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Chapter 111 Immortal pills
The Cyan Blood Bat carried Shi Yan and flew to the east of the Dead Swamp. Soon, they landed in the woods where Xia Xinyan was.
This time, Shi Yan sat on Xiao Hanyi’s Cyan Blood Bat.
This Cyan Blood Bat had crimson eyes and sharp claws. It's wings were flared out, giving it a menacing dominance.
Just as Xiao Hanyi, the Cyan Blood Bat emitted a b.l.o.o.d.y smell, as it had eaten numerous warriors.
Xiao Hanyi wanted to talk to Shi Yan, and Shi Yan didn’t want to talk to Mu Yu Die, so he refused her and climbed onto the Cyan Blood Bat, without taking any further looks at that sn.o.bbish woman.
The Cyan Blood Bat landed slowly, and stopped in front of Xia Xin Yan.
Xiao Hanyi walked up and said lightly, “Little Xia, it’s all finished here. I can give you a ride if you are going back to the Endless Sea.”
Xia Xin Yan smiled elegantly, “Thank you uncle Xiao.”
Xiao Hanyi nodded, as he walked aside with Shi Yan, and looked directly into his eyes, “Young Master Yan, could I check your body?”
Shi Yan was confused, and didn’t want to wait, “Sure!”
Xiao Hanyi reached out his red hand and put it on Shi Yan’s shoulder, then a stream of dense profound Qi went into Shi Yan’s body.
That agile profound Qi moved all around Shi Yan’s meridians.
After that, Xiao Hanyi finally nodded joyfully, “Well, it seems you did inherit the Immortal Martial Spirit of the Yang Family!”
Immortal Martial Spirit?
Shi Yan was a little shocked, but after spending a few short moments thinking, he realized why these experts from the Endless Sea came here.
“Young Master Yan, could you cut your arm? I want to see what stage your Immortal Martial Spirit is at?” Xiao Hanyi hesitated, and then asked.
Shi Yan didn’t feel uncomfortable at all, and he took out a dagger from his bag, and made a small cut on his left arm.
While cutting, Shi Yan looked calm, as if he wasn’t mutilating his own flesh.
Xiao Hanyi was observing him carefully.
Seeing Shi Yan’s boldness, Xiao Hanyi believed Ku Luo’s opinion of Shi Yan, that he was a strong-minded one.
He, who was brutal to himself, would also be brutal to others! Xiao Hanyi truly believed that, in order to become a powerhouse in this world, one needed to be brutal!
Though the Yang Family was influential in the Endless Sea, it still had many adversaries. Those demons in the Fourth Demon Area hated the Yang Family so much that they would do anything to hurt the Yang Family. If Shi Yan was not decisive enough, he may lose his life in the Endless Sea someday.
Xiao Hanyi asked Shi Yan to cut himself, as he wanted to test his disposition too.
Seeing Shi Yan’s ruthlessness to himself, Xiao Hanyi realized that it would be easy to train Shi Yan, so he was very pleased.
The wound began to twist like a worm, while the flesh joined with itself.
Xiao Hanyi’s eyes sparkled!
Right in front of him, Shi Yan’s wound healed little by little.
In merely ten minutes,the wound completely recovered, without a scar.
“Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic!”
Xiao Hanyi repeated the word in excitement, “Without Immortal pills, You have already reached the second stage of the Immortal Martial Spirit as a Human warrior! Fantastic! Brilliant! Young Master Yan, you are such a genius! It was worth of my journey here!”
“The second stage of the Immortal Martial Spirit?” Shi Yan was surprised, and he smiled, “Good. I felt my Immortal Martial Spirit had changed when I was in that odd s.p.a.ce. So it turns out that it advanced to the second stage, hehe.”
“Young Master Yan, the Immortal Martial Spirit of the Yang Family doesn’t advance with mere training, it also needs blood. Young Master Yan must have met formidable adversaries in the fake Gate and gotten hurt, so your Immortal Martial Spirit advanced!”
Xiao Hanyi didn’t get into the fake Gate of Heaven, but he knew everything that happened to Shi Yan in there.
“Right.” Shi Yan nodded.
“Young Master Yan, now I will explain the Yang Family to you. The family head went to...”
Xiao Hanyi told the story about Yang Hai and King Yang Qing in details, and sighed, “Young Master Hai is middle aged and unable to fight for the family in the Endless Sea. What a pity. It’s good to have you, Young Master Yan. I came all the way to take Young Master Hai back to the Endless Sea. But I can’t push him when he refused. What do you think, Young Master Yan?”
Xiao Hanyi’s eyes were shining, before Shi Yan replied, he continued, “Young Master Yan, with your temper and talent, you could be a pillar of the family and a legend in the Endless Sea. The Merchant Union is too small of a place for you, and the Shi Family can’t give you a bright future. Young Master Yan, the vast Endless Sea is so mysterious. It contains G.o.d domains, exotic women, and many different experts. That’s where you belong, Young Master Yan...”
To attract Shi Yan to the Endless Sea, Xiao Hanyi kept depicting the various fascinating things in the Endless Sea, in the hope that Shi Yan go to the Endless Sea to adventure.
“Sure! I will go with you!”
Before Xiao Hanyi could finish his speech, Shi Yan interrupted, “I love challenges. The more dangerous, the more captivating. I will go to the Endless Sea anyway. The earlier, the better.”
Shi Yan was a fanatic for adventures. He went to the Shi Family for a chance to develop himself. However, he was not the real Shi Yan of the Shi Family, so he never regarded it as his home.
Before such a great chance, Shi Yan seized it without any hesitation.
To him, the Endless Sea was much more attractive than the Merchant Union.
“Great! Great!” Xiao Hanyi bursted into laughters.
He thought he would have to make a long speech, but was not expecting that Shi Yan would accept so fast.
Shi Yan was only seventeen, but already reached the second Sky of Human Realm, had twin Martial Spirits, great talent, and a cool personality...
No matter how anyone looked at it, Shi Yan was far more suitable than Yang Hai, due to the cruelty in the Endless Sea. Xiao Hanyi will complete his mission if he takes Shi Yan back to the Endless Sea.
“Young Master Yan, here’s an immortal pill made by the family head, which is one of the seven famous medicines in the Endless Sea. It can clean your meridians and your whole body. The Immortal Pills are Spirit Level medicine, and sometimes can make a commoner into a warrior, by triggering his Martial Spirit. Once you take it, your meridians will expand and your Immortal Martial Spirit will develope more. Hmm, since you’ve reached the second stage of the Immortal Martial Spirit, you can’t advance much though. But it would benefit you a lot, so take it now.”
Xiao Hanyi smiled, took out a jade box and opened it, inside which was a pill.
That pill was shining with beautiful colors, and from the small holes on it, wisps of pleasing and refreshing scents wafted out.
“This Immortal Pill is very strong, and may torture you for days. But it does not harm your body. Young Master Yan, take it and I will protect you here. No one would dare interrupt you in the Dead Swamp.” Xiao Hanyi handed the pill to him with a serious face.
Shi Yan nodded, and picked up the pill in astonishment.
“b.u.m-b.u.m, b.u.m-b.u.m, b.u.m-b.u.m!”
As he held the pill in his hand, he felt the beats from an infant’s heart. And the holes were producing a pleasing smell.
A Spirit Level pill.
Shi Yan was a bit intoxicated by the pill, as he now knew more about the Yang Family, so he got much hope for his trip to the Endless Sea.
“Young Master Yan, the magical properties of the pill will dissipate three days after leaving the box.” Seeing Shi Yan was calmly observing, Xiao Hanyi quickly explained.
“Spirit Level pills, so valuable, hehe. Somehow, I feel a bit of regret from taking this.” Shi Yan smiled with pride, and then consumed it.
“With your personality, Young Master Yan, once you enter the Endless Sea, you will have endless women and treasures. At that moment, Young Master Yan won’t be surprised by this pill anymore. Young Master Yan, sit down and have a good rest. I will protect you.” Xiao Hanyi spoke softly, smiling.
He was hard on others, but very considerate when facing a member from the Yang Family.
“Got it.”
Shi Yan’s expression shifted as he felt a burning sensation in his stomach. Without any further considerations, he sat down, cross-legged, and tried to digest this Spirit Level pill from the Endless Sea.
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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