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It was a green marsh where willow-like algae hovered on the water surface in tufts. Wisps of shining green smoke diffused from the marsh, creating a deep green cage with a sour smell.

In a place that had a lot of algae, Shi Yan stood in the lake and the water reaching his waist. He lifted his head to watch the toxic green smoke hovering like fabric sheets. He couldn't help but take it in.

Wisps of green smoke and mist streamed towards his mouth and nostrils. The sour and bitter poison diffused in his body. Where it glided over, his blood and flesh felt numb, his bone rigid. His blood began to be sluggish.

This kind of toxic substance could paralyze his body's functions and make him lose control of his body. After a while, he would feel powerless and his G.o.d power would be drained...

It was a poisonous air that could erode people's bodies slowly.

A strange light flashed in his eyes. The Poison-dipped Cold Bead hiding in his soul altar emerged on his tongue. A suction force was released from the cold black bead. Right after that, a silk fiber that couldn't be seen with naked eyes flew out from his body and entered the Poison-dipped Cold Bead.

The green water in that marsh and the toxic gas contained the deadly poisons. In this swamp area, there were so many places like this.

This area wasn't far from where Mo Fou, Wu Bai, Cecilia and the others gathered. It wasn't more than one hundred miles away. Although warriors couldn't fly a lot in the ancient continent, to Ethereal G.o.d Realm experts like Shi Yan, they could fly one hundred miles quickly, especially the warriors who cultivated s.p.a.ce power Upanishad.

A scorching flame flickered continually above his head, which looked like a small sun releasing shining light.

The life energy fluctuations from several hundred miles away reflected in his head through the co-soul.

Mo Fou, Wu Feng, Wu Bai, and the others didn't move yet. Perhaps they were discussing how to deal with the G.o.d Clan's threat. His Soul Consciousness elongated. After several breaths, his visage changed. Divine light sparkled in his eyes as he focused on observing.

Shi Yan had located the accurate location of Mia, Phelps, and the Bai family.

There were twenty-seven warriors with seventeen Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm experts and ten Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm experts. This group of twenty-seven warriors had full Blood Qi and robust life energy magnetic fields. Their real competence was higher than what they appeared to be.

Mia was prominent in that group. Her surging life energy magnetic field could be compared to that of the warrior at Incipient G.o.d Realm. Her abundant Blood Qi wasn't less than Wu Bai's.

Besides the four warriors of the Bai family, the rest of them were G.o.d Clan's members. Each of them was super powerful and was much stronger than other warriors in the same realm.

Watching silently for a while, Shi Yan retrieved his Soul Consciousness, his face darker and heavier.

It was much difficult than what he had imagined.

His primary purpose wasn't to help Shang Ying Yue deal with the Bai family's warriors. He wanted to take the Seven-colored Demonic Flower that Mia was holding. It was his crucial mission when he came to the ancient continent this time. To recuse Yang Tian Emperor from the Soul Rotting Aphis, he must use this demonic flower to awaken his mind.

Shi Yan must get the Seven-colored Demonic Flower at any cost!

The reason why he didn't want to go with Mo Fou, Sha Zhao, and Wu Feng was because he had his decision. Using the co-soul, which had the same origin as this continent, he could sense any commotion around. It wasn't different from a pair of eyes that could observe many things.

With this a.s.surance, even if he didn't join Mo Fou's team, he could still deal with any danger. He could dodge the troop of the G.o.d Clan at any time.

With the s.p.a.ce power Upanishad, he wouldn't be defeated in this swamp. Unless he risked his life and jumped into the crowd of enemies, he didn't have any significant threat.

But if he joined Mo Fou's team, he would be bound and he had to share his privilege with them without any benefit. Of course, he wouldn't do such foolish deeds that gave him nothing in return.

He had planned to act alone. He would find the right chance to attack Mia and take the Seven-colored Demonic Flower. But now, he didn't think so...

This time, after sensing her energy acc.u.mulation and life magnetic field, he knew how strong Mia was. Under the given circ.u.mstance that Mia wasn't hurt, when they fought one-on-one, he couldn't gain the upper hand even if he had used all of his deeds.

And now, as Mia was going with the G.o.d Clan's troop, he had no opportunity to attack her. If he showed himself, he would be killed pathetically.

He pulled himself together, thinking about how to achieve his goal. After a while, his eyes brightened up. He couldn't help but sneer.

If he could use Mo Fou, Sha Zhao, Wu Feng, Wu Bai, and Cecilia, he perhaps would have a chance to take what he wanted. And he didn't care if those people were killed or not.

A wisp of thought flashed in his head. He got the idea and now, he needed to develop it. He sank slowly, disappearing into the poisonous marsh.

"Young Lady, please hold on for a while."

The elegant Yue Man suddenly paused. He squatted down, placing one hand of his, which had complicated lines like a mysterious drawing, on a block of mud on the ground. However, the mud didn't stick on his slender, white hand as it was kept away by a faint halo.

Mia swung her creamy hand and made a strange gesture. All the warriors behind her including Phelps and the Bai family's warriors halted.

Everybody looked at Yue Man.

Electric beams like fish swimming through the ground were released from Yue Man's fingers. They happily stormed into the ground and moved fast.

Yue Man closed his eyes as lines were drawn into his brain. The surroundings were pictured in his mind with him as the center. All looked like a real photo in his brain.

"There's a small fish near us." Yue Man smiled as he was surprised, pointing at Shi Yan's direction. "He has only Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. I am guessing that he was careless so the troop had ditched him. Haha, this man is careless, indeed. He lingers in my observing scale. I don't need to use my power to recognize him."

He looked at Mia, waiting for her command.

"... If he's just at Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm, we don't need to send many people. We don't want to waste time, right?" Mia ordered deliberately, "Bai Hao, you guys go there and clear that fish."

The four warriors of the Bai family in Dry Bone Star Area bent their bodies slightly when receiving the order. Bai Hao took his men to leave this group.

"After clearing all the fish, should we keep those four of the Bai family?"

It was Phelps of the Ascot family talking with a malicious smile on his handsome face. He rose his hand, making a throat-cutting gesture. The Ascot family's members behind him grinned fiendishly. Apparently, they didn't consider the Bai family's warriors their comrades.

"We still need those four watchdogs." Mia smiled gently but her word was malignant. "We'll have to face the other families when we get to the Center. Although we don't need time, they're good p.a.w.ns to sacrifice. Perhaps we can use them well though."

"Oh, Mia, you're so thoughtful," Phelps gave an honest compliment.

"Well, you're not bad, either." Mia giggled, her eyes watery. She stretched her body in a s.e.xy posture where her waist bent amazingly. "We should hurry to finish it. Haig sent another message. He said he would be here shortly. He said we are too low."

"So we must hurry up," Phelps snorted. "I don't want to see his ugly mug."

"No one wants to see him," sighed Mia begrudgingly.

Everybody continued their trip neither hurried nor slow.

"We should move. They should be close to us now. We can't stay in a location for a long time."

Cecilia, the Nagini-like beauty, suddenly shivered as she woke up from her meditation. Her face was a little worried, "I don't know why I'm that anxious. I feel insecure. I'm afraid that we have to pay a big price this time."

Mo Fou, Wu Feng, Sha Zhao, and Shang Ying Yue jolted up from hearing her. Everybody grimaced. They looked at Cecilia with an odd countenance.

Recently, Cecilia could predict many bad things. She couldn't predict good things, but every bad thing she'd mentioned came true. Everybody discolored from hearing her. They also felt strange and insecure.

"Right, we shouldn't linger in one place for a long time," nodded Mo Fou. "They have an expert who can track us down. Although it can't be compared to the Soul Consciousness and it takes time, they can know our general direction."

People became heavy-hearted. They knew that Mo Fou evidently told the truth because during throughout this six-month period, no matter how hard they had tried to hide, the enemy would come to them after a short time.

"Alright, we should go to the Center and wait for its opening time." Wu Feng smiled coldly. "I don't believe that they could kill all the warriors from the four territories of the ancient continent. As long as the Center opened, we can get there. I don't think they will go after us until that time."

The others were shaken.

The drifting algae in the green marsh were turbulent for a while as Shi Yan stormed out of the water. Starlight sparkled on his body like a silver cage covering his entire figure.

He frowned, his eyes drilling in a direction to sense quietly.

Then, he disappeared from this marsh all of a sudden. His body moved like a zigzag lightning strike.

Fifteen minutes later, Bai Hao's group of four appeared by the drifting algae. Bai Hao took a deep breath and said coldly, "Someone was here. But now it's not even a wisp of aura. He's gone." Within a short distance, they could still feel the living aura of people.

"Did he know that we were coming?" asked one warrior.

"No, it's impossible. Perhaps it's just coincidental." Bai Hao shook his head. He pondered for seconds and then gave up. "We're not Yue Man. It's not necessary to chase after that one. We should go and help them."

The other three nodded. They dashed with Bai Hao and went to their target destination.

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