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The lake had been quiet and clear a moment ago. Now, it was the Purgatory on earth. It had swallowed Bai Hao's team and Ando, leaving nothing, not even a piece of bone.

From the lake as the center, the surroundings looked like an image of the day of the apocalypse. Earth-shattering changes happened. Extremely destructive explosions arose from underground. Sharp spikes jutted from the ground. In the grumbling explosion, the ground shattered and also triggered more hidden restrictions.

Many sharp spikes shot out, falling like rain.

Those sharp spikes were gold and silver. They were smaller than the needles but much sharper. They could enter the G.o.d body or soul altar easily. Many warriors of the Fernandez family had many bleeding holes on their bodies.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

Strange noises echoed from the branches and leaves of the nearby trees. Significant bolts shot out, aimed at Mia and Yue Man's team as if they had their own consciousness.

The clouds of scorching fire emerged from the ground, floated up to the sky, and heavily pressed down above the Fernandez family's warriors.

Dense sleet with icicles and bolts of lightning howled. Sharp spears jutted from the ground when the earth was splitting. All the restrictions were urged at the same time, giving the area around the lake the picture of the apocalypse.

Mia, Yue Man, and more than ten warriors of the Fernandez family were so indignant. Almost all of them got hurt and had to use their G.o.d powers a lot. Their soul altars were also damaged in different levels.

The restrictions that Mo Fou, Wu Feng, Sha Zhao, and Shang Ying Yue had set up were really earth-shattering when they were activated. They were restrictions that they shouldn't be regretful of.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

While the toxic insects were buzzing, a Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm warrior of the Fernandez family suddenly became dull and baffled.

Mia's face was cold. She turned around to look at him. The flames of rage rolled in her heart.

A gray cloud that looked like a shabby sheet of fabric fell on him. Under a melee of bolts of lightning, sharp spikes, and fire, he didn't notice that. He just used the light cage to protect his body. However, that gray, fabric-like thing was a cloud of tiny insects.

Easily, those microscopic insects got through the light case and entered his head through his nostrils, eyes, ears, and mouths.

Black blood oozed out of the seven holes on that man's face giving him a shocking look that cracked people's nerves and courage. Even Mia felt her scalp tingling.

She was sure that his soul altar had been nibbled and destroyed. He didn't even have the hope to resurrect later.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

More gray insects flew out of the cracks in the ground or the trees. They moved in ma.s.ses like fabric sheets in the air. The warriors of the Fernandez family had to avoid them like they were running away from ghosts.


Shrieks and extremely terrible screams arose. More members of the Fernandez family got trapped. The restrictions had damaged their G.o.d Bodies or eroded their soul altars. Those warriors had to drain their energy quickly to resist. They felt like their mentalities were going to collapse at any minute.

Until this moment, they were sure that Shang Ying Yue and Cecilia had plotted this before. They were surely well-prepared to counter them.

"Secure our formation!"

Mia called coldly. She urged her G.o.d Blood to transform to the G.o.d Undying Body. Standing like a perfect transparent piece of art in this chaotic ruin, her G.o.d power circulated in her body like a stream of water, giving her a mysterious beauty.

The lake in front of her had gradually calmed down after that earth-shattering commotion.

However, the clear lake was now a murky pond with dirty water, blood, and even pieces of human flesh blending in, which nauseated people. The auras of Bai Hao, Ando, and the others had vanished in the filthy water so fast that it shocked Mia. She stood baffled for a while as she felt that it was so inexplicable.

After the soul and the body of an Ethereal G.o.d Realm expert had been shattered, he was dead for sure. Even the G.o.d Clan didn't know how to resurrect this kind of dead warrior.

However, at this high level, after they had fallen, the powerful energy and the soul in their bodies wouldn't return to earth and heaven in just a blink of an eye. There was some kind of last process that took time, perhaps several minutes...

However, in Mia's conception, Ando, Bai Hao, and the others were killed in just a blink. Their auras had also dissolved at an unimaginably fast speed after their bodies and souls perished.

Mia thought that it was so strange, but she didn't linger much. She a.s.sumed that Ando and Bai Hao had died. That was why they had disappeared shortly after.

Of course, she didn't know that there was a man under that murky lake excitingly taking all the scattering energy!

Inside the bubble, Shi Yan stayed quiet as if he didn't know the horrible changes above his head or Cecilia get excited standing by him. He just stood still.

Bai Hao, Ando, and the other three were experts at Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. The Essence Qi scattered when they were killed instantly and it was like wisps of smoke that the naked eye couldn't see. Shi Yan's acupuncture points quickly took it in. He had even let the black hole in his soul altar out to swallow thousands of soul wisps...

Cecilia was restless at her spot as she was proud of this ambush. However, she felt something when she looked at Shi Yan.

Usually, it was almost unrecognizable to ordinary people when Shi Yan was taking in the Essence Qi. However, this time Cecilia stood too close to him. When she quieted down and sensed, she could feel the change of energy. Her beautiful face now had an awkward look when she eyed him suspiciously.

The extremely turbulent restrictions bursting that had taken place above their heads wasn't finished yet. However, its power began to cease. The clear lake was now a muddy swamp. It didn't look fresh and beautiful anymore.

"Besides the five that died instantly in the lake, there were three killed by the restrictions out there. The other nine, including Mia, are wounded." Shi Yan's eyes brightened. He suggested suddenly, "You get out first and try to control the situation for a while. I want to capture Yue Man."

"Try to control the situation?" Cecilia winced.

"You cultivate Water power Upanishad. You just need to emerge above this muddle bog. You just need to separate Mia and Yue Man. Don't worry. I can capture Yue Man really quickly. I won't let you fall into danger." Shi Yan's face was ice-cold, his voice chilled. "Whatever you want me to help you with later, it costs your cooperation. I'm giving you an opportunity now. It's you who decides whether to take the chance or not."

Cecilia was shaken. Her charming face became strong. "Okay, deal!"

Because of the terrible explosion in the lake, all the restrictions there were gone. Cecilia urged her energy and swayed like a beautiful Nagini in the water, riding the current to travel to the murky surface. She emerged directly above the lake, which was now a pond of mud.

She smiled sweetly, her face mocking Mia, Yue Man, and the others who were still ducking the attacks. She said deliberately, "Well? My restrictions are interesting, right? We will slowly repay what you've treated us throughout the recent five years. It's just the beginning. More fun is awaiting you."

This was a naked provocation!

Mia's beautiful eyes became cold and sinister. She gazed at Cecilia, shouting indignantly. "Where is he? He has the guts to ambush us but not the b.a.l.l.s to show himself?"

"Well, when you guys were killed disgustingly, we were..." Cecilia's charming face blushed as she pretended to be embarra.s.sed. "You know, right? Listening to your shrieks and screeches... you don't know how excited we were! Muahahaha!"

"Lowly b*tch!" Mia was so angry that her body shivered. She couldn't help but shout. "Kill her! Kill her now! Kill that b*tch for me!"

All the fatal restrictions around them had completed their functions. The warriors of the Fernandez family were exhausted mentally and physically. Their souls and bodies were affected differently. They had to find something to vent out their anger on.

Cecilia is what they needed now.

Mia had ordered the members of the Fernandez family and made them burst out with murderous auras and bloodthirsty desires. They all stormed towards Cecilia.

The brutally wild air currents rose like evil dragons. Cecilia changed her visage. She felt her power pressed by these air currents. She didn't think much and immediately went into the muddy lake. She gathered energy and sent twirling muddy tornados that swept through the area.

"Watch out!"

Mia shouted as she recalled something.

Yue Man rose his arm and made a gesture to ask people to halt. Electric beams from his fingertips stormed into the swamp. After a while, he told them, "The lake is safe."

Hearing him, the Fernandez warriors didn't hesitate. Many Ethereal Extents were activated. Grand mountains stormed out and grumblingly pressed down on the muddy swamp. Instantaneously, strange powers of earth and sky were urged. Explosions reverberated in the lake again.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The terrifying hissing arose. Three bone thorns appeared abruptly and a.s.saulted Yue Man.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The scorching flame created a sea of fire that s.n.a.t.c.hed over Yue Man. Flows of earth and heaven energy rolled fiercely. They spread and swarmed as if someone was controlling them. Also, they were pressing down on Yue Man.

A ma.s.sive scorpion created by starlight twinkled in the horizon. It swung its tail and stormed towards Yue Man.

Shi Yan urged his powers Upanishads without any hesitation. s.p.a.ce and Star power Upanishads together with the heaven flame, the soul energy, and the co-soul had gathered emerged in just a blink. They all aimed at Yue Man and left him no s.p.a.ce or strength to resist.

In fact, Yue Man felt overwhelmed when many attacks were aimed at him at once. He didn't know what to do to defend.


Just like the vast ocean pressing on him, Yue Man's skeleton echoed of cracking sounds. His face was also deformed under the pressure, his energy chaotic.

Shi Yan appeared like a ghost right behind Yue Man. Just like when he a.s.saulted Phelps, he stabbed one thorn in Yue Man's abdomen and another one in his heart.

Looking at Mia coldly, Shi Yan was nonchalant, "You know what I want."

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