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Chapter 110 You Don’t Deserve That!
The Cyan Blood Bat had a length of about eight meters and a broad back, so it was still s.p.a.cious, even when there were two people sitting on top of it.
Holding onto the Cyan Blood Bat’s long thin ears, Shi Yan clenched his legs tightly on its neck, as the air blowing against him was like a strong gale.
Looking down from up in the sky, the warriors in the Dead Swamp were as small as flies, and a sense of pride welled up in Shi Yan.
Riding a Demon Beast in the sky with the wind shuttle beside his ears, Shi Yan loved the feeling of riding the Cyan Blood Bat.
The Shura Blood Guard on that Cyan Blood Bat noticed Shi Yan’s enjoyment. He smiled, “If Young Master Yan returned to the Yang Family, you will have a better mount, and then the Cyan Blood Bat will mean nothing.”
A better mount?
Shi Yan’s asked,“What sort of mount?”
“A mount that is worthy of you! Bigger and faster than the Cyan Blood Bat. It can also understand what you say, and will protect you. If the family head presents you with a Twin-headed Dragon, then please let me ride for a minute. Twin-headed Dragons are all Level Six Demon Beasts, the same as Master Xiao’s Level Six Cyan Blood Bat, but more capable than his.”
“Twin-headed Dragon? Level Six Demon Beast? Don’t they have power equal to that of a Nirvana Realm warrior?” Shi Yan was shocked.
In the Dark Forest, the Dead Swamp, and the Cloud Mountain, Level Six Demon Beasts were already masters, some with even more intelligence than some warriors. Every Level Six Demon Beast was untamable, and refuses to be any warrior’s mount.
However, the Yang Family could make those Demon Beasts be mounts so easily, and even gifted them to experts. From this, Shi Yan could imagine how powerful the Yang Family was.
“Yes, Twin-headed Dragons can shoot ice and flames, making them equal to a Nirvana warrior with twin Martial Spirits. It can fly better than a warrior at the same realm.” that warrior proudly smiled, “In the Endless Sea, only a few powers can afford to give their descendents Level Six Demon Beasts, and we, of the Yang Family, are one of those powers.”
Shi Yan could presume how powerful the Yang Family was!
“Bang, Bang, Bang!”
Blasts came from the sky, looking as if they were trying to crack the world into pieces.
Shi Yan was soon drawn towards it, and he turned his eyes from the Cyan Blood Bat to look towards the front.
In front of them, the Shura King, Xiao Hanyi, stood in the sky like a devil, controlling the three broad Blood Rivers, and brutally a.s.saulting Beiming Shang, Lord of the Dark World and the Mistress of the Dark World, causing them to flee.
Inside the three Blood Rivers, overwhelming blood gas was flowing like three blood dragons.
Beiming Shang was frozen and his body was surrounded by Ice Fire, moving in and out of one of the Blood Rivers, as he defended against the Blood River with a rigid face.
Blood light shot into the sky as thousands of magic snakes formed from the Blood River, and tried to entangle Beiming Shang.
The Blood Snakes looked incredibly vivid as they waved their sharp immortal claws.
Once the Blood Snakes were frozen, due to Beiming Shang’s Ice Fire, they fell into the Blood River, and then quickly revived and jumped towards Beiming Shang, again, this time with even more ferocity.
The Lord of the Dark World, Zou Zihe, generated Dark World Thorns around his body and looked like a huge hedgehog.
In the Blood River, Zou Zihe kept producing Dark World Thorns to prevent the blood gas from the Blood River from reaching him, and tried to escape towards the south.
The Mistress of the Dark World stayed in darkness, as she too was devoured by Blood River . She struggled but couldn’t get rid of it.
Xiao Hanyi was like a devil from h.e.l.l, and he got a pleasurable feeling from fighting with the three.
He even scorned lightly, “Not working! Still not working! The warriors here are too weak! You could only be servants in the Endless Sea, and even there, you would not stand out.”
Beiming Shang went into a rage, but couldn’t do anything.
Only at that moment, did they realized just how frightening the warriors from the Endless Sea were.
They didn’t know that, while fighting with them, Xiao Hanyi already pressured Zhua Qi to flee thousands meters into the swamp!
Suddenly, the voice of the Mistress of the Dark World came from the darkness.
The next moment, from the darkness, a blast of strange power came. After a boom, that darkness broke down and a black shadow escaped toward the south.
Meanwhile, the Lord of the Dark World, Zou Zihe, also began to trigger his skills, and disappeared like a wisp of wind.
Beiming Shang’s expression suddenly shifted, as he saw the two disappear, and he quickly tried to escape too.
“You have to stay!” Shura King Xiao Hanyi showed a frightening expression on his scarred face.
The other two Blood Rivers suddenly moved crazily, and merged into the first river.
The three Blood Rivers joined into an endless sea.
In the blood sea, Beiming Shang’s body was drowning, and he couldn’t make a move. He bellowed desperately.
“Humph!” Xiao Hanyi looked down on him coldly, and then laughed cunningly, “You want to kill the descendent of the Yang Family? I will kill you first!”
Xiao Hanyi turned into a b.l.o.o.d.y light, and then flew out of the blood sea, disappearing into blood gas.
From the blood sea came Beiming Shang’s miserable cries, as he couldn’t fight back anymore.
Shi Yan was secretly delighted, but he smiled coldly, “Beiming Shang is finished.”
“That guy is merely at the First Sky of the Sky Realm, so he can’t fight against master Xiao. Once the three Blood Rivers combined, even a Sky warrior at the second sky could be killed.” That warrior confirmed in despise, “He is dead meat.”
“Let’s go down, I saw some friends.” Shi Yan moved his head to look down, and spoke to that warrior.
“Sure.” That guy nodded happily, and patted the Cyan Blood Bat’s head back.
The Cyan Blood Bat cried and dashed down quickly to land beside the group including Chi Xiao and Zuo Shi.
Having the mission to protect Shi Yan, those Shura Blood Guards also flew down and encircled Shi Yan.
Shi Yan got off the Cyan Blood Bat, and smiled to Zuo Shi,“Why are you still here?”
“We are just on our way home.” Zuo Shi pouted, while looking at the Yang Family warrior beside Shi Yan in awe, and said in a low voice, “Shi Yan, who are they?”
From her teacher, Chi Xiao, Zuo Shi had already learned of the abilities of the Shura Blood Guards, yet Xiao Hanyi’s behavior in the sky still astonished her.
Therefore, standing in front of the Shura Blood Guard of the Yang Family from the Endless Sea, even Zuo Shi was anxious.
“I don’t know either.” Shi Yan shook his head, and felt confused, “But, they won’t do bad things to me. Hehe.”
Just then, a frightening explosion came from the sky.
In the middle of the blood sea, Beiming Shang’s body exploded while his head and limbs fell to the ground.
The blood sea started to disappear.
The hideous looking Shura King, Xiao Hanyi, fell from the sky to Shi Yan’s side, with a b.l.o.o.d.y jade bottle in his hand.
Inside the bottle, Beiming Shang’s spirit was struggling in hatred.
“Young Master Yan.” Xiao Hanyi walked up to Shi Yan, the smell of blood wafting from his body, and smiled, “I didn’t prepare any gifts for our first meeting. But this guy is at the First Sky of the Sky Realm. When we get back to the Yang Family, I will refine a weapon with his spirit as a gift for you.”
“Well...” Shi Yan scratched his head and smiled bitterly, “I don’t know who you are, but it’s already a big gift that you killed Beiming Shang.”
“It’s not big enough.” Xiao Hanyi shook his head, and said rigidly, “Young Master Yan will be the hope of the Yang Family. I have to be good to you before you go back to the Yang Family in the Endless Sea, or you will forget me, hehe.”
Mu Yu Die and Di Yalan stared at the jade bottle in Xiao Hanyi’s hand, and went blank seeing Beiming Shang’s struggling spirit.
“Master, who on earth is Shi Yan?” Chi Xiao asked after a short silence.
Xiao Hanyi frowned, and took a glance at Chi Xiao coldly, “None of your business.”
Chi Xiao smiled embarra.s.singly, and stopped asking, before he looked at Shi Yan in surprise.
“Young Master Yan, Let’s find a better place for talking.” Xiao Hanyi suddenly suggested.
Before Shi Yan was about to nod, he saw Mu Yu Die running toward him in haste.
“What?” Shi Yan turned gloomy, and looked at her impatiently, “What do you want now?”
“Shi Yan, I want to be your woman!” Mu Yu Die bit her lips and pretended to be cool, but said in blush, “You know, you are fond of women. I think I’m not that bad looking. I can do anything for you! And I will learn to do anything that I can’t. I promise, I will make you happy! As long as, as long as you get revenge for me!”
“I don’t need you.” Shi Yan shook his head.
Mu Yu Die’s thin body quivered, and her face turned pale, with her lips bleeding.
Bearing such huge humiliation, Mu Yu Die still continued to plead, “To be your concubine is ok...I swear I will make you happy!”
“You don’t deserve that.”
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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