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The bright lake twinkled like a fish scale under the light of the star that was really clear and beautiful.

Hundreds of meters under the water surface contained so many bubbles in different sizes. Each bubble carried tremendous energy fluctuations that could destroy even the sky or Incipient G.o.d Realm warrior.

Inside one of those transparent bubbles were two shadows. The distance between them was around ten centimeters. It felt like they could even hear each other's breathing.

A pure fragrance filled the bubble and made the atmosphere romantic. Cecilia's charming face was rosy and it revealed her glamor. Her s.e.xy, mature body looked like it could drip juice. She swayed at her spot, creating heat...

However, Shi Yan had nothing romantic in his mind. His eyes gazed at Cecilia with caution and strange intentions.

She had proposed this ambush plan. She had the chance to stay with him in the middle of a deadly great formation under the lake. She even got him here with her...

All the details matched. If someone said that Cecilia didn't have any other idea for him, Shi Yan would never buy it!

He could vaguely feel that Cecilia wanted to do something through him. She had made him enter the bubble and let him see the energy fluctuation inside those thick bubbles; it would be her next trick.

He had already sensed that the energy compressed in those bubbles was too much. Once they exploded, besides Cecilia, the one who had arranged this formation, no other people in this lake could survive!

Even Shi Yan himself!

"What do you have in mind?" The mature beauty in front of him smiled gently with her succulent red lips. Her face blushed as she released the stunning charisma that could heat up any man.

Shi Yan studied her as many thoughts flashing in his mind. He pulled himself together and chuckled, "Nothing. I just think you're too beautiful, jie-jie. I think I... can't control myself." He didn't wait for Cecilia to say anything and he grabbed her snow-white arm in just a blink of an eye. He talked, feeling hot. "Jie-jie, your skin is so marvelous..."

Cecilia's skin was porcelain white and as smooth as silk. Her bright skin felt so good under his hand.

He decided to take action proactively. He didn't want his life to be held in someone's hands. Whether Cecilia had lousy intentions for him or not, he had to a.s.sume it was the worst situation.

If Cecilia pushed him out or left this bubble alone and activated the formation in the bottom of the lake, he couldn't escape alive. Perhaps, he wouldn't have time to urge his s.p.a.ce power Upanishad. It meant that Cecilia was holding his life.

He wouldn't allow it!

As he gripped Cecilia's arm, he had a physical contact with her that would prevent Cecilia from ditching him in just a blink.

If Cecilia had the guts to ambush him, with this close distance, he was confident that he would smash her G.o.d Body quickly.

When he grabbed Cecilia by her arm, Cecilia became uncomfortable. Her beautiful eyes had a gleam of chaotic and fearful feelings. She smiled gently, "... Well, even if you like me, you can't behave badly to me though."

While talking, Cecilia quickly raised her arm, trying to get rid of his grip.

However, Shi Yan still clutched her arm, his eyes hot and his face pa.s.sionate. He whispered as if he was dreaming, "Well, in fact, when I first met you, I found that I couldn't control myself falling in love with you. Now that we're alone here, forgive me if I can't control myself anymore."

Cecilia changed her countenance slightly. She cursed Shi Yan under her breath for talking nonsense. However, she could only smile embarra.s.sedly. She spoke reluctantly, "Get off me. We can talk. Don't touch me."

"I'm not going to let go of you." Shi Yan put on a perverted face, but his eyes were too calm and cold. His eyes drilled into her, "I really like you!"

The more frightened Cecilia got, the more certain Shi Yan was. His other hand reached out, grabbing Cecilia's waist and pulling her into his chest.

With a fragranced body touching his chest, Shi Yan couldn't control the vibe in his heart. Her soft back stuck on his chest. One hand of his placed on Cecilia's smooth abdomen and it didn't have a single scar. He could feel the bouncing, firm b.u.t.t cheeks under his palm. He felt hot, indeed. "Well, we still have around two hours. We should do something fun to kill time... No one knows how the future will turn. If we get the chance to have fun, let's just have fun. We should enjoy life. We don't want to regret anything, right?"

Cecilia stood with her back to him, her face fearful and her eyes getting colder. "Can you let go of me first?"

"I can't!" Shi Yan said firmly.

Cecilia felt chilled. She suddenly recognized Shi Yan's purpose and the reason why he had acted strangely all of a sudden. She got it...

"You said you like me. Is it true?" Cecilia relaxed her tense body, smiling and endlessly seducing. Her neck was red. "If you like me, agree with me on one thing, will you?"

"Tell me then."

Shi Yan's eyes were calm. He held Cecilia by one hand while the other hand was placed on her belly. It gave him a marvelous feeling. He stroked her belly and brought his mouth near her left earlobe, talking huskily.

As he had a s.e.xy woman in his arms, even if he was so cautious, his body still had a masculine reaction. His lower body got erected eventually and he placed by Cecilia's beautiful-shaped, curvy b.u.t.t. He could feel his blood boil.

"I want to get to the Center. There's something I must have. It matters a lot to my future and my position in the family."

Feeling Shi Yan's ambiguous move, Cecilia cursed him for being despicable. She quickly pulled herself together. She didn't want her mind to be disturbed by Shi Yan, which would lead her to make the wrong decisions.

"You want me to help you, eh? What can you give me in return?" Shi Yan grinned. The hand wandering around her smooth stomach slowly rose to the spot just under her ample b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

Cecilia jolted back. She hurried to press his mischievous hand. Her smile became more begrudging. "Didn't you say that you liked me? Does it require a condition to help the one you like? It doesn't sound nice, though."

"Well, I like a lot of people. If I've come to help every single of them, how could I reach the realm and attainment I have today?" Shi Yan sneered and he arched his lower body so his hard shaft could be placed between her soft, plump b.u.t.t cheeks. Feeling a wonderful warmth there, his desire rocketed. He thought that it was really hard to control now.

This woman was so juicy and s.e.xy. It has been a long time since he had touched a woman... Hmm, if it continued this way, he wouldn't be able to help it anymore...

Cecilia immediately felt that something was wrong. She halted right in front of the edge. She turned around and pushed Shi Yan's hands, her face sober. "Alright, I admit that I want to ask you to help me with something. But I don't want to use my body in exchange! Please show respect!"

Her usual charming face disappeared. She seemed to turn into someone else who was dead serious.

Shi Yan couldn't react properly. He studied her and then gave a cold smile, "You don't want to ask me for a favor. You want to force me, right?"

Glancing at the bubbles around, Shi Yan spoke calmly. "I'm holding you now. If you dare make any wrong move, I will kill you quickly. I won't show mercy."

Cecilia changed her look. But then, she smiled again. "Yeah, it's true that I've had other thoughts. But I have none at this moment. And you've used me. We will consider that nothing happened. I will let you hold my hand. We'll talk. What do you say?"

"Well, I think that the way we've talked wasn't bad," Shi Yan grinned evilly.

Shi Yan moved his mischievous hands. Just like Cecilia had suggested, he clamped her hand to ensure that she couldn't do anything evil to him. Then, he frowned and asked, "Okay, tell me. If I can help you, what will you offer me?"

"What do you want?"

"You. Is it possible?"


"Then what can you give me?"

Cecilia quieted down. Her bright eyes gazed at Shi Yan. She suddenly had a headache. Shi Yan's smart-wit and deliberation made her powerless. She knew that it wouldn't work if she wanted to ambush him.

"If you need a woman, how about Mia?" She thought for a while and then said with bright eyes. "If Mia falls into the lake, I'm sure that I can confine her! If you can bring her and escape instantly, you can do anything to her. What about this condition?"

"If Mia or Yue Man enters the lake, you just need to help me confine one of them." Shi Yan said, "I want to use one of them to get the Seven-colored Demonic Flower. If I get what I want, I will consider your request."

"That's not good enough!" shouted Cecilia. "Why do I have to help you confine Mia or Yue Man just so that you will "consider" my request? Why can't you just agree to my request?"

"It's simple. I agreed to go with you guys; it's a big favor already. Otherwise, the G.o.d Clan would have killed you quickly," answered Shi Yan coldly. "You don't have the right to bargain with me. You didn't have that right from the beginning. And I hate women who set me up the most. If you do it once again, I will kill you directly. Ah, right. I may not need to do it myself. I just need to tell Wu Feng, Sha Zhao, or Mo Fou that I want you dead. They will kill you. Do you believe that or not?"

Hearing him, Cecilia didn't have a tinge of color on her face anymore. She looked at him in rage. She shouted, "You don't talk with reason!"

"You're the one who plotted against me first. Don't blame me." Shi Yan smiled faintly and took a deep breath, "Alright, pull yourself together. Help me with this and I will consider your request. After that, we can talk about the conditions."

Pausing for a while, he lowered his voice, "Mia's team is coming."

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