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Hearing Mia, Yue Man was so touched and his eyes were watery. All the warriors of the Fernandez family following Mia here weren't pressured but strangely cheered up.

When they dealt with the enemies, no matter how cold, despicable, or wicked Mia was, it wasn't a weakness of hers in their opinion. It was the personal competence of a leader.

If this leader had treated her subordinates well with care and respect, each of her soldiers would try their best to serve her. He would even dedicate his life to her.

Apparently, what Mia said had touched her soldiers and stirred up their fighting will.

Quite the contrary, Phelps' visage became darker and darker. He didn't talk anymore and just nodded to Watt.

Watt held the Sound Stone and continued to contact the members of the Ascot family. Shortly after, experts of the Ascot family around had gathered. People could hear the loud noise of tearing wind when they dashed through the air.

Shi Yan still held Phelps calmly. He just sat there and squinted to watch the situation, waiting for the Ascot warriors.

"What should we do?" asked Jiao Shan in a low-pitched voice.

Mo Fou, Wu Feng, Cecilia, and the others stood on the other side. They separated themselves from the two forces of the G.o.d Clan. They had maintained a relatively safe distance from the others, carefully watching to see how it would develop.

"Don't interfere for the time being. You guys just need to observe them." Mo Fou smiled oddly. "I think they don't have extra energy to deal with us now. Of course, we shouldn't attack them, either. Stay aside and don't get involved in their battle. I find this situation getting more and more interesting by the minute. Don't you think so?"

Everybody stooped and smile. They all looked relaxed.

"Phelps is crazy," Mia broke the impa.s.se. Before the Ascot family warriors gathered, she flung her hand. "We won't play with them. We'll go now."

If they stayed still and fought the experts of the Ascot family who would come here soon, it would be a fierce battle. Mia knew that it was unnecessary.

Well, if she left and didn't partic.i.p.ate in the battle to avoid the warriors of the Ascot family, would Phelps and Watt let their warriors pursue her?

"If you don't leave the Seven-colored Demonic Flower, you are not allowed to leave." Shi Yan said coldly, pushing the thorn deeper into Phelps' chest.

A red wound cracked. People could vaguely see Phelps's beating heart. Shi Yan just needed to push his thorn several inches further and Phelps would die.

"Kill! Kill! Kill!"

Phelps screamed crazily like a snake whose tail was stepped on. He roared and asked Watt to carry out the ma.s.sacre.

All the experts of the Ascot family hadn't arrived yet. However, Watt and the other six were all warriors in the profound realms. They weren't afraid of engaging in a fight against Mia. Seeing Phelps bleeding tragically, he didn't think much. While Shi Yan's arm was slowly moving, he dashed out furiously.

The members of the Ascot family burst out like an erupting volcano. They began to attack Mia, Yue Man, and her soldiers. Watt and his team aimed at Mia directly in just a blink.

"Hand us the Seven-colored Demonic Flower!" shouted Watt coldly.

"You guys are crazy! You dare attack us! Let's see how you will explain this to the Elder Committee!" Mia's face was so cold. "If you dare to enter the ancient continent, you shouldn't be afraid of being killed. Phelps, you're such a coward. Do you think you will be eligible to be the next Chief of the Ascot family? Perhaps, you should die. It's good news to our family, anyway."

"B*tch! You should die!" Phelps shouted ear-splittingly.

The two future leaders of the G.o.d Clan's big forces had called each other sister and brother. But now, their relationship was officially broken.

Watt led six Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm experts of the Ascot family. He started to attack Mia.

In just a blink, this area of the swamp received an earth-shaking attack. Different energies and skills impacted, sending multicolored lights into the sky like beautiful fireworks. The air exploded all together with the ground.

As they were all experts at Second and Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm, once they struck, the ground around them was smashed, creating deep ditches. Currents of energy meandered like five-colored rivers that entangled and hit each other in the sky. They twisted, creating lightning strikes and shooting everywhere. This entire area was covered in energy attacks.

If someone could watch from the sky, he would find that the flood current of energy in different colors had destroyed the entire area, smashed plants, rocks, and decimated everything standing in its way like a surging colorful sea.

Mo Fou's team was both thrilled and scared. They exchanged looks and released protecting barriers to shield themselves, preventing the energy attacks from attacking their bodies.

Energy exploded in the swamp area. Brutal and malicious powers Upanishads impacted, barged, and crushed each other, which also chaotically stirred up the earth and heaven energy. They left so many deep ditches and cracks on the ground.

"Before they haven't finished, we shouldn't join hands. We must wait patiently." Wu Feng smiled wickedly. He clasped his hands and sighed, "That man is really dangerous if he could come up with a smart plan like that. We've all gained benefits from him."

Everybody agreed with him and looked at Shi Yan with respect and excitement. The four people including Cecilia, Shi Yan, Jiao Shan, and Jiao Hai who used to roll their eyes at Shi Yan were smiling. The hatred they got for Shi Yan was all cleared.

"Oh right, you said that his Soul Consciousness isn't bound by shackles of the ancient continent? Did you tell the truth?" Suddenly, Mo Fou patted his head and screamed in astonishment.

They all looked at Shang Ying Yue.

"It's true. He can recognize the life energy fluctuations around him. His Soul Consciousness isn't affected," said Shang Ying Yue with conviction.

Mo Fou's eyes brightened. He nodded and said in a low-pitched tone, "After this battle, if both the Fernandez and the Ascot family get damaged, perhaps... we can use his magical ability to kill all the opponents in this swamp! We can hunt them down no matter where they hide."

Wu Feng and Cecilia were strangely excited. They couldn't even hide the smile on their face. Their eyes got hotter looking at Shi Yan.

"Sigh. If he had appeared five years earlier, we wouldn't have been in this pa.s.sive situation," said Wu Feng with emotions.

"Sha Zhao, you should give up the resentment you have against him. From now on, you can't attack him anymore!" Mo Fou coldly glared at Sha Zhao.

Wu Feng, Cecilia, Shang Ying Yue, Jiao Shan, and Jiao Hai also glared at Sha Zhao with a warning. They wanted him to commit now.

"Don't worry. I don't want to be killed. Before we can confirm that we are safe, I won't do anything to him," snarled Sha Zhao.

"Well, you guys don't need to worry about that," Cecilia giggled and threw Sha Zhao a contemptuous look. "Honestly, he isn't the other's equal match."

People all chuckled with odd faces. They couldn't help but laugh as if they agreed with Cecilia.

Sha Zhao grimaced more.

It was a frozen swamp area with white mist hovering. Through the mist, people could see the ma.s.sive glacier elongating towards the horizon. This area was the adjacent area to the glacier.

Crack! Crack!

The sound when the ice cracked arose. A figure appeared and stood on the iceberg with a cold face.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

People glided and pierced through the air. Shortly after, dozens of warriors stood behind him. They all had abundant and long breaths, giving people the sharp feeling of blades.

"Young Master, we've pierced through the barrier." Payton squinted, slightly bowed, and waited for Haig's order.

"Let me check."

He closed his eyes. A dark flame slowly arose above his head. It swayed like a small meteor and released the power of the haven flames together with the powerful soul energy.

After a while, Haig changed his face into a dark and confused complexion. "d.a.m.n it! What the heck do they think they're doing?"

"Young Master, what's going on?" asked Payton with surprise.

"It seems like Mia's and Phelps' teams are engaging in battle while those low pagans are watching them. I guess they had their mind occupied. They are doing something unimaginable! d.a.m.n! They will destroy our mission!"

Haig had two different auras that alternated each other in his body. Sometimes, he was so furious like the most powerful volcano while at other times, he was like a freezing chamber that could freeze people' souls.

The extremely cold energy and the heat in his body made him change his auras as he pleased, giving people a terrifying impression.

Haig had planned and carried out the plan to eradicate outstanding seeds of different big star areas. It was also the merit he wanted to show to the Elder Committee. To ensure the success of this operation, he had sacrificed a little bit to come here and help Mia and Phelps clear the obstacles.

He knew that this plan wasn't wrong. As long as they could kill all the warriors of the other star areas to fulfill this operation, he could get approval from the Elder Committee.

However, as soon as they got into this area, they found that their allies hadn't had any achievement. They were fighting each other! The volcano in Haig's mind erupted! "Get there at max speed! I want them to give me a good explanation for their deeds!"

He wouldn't allow anyone to interrupt his big plan!

Payton was confused, but he didn't dare to ask much. He nodded and turned to his soldiers, "Guys, urge your powers to the utmost. We must clear the troubles in the swamp quickly."

Strong warriors of Bradley kept silent. Thick murderous aura started to diffuse from their bodies. They all let their energy surge and answer Payton's order.

For the time being, explosions arose. Shadows began to dash away, which left dozens of deep holes on the ground.

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