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Shi Yan felt his enthusiasm surging. He had only Shang Chen's introduction of the Brilliant Star Fruit Tree in his head. He didn't listen to what Shang Ying Yue was telling him.

It was hard to tell what the Brilliant Star Fruit Tree was. Shang Chen wasn't so sure if it was a plant or a kind of Inheritance.

It was really tough to create the Brilliant Star Fruit Tree...

It required an expert who cultivated Star power Upanishad to Incipient G.o.d Realm. This expert's soul altar had to have shattered when he died. His Incipient Extent could fuse with a life star while pieces of his shattered soul altar filled the corners of that life star, which made it turn into a meteor.

The meteor would then drift in the vast sea of stars and continue gathering the energy of the stars. After countless years, it would become the Brilliant Star Fruit Tree.

Thus, the Brilliant Star Fruit Tree could be deemed a shattered soul altar of an Incipient G.o.d Realm expert who cultivated Star power Upanishad. It was the energy crystallization of the Stars in the form of a tree.

The fruit of the Brilliant Star Fruit Tree was called the Brilliant Star Fruit. The energy acc.u.mulated inside a Brilliant Star Fruit was as much as what a level 3 life star could have. At the same time, the tree had the Essence of Star power Upanishad in its branches and roots...

It was the consolidation of the energy and Star power Upanishad, the soul altar of an Incipient G.o.d Realm who had gone to Nirvana. After different training times, it could collect star energy. Slowly, it became that tree with the knowledge of the Incipient G.o.d Realm expert.

Thus, it could be considered a Star power Upanishad's inheritance too.

If ordinary people had the Brilliant Star Fruit, they could understand the Star power Upanishad in one step. At the same time, they could receive pure energy in that fruit. It was similar to picking up the inheritance of Star power Upanishad, which could help the warrior reach the realm of the deceased Incipient G.o.d Realm!

Without a significant bottleneck!

Also, even if the warrior didn't cultivate that power Upanishad, once he had the Brilliant Star Fruit, one day, he could enter the Incipient G.o.d Realm if he didn't get killed.

A Brilliant Star Fruit Tree could create an Incipient G.o.d Realm expert cultivating Star power Upanishad.

If a warrior got the Brilliant Star Fruit Tree, he could absorb the energy in the fruits to fill their Essence Qi Ancient Tree, which would help him have more G.o.d power to break through.

If the warrior who cultivated Star power Upanishad got the Brilliant Star Fruit Tree...

Not only would the warrior take in the energy, but he could also learn the essence of Star power Upanishad, which would advance his realm to a level that people had to admire.

If he could get that Brilliant Star Fruit Tree, Shi Yan didn't need to struggle with his Star power Upanishad anymore. He could absorb the knowledge of Star power rapidly to transform his Star power Upanishad. It was truly an Original Incipient Grade material that seemed to be customized for him. How could he let it slip away?

No wonder why his Ethereal Extent had had some strange vibes when he saw the blue light in that area. His Star power Upanishad resonated with that tree.

Shi Yan's eyes were as sharp as swords that gazed that Brilliant Star Fruit Tree through the invisible light cage.

He had to get it!

"The Wu brothers?" Bai Hao frowned tightly.

The three warriors of the Bai family scattered and surrounded the Brilliant Star Fruit Tree. As soon as Wu Feng and Wu Bai had any strange commotion, they would attack immediately.

The demonic dragon, the fighting eagle, and the python were like three unreal mountains floating above their heads. As the three beasts were made of the energy, souls, and spirits of the three warriors, they were especially intimidating.

Bai Hao's giant white ape pounded its chest and roared. Its murderous energy shot up into the sky, which looked so real.

"Hey, Bai people. We are also interested in that Brilliant Star Fruit Tree. What do you say?" Wu Feng walked forward and smiled while waving his feather fan, his eyes dark and malicious. "If you let us take it, we won't trouble you. I know that you know how to behave."

Although Wu Feng and Wu Bai had come here alone, they were so arrogant and tyrannical when they asked the others to give up the treasure.

Bai Hao's team grimaced.

Inside the immense sea of stars, the Wu family of Prosaic Star Area was indeed famous. Their general competence was actually stronger than that of the Bai family. Everybody knew how intimidating the Wu brothers were. Although Bai Hao wasn't young and had the same realm, he knew that there wasn't any benefit from fighting those two.

However, they had four people here plus Mia...

"The Wu brothers?" Bai Hao sneered coldly. "I know you guys are strong. I also know your family's intimidation. But in this ancient continent, haha..."

He looked at Mia.

Mia frowned, her face impatient. "Don't waste my time."

Bai Hao was shocked. He shouted abruptly. "Kill!"

The giant white ape roared crazily like thunderclaps. It bared its fangs and jumped over, falling like a pressing mountain on the Wu brothers.

At the same time, the demonic dragon, fighting eagle, and the python, the three beasts generated by energy, also flew out. While they were moving in the sky, they had even discolored the sky. The energy surging from them was so earth-shaking.

When the giant white ape landed, it created two deep holes on the ground. They couldn't see the bottoms. The demonic dragon rolled in the swamp, creating more ditches and sending mud into the air. Their energy magnetic fields burst off like an erupting volcano, stirring the entire area.

Wu Bai lifted his hammer. Dazzling gold light bloomed on his armor. He looked like a gold angel. He looked at the Bai family's warriors without fear.

Wu Feng had cold eyes. He had a mocking smile on his handsome face. The fan in his hand opened and closed from time to time. The rivers gushed out powerfully like ropes tying down the four ma.s.sive beasts.

From that moment, the Bai family's warriors and the Wu brothers started to fight furiously. They stirred up the entire place. Dust rose. The ground cracked. If it wasn't an ancient continent, it wouldn't have been able to stand the furious battle of the four Peak of Ethereal G.o.d Realm experts.

Mia was like a fresh flower standing aside. She had a faint smile on her face and she didn't look like she would join this battle.

It seemed like the Bai family's warriors were all her servants in her point of view. Thus, they had to shoulder her troubles. This kind of battle task was the Bai family's responsibility.

Mia didn't hurry to take the Brilliant Star Fruit Tree. Her line of sight switched between the Bai family's warriors and the Wu brothers. No one knew what she was thinking.

As the light cage leaned from side to side, Shang Ying Yue's graceful body shivered. She gritted her teeth, her face grimaced.

The battle between the Wu brothers and the four warriors of the Bai family had risen earth-shaking energy shockwaves like tornadoes that expanded. They made many trees around burst off and the ground crack.

If they weren't far from the battle and the light cage didn't have a potent defense, Shang Ying Yue and Shi Yan would have to have used their energy to resist.

Inside the light cage, Shi Yan and Shang Ying Yue were pushed together as if someone was teasing them. They trembled as if they were drunk. Sometimes, their chests touched while other times, their waists and b.u.t.ts collided. It felt like they were sitting on a bobbing boat that couldn't be stabilized.

Shi Yan still looked calm, but he was actually amused.

After a while, his limbs had touched her ample b.r.e.a.s.t.s and her round b.u.t.t more than ten times. After each time, he felt so amazed as if he received a light touch of electricity. The grudge that Shang Ying Yue had vented out like that.

The blue dress clung to her body. The soft and beautiful material of the dress showcased her generous contours. Her straight thighs were so mesmerizing in a pair of silver boots. Shang Ying Yue had snow-white skin and creamy exposing arms. She also had a slim waist and s.e.xy legs. Shang Ying Yue's body indeed had a golden ratio that people couldn't find any flaw to complain.

At this moment, her ice-like face was embarra.s.sed and enraged. She hissed, "Die, you f*cking a.s.shole!"

She stooped, looking at the s.p.a.ce between Shi Yan's legs. At first glance, she knew that Shi Yan was pretending to be calm. The flame of anger in her heart burst out.

Something that looked like a one-horned dragon emerged in between his legs, bulging his pants like a small tent. It wanted to show its rough and brutal characteristics.

"It's a normal reaction. Don't be startled. You're a woman. I'm a man. We're this close... It's unavoidable." Shi Yan staggered and didn't look at her. Another fierce shockwave swarmed over them. Shang Ying Yue reluctantly trembled and leaned on Shi Yan.

The light cage sent them a furious shockwave like a powerful hand shoving her into Shi Yan's lap.

A rigid, hot shaft placed on her round b.u.t.t. At that moment, Shang Ying Yue felt like she received an electric shock. Shame and anger flooded her. "Get lost!"

A flow of lightning energy shot out of Shang Ying Yue's shoulder and entered Shi Yan's body who was unguarded.


Shi Yan emerged and staggered out of the light cage. However, his lower body was still sticking like an iron pole as if it could tear his pants to get out at any minute.

Her beautiful eyes had a strange light as Mia was planning something. She suddenly saw a young man with a grimace on his face and the short lance under his pants. He was standing on a rock on the left of the swamp. His l.u.s.t posture was so obvious.

Mia was bewildered. She didn't know what was going on but she just kept staring at that young man.

Under her awkward look, the young man turned around and punched the light curtain behind him. A beautiful woman appeared with an embarra.s.sed face and a red neck.

Mia was stunned for seconds. She felt so awkward when she said, "Well, you two have some special interest, I guess. You like to have fun when others are fighting fiercely. Did you move so fast that you broke your concealing equipment?"

She felt so funny as she teased the other two. She thought that it was interesting, indeed.

Shang Ying Yue hated that she couldn't dig into the ground and go underground immediately. Looking at Mia with an odd face, she was so angry that she almost fainted. She had never been in such a helter-skelter situation.

Shi Yan looked indifferent. He smiled and shrugged at Mia, "Well, you guys, keep fighting. We won't disturb you. We're leaving now. Bye."

"Oh please don't," Mia thinned her lips, her eyes sparkling. "You guys can continue your fun. Just consider it like no one's here. Ah, if you don't mind, I do want to watch. I heard that some people like others watching them when they do that. Since you have such a special pa.s.sion... I'm interested."

Shang Ying Yue felt blood rise to her brain. She shivered and trembled as if she couldn't steady her body anymore.

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