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A corner of the swamp.

Shi Yan was gripping Phelps's neck with one hand and he was holding a sharp Bone Thorn with his other hand whose tip was sinking into Phelps' chest. Just a little push and Phelps' body as going to collapse.

Another Bone Thorn was stirring Phelps' stomach. Although it brought him unimaginable pain, it wasn't enough to take his life.

The body of many races had three deadly weak points including the head, heart, and the vortex in their lower abdomen. The soul alter hiding in the head was where a warrior's soul dwelled. The whirlpool in his lower abdomen was the center of his energy. Once it was broken, the energy of his entire body would vanish quickly. He would become an ordinary warrior who couldn't withstand even a blow.

The heart was the blood pump, the engine of the warrior's blood and flesh. If it was broken, that body couldn't live anymore.

Shi Yan had used the b.l.o.o.d.y sword to break the rainbow halo that protected Phelps. He was using one of his Bone Thorns to poke Phelps's heart, which prevented Phelps from transforming into his G.o.d Undying Body. As soon as he had the slightest commotion, Shi Yan could kill him easily.

Phelps didn't dare to act rashly. Watt and the warriors of the Ascot family suddenly quieted down.

They didn't threaten him anymore. Their eyes were drilling into Shi Yan with fear... That was a madman who's crazy of killing!

—— Because he killed Spot.

Spot was Sloan's son and Sloan was Fick's brother. Spot was also a key member of the Ascot family, whose position wasn't lower than Phelps. If he dared to kill Spot, why would he be afraid of killing Phelps?

Cecilia, Shang Ying Yue, Jiao Shan, and Jiao Hai all had complicated complexions. As they watched Shi Yan holding Phelps as a hostage and Phelps bleeding badly, they felt their hearts chilled.

"I am asking to know your purpose."

Although Phelps was being held hostage, he was so placid as if he had forgotten all the pain. He spoke slowly, "You keep me alive. You didn't kill me immediately. You must have some other intent... what do you want after all?"

"You're the future leader of the Ascot family. You're still calm at this moment. I admire you though." Shi Yan nodded to Watt from behind Phelps's head, "Can you contact Mia and ask her to come here?"

Watt was surprised. "You capture our Young Master because of Mia? Did you capture the wrong one?"

Shi Yan grinned.

The Bone Thorn that had stopped moving inside Phelps' stomach suddenly wiggled hard. Phelps balled his body as pain flooded his entire body. Veins bulged on his forehead. He paled as the beads of sweat rolled down his neck.

Everybody felt horrible. They instinctively rubbed their abdomen as if they had a sharp weapon piercing through that soft spot of theirs.

Shi Yan didn't need to utter another word for Phelps to urge. Watt jolted up and screamed, "I'm going to notify her! Right now!"

Watt took out a Sound Stone, his face extremely grimaced. He lowered his voice and said to the Sound Stone. After a while, he put the Sound Stone away and said, "Mia is about to get here. She'll arrive shortly. What do you want? We can discuss before her arrival."

Shi Yan looked at him indifferently. The hand that was gripping Phelps's neck suddenly tightened!

Phelps' neck bone made "crack crack" sounds. He was so frightened, so he had to follow the force and sit down. Shi Yan also kept his posture as he sat behind him. He closed his eyes halfway. Apparently, he didn't want to talk.

Watt was bewildered. He frowned and winked at the other six warriors of the Ascot family. The six warriors didn't say anything. They just scattered and circled Shi Yan.

No one paid attention to Shang Ying Yue and the others.

The four people including Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue were targets, but they had become the outsiders. Shi Yan didn't mind them and neither did Watt. They stood their lonely and suddenly felt irritated...

"Cough! Cough!" Cecilia smiled and moved her s.e.xy body. She didn't have her former disdainful look as she was trying to earn Shi Yan's favor by talking to him enthusiastically. "Little brother, do you need our cooperation? Just name it. We will advance or retreat together with you!"

Shang Ying Yue, Jiao Hai, and Jiao Hai also looked at him with hope.

Recently, when Mo Fou, Wu Feng, Wu Bai, and these women had fought Mia and Phelps, they had never gained the upper hand. Their temporary troop had lost a lot of their members. Most of the time, they had to run for their lives helter-skelter.

This time, it was also the most critical moment and they thought that they would perish in Phelps's raid. However, when they were about to lose their hope, someone had interrupted and held Phelps hostage.

This was a kind of victory! A good turn that cheered up everybody! They felt like they had finally seen the dawn after a dark night.

It was obvious that Shi Yan had only Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. He had appeared out of nowhere, tearing the barriers that they couldn't even scratch to escape. Shi Yan had hit the important leader of the Ascot family and kept him hostage, which had overturned their cognition.

All of a sudden, Cecilia, Jiao Hai, and Jiao Shan remembered what Shang Ying Yue used to tell them: Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness wasn't restricted on this ancient continent.

Cecilia, Jiao Hai, and Jiao Shan's eyes brightened. They all looked at Shi Yan with hope. They finally believed what Shang Ying Yue had told them. They became restlessly excited.

If it was so, with Shi Yan as the eyes in this swamp area, could they escape this d.a.m.n situation?

Their eyes became hotter.

Shi Yan lifted his head, looking at them as he didn't understand. He said coldly, "Why are you still here? Mia will take her Fernandez family's experts here in any moment. If you don't leave now, will you stay here to court death?"

Shang Ying Yue, Cecilia, Jiao Hai, and Jiao Shan were baffled.

"We have you here, don't we?" Cecilia smiled charmingly. Her curvy body swayed gently like a beautiful Nagini. Her mesmerizing eyes had light ripples. "You're holding Phelps, right? How could they dare to attack us? Haha, we were blind that we..."

"Oh, how do your lives matter to me?" Shi Yan impolitely cut off Cecilia's touching speech. He looked at her with the look he used for the fools. "I cultivate s.p.a.ce power Upanishad. Once I'm done negotiating with Mia, I will tear the sky and leave. The hotshots of the Fernandez family and the Ascot family will all be here. Without me, they will use you guys to vent out... Understand?"

Cecilia felt so chilled. Her beautiful eyes showered her fear. She smiled embarra.s.sedly and reluctantly, "No... You... You won't bring us with you?"

Shi Yan glanced at her with an awkward expression. Then, he closed his eyes and showed his indifferent face.

Cecilia, Shang Ying Yue, Jiao Hai, and Jiao Shan suddenly felt the ground also got cold. A cold current of fear twirled, throwing them into the harsh coldness. Their faces grimaced, their bodies stiff.

"You're truly a heartless, despicable b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Shang Ying Yue gritted her teeth.

"I've wasted my flirting on you!" Cecilia was enraged.

"He neglects the whole situation! That brat just wants to make profits!" Jiao Shan and Jiao Hai shouted indignantly.

Shi Yan looked calm and natural while the other four were scolding him. He didn't even bat an eye. He still kept his eyes closed and said faintly, "Don't blame me for not reminding you. Mia and the Fernandez family's warriors will arrive soon. You don't have much time."

"Let's go." Cecilia changed her visage. She knew Shi Yan's magical sensibility. As the situation was good, she stopped cursing him and said to the others. "We'll find him to take revenge later!"

Cecilia and the others glared at him maliciously and then left. They disappeared like the four lightning strikes.

Watt and the Ascot family's warriors didn't mind them as they were busy watching Shi Yan. They didn't even blink.

Phelps had two trickles of blood on the corners of his mouth. The wound in his abdomen had stopped bleeding. However, the Bone Thorn still stayed inside his body. It didn't move anymore so Phelps wouldn't bear the cracking pain.

His face was dark and calm as he signaled Watt's team not to act rashly. They had to wait until Mia came.

Watt's team received his signal. They calmed down, waiting for Mia and the experts of the Fernandez.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The hissing sounds of came through the air. Watt and Phelps's eyes brightened as they thought that it was Mia's team. They were happy. However, when Shi Yan used his co-soul to sense, he couldn't help but curse the others for their stupidity.

Cecilia, Shang Ying Yue, Jiao Hai, and Jiao Shan had just left and now, they returned. They stopped at this area, their faces grim.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

Some shadows appeared from another direction. They were Mo Fou, Wu Feng, Wu Bai, and Sha Zhao. They arrived all of a sudden, their face aghast.

"That a.s.shole didn't give us the way. We went going the wrong direction. We encountered Mia. You're cold-blooded!" Shang Ying Yue looked at Shi Yan, hissing through her gritted teeth.

"It's your bad luck." Shi Yan sneered.

Mo Fou, Wu Feng, and Wu Bai had just arrived. They were baffled as they looked at Shi Yan who was holding Phelps and then at Phelps with his bleeding body. The Bone Thorn was stabbing into his chest near his heart. Everybody looked so frightened because they didn't have a clue of what was going in this swamp.

"I heard someone was looking for me? I also want to find someone. Oh, the people who should be here are all here. Seems like we can avoid a lot of trouble..."

Mia's lazy voice arose. She smiled and sauntered between the members of her Fernandez family like the stars surrounding the moon.

It was like what she had said: people who had to be present here were are all here.

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