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"Before you got there, didn't you seal the s.p.a.ce first? Mia, you are not acting consistently. You would never be that reckless! I know you well."

Haig looked at her and Yue Man who was as pale as a sheet of white paper, "What happened after all?"

"He kept Yue Man hostage." Mia sighed all of a sudden. "He has only Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm, but he could approach Yue Man in just a blink of an eye. He had suppressed Yue Man's G.o.d power and captured him. I couldn't accept that fact, either."

Hearing the word "hostage," Phelps grimaced. He snorted and then said, "That man is wicked. He seems to be able to summon the earth and heaven energy in this area. It's hard to prevent it though. I was beaten because of this."

"He could urge earth and heaven energy in this place?!?"

Haig's voice went sharper. Instantly, his face became odd and dark like an icy sword stabbing Phelps. "Tell me in detail."

Phelps and Mia were frightened.

"I told you to clarify!" Haig had a gleam of brutality in between his two brows. His voice was so chilled that it could even freeze people's bones.

"He can use the earth and heaven energy here. I'm sure about that!" Phelps hurried to speak. "I was pressed by the earth and heaven energy and I almost suffocated. Watt was attacked the same way. It's true!"

Phelps blabbered. He was filled with suspicion since he didn't know why Haig suddenly cared about this. However, he didn't dare to go against Haig.

Haig was the future heir of the Bradley family. He was appointed. Many Elders of the G.o.d Clan had approved him. They all agreed and treated him as the future leader of the G.o.d Clan. Whether it was his state or position, he was much stronger than Phelps. Thus, Phelps knew what to do.

"Our Young Master told the truth. That man can summon earth and heaven energy. When I came to rescue my Young Master, I was bounced back by the earth and heaven energy. I'm sure it's completely true," Watt also said.

Haig fell in silence.

Payton stood by him, looking absorbed in his thoughts. He seemed to guess something. His face changed as he was startled. He whispered, "Young Master, is it possible?"

Mia and Phelps were puzzled. They looked at Haig and guessed inwardly the reason why he became that odd. They knew that Haig rarely became anxious or restless. He was always placid and harsh. He would never be frightened by something trivial.

They contemplated and recognized that Haig had figured something out. They became even more curious.

"I'm not sure, but it's possible." Haig looked at the terrible ground and frowned. He continued coldly, "If they could set up the ambush that was activated when you guys arrived, it wouldn't be just a coincidence..."

Mia looked at him in surprise, "What do you mean?"

"Does he use the flaming power?" Haig asked instead of giving an answer.


A member of the Fernandez family screamed immediately. "When he attacked Yue Man, I saw clearly that he used a fire sea and covered Yue Man directly.

Haig discolored slightly. He was more certain with what he had in his mind. He nodded and said, "I have an a.s.sumption..."

Phelps, Mia, Watt, and the others focused on Haig, waiting to hear his a.s.sumption. They were all stern as they knew what Haig was about to tell them that was really critical.

"He's like me. His Soul Consciousness isn't bound in this place. He can see the tiny commotion in the swamp." Haig looked at Mia and took a deep breath. He said, "He must have known your direction and route. He had predicted and installed the restriction to give you a terrible ambush."

Phelps, Mia, and the others changed their visages dramatically. They couldn't believe what Haig had told them and just watched him in astonishment.

They knew what it meant...

Haig was the heir of the Bradley family and he had the Origin of the Ancient G.o.d Star, the ancestral planet of the G.o.d Clan. With the favor from G.o.d, he decided to use "Desolate" as the bait to eliminate the talented seeds of the other star areas. He wanted to catch all of them by throwing one net.

The reasons why Haig was so confident were because of the intimidation of the G.o.d Clan and his advantages in the ancient continent.

Only the warriors with the Origin of the ancient continent wouldn't be bound on "Desolate."

They could precisely locate the enemies and gather the thick earth and heaven energy. This kind of warrior in the ancient continent was the existence that went against natural orders.

Haig thought that the Heaven had favored only him. Mia and Phelps thought the same. Now, they knew that it wasn't like that. They couldn't help but feel heavy-hearted.

"Haig, are you sure? If that man has such superpowers like you, will your plan succeed in the end?" asked Phelps worriedly.

Haig's face was dark and cold. He said, "Well, let's check it out."

Then, he sat down cross-legged and touched his glabella. A shining silver flame flew out of his pupils, spinning, which was pretty similar to Shi Yan's co-soul!

Haig urged his power Upanishad right in front of everybody. He released his Soul Consciousness, extending rapidly...

Life energy fluctuations in the areas where his Soul Consciousness pa.s.sed would be reflected in his mind. He seemed to have thousands of eyes that helped him observe the swamp. It searched every tiny corner and didn't miss a life.

Phelps, Mia, Watt, Payton, and the members of the G.o.d Clan all wore heavy countenances while looking at Haig and waiting quietly.

After a while, Haig's eyes brightened!

In a very far distance, Shi Yan was sitting cross-legged on a rock, his face ferocious while murderous aura soared up into the sky. His eyes were filled with brutal, wild, bloodthirsty, and sinister intents. He was like a roaring beast showing its powers and domineering aura.

Flows of negative emotions flooded his heart, puzzling his consciousness. His soul gradually entered a manic state that left him with only negative, and murderous thoughts.

However, the co-soul floating behind his back was like a flame and it wasn't affected by his host soul.

An icy aura emitted from the Poison-dipped Cold Bead in his Ethereal Extent. It felt like a bucket of cold water was poured on the head on a scorching summer day. Shi Yan's hot-tempered state was cooled down quickly.

Shi Yan suddenly felt like someone was peeping on him. He opened his eyes, his indifferent look gazing on the horizon. A wisp of Soul Consciousness shot out.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Lightning flowers exploded above his head up in the sky as if two lightning bolts had collided and released fierce Soul Consciousness fluctuations.

His body shook for a while. A drilling pain shot in his brain when his wisp of Soul Consciousness with s.p.a.ce power was smashed. It also hurt his soul.

Lifting his head looking at the nothingness, Shi Yan's face became so stern. Flows of Soul Consciousness were condensed as sharp as needles. They directly stabbed the sky above his head.

Boom! Boom!

Beams of lightning appeared inside the clouds. Lightning strikes flashed and crushed all gray clouds.

Shi Yan had released his flows of Soul Consciousness to strike the same sharps needles or spears hiding in the clouds. They both shattered at that moment. His soul altar shivered for a while when his Sea of Consciousness was stirred up and his Ethereal Extent felt like it got stabbed. All gave him head-splitting pain.

It was a battle between souls!

"I am Haig!" A cold wisp of Soul Consciousness appeared above his head. "I know where you are. I'll find you and kill you. Wait for me. Muahahaha!"

Shi Yan's face became dark, malicious, and he grimaced. He lifted his head to look at the sky, but he still sat quietly.

Shi Yan was startled. A smile of awe appeared on his face. After a while, beams of pure energy circulating in his acupuncture points fiercely overflowed his Essence Qi Ancient Tree. His power was boosted immediately.

The strange aura that had appeared above his head vanished.

On the other side, Haig's body had shaken several times. He suddenly gave a sinister smile.

Phelps, Mia, and Payton were waiting for his response. They all felt a little anxious.

"We're correct. He's like me. We both have the Origin of the ancient continent." Haig sounded excited. "Marvelous! Excellent! He's like me. He isn't shackled by Desolate's restriction. He can also mobilize earth and heaven energy. He has fused with the Origin. Interesting! Too good for me!"

His face resumed a stern appearance as he talked in a low-pitched voice. "I will kill him and take his Origin. I will use him to complete me. He will be my biggest harvest on this trip. Haha, no one can rival me. This is my destiny!"

Phelps, Mia, and the others were shocked. They gasped. "There are a lot of strange things in this vast universe, indeed. Someone like you has the Origin of the ancient continent. And you are about to meet him in Desolate. Perhaps it's predestined in the unseen world that you guys need to fight to see who will win," said Mia deliberately.

"Do you think he can beat me?" grinned Haig.

Mia and Phelps contemplated. They nodded in agreement and then spoke in unison, "Indeed, he can't resist you."

Watt and Payton also smiled. In their eyes, Shi Yan, the warrior Haig had laid his eyes on, was already dead.

"I want this person's life!" Haig pondered for a while and then spoke to Mia and Phelps. "If you guys are well rested, we should depart now. I can't wait longer. From now on, we can't relax because Shi Yan also knows our whereabouts."

"We know what to do," Phelps nodded.

"Then, we should move now," Haig decided.

The warriors of the three great families including the Bradleys, the Fernandez, and the Ascots became busy after receiving his orders. They headed to the area he had pointed out.

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