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The mud statue was hidden inside the swamp. When Shi Yan and Shang Ying Yue were fighting, it had started to collect the Hundred Kalpa Soul Thread.

When the unknown brothers came, the mud statue stopped for a while, but it couldn't hold its desire for a long time. It tried to collect more of the Hundred Kalpa Soul Thread right after that.

The way he was collecting the Hundred Kalpa Soul Thread wasn't similar to Shang Ying Yue's method. The mud statue opened his mouth to spurt out a muddy brook, which acted like a small, soft hand that grabbed the sparkling blue-ice silky threads and shoved them into his mouth.

This mud statue seemed to have mastered the power of mud and sand, especially the powers of Earth. As he was swallowing some of the Hundred Kalpa Soul Thread, the amount of Hundred Kalpa Soul Thread on the ground was reduced.

The good-looking man aimed at him right after he made the first utterance with Shang Ying Yue and Shi Yan. It was because the mud statue had high productivity in collecting the Hundred Kalpa Soul Thread. If he had more time, there would be nothing left for those people to harvest.

The good-looking man was not the only one who could feel something wrong. Shang Ying Yue also gave up Shi Yan and dashed towards the mud statue, her face indignant.

Only the brawny young man could still grin. He looked indifferent as if he had absolute belief in his big brother.

Splosh! Splosh! Splosh!

Strange but marvelous energy surged torrentially from the puddles around them. The immense gray energy of Earth burst off like a divine brush that drew the giant hand that could shade the entire sky.

That ma.s.sive hand was made of wet mud and moist soil. It was the anger of the G.o.d of Earth with Earth power. Right when it appeared, the ground under people's feet shook violently. Everybody trembled hard. They felt their chests being hammered, making them feel like suffocating.

Someone was using the power of Earth and sending the vibes through the ground to enter people's souls.

Apparently, the one who was using Earth power was that mud statue. With a pair of cold and indifferent eyes, he glanced at the good-looking man who was dashing towards him.

Six gigantic hands like ma.s.sive mountain ranges emerged with the palms facing the others and arms jutting directly from the ground. Their five fingers were gray with dust and tremendous power, which could even crush the entire mountain.

Six ma.s.sive hands were moving in the swamp as if they had the soul. Thirty fingers created the strange hand seal that seemed to seal this entire planet.

The handsome man floated like a ghost. He squinted and beamed a faint smile.

A fan appeared in his hand, which was neither made of gold nor jade. It was made of some unknown material. The exquisite drawings on the fan of the mountain and lakes were changing continually.

Shortly after, the drawings on the fan were like thousands of flowers blooming inside a quiet valley. The drawings switched between mountainous areas to fairy-like castles. This fan was as magical as an Ethereal Extent.

The changing images on the fan stopped.

Eventually, clear blue rivers appeared on the fan, which was meandering like spirit snakes and elongating everywhere to unknown regions.

When Shi Yan pulled himself together to watch, he didn't see the fan anymore. He saw heavenly blue rivers on the horizon of the swamp. Those heavenly rivers were several thousand meters long and they were so crystal clear that he could even see their bottom, which had many shining rocks. It gave people a peaceful feeling in their souls.


All of a sudden, the rivers interchanged, impressively pouring from the horizon. People could see heavenly rivers like blue ribbons powerfully shooting at the mountain-like hands.

A chain of tremors that could shake the mountain swarmed over. Shi Yan stood far from them but still saw his body shake hard. He was even blown away. Gradually, he couldn't see the area of that fierce battle anymore. He could only see the increasing earth-shaking energy fluctuations.

Closing his eyes, Shi Yan sensed for a while. All of a sudden, he opened his eyes and dashed away resolutely.

The realm and power of the mud statue and the good-looking man weren't something ordinary warriors could compare to. They weren't weaker than Shang Ying Yue. They could be even stronger than her.

He was at First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. In Agate Star Area, he dared to fight against an ordinary First Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm. However, the warriors in this area were all geniuses of the great star areas around the universe. Their real competences had even surpa.s.sed their realms. Shi Yan knew both the mud statue and the handsome man was as strong as him.

Still, there were Shang Ying Yue and the muscular man with his hammer who wasn't weaker than Shang Ying Yue. The four people who were competing for the Hundred Kalpa Soul Thread were all brilliant warriors.

He didn't want to stir up this murky puddle.

Making up his mind, he wasn't hesitant to leave. Flying like a dark light, Shi Yan glided over the swamp and got further away from that area.

On this planet, the Sea of Consciousness was affected. They needed good eyesight to find the hiding enemy. Once he could go far enough, his opponents wouldn't be able to use the Soul Consciousness to lock his location or find him.

He left silently so when the other four found his aura disappear, he traveled a far distance already. Thus, he wasn't hurried.

The ancient continent kept many marvelous treasures and the Hundred Kalpa Ghost Hand Rattan wasn't the only Original Incipient Grade materials. There were more awaiting him to find. He shouldn't risk his life so early.

Shortly after, he left the battle site and moved gingerly towards the ma.s.sive hole that the other had created before.

His thoughts flickered. He took out the lozenge crystals with some of the beautiful ice-blue Hundred Kalpa Soul Thread. Blue light continued to sparkle from the crystals with the faint soul energy that had surprised people.

Holding the book that Shang Chen had given him, he frowned and studied it carefully. After a while, his Soul Consciousness flickered again.

The Hundred Kalpa Soul Thread was the soul threads of the Hundred Kalpa Ghost Hand Rattan. It was somehow similar to the soul threads of the Departed Spirit Jellyfish. However, their functions were different. According to Shang Chen's doc.u.ment, the Hundred Kalpa Soul Thread could amend a soul altar. Warriors at a profound level could have their soul altar crack as a result of a serious damage...

The soul was the basic foundation of a warrior and the soul altar was where his Essence Qi, Spirit, and Soul gathered. It was the most important thing.

When the soul altar had cracks, the warrior would find it hard to increase his or her realm further. His or her power Upanishad would even shatter. When a warrior fell into bedevilment condition, his soul altar would be damaged or even end up collapsing.

Taking the former Pavilion Masters of Potion and Tool Pavilion as examples, their soul altars collapsed as the result of their failures in refining and forging treasures. They had to turn into a flow of a drifting soul to survive, which vanished into the universe after some time.

The Hundred Kalpa Soul Thread could patch the cracks. If they had more Hundred Kalpa Soul Thread, together with the other Original Incipient Grade materials, they could rebuild a soul altar. It was the same as rebirthing. The warriors with soul altars all had a profound realm, but the Hundred Kalpa Soul Thread was really precious to them as it could fix their soul altar.

In the great star areas, the Hundred Kalpa Soul Thread was a peculiarly rare item that was scarce and in high demand. It was the top treasure that many people had yearned for.

The Hundred Kalpa Soul Thread had another function. It could urge the natural Kalpa in the Ethereal Extent. It could make the powers Upanishad attack the Ethereal Extent to quench it, which would help warriors increase their usage of the abilities of their powers Upanishads.

While the warriors were battling others, the Ethereal Extent could be a big help as it could change their powers Upanishad to increase their attacks and their overall competence.

The Ethereal Extent was unrivaled and marvelous. Until now, n.o.body had explored all the mysterious abilities of it. The Hundred Kalpa Soul Thread took one hundred years for a Kalpa. And it would have a disaster for each Kalpa. After one hundred Kalpas, it had lived for ten thousand years. At that time, the Hundred Kalpa Ghost Hand Rattan could have intelligence. After each Kalpa, it could generate some Hundred Kalpa Soul Thread.

Thus, the Hundred Kalpa Soul Thread could also make the Ethereal Extent experience the Kalpa, which would quench it and make it tougher.

Shi Yan blinked. Dozens of fulgent soul threads on the lozenge crystals flew out and entered his eyes and his Sea of Consciousness. They traveled through the tier of power Upanishad to reach the Ethereal Extent. They were about to get into the Ethereal Extent. Shi Yan's Ethereal Extent had a big change.

The starry sea inside his fantasy world suddenly had many lightning strikes, sharp wind blades, windstorm, weaving lights, and surging flames. All the powerful energies were burst out of the same time, wreaking havoc in his Ethereal Extent. They seemed to attempt to destroy his Ethereal Extent.

Shi Yan's face changed. He didn't think much but he found a murky pond. He entered and hid several thousand meters underground.

Thunderbolts struck inside his Ethereal Extent while fire surged up to the sky. Wind blades and ice mountains also attacked everywhere. Countless attacks made of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, storm, ice, and lightning had struck Shi Yan's Ethereal Extent directly. It seemed to tear his sea of stars, causing an intense pain that almost broke Shi Yan's spirit.

Taking a deep breath to gather his mind, Shi Yan used his s.p.a.ce, Death and Life, and Star powers Upanishads as the basic foundation to change and generate different abilities of the three powers Upanishad to resist the madly violent energies in his Ethereal Extent.

This was a Kalpa to Shi Yan's Ethereal Extent, also a quenching time of Nature to his Powers Upanishads he must undergo.

The Hundred Kalpa Soul Thread could trigger the Ethereal Extent's Kalpa to strictly train the soul. If he could get over this great challenge, his soul would be incredibly strong. His soul altar could transform and he could even reach the new realm.

Initially, he came here to find the blue light that had given him a strange feeling. Because he had underestimated the power of the Hundred Kalpa Soul Thread, he had fallen into a pa.s.sive situation that forced him to get underground to cultivate.

However, the battle on the ground between Shang Ying Yue and the others were so furious that they weren't free to mind him.

Under the swamp, Shi Yan was covered in layers of wet, doughy mud like a ball. From time to time, that muddy ball shivered and released immense life energy fluctuation.

Shi Yan's body didn't have a significant change, but his soul altar was changing dramatically as his Ethereal Extent was like a ruin that different energies were hitting hard and bringing deadly dangers.

His thoughts changed. The brilliant galaxy Ethereal Extent gathered countless twinkling stars that created a star area, which vaguely looked like a bow and an arrow. It was so ma.s.sive and imposing like a mountain, a river, or even a beast. That galaxy changed continually as if it wanted to showcase the marvelous power of Nature.

The star bow and arrow emerged, shooting out a vivid bright arrow that was made of many meteors. In just a blink, it crushed all the mountains and rivers in his Ethereal Extent.

The Star power Upanishad changed continuously by his thoughts, releasing incredible lethality.

Shi Yan was focused and trying to learn the magical features of the power to catch a glimpse of the Star power Upanishad. He wanted to use the Star power Upanishad to withstand the Kalpa of his Ethereal Extent and train his will.

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