wu Feng, and the others were different. Their star areas often exchanged things with the others. They knew many strange and exotic things in this vast sea of stars that Shi Yan didn't know. Shi Yan really appreciated their information.

"He's from Agate Star Area. It's my father's homeland. But this star area has closed all the s.p.a.ce ca.n.a.ls. Thus, they can't contact the outer world. They just live in their small star area." Shang Ying Yue cleared voice arose. She looked at the others and said, "Let me explain the story of the Four Great Creatures. I think I may know more information."

Everybody knew Shang Ying Yue's father was Shang Chen, the Fate Traveler who had visited many star areas. Thus, they didn't oppose her idea and nodded in agreement.

"Please tell me," Shi Yan looked earnest, focusing on her to listen for more helpful information.

"You know we have five ancient continents, right?" asked Shang Ying Yue.

Shi Yan nodded, "The Ancient Demon, the Ancient G.o.d, Desolate, Grace Mainland, and what's the other?"

"It's the G.o.d-blessed Mainland." Shang Ying Yue's eyes were clear but cold. She continued naturally, "The five ancient continents were born at the dawn of the universe. Besides Desolate where we are now, the other four ancient continents have given birth to magical and unique creatures. Ancient Demon Continent gave birth to the Immortal Demon Clan. Ancient G.o.d Continent bore the G.o.d Clan. G.o.d-blessed Mainland delivered the Imperial Dark Tribe. And Grace Mainland, the ancient continent that had disappeared for years, had the Immemorial Monster Clan and also the Heavenly Monster Tribe."

Shang Ying Yue paused for a while and then continued, "G.o.d Clan, Immortal Demon Clan, the Imperial Dark Tribe, and the Heavenly Monster Tribe are the Four Great Creatures that came from the four ancient continents."

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