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Chapter 113 - Poisonous Bu Bo
Tianyun City.
Recently, this place was not at peace. Whether it be day or night, there would often be warriors fighting to the death in the different areas of the city.
There were warriors dying almost every day.
The city was already in such a chaos, which meant it was even more dangerous outside the city.
The peasants in the city could often see bright lightning and fierce sword spirits outside the city, sometimes accompanied by miserable screams.
During the day, the peasants often gathered in the more busy streets. And once the night came, they shut their doors tight, and didn’t dare go outside.
The warriors and mercenaries, which were usually active around the Dark Forest and the Cloud Mountain, were scared to come trade into Tianyun City lately, as if to avoid misfortunes.
The ones who knew inside information could sense that this was the five families infighting. The five families were the five most powerful forces in the Merchant Union, and their strife made the normal residents jitter in panic, hoping that the fighting would end soon.
The Shi family, Stone Room.
The important members of the Shi family, such as Shi Jian, Shi Tie, and Shi Dang, were all scowling, as if something was troubling them.
Shi Jian had been unhappy lately too.
When Shi Yan and the group left, the Shi family had started to gain the upper hand in the fight between their family and the Mo family. They beat the Mo family miserably, making the people from the Mo family cower in their homes, too scared to go out during the day.
Half a month ago, the Mo family suddenly made a counterattack, with a menacing force in tow.
During the fight with the Shi family, there were some strangers mixed in with the Mo family’s people. These people were experts at using poison, and their methods were incredibly malicious, taking the Shi family by surprise.
During their more recent battles, Shi family members were often fatally poisoned, leading to the death of many powerful warriors at the hand of the Mo family.
Shi Jian was already full of troubles, and when he heard Yang Hai was related to the Endless Sea, Shi Jian became even more agitated.
That day, when the Shura King Xiao Hanyi and the group of powerful warriors from the Yang family rode the Cyan Blood Bats and befell on the Misty Pavilion. Their pressuring existence had deeply awed the whole Tianyun City. Making the great families in the city feel a sense of insecurity, afraid that the Misty Pavilion might do something striking.
After that, Yang Hai returned to the Shi family, and explained the background of the Shura King Xiao Hanyi.
After Shi Jian heard Yang Hai’s explanation, he couldn’t feel happy at all, instead he was a little worried.
Shi Yan’s talent was astonishing, his mind was steady and mature. In Shi Jian’s mind, he already thought of Shi Yan as his successor. Now that this Yang family from the Endless Sea had suddenly popped out, catching Shi Jian off guard, he didn’t know what to do.
Xiao Hanyi’s strong appearance made Shi Jian afraid inside. He started to realize that his treasured grandson Shi Yan might be taken away.
He was still looking forward to Shi Yan revitalizing the Shi family. If he got taken away by the Yang family to the Endless Sea, he might just puke blood out of his anger.
But, the Shura King Xiao Hanyi was too overbearing, and the Shura Blood Guards, that came along, were also extremely formidable. According to Yang Hai’s description, Shi Jian realized that, even with all of the Shi family’s strength, he still wouldn’t be able to go against these people.
Thus, thinking that his grandson might leave him, he subconsciously clenched his teeth, but couldn’t do anything about it.
Not long after Xiao Hanyi left, the Mo family started to fight back.
The Mo family seemed to have gained strong aid from the Poisonous Dragon Valley. Lately, even the heavily injured Mo Tuo had begun to occasionally show up in Tianyun City. The injuries on his body seemed to have been almost healed, and he indicated, on many occasions, that he was going to fight to the death with the Shi family.
In the following battles, because of the strong aid from the Poisonous Dragon Valley, the Shi family repeatedly suffered many losses, and lost many strong warriors.
These few days, the Ling family has also been ready to make trouble, as if they made an agreement with the Mo family and the Poisonous Dragon Valley. They wanted to take this opportunity and beat the Shi Family for their arrogance.
From the few recent fights outside the city, the Shi family suffered great loss when they lost three Disaster realm warriors and an Earth realm warrior.
“Father, the visitors from the Poisonous Dragon Valley have been staying with the Mo family. Today I got news, that among the visitors from the Poisonous Dragon Valley, there might even be the Valley Master, Poisonous Bu Bo. Bu Bo is not only an alchemist, he’s also at the first sky of the Sky realm. The power of his poisons is no trivial matter! G.o.d knows what the Mo family offered them, that they actually managed to invite Poisonous Bu Bo. This time we’re really in a lot of trouble.” Shi Dang’s expression was not pretty. He deeped his tone, and said: “Mo Chao Ge, Mo Chao Tian were killed. Mo Zhan and Mo Qi are also dead. This time Mo Tuo has really gone crazy, or else he wouldn’t have invited Poisonous Bu Bo from the Poisonous Dragon Valley to come. That Bu Bo is a dubious man. This time Mo Tuo has invited serious trouble.”
“The Poisonous Bu Bo!”
Shi Tie exclaimed, his face suddenly became grim, he clenched his teeth and said, “Mo Tuo really has gone crazy. That Bu Bo is an ambitious man, who has always wanted to come and cause trouble in the Merchant Union. In the past, he’s alway had Beiming Shang on top of him, so he wouldn’t try to make trouble. Now that Mo Tuo invited him first, he has a legitimate reason to be here. I’m afraid this time the Mo family is going to be taken over by the Poisonous Dragon Valley!”
Shi Tie’s face turned green, but he stayed silent.
“Big brother, the Poisonous Bu Bo has a set of poisonous abilities. It is said that he eats all sorts of poisons every day to strengthen his power. Any normal man who approaches him would rot to death. He’s definitely one of the most frighteningly evil men in the world.” Shi Tie took in a deep breath, and spoke angrily, “How could Beiming Shang turn a blind eye on this! If this Bu Bo really controlled the Mo family, then he would become a great threat to the Beiming Family too. I don’t know what Beiming Shang is thinking!”
“It seems that Beiming Shang is not in the Merchant Union right now.” Shi Jian stayed silent for a moment, then he clenched his teeth and said, “Han Feng sent the news last time, he said Beiming Shang most likely went to the Dead Swamp. Lately Beiming Shang proclaimed to outsiders that he is closed-door cultivating, and he won’t be dealing with any Incidents in the Merchant Union. Even with the Poisonous Bu Bo here, he still didn’t appear. There’s definitely something wrong!”
“He went to the Dead Swamp?” Shi Dang’s face changed, “that kid Shi Yan is also there. If Beiming Shang went there, wouldn’t Shi Yan be in danger?”
Shaking his head, Shi Jian said: “Most likely not. Chi Xiao and that girl from the Misty Pavilion are both there. Even if Beiming Shang went there, he wouldn’t dare to cause trouble.”
“Master! Master!”
At this moment, a cry came from outside. Han Zhong sprinted his way here and said urgently: “Master, Master Hai has been heavily wounded by someone! His injuries are very serious!”
Shi Jian’s expression turned cold, his eyes were almost about to spout out flames. He said furiously: “Yang Hai has never cultivated in any martial art. He’s not a warrior at all. This is known by all of the Merchant Union! The Mo family would even dare to attack Yang Hai, they’ve really thrown away all rules. If something happens to Yang Hai, I will fight to the death with Mo Tuo.”
After Shi Jian roared, he hurriedly followed Han Zhong out, and urgently rushed towards where Yang Hai was lying down.
In a room filled with smell of medicine and blood, Yang Hai was lying on the bed with his body covered with blood. Three physicians from the Shi family bustled with the different bottles and jars, constantly pouring different medicines into Yang Hai’s blood-filled mouth, their expressions were serious.
Yang Hai’s hand and feet bones were all fractured, and his chest was covered with deep sword cuts. He was unconscious.
Together, three Disaster realm warriors of the Shi family knelt down on the ground. They were also covered by blood, with a serious expression they all clenched their teeth.
“w.a.n.g Wei, who did it?” Shi Jian’s expression was frighteningly grim. While his eyes turned red, he took in a deep breath and said with a low voice.
“The Ling family and the Mo family!” The Disaster realm warrior named w.a.n.g Wei, who was kneeling on the ground, had a face full of anger, “We were accompanying master Hai to transfer medicine to the west pharmacy, and then were were attacked in an alley. Other than the Mo family warriors, the attackers also included people from the Ling family. That young master Ling Shao Feng from the Ling family was also there!”
“Ling Shao Feng!” Shi Jian’s eyes were bursting with murderous thoughts, “That little b.a.s.t.a.r.d wants to die! How dare he attack Yang Hai, I will finish him off!”
“Father, Ling Shao Feng has always wanted to marry Mo Yan Yu. Recently I heard that the Mo family gave a condition, saying that as long as they kill two direct descendants of the Shi family, the Mo family will marry Mo Yan Yu to Ling Shao Feng. That kid is crazy about Mo Yan Yu. Lately he’s been strolling around with the Ling family’s warriors, as if trying to find an opportunity to attack. But the direct descendent warriors of our family have also been very careful, and have never left the family, so that kid never got the chance. But, because Master Hai is not a warrior, he had to go out and take care of many matters for the family. I didn’t think that Ling Shao Feng was so crazy that he would even attack Master Hai, who has never cultivated in any martial arts!” Shi Dang clenched his teeth.
Yang Hai’s sister, Shi Qing, was also Shi Dang’s sister. Which was why his relationship with Yang Hai was very close.
All these years, Yang Hai worked with all his dedication for the Shi family. Shi Dang clearly knew this, and had treated Yang Hai as his true brother.
Now that Yang Hai was heavily injured. Shi Dang was also furious, he was irritated enough to kill someone.
“Big brother, Hai is badly hurt. The Ling family really wants him dead!” Shi Tie clenched his teeths, “The Ling family is already going against the rules by doing this! Big brother, if we don’t go and punish the Ling family, they’d really think we’re easy to bully!”
“Bother, you go take a visit to the Zuo family personally, we really need to talk over this thoroughly.” Shi Jian breathed in, and advised him, “Bring more people, be careful along the way.”
“Hmph!” Shi Tie’s expression turned cold, “The people from the Ling and Mo family don’t have the guts to attack me yet. If they really dared to come, I don’t mind killing them all!”
“Anyway be careful.” Shi Jian advised him again.
“Father, will Hai be okay?” Shi Dang asked worriedly.
Shi Jian looked deeply at Yang Hai, and sighed, “Don’t worry, if any other ordinary person got injured this bad, they would be dead for sure. But Hai is special, and he still has some life left in him, so he will definitely recover. They dared to attack Hai, that means they fear nothing now. We need to be ready as soon as possible.”

In a remote alley between the Shi and Zuo families, there was a very secretive garden. The garden had long been unoccupied, so weeds grew all around, and spider webs were everywhere.
However, today, in this garden, many figures appeared. Occasionally quiet voices came from one of the wooden cabins.
“Master Bu Bo, today the Shi family will definitely send powerful warriors to the Zuo family. Now that the Shi family is starting to be afraid of out attacks, it is important that they talk with Zuo Xu of the Xou’s. This time, it’s very likely that Shi Tie will go personally. At that time, I would hope you could lend a hand and poison that Shi Tie first. Then we could easily kill him!” Mo Tuo’s voice came faintly.
“Mmm Hmm. The reason why I came from the Poisonous Dragon Valley was to help the Mo family. My disciple, Xie Shou, was killed. This grudge has to be settled with the Shi family.” a dark and chilly voice responded.
“Brother Mo Tuo, if I help you to kill Shi Tie this time, that girl of yours has to marry into our family. Hehe, that kid Shao Feng has been longing for your family’s girl for a long time. You can’t get away with this any longer. That kid can’t wait anymore. See, he even took care of Yang Hai for you, how’s that?”
“Once Shi Tie dies, the marriage between Yan Yu and Shao Feng will be immediately held!”
“Alright! I was waiting for that!”
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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