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The northern territory of the ancient continent was filled with continuous glaciers. It looked like a sharp ice sword jutting into the sky with a freezing aura.

A group of more than twenty members of the G.o.d Clan was moving. It was led by a young man, sauntering through the glaciers towards the territory of swamps.

The leading young man had short hair, which looked like short but sharp steel needles. A handsome face accompanied by a set of exquisite armor. His armor had the drawings of burning fires.

More than twenty G.o.d warriors following him had calm auras and resolute eyes. They were like imposing mountains with abundant exploding energy that gave people a heavy pressure.

The glaciers situated one after another had buried many warriors under those people's raids. After less than five years, they had uprooted the so-called talented seeds of the great star areas in this territory of bitter coldness.

"Young Master, we can cross the glacier within three days to get into the territory of swamps where Mia and the others are," said a stiff-faced old man wearing a beautiful robe.

Haig nodded, his line of sight shooting like a lightning strike forward. He said nonchalantly, "Mia's team is useless. They're the slowest team so they haven't finished cleaning their area yet."

"When Young Master gets there, we can finish it then." Payton smiled and delivered compliments on time. He looked at the young man with respect.

It has been tens of thousands of years and the Bradley family was still the strongest family among the twelve families of the G.o.d Clan. They had authority in the Elder Committee.

And this Haig was the most outstanding star of the Bradley family. He was young, but he was already at Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. He was just one step away from Incipient G.o.d Realm. He got the Origin of their ancestral star with years of experience in combat. His merits made people admire him. With his various personal experience, he could command the corps or train soldiers. This man had a will of steel that a.s.sisted his brutal and heartless deeds.

In the eyes of the G.o.d Clan's Elders, Haig didn't have a significant weakness. He was deemed the future leader of the Bradley family.

The Chief of the Bradley family could control almost everything in the G.o.d Clan or the master of the cosmos. They had nurtured Haig this way, though.

Until now, he had never let them down.

The operation in the ancient continent called "Desolate" was proposed by Haig. He also proposed himself to be the leader...

The G.o.d Clan had spread the Guiding Fruits to the star areas that were the threats to the G.o.d Clan. They had revealed mysteries of the ancient continent, which had attracted strong forces sending their powerful successors to the ancient continent. Then, Haig led the elite generations of the G.o.d Clan's families to join this operation of destroying the futures of the other star areas at once.

This heartless, malicious plan had shocked the Elders of the G.o.d Clan. They had to give him applause.

Many experts whose names were recorded in the Book of G.o.d of the G.o.d Clan wanted Haig to be the future leader of the G.o.d Clan. This operation where he took the outstanding young warriors of the families of the G.o.d Clan to the ancient continent was the last challenge for him. If he could carry out his plan successfully to eradicate all the geniuses and the future of the other star areas, he would claim the throne of the Chief of the G.o.d Clan in the future without any objection.

Before Haig came here, he had written a military pledge, which ensured his success in this operation.

He was full of confidence.

Because before he had entered the ancient continent, he had a chance to break through to Incipient G.o.d Realm, but he forcefully held it back and remained in Ethereal G.o.d Realm so he could be eligible to enter the strange planet. Since he had the Origin of their ancestral star, he could ignore the shackles of the ancient continent to use his Soul Consciousness and find the creatures hiding in any corner.

With the elite force of the Bradley family at Peak of Ethereal G.o.d Realm and the special advantage of using the Soul Consciousness, the victory belonged to him.

Payton smiled at him as if he had seen the future of the Bradley family in him or picture the beautiful image of the G.o.d Clan ruling over the cosmos. He felt proud of his family and, of course, of Haig.

"Remember one thing, our goal is to clear all the talented seeds of the other star areas." Haig arched his brows and said, "It's what the Elders have expected us to do. We must achieve it first before we figure out how to gain the biggest benefits for our families. You have to know which are significant missions and which are minor. We can't have internal issues before we've finished the main missions."

"I understand, Master," Payton smiled.

"Yeah, get going. We should reach the swamp early." Haig nodded. "Besides our territory, the other three still have some small problems. Just consider that we're going to help them extinguish the fire. It's not for them, but for us."

"Young Master, I'm glad you have prioritized the whole picture," Payton admired.

The experts of the Bradley family continued to cross the glacier and approached Mia.

A group of G.o.d warriors silently scattered in an area of slippery mud. They were approaching in a direction.

The tips of Mia's feet touched the wet ground of the swarm slightly, floating up like a feather. She didn't say anything but continued to give gestures to make people scatter and expand their encirclement.

Yue Man gracefully led in the front to show them directions.

All of a sudden, the hissing of tearing-air arose from a distance ahead. Mia's face changed slightly. She called out for her warriors to halt.

Shortly after, Bai Hao's team of four tiptoed and gathered by Mia. Bai Hao shook his head and explained begrudgingly. "They had left before we came."

Mia's bold brows furrowed as she spoke indifferently. "Forget it. We should focus on the main targets first. We'll get back to that small fish later."

Bai Hao bowed to her and showed his apology.

Waving her hand, Mia winked at Phelps and asked them to move.

Twenty-seven G.o.d warriors were arranged in half a circle formation. They moved further. Their targets were within reach now.

If someone could hover in the sky, he would be able to see that Mia and Phelps were about to cast the net to catch fish. Their net was expanding and getting closer to Mo Fou, Shang Ying Yue, and Wu Feng.

Mo Fou and the others were the fish, but they didn't know that and moved at their regular speed. They hadn't recognized the threat.

Between the two teams were dirty streams that were narrow and meandering like snakes.

Inside one of those streams was a ghostly figure whose clothes were so clean that it was as if they weren't affected by the dirty water. He grinned and looked at Mia and Phelps. Then, he looked at Mo Fou and Shang Ying Yue who hadn't recognized the coming danger. He squinted and gazed at Sha Zhao who was walking in the back of the formation.

The sea of stars in his eyes changed. The starlight in his body suddenly condensed into a starlight bow and an arrow in front of him. A shooting star moved like a rainbow bringing the brutal, tearing power that could rip the sky off.

Magnificent starlight bloomed in the horizon and flew with the trajectories of the stars that had connected the thick earth and heaven energy to the starlight arrow. That starlight arrow became terrifyingly sharp and it thrust in Sha Zhao's back. The mournful whistle tore the air.

Sha Zhao's face chilled within seconds. He couldn't help but spurt out blood. The Life Gu insects in his blood wiggled, hissing and buzzing. They immediately aligned into the malicious formation of demonic insects that had to strenuously struggle to stop that starlight arrow.

A flow of destructive energy diffused. Countless starlight dots shot rapidly. Some of them exploded right at the area where the G.o.d Clan's warriors were hiding. Many of the G.o.d Clan's warriors had to urge their powers to stop the starlight or to move away.

"That despicable little brat!" Sha Zhao shouted angrily.

Mo Fou and Cecilia had to turn their head to watch Sha Zhao. They also saw the commotions in a distance that the G.o.d Clan's warriors caused when they changed their locations.

"They're here!"

Cecilia couldn't help but shout.

For the time being, eleven fish including Sha Zhao acc.u.mulated their energy to the utmost. Just like the light arrows, they accelerated dozens of times faster and dashed forward.

At the gathering point of the G.o.d Clan's members, Mia's charming face was as cold as frost. She hissed, "Get them immediately!"

Her line of sight was like an icicle drilling in a stream in front of her. She gritted her teeth in anger. When the starlight arrow was shooting away, she had recognized who had interfered with her business. It was the brat who had s.n.a.t.c.hed the Brilliant Star Fruit Tree from her!

Throughout these recent five years, they had moved around the swamp area and killed a lot of warriors to collect materials, but until now, she hadn't gotten anything more precious than the Brilliant Star Fruit Tree.

The Brilliant Star Fruit Tree was robbed, which left a grudge in her mind. She could not forgive herself.

A kid at First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm had tricked her with his powers Upanishad. He had taken the Brilliant Star Fruit Tree right in front of her, leaving her some mocking and provoking words...

Each time she recalled this, she was so bitter that she clenched her jaw. It was the only mistake she had had since she had arrived in the ancient continent. She would never forget it!

This time, her team had planned for a long time to kill the remaining warriors before Haig's team arrived. However, right at the critical moment, the starlight had pointed their positions and disturbed her plan in just a blink. As they couldn't form their attacking formation, their plan was destroyed.

It was the second time!

Mia took a deep breath. Her beautiful eyes twinkled with malicious thoughts. She hated Shi Yan deep to her bone.

After the G.o.d Clan's plan was interrupted, the G.o.d warriors had to chase after the others furiously. Their formation was stretched. When Cecilia, Mo Fou, and the others scattered, the G.o.d Clan's formation had to divide into smaller groups.

When Mo Fou, Cecilia, Shang Ying Yue, and the others scattered, someone was going to be killed, but this kind of disbanding would save them from all being killed.

As the G.o.d warriors were chasing after the others, the warriors in the swamp area were scattering like lines diverging from the same source. One team was chasing after the other. And to the originator, the opportunity he was looking for had finally come.

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