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Mia looked at Shi Yan who was laughing wildly. She changed her countenance quickly. Her contemptuous eyes were now focused. She became cautious in just a blink.

It was because Shi Yan had transformed all of a sudden.

Immortal Demon Clan!

As she was a core member of the Fernandez family, Mia knew many secrets of the G.o.d Clan. In this vast cosmos, they deemed themselves as G.o.ds as they were the nearly perfect warriors in the world. Their longevity was almost eternal. Their bodies were extremely robust. Their recovery speed was unimaginable and their minds were transcendent in understanding different powers Upanishad...

G.o.d Clan was a clan that had had all the advantages of the great races. They had all the merits of the different races in their bodies. Besides the poor reproduction rate, they had almost no other weakness.

The G.o.d members were arrogant and proud of their origin and their ident.i.ties. They thought that no race in this world could be as perfect as they were.

However, the twelve families of the G.o.d Clan, the great experts whose names were recorded in the Book of G.o.d, all knew that in this vast universe existed a clan with a small number of remaining members that wasn't weaker than them in any aspect...

That clan was called Immortal Demon Clan!

They were intimidatingly strong with extraordinary recovery ability. They were so powerful that they could transform like high-grade warriors of G.o.d Clan!

The shape of a G.o.d warrior that had transformed was called the G.o.d Undying Body. At the same time, the Immortal Demon warriors could also turn into their Demon Immortal Bodies. The shapes of them after transforming were surprisingly alike!

With many similarities, many old G.o.d warriors had questioned whether the two clans could have something related back to their origins. It also made the G.o.d warriors nervous...

——They had always considered this race a significant threat and their archenemy! It'd been millions of years since the Immortal Demon Clan had been fighting them. They had never paused to rest!

Many years ago in the great war between the Bloodthirsty Force and the G.o.d Clan, the Immortal Demon Clan was the core force.

That war ended with the Bloodthirsty's defeat and the big loss of the Immortal Demon Clan. Afterward, G.o.d Clan had sent their best forces to chase and kill members of Immortal Demon Clan in every star area. They wanted to eradicate this race. Because of many similar features, the existence of this race had always made them bite their nails.

A long, long time ago, a Sage had investigated and announced a particular theory: he a.s.sumed that the G.o.d Clan and the Demon Clan shared the same origin.

The ancestral planet of the G.o.d Clan was an ancient continent. At the dawn of this universe, five ancient continents were created at the same time. Ancient G.o.d Star was one of them. Until today, that star was still the most secret place of Ancient G.o.d Star Area. It was the holy land of the G.o.d Clan and the forbidden land. Only the greatest warriors were allowed to visit that star. The solemn rituals and ceremonies of the G.o.d Clan were held there.

Ancient G.o.d Star was the homeland, the cradle of the G.o.d Clan, and one of the five ancient continents of this universe.

According to that sage, the Immortal Demon Clan was born in another ancient continent called Ancient Demon Star. Ancient Demon Star and Ancient G.o.d Star were two stars of a binary star. They had many things in common.

As they were both ancient continents of the universe, Ancient G.o.d Continent and Ancient Demon Continent were surprisingly similar as if they were twins. They had given birth to the G.o.d Clan and Immortal Demon Clan. They both had G.o.d Blood and Demon Blood respectively. They could transform and their reproduction rate was low.

The two comparable races had been fighting against each other for billions of years ago. A long, long time ago, the G.o.d Clan and Immortal Demon Clan were the strongest forces in this cosmos.

However, rumors said that the Immortal Demon Clan had declined for a long time. Not only were its clansmen ma.s.sacred, but no one knew where Ancient Demon Star was. Many people a.s.sumed that G.o.d Clan had also smashed that planet. No one had seen it ever since.

After their disastrous defeat, members of the Immortal Demon Clan moved to other star areas to survive and recovered their power. Later on, the Immortal Demon Clan was still the core members of the great operations of destroying the G.o.d Clan. They were still aiming at uprooting the G.o.d Clan to take revenge for their clan.

Before the Bloodthirsty Force had invaded Ancient G.o.d Star Area, the G.o.d Clan had experienced dangers that had almost eradicated this race. The Immortal Demon Clan was the most intimidating force in such operations.

However, after the defeat of the Bloodthirsty Force, the G.o.d Clan finally used all their powers to pursue and kill the Immortal Demon clansmen. After years of this cleaning operation, the number of the remaining Demon warriors was getting smaller and smaller...

As Mia was the key disciple of the Fernandez family of the G.o.d Clan, she understood how terrifying the Immortal Demon Clan was compared to other clans. She knew how severe the damages that this clan had brought to the G.o.d Clan were. She had heard from her precursors that if this clan had been luckier... perhaps, they would have been the overlords of this universe.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

A chain of thought flickered in Mia's head. Her graceful body made cracking sounds as it was changing...

The clothes on her slender, gentle body were suddenly shattered by some unknown forces. Transparent scales appeared on her skin like leaves growing on a tree. Those scales were somehow made of a dazzling crystal, which released a powerful energy fluctuation that nothing could break.

Crystal spikes jutted out of her shoulders, elbows, knees, and the back of her hands. They looked like sharp icicles that made people respect and admire her.

It was the G.o.d Undying Body that only the pure-blood G.o.d members could have. Once they could transform into the G.o.d Undying Body, their powers and competence rocketed instantly!

Seeing Shi Yan transformed into his Demon Immortal Body, Mia didn't have any gleam of disdain anymore. She had to focus on dealing with this big threat called Shi Yan.

Compared to Shi Yan's shape, Mia looked much more beautiful. Her entire body was covered with crystal scales that clung to her body. They were fulgent like the most magnificent porcelain. However, those sharp spikes were like icicles that made people numb and gave them a sharp feeling.

Shi Yan's eyes were as red as blood. He looked brutal and wild as if he had fallen into bedevilment. The natural armor on his body had cracks that revealed his lean muscles and red skin. The bone spikes that jutted out made people imagine something evil and wicked.

After they had finished their transformation, Mia's eyes became placid as if they didn't have emotions that humans should have. She looked curtly cold like a killing machine.

Shi Yan was different. His eyes looked like they were dripping blood, revealing his wild and ruthless intents. He seemed to utterly fall into the sea of blood. Desires occupied his mind, giving people a feeling of a crazy beast.

"We have only one policy to the members of the Immortal Demon Clan: kill every last one!"

Mia's voice was chilling to the bone. She didn't have a bit of emotion in her voice. One of her th.o.r.n.y, crystal hands pointed at Shi Yan.


The thousand times heavier gravity pressed down.

Shi Yan roared like a caged beast. Veins bulged and wiggled under his skin. They wriggled like worms, releasing the deadly energy into the sky with earth-shaking currents.

The gravity field covering his body exploded in a reverberating way. Cl.u.s.ters of light that could destroy the planet shot out, shocking the twelve silver dragons. They were enraged, roaring and hissing by Shi Yan with their claws held out as if they wanted to rip Shi Yan apart.

Twelve five-clawed silver dragons had flowers bloom in their mouths. Those fresh flowers wiggled and bit the air like big buckets of blood.

"Dark Prison Demonic Flowers!"

Shi Yan said in a husky voice before bursting out laughing.

While he was in the G.o.d Perishing Land, he had known the Dark Prison Demonic Flower. He knew that it was a tool of the G.o.d Clan that could devour blood, flesh, and Essence Qi to refill the G.o.d warriors. It was a peculiar and horrible creature in this world.

However, those Dark Prison Demonic Flowers were afraid of the heaven flames the most...

"Well, you know a lot," said Mia indifferently. "Seems like the Immortal Demon Clan and our clan are archenemies through generations. You know our deeds very clearly. Too bad that it can't change anything. The Dark Prison Demonic Flower hates only the top heating or the top Yang things..."

Her pupils shrank.

While she hadn't finished, cl.u.s.ters of red flames flew out of Shi Yan's glabella, hitting each Dark Prison Demonic Flower.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The Dark Prison Demonic Flowers in the mouths of the twelve five-clawed silver dragons were burned down. They turned into ashes almost instantly.

All the five-clawed silver dragons with chains used to have empty eyes without a clear focus. Suddenly, they began to struggle hard. They halted as they were heading towards Shi Yan. They howled and aimed their attacks at Mia.

The Dark Prison Demonic Flowers were the things that controlled the dragon minds. When the flowers were burned, the dragons got control of their bodies back.

They hated the G.o.d Clan to the bone. To Mia, the one who had imprisoned them for years as slaves, their hostility towards her was so deep. As soon as they woke up, they showed their fangs and attempted to kill Mia to free themselves from the Imperial Dragon Token.

At that moment, the s.p.a.ce confinement caused by the Hidden Dragon Tying Sky was broken. Shi Yan seized that chance immediately.

Grinning fiendishly, he wasn't hurried to attack Mia. His body flashed and he disappeared from the attacking rage of the Imperial Dragon Token. He wanted to make sure that he had enough room to attack or retreat. He didn't want to use his energy to withstand another confinement.

"Get lost!"

Mia shouted ear-piercingly when the twelve silver dragons approached her.

The Imperial Dragon Token suddenly had a powerful suction force. The twelve chains connecting to the dragon swung hard and retreated into the jade token.

The silver dragons roared and screeched unwillingly. They were pulled into the Imperial Dragon Token, turning into twelve dragon drawings on the token. Everything quieted down.

When Mia returned home, she would use the Dark Prison Demonic Flower to control their souls. Then, the Imperial Dragon Token was good again.

However, she couldn't use it for this battle anymore.

"Good. You've fused with the heaven flames. No wonder why you weren't afraid of the Dark Prison Demonic Flower."

Mia's face was strangely placid. She put aside the token, but she wasn't hurried to strike another attack. "After you got rid of the Hidden Dragon Tying Sky, you could leave this place immediately with your s.p.a.ce power Upanishad. Why are you staying?"

She knew clearly that without the Imperial Dragon Token, she couldn't kill Shi Yan, a warrior who cultivated s.p.a.ce power Upanishad. Thus, she wasn't hurried to strike another attack.

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