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Under the lake, transparent bubbles bobbed slowly.

The bubble that was holding Shi Yan and Cecilia swayed and fell towards the bottom of the lake. It was heading to a rigid area that had a lot of dazzlingly, sparkling crystals.

However, they weren't free to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

"All the barriers and attacks will be triggered at the area where Mo Fou hid the Fiery Earth Mine. If the Fiery Earth Mine doesn't explode, everything will be. The Fiery Earth Mine will be activated by tremors, vibrations, or weight applied on the ground. As long as someone's walking or dropping something, they will be triggered instantly."

"I don't know many pieces of Fiery Earth Mines Mo Fou had installed. But if one of them explodes, the rest will explode all together and will activate the restrictions set up by Shang Ying Yue, Sha Zhao, and Wu Feng. Instantly, the most furious restriction storms will burst off!"

Cecilia explained with a stern face. "If we want to trick them, the first thing we must ensure is that the Fiery Earth Mines won't go off before they come. Everything will be fine."

"Then, I will improve the energy in the ground around here. It will not make the Fiery Earth Mines explode by weight and vibration." Shi Yan nodded.

He stopped by the corner of the lake, placing the palm of his hand on the mud wall of the lake. Starlight sparkled as he sent his G.o.d power into the soil.

Squinting, he used his Soul Consciousness to trace his energy, which slowly moved and extended underground. It created a layer of starlight that ordinary people couldn't observe when hiding several meters underground.

He wasn't worried that Cecilia would attack him.

Mia and Yue Man knew that they were in the lake. And he had sealed the place now. Without his power, Cecilia would never be able to escape Mia and the others' besiege.

With this precondition, Cecilia wouldn't disturb him and she had to ensure his safety too.

It happened as he had planned. Before Mia's team came, Cecilia could use her arrangement in this lake to bargain with Shi Yan. If she blocked Shi Yan or wounded him, she could run away easily and leave everything to Mia's team. That way, she could give Mo Fou and the others an explanation.

She couldn't do that now, so she could only stay with Shi Yan and cooperate with him.

The giant ape, the fighting eagle, the python, and the demonic dragons were beast phantoms that Bai Hao's group had created. They were patrolling the swamp. Although they were phantoms, they still had a certain weight and they could attract fires if any. However, when they walked around the lake, they didn't cause any commotion.

Bai Hao's tense nerves were relaxed. He felt lucky that he had dodged a kalpa. Since those phantoms were connected directly with their souls, once they were affected, Bai Hao's team would also be damaged.

Bai Hao was prepared to receive a big attack. And now, seeing that their phantoms were alright, he was actually surprised and happy.

"Perhaps, I thought too much."

At this moment, even Yue Man started to doubt his presumptions. "If they don't have a member who can recognize things like Haig, perhaps they were just lingering here for a while and they didn't set up any serious barriers and restrictions."

The giant ape had come near the lake. If anything should happen, it would have happened already. Mia began to relax. She smiled and ordered Bai Hao, "You guys should go to the lake to check personally."

She was still cautious. She was afraid that the phantoms couldn't check the area thoroughly, so she asked Bai Hao to go and check themselves.

Bai Hao's group cursed her under their breath. However, they couldn't do anything but agree. They walked forward with a dark face, gingerly taking each step. It took them a while to reach the lake. Finally, they could exhale in relief.

Yue Man nodded and smiled, "It shouldn't be any problem. We destroyed the control points of s.p.a.ce around here. He can't escape anytime soon."

Mia smiled happily. Her beautiful eyes sparkled. She spoke through her gritted teeth. "This time, he must die. No doubt!" She nodded to the warriors of the Fernandez family.

Right after that, the warriors of the Fernandez family started to move under Yue Man's and Mia's directions. They followed the trail that Bai Hao's group had taken. At a normal pace, they glided through the dangerous area and stood together with Bai Hao's team near the lake.

Nothing happened.

Everybody relaxed. They thought that they had just overthought. However, they didn't know that it was because someone had carefully prepared the earth-shaking danger in the center and it hadn't exploded yet.

"Right in the bottom of the lake." Yue Man stood on the rock by the lake. He squinted and said in a cold voice, "They can't hide!"

Mia smiled and hesitated for a while. She talked to Bai Hao, "Force them to come out."

Mia, Yue Man, and Bai Hao thought that Shi Yan and Cecilia hadn't recognized that they had fallen into a deadly situation because they were busy with their romantic affair under the lake. Thinking like that, they felt relaxed.

The four of Bai Hao's group glanced at each other. They nodded and sent their phantoms made of energy towards the lake and entered the lake.

"Here they come!"

When the giant ape, the fighting eagle, and the other two entered the lake, Cecilia hissed, her face sharp and savage.

"They're just shadows created by energy. They aren't worth our great explosion. We must make them use their real bodies." Shi Yan was still calm. His G.o.d body moved inside the bubble and floated up to the surface. Looking at the four giant shadows slowly sinking, he grinned fiendishly. "Give it to me."

"No! Give it to me!" Cecilia smiled and stopped him. She said confidently, "We are under water. This place is the critical area that I've set up. I've cultivated Water power Upanishad. What do you say?"

Shi Yan was surprised. He stopped moving and just watched with interest.

Cecilia's pinky finger of the left hand rattled like the snake tail. A magical wave rippled through her bubble, intriguing something in the lake...

A human-head-sized bubble floated up. The energy in it burst out instantly, which gathered billions of cubic meters of water in the lake and created an animated water dragon.

The water dragon was several hundred meters long. It looked lean but powerful as it continued to draw the torrential steam. It attacked the giant ape and the fighting eagle immediately.

The lake surged fiercely. The water dragon rolled with Cecilia's full power. The water also attacked the phantoms Bai Hao had created.

Cecilia squinted, her eyes glowing in a cold halo. The energy in her body moved like a murmuring stream and sent splashes everywhere as she was gathering the power inside the bubbles in the lake to send to her water dragon temporarily.

The water dragon suddenly had an endless power that could tear the phantoms created by Bai Hao's group. Standing by the lake, Bai Hao's group discolored. Their soul altars were damaged severely.

"There's a b*tch wreaking havoc there!" Bai Hao shouted, his face ferocious. "Get there and kill her!"

As the four warriors of the Bai family were enraged, they jumped into the lake directly and didn't wait for Mia's order. They wanted to use the energy of their real bodies to strike Cecilia to death.

"Ando, go help them." Mia frowned and pointed at a man. "You've cultivated Fire power Upanishad. You burn and evaporate that water dragon and get their backs."

An expert of the Fernandez family bowed to her and then jumped directly into the lake. Together with the four from Bai Hao's team, he drilled towards the bottom of the lake.

"What should we do?" Cecilia's exposed skin looked like the water rippled. She looked like a woman made of flowing water. She now was beautiful in another marvelous way. Seeing Bai Hao's group of four and a warrior who cultivated Fire power Upanishad, she hurried to ask for Shi Yan's opinion. "Do you want to kill them? Once you attack them, the traps we've set up in the lake will be triggered. We can kill five or six people. But it won't be dangerous anymore. Tell me, what should we do?"

"Five people. All are at Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. So strong, indeed." Shi Yan squinted and considered, "Cecilia, if you use your best power in this lake, how many warriors can you deal with?"

"Without those barriers, I think I can deal with the expert from the G.o.d Clan who cultivates Fire power Upanishad. I guess I can gain the upper hand, but I won't be able to take care of more," Cecilia answered immediately.

"Oh," Shi Yan shook his head. He could only give up his thoughts, " It seems like we can't stop them and attract more people to get into the lake. If it's so, we will attack curtly. You strike them right now!"


Cecilia's soft body released the tremendous energy fluctuations. She gave people a feeling of something deadly and dangerous. Bubbles rose from her eyes like the storm energy. "Don't leave this bubble. Or else, you will be damaged too!"

While talking, the bubble they were staying inside lowered to the bottom of the lake and headed to a cave entrance, entering deep into the ground under the lake.

While they entered deep into the ground under the lake, Cecilia continued to create a lot of hand seals. Wisps of Soul Consciousness were triggered. Her fingertips shot out rapid streams, soaring up to the surface of the lake above her head...

The bubbles turned to the most furious energy storms. The crystal clear lake was like a shattering mirror. It cracked strangely and then dissolved into many pieces while the water inside the lake exploded continuously. Even the mud wall of the lake was pressed until it burst off.

The clear lake had turned into the most horrible h.e.l.l in just a blink of an eye. Bai Hao's group of four and Ando of the G.o.d Clan who cultivated Fire power Upanishad hadn't recognized anything before their G.o.d bodies were dismembered. They burst and died. Even their soul altars were smashed and burned into ashes.

The five warriors at Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm had perished both their souls and bodies without a scream.

Even Mia's team by the lake was affected by the shockwaves. They were blown away. Many of them gushed out blood, staggering and trying to steady themselves.

Behind them was also the area where there were dense barriers and restrictions that Shi Yan had activated.

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