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Suddenly, the key members of different forces all gathered in a corner of the swamp.

The Fernandez family's warriors had chased after Mo Fou and Wu Feng. Through the Sound Stone, Mo Fou knew that Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue were besieged, so they came to help the women.

At the same time, the warriors of the Fernandez family had received Mia's order, so they came to capture Shang Ying Yue. They met Mo Fou by chance and pushed them into this area too.

When Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue left, they went the wrong way, which led them to the Fernandez family's warriors. Begrudgingly, they had to return to this area.

For the time being, Mia, Phelps, Mo Fou, and Shang Ying Yue were gathered in this corner of the swamp.

Watt and the members of the Ascot family were circling Shi Yan. No one paid attention to Mo Fou or Cecilia. They had to make Phelps' condition their priority.

Mia came in with her sweet and delicate voice, her face calm and relaxed. She glanced at Shi Yan and then at Phelps, making an unrecognizable frown.

Mo Fou, Wu Feng brothers, and Sha Zhao were gazing at Shi Yan. They were bewildered and scared to see Shi Yan holding Phelps as a hostage.

"Mia arrived. Can you tell us what you want?" Phelps looked dark but still calm.

"Oh yeah, I'm here. What do you want after all?" Mia calmly paced and stood in front of Phelps and Shi Yan while smiling.

Everybody looked at Shi Yan. Mo Fou, Cecilia, and Shang Ying Yue were solemn. They were trying to calculate things.

"I want the Seven-colored Demonic Flower. I want to use this flower to exchange for Phelps. Is it a problem?" Still holding Phelps, Shi Yan asked calmly.

"The Seven-colored Demonic Flower?" Mia was surprised. She contemplated and frowned silently.

"... Miss Mia," Watt bent his body slightly in respect. Looking at her, he begged, "Please."

Phelps also exhaled in relief. He thought that his life was secured now. Although the Seven-colored Demonic Flower was precious, it wasn't as precious as his life. Mia should know how to choose. Thus, Phelps wasn't tense or anxious.

Mo Fou, Cecilia, and Wu Feng were astounded, their faces awkward. Shi Yan had done many things to attack the Ascot family and capture Phelps to create this mess. And it was all because of the Seven-colored Demonic Flower, which made them confused.

Only Shang Ying Yue could vaguely grasp something. She frowned and became more gingerly.

"Oh that... I'm so sorry. I've used up the Seven-colored Demonic Flower. I'm so sorry."

Under people's gazing, Mia spread her white hands, her charming face regretful. She just sighed and shook her head with a forced smile.

Watt and Phelps became dark and terrible.

"Miss Mia, are you kidding us? We've always been together. I have never seen you use the Seven-colored Demonic Flower. You..." Watt didn't finish.

Phelps gazed at Mia, his eyes cold and dark. "Mia jie-jie, you want me to be killed, don't you?"

"Why would I want that?" Mia forced a smile and continued to say sorry. She sighed. "I did use it all. Who knew that this boy needed the Seven-colored Demonic Flower?" She paused for a while, her eyes suddenly brightening. "Okay, give me more time... I will contact the others and ask if they have the Seven-colored Demonic Flower."

The G.o.d Clan had also sent troops to the other three territories of ice, forest, and sea. They were taking the upper hand. Haig had finished his clearance mission. Mia wanted to find the other three teams to ask for the flower.

She was waiting for Shi Yan's answer.

"You all know I cultivate s.p.a.ce power Upanishad," Shi Yan said in a normal tone, "Throw out your Fantasy Sky Rings. I will check them all. If you actually don't have the Seven-colored Demonic Flower, I will consider your suggestion."

Watt and Phelps frowned at Mia.

Mia had cold eyes. She snorted and sneered, "My Fantasy Sky Rings store a lot of items I've harvested here, not to mention my divine weapons. You think it's practical to let you check them out?"


The bone thorn inside Phelps' abdomen stirred one round. The wound that had just sealed was broken again and was bleeding terribly. Phelps winced and balled his body like a shrimp in pain. Apparently, he felt so painful.

"Let me see or I will kill him." Shi Yan chuckled. "I think you still have the Seven-colored Demonic Flower. You just don't care about whether Phelps is dead or alive. The life of a future leader of the Ascot family isn't worth a Seven-colored Demonic Flower. Haha. That's how cheap the n.o.ble ident.i.ty I thought he got is."

Phelps, Watt, and the members of the Ascot all had dark and sinister faces upon hearing him. Some threw Shi Yan a hateful look while others gazed at Mia's team hostilely.

Mo Fou and Cecilia exchanged looks. They all saw fear in each other's eyes. When they looked at Shi Yan again, they felt so chilled inwardly as they were helpless and frightened.

This man... was too wicked!

The Fernandez family and the Ascot family had joined hands to swagger in this swamp territory and hunt down the warriors of different star areas. No force could resist them. Even when Mo Fou, Wu Feng, Wu Bai joined hands, they could only run away and avoid facing them directly.

They had used different methods, but they knew that they couldn't overturn this situation. They felt dispirited and their hands were tied.

All of a sudden, Shi Yan appeared with his brutal deed...

In their opinions, this was a trick by Shi Yan to divide the union of the Fernandez family and the Ascot family. He wanted to crack their ally and they could even turn out to be the enemies!

Once Mia and Phelps stood on the opposite sides, these two forces of the G.o.d Clan would attack each other. They wouldn't have time to deal with Mo Fou's group. Mo Fou's group could seize this chance and overturn this situation, breaking their topsy-turvy circ.u.mstances.

Everybody's eyes brightened as they appraised Shi Yan for his cunning deeds. They thought that this young man was indeed smart and wicked.

——Only Shang Ying Yue knew that Shi Yan didn't plan anything. He just needed the Seven-colored Demonic Flower the most...

Her beautiful eyes rolled for a while. She suddenly thought of a good trick. She said coldly and clearly, "Mia keeps the Seven-colored Demonic Flower. I have a special method to recognize that. My father is Shang Chen. He used to write a book of peculiar floras. I got the technique to identify them..."

She coldly pointed at the three Fantasy Sky Ring on Mia's fingers. She sounded confident, indeed. "The Seven-colored Demonic Flower is in her Fantasy Sky Ring. I'm 100% sure."

Phelps and Watt showed their sinister faces. They looked at Mia but didn't say a thing. Under their exploring eyes, Mia frowned and said calmly, "I can't let him check my items. You can say whatever dirty things you want. The three Fantasy Sky Rings store all our harvest, my divine weapons, and many secrets. Absolutely, I won't hand them to him."

"Well, it's simple though." Cecilia talked tenderly. "You can show the items in your rings one by one. Then, we can see that you don't have the Seven-colored Demonic Flower. Everybody will believe you."

"Lowly b*tch! Who are you? Do you think you're qualified to talk here?" Mia snarled.

"Oh, hahaha!"

Cecilia laughed charmingly, just pointed at Mia, and said no more.

Everybody could see that Mia was startled when people started to point at her.

"Mia jie-jie, I just want to ask you one question. You think that my life isn't worth one piece of Seven-colored Demonic Flower, don't you?" Phelps held the bone thorn in his stomach with both hands and asked coldly.

"I told you, it's not like that!" Mia screamed, her face impatient.

Shi Yan loosened his grip on Phelps' neck. He sneered and whispered into Phelps's ear. "Seems like you have to use some special trick though. Well, for example, rob her... I agree with you. As soon as I get the Seven-colored Demonic Flower, I will let you go."

Phelps nodded. Taking a deep breath, he spoke, his eyes closed, "Watt, summon our family members. Help me "invite" the Seven-colored Demonic Flower from Mia jie-jie! Perhaps Mia is forgetting that the experts of our family that come here this time will outnumber their family's experts."

"Phelps, you're crazy. You dare to deal with me as the other has instigated you?!" Mia screamed.

Phelps looked dark and cold. He closed his eyes and didn't utter a word.

"I understand, Young Master." Watt didn't even look at Mia. He just took out the Sound Stone to call the warriors of the Ascot family wandering around to gather.

"Young Lady. . ."

Yue Man of the Fernandez struggled and looked bitter. He bent his body and said to Mia, "I'm grateful for your favor. But you can't turn your back to Master Phelps just because you want to help my brother treat his Soul Rotting Aphis. Young Lady, please give him the Seven-colored Demonic Flower to free Young Master Phelps."

After that, Mo Fou, Shi Yan, Phelps, Watt, and the members of the Ascot family understood why Mia had to conceal the Seven-colored Demonic Flower.

"He's just a servant. How could he compare to my n.o.ble ident.i.ty? Mia jie-jie, you should give me the demonic flower. Don't make things more complicated. Otherwise, when my men come, it's awkward to fight each other."

Phelps opened his eyes slightly and said coldly. He didn't consider Yue Man's brother an equal life, his face heartless and arrogant.

The Ascot family was much stronger than Mia's Fernandez family. Phelps believed that Mia didn't dare to have any dispute with him. Under Shi Yan's instigation, he became strong again.

"Young Lady. . ."

Yue Man's face was painful and reluctant. He begged Mia to stop.

"Just like you, Uncle Yue Ke has taken care of me since I was young. To me... his life is much precious than Phelps!" Mia took a deep breath and said through her gritted teeth. "Let's fight! I want to see the Ascot family's warriors make me hand over the Seven-colored Demonic Flower!"

She was really enraged now!

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