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By the clear lake, Shi Yan was crouching on the ground and using his hard finger to draw a big circle under his feet. He also marked four points inside the circle.

He pointed at the four points and clarified, "We're here. Mia's team is right next to us. Phelps's team is over there. The new coming team is at that position."

He had ill.u.s.trated their positions on the ground. The four marks he drew on the ground looked a bit like a rectangle. They stood in one corner while Mia, Haig, and Phelps were in the other three corners. There was a distance between them and Haig was the furthest from them. It would take him several days at least to get here. However, Mia's team was closest to them...

Mo Fou, Cecilia, Wu Feng, and Shang Ying Yue squatted by Shi Yan. They focused on the map he had just drawn and frowned.

"Including me, we have twelve warriors here. But if we face them directly, I'm afraid that we can't stand any force of theirs. Even if we scatter to attack each of the three forces, we will never gain the upper hand," Shi Yan frowned and lowered his voice.

Haig's arrival had disturbed his plan. Now, Shi Yan had to group with Mo Fou.

If Haig hadn't come, he would have used his sharp senses and his power Upanishad to run away. He could have swagger in this area without worrying about Mia or Phelps going after him. He could have even hidden in the dark to trouble Mia and Phelps. Perhaps he would have had a chance to rob the Seven-colored Demonic Flower.

However, Haig's arrival had messed up his good plan. Haig's Soul Consciousness wasn't shackled, so he could merely locate Shi Yan's location. Wherever he hid, he would be dug up.

Thus, he wasn't going to have a peaceful time. Shortly after, Mia would find him. He would be confined.

Even though he could use the s.p.a.ce power Upanishad to run away, he couldn't use it unlimitedly. It was the ancient continent, so its s.p.a.ce also had restrictions. Also, he couldn't use his s.p.a.ce power Upanishad to get out of this ancient continent. Every time he teleported, it would cost a lot of energy.

He used to consider carefully. Every time he tore the s.p.a.ce to run away, he had to consume at least a quarter of his G.o.d power. After that, he had to meditate to recover. Or else, he could only escape four times.

If Mia, Haig, and Phelps scattered and formed a circle to attack him, every time he teleported away, Haig could always locate him instantly. The warriors of the three forces would come after him and give him no time to recover.

After running four times, his G.o.d power would be drained, which reduced his competence ma.s.sively. He wouldn't be able to withstand the enemies.

Without Haig, they didn't have the ability to locate Shi Yan. Shi Yan wouldn't feel anxious. But it had already given him a headache.

"We got good news," Shi Yan's fingers fiddled around on the ground. He lowered his voice. "The one who used the Soul Consciousness to sense us doesn't know that I have a similar ability yet. He wasn't careful. His Soul Consciousness fell directly above us. That's why I got him..."

Haig hadn't expected that there would be someone like him in this area with the unbound Soul Consciousness. Thus, he had sent his Soul Consciousness around several thousand meters above Shi Yan's group, which had helped him count the number and a.s.sess their general competence. That's how Shi Yan detected his probing Soul Consciousness.

Different from Haig, every time Shi Yan used his Soul Consciousness to sense around, he would never be that reckless. As soon as he touched a life energy fluctuation, he would come back immediately. He wouldn't dare to probe for a long time to figure out the details.

One was careful and the other was too confident. It helped Shi Yan understand Haig's powers while Haig knew nothing about him. Haig didn't know that this swamp had Shi Yan as an unpredictable variable.

"We must exploit this well." s.e.xy Cecilia was so placid at this moment. Lights of wisdom twinkled in her eyes as she was planning something.

Mo Fou, Wu Feng, and Wu Bai quieted down and listened to Cecilia. They knew that Cecilia could help them. Throughout the five years, every time they had planned anything wicked, Cecilia was in charge. She had proven her ability in this aspect.

Shi Yan was surprised. He started to observe this plump, s.e.xy woman. He couldn't help but scan her body.

She was wearing a tight green leather skirt that lingered on her snow-white, slender thighs. Her delicate, fist-sized waist had outlined her ample b.r.e.a.s.t.s. She was truly a charming Nagini with breath-taking curves. She could arouse any man looking at her.

Cecilia parted her lips into a grin as she felt Shi Yan's eyes lingering on her body. She stretched lazily and arched her tiny waist, which had heated up Mo Fou, Wu Feng, and Wu Bai. They seemed to temporarily forget the coming danger.

Shi Yan also had a flame in his eyes. He pulled himself together and said faintly, "Do you have any plan?"

For the time being, he hadn't had any solution.

Any of the three forces they were about to face was strong enough to smash them. With Haig providing the locations, Phelps's and Mia's teams had a good guide. With this premise, they couldn't play any trick.

"Let me think carefully. It's really annoying and troublesome."

Cecilia charmingly placed a finger on her full-lip mouth. She slowly squatted and studied the map that Shi Yan had drawn. Because of this posture, her ample b.u.t.ts had showcased her s.e.xy curves that were about to tear her tight leather skirt.

Sha Zhao and some men sitting behind her gawked and drooled. They couldn't help but swallow saliva, cursing that s.l.u.tty woman.

Shang Ying Yue kept a cold face. She looked at Cecilia with disdain and then at Sha Zhao, Mo Fou, and Wu Bai. She couldn't hide her sneer.

Sha Zhao, Mo Fou, and Wu Bai laughed to cover their embarra.s.sing situation. They had to put an effort in taking their eyes off Cecilia's hot body. Mo Fou gave a dry smile. "Everybody should think. Yeah, just try. We will have a solution then."

"Who knows what dirty things you have in your mind!" Shang Ying Yue scolded him.

They felt more shamed.

However, Cecilia seemed to not be bothered. She knew that Sha Zhao, Mo Fou, and the others had sneaked on her. She giggled. Her beautiful eyes flirted, raking through Sha Zhao, Mo Fou, and Wu Bai. Her seducing posture made people drool.

Oh, this s.l.u.t!

Everybody gasped. They felt irritated and they felt annoyingly hot inwardly.

"You are all about to die, but your mind still has room for those things. Pathetic!" Shang Ying Yue rose her voice.

Since they didn't know when they would lose their lives in this d.a.m.n place, they released their real desires. They wanted to enjoy the pleasure right in front of them. As a woman, Shang Ying Yue didn't understand this negative thought of men. Thus, she became angry.

"There's a solution. I wonder if it works." She smiled at Shi Yan and only Shi Yan, automatically ignoring Mo Fou and Sha Zhao.

Mo Fou, Wu Bai, Jiao Shan, Jiao Hai and the others showed their admiration although they felt a little lost because Cecilia had paid her attention only to Shi Yan, the one with the special function here.

"Do tell," Shi Yan said faintly.

Cecilia looked like a ripe peach. She had the aura of a mature woman, which was an uncontrollable attraction to any man. Shi Yan wasn't an exception. However, since he had cultivated the unique power Upanishad which had made him continuously struggle with negative emotions, his ability to control his desires was much better than normal people.

Thus, he could quiet down his surging desire. He wouldn't have l.u.s.tful thoughts when seeing Cecilia's s.e.xy body. He could be sober when dealing with important issues.

At this point, Mo Fou, Wu Bai, Jiao Hai, and Jiao Shan couldn't compare to him. They didn't have experiences in fighting the negative desires.

Shi Yan's coldness and calmness had surprised Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue. They gazed at him and regarded him more highly. A man who could stay calm in the critical moment and could sober his mind from the negative emotions was an exceptional warrior, indeed.

The two women discreetly compared Shi Yan to Mo Fou, Wu Bai, and Jiao Shan. Their pretty eyes sparkled as they were touched.

Mo Fou, Wu Bai, Jiao Shan, and Sha Zhao were all outstanding talents of the great star areas. They were all future leaders of the forces everywhere. Most of them had competences to challenge warriors whose realms higher than theirs. Their minds were made of steel...

However, those warriors couldn't be as calm as Shi Yan in the critical moments. It seemed like Shi Yan wasn't affected by the situation. Shang Ying Yue and Cecilia were scared. They felt lucky that they didn't cause grudges against Shi Yan and had him on their side.

"They don't know that we can see their direction. With this premise, we can prepare an ambush." Cecilia pointed at an area, which was also the lake. "This place is good. I cultivate Water power Upanishad. I can use this lake to set up many good things. Mo Fou, you have the Earth power Upanishad. You can do more. We can dig up the ground and set up traps here. We should prepare layers of barriers and restrictions. We will activate that at the moment they jump in. And we can even leave early."

"Not a bad idea," Mo Fou nodded immediately. He a.s.sessed the surroundings and grinned, "I have a lot of Fiery Earth Mines. Once it explodes, even Incipient G.o.d Realm experts can't dodge in the short distance."

"I also have the Yin Lightning Electric Lance!" Shang Ying Yue's eyes brightened.

"Right, we can do this!" Shi Yan continued, strange light sparkling in his eyes. "To make it more perfect, I can stay here as bait. We will guide them into our net."

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