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"You know what I want."

After capturing Yue Man, Shi Yan looked natural and calm. He quietly eyed Mia, a cold smile hanging on the corner of his mouth.

As the Fernandez warriors were striking the muddy lake, they halted, their faces dark, cold, and indignant. All gazed at Shi Yan.


A rapid current arose. Cecilia stood atop the water current. The fear on her face had vanished. She giggled and gently swayed her delicate waist as she descended by Shi Yan.

The Fernandez warriors didn't dare to act rashly, their complexion begrudging.

Mia's exquisite face twisted. Cold resentment sparkled in her eyes. She took a deep breath, forcing herself to calm down. She gestured to the other members of the Fernandez family.

Everybody quieted down, scattering as they saw her gesture. Instantly, they circled Shi Yan and Cecilia in layers.

"Lady Mia, don't mind whether I die or not. Please kill him!"

Yue Man's eyes were distressed and sorrowful. His abdomen was bleeding, but he didn't look fearful. He said calmly, "He's much more dangerous than anybody else. If he's alive, he will affect the great plan of our clan!"

Yue Man could feel the significant risk from Shi Yan.

When the three bone thorns appeared, he had been cautious enough to gather the energy of his body. However, the fierce attacks from Shi Yan's formidable three powers had struck him. He couldn't bear that and Shi Yan got him in the end.

When the bone thorn stabbed into his soft abdomen, Yue Man felt so cold. He was frightened. He began to observe Shi Yan's power. He figured out that Shi Yan was a time bomb and he didn't know when it would explode in this swamp. He was so intimidating with s.p.a.ce power Upanishad and tremendous competence.

He now understood Phelps's feelings at that time. He knew that it wasn't because Phelps was useless. His opponent was too strong.

"I don't know what you want. Can you make it a little clearer?"

Mia didn't look at Yue Man or listen to him. She just glared at Shi Yan while thoughts rolled in her head as she thought about how to deal with this tough challenge.


The bone thorn stabbing in Yue Man stirred from time to time. Blood splashed from the cut, dyeing the gra.s.s in front of him blood red.

Yue Man's face winced in horrible pain. He clenched his jaw, trying to endure and not to scream. However, the elegant features of his middle-aged face had gone. He looked ashen now. Evidently, his wound was really terrible.

Shi Yan looked deliberate even though he was busy. He studied Mia, his face wearing a cold smile. "I know that the G.o.d Clan has an amazing self-recovery ability. You can heal your wounds fast, but the pain is something you can never control, right? Can you feel the pain?"

He grinned. Another bone thorn appeared. He grabbed it and thrust it into Yue Man's leg and then slowly moved it all together with the other two...

Yue Man couldn't endure it anymore. He cried crazily and crouched. His leg now had a bleeding cut that was deep to his bone that made people jolted up when they saw it.

Many warriors of the Fernandez family felt chilled. They were scared as if they had to endure such terrifying torment. Some didn't even dare to watch. They turned away as they didn't want to see Yue Man wailing in pain.


Blood splashed. Some drops of blood splattered on Cecilia's clothes, creating the crimson flowers. Cecilia looked at it in disgust. She hurried to step backward and stood behind Shi Yan. Now, she had to look at Shi Yan with a complicated complexion.

Too sinister and savage, indeed!

Cecilia screamed inwardly. She had made up her mind. If she had to fight Shi Yan, she would rather let him kill her instantly than fall into his hands. This man didn't seem to have human emotions.

"Wait! I'll hand it to you!"

Mia gritted her white teeth. Colors faded in her exquisite face. She didn't want to linger and let Yue Man suffer from more torture.

She touched a green ring on her finger. A shining light flashed. A beautiful crystal emerged with a peculiar-smiling-woman flower inside.

The crystal floated and flew towards Shi Yan slowly, releasing the demonic aura. People could feel its powerful energy.

Cecilia's pretty eyes brightened. She eyed the Seven-colored Demonic Flower and squinted to sense. Before the flower had arrived, she said, "This flower is real. The aura is just right and the energy fluctuation matches. It should be real."

"I won't joke about this on my Uncle Yue Man's life." Mia hissed coldly. "Hurry and release him!"

Shi Yan rose his hand and waved, using his energy to drive the crystal and putting it into his Fantasy Sky Ring. Then, he grinned. "Wait for a moment. We must get out of this area first. If we linger, you will kill us immediately, won't you?"

The deaths and wounds that Mia and the Fernandez family's warriors had to bear came from the restrictions and the secret treasures that Mo Feng, Sha Zhao, Wu Feng, and Shang Ying Yue had left. Although they weren't related directly to him, he knew how dominant Mia's team was. He knew that when Mia alone troubled him, he wouldn't have a chance to run away.

At the same time, Cecilia wasn't strong enough to deal with the other warriors. If they were besieged, Cecilia and Shi Yan wouldn't be able to escape quickly, which only left them with the road of death.

Mia didn't say more. With a dark face, she waved at her warriors. Those people knew what to do. They proactively stepped aside to give way to Shi Yan and Cecilia.

Shi Yan was still holding Yue Man. Under the murderous look of Mia's team, they walked out of the area at a normal pace. After Shi Yan found that the s.p.a.ce nodes outside were normal, he nodded to Cecilia. Cecilia came close to him and hooked her left hand on his elbow. She was smiling and being happy.

"Hey Mia, we have to go now. I'm looking forward to meeting you guys again," teased Cecilia.

"You will all die! I'm sure you will all die!" snarled Mia coldly.

Shi Yan halted, but he didn't release Yue Man. He just furrowed his brows at Mia, "I want to ask you one thing. Has the Fernandez family joined hands with the Ascot family to invade Agate Star Area?

Mia startled. She nodded without much concern. "Yeah, it's true. Plus the Bai family. We've joined hands to swallow Agate Star Area. We've already discussed the shares. The Ascot family will lead this operation. The Bai family will just cooperate with the Ascot family. What does it matter to you?"

She got it when she saw the change of Shi Yan's countenance. "You're from Agate Star Area?"

"... The Bai family, the Ascot family, the Fernandez family... Good then." Shi Yan muttered and grinned fiendishly at Mia, "I will eat you up. I will eat the people of these three families, one by one on this ancient continent.

I will make your three forces bury your bodies in this ancient continent. First, I will take a small price from your warriors."

"Crack! Crack!"

Yue Man's skeleton was broken, his vein exploded directly. Blood gushed out from his body while his old face winced in a pain of the cutting flesh torment.

"Here, take your warrior." Shi Yan grinned, "It's no problem for him to recover fully later. I know how strong your G.o.d Undying Body is. It will just take him some time. He will be alive in the end. It's not against what I've agreed to you. Help yourself."

Shi Yan let off Yue Man. The man sagged down like a puddle on the ground. Shi Yan took Cecilia jumping into a s.p.a.ce slit he had torn behind them. They disappeared shortly after.

"I will kill you! I swear I will kill you!"

Mia shouted like crazy. She dashed to Yue Man. Looking at his shattered body, she didn't hesitate to take out many fragranced aromas and crystal pellets in her Fantasy Sky Ring. She shoved them into Yue Man's mouth and urged him, "Stay with us! Uncle Yue Man, you must resist it. Dissolve the medicinal efficacy of those pellets to recover quickly."

Yue Man had a lot of blood on his face. He even had bubbles of blood on the corners of his mouth. He looked terrible and seemed to be dying. While Mia was crying and encouraging him, he strenuously urged his energy to circulate and absorb the pellets.

The survivors of the Fernandez family gritted their teeth indignantly while looking at Yue Man. They looked darkly sinister at this moment. They vowed to stab Shi Yan thousands of times so he wouldn't have a decent death!


Shi Yan and Cecilia fell into a pond, which was really far from Yue Man and Mia. They couldn't come here in just a short time.

Cecilia still gripped Shi Yan's arm, which made her generous b.r.e.a.s.t.s stuck on his arm. This warm weight would have made people's blood boil. Her beautiful thighs moved for a while and she emerged from the pond. Looking at Shi Yan, she smiled charmingly, "Good brother, I've helped you get what you want. Shouldn't you agree with me to help me get what I want?"

Her beautiful face wore a tender smile, her eyes filled with hope.

"Let's talk about it later." Shi Yan coldly sprang from her grip. He frowned. "Mia's core team is still here. Phelps's team is also alright. The newcomers are even stronger. I'm not sure if we can survive in the swamp until the Center opens or not. Even if we talk more, it's just talking about things in vain. It's a waste of time and effort."

Cecilia discolored. She eyed Shi Yan for a while and couldn't help but curse this b.a.s.t.a.r.d for his harshness. But she couldn't do anything to him.

"Where's Mo Feng's group? Shouldn't we gather with them now?" she pondered for a while and tried to press down her anger.

"You can leave first. I want to cultivate for a while. I don't like you staying and disturbing me," Shi Yan talked indifferently. Pointing in a direction, he said deliberately, "Go this way. After one hour, you will see Mo Feng's team."

Cecilia felt chilled. She looked skeptical in the direction he had just pointed out. She said unnaturally, "It... I should go with you. I can guard you when you cultivate."

"Haven't I made it clear? When I cultivate, I don't want people to bother me!" frowned Shi Yan.

Cecilia was so angry. She gently regarded the eighteen generations of Shi Yan's family. With a gingerly face, she watched her surroundings along her way as she was afraid that Shi Yan had shown her the way to death.

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