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Sha Zhao's chest was hurt severely. His Life Divine Gu was also damaged. As his toxic demonic insects couldn't attack Shi Yan's soul altar, he didn't dare to tangle with Shi Yan anymore. When the situation turned bad, he resolutely ran away.

Hundreds of thousands of toxic insects squirmed into the dark swarm and drilled thousands of meters deep into the ground, scattering everywhere.

The round insects continually exploded, creating violent shockwaves.

Shi Yan was inside the energy tornadoes while starlight chains were patrolling around him and protecting his body.

After the exploding energy ended, the bodies of those insects turned into ashes and they vanished. And now, the other toxic insects were running underground to escape.

In the swamp in front of Shi Yan, the vines of the Hundred Kalpa Ghost Hand Rattan were moving as if they were recovering.

A significant amount of earth and heaven energy from everywhere congregated at the Hundred Kalpa Ghost Hand Rattan, which had an amber hue that naked eyes could see. Since the Hundred Kalpa Ghost Hand Rattan was native to this ancient continent, it could heal itself by gathering earth and heaven energy. Right now, it was having a speedy recovery.

Frowning, he glanced at the Hundred Kalpa Ghost Hand Rattan and Shi Yan's eyes turned cold. The murderous aura on his body changed quietly.

A desolate dead intent that was as cold as ice suddenly oozed out from his body and covered every corner around his body. This kind of deadly aura was able to seep into the ground despite the thick layer of soil.

Since the other spirit herbs and gra.s.s were all eaten and this ancient continent didn't have living creatures, Shi Yan could urge his power without any barrier.

His Death power Upanishad moved. He became a corpse without any vitality. He gave people a deadly heavy ambiance.

Shang Ying Yue was still hiding. She wanted to refine the Hundred Kalpa Ghost Hand Rattan, but her heart suddenly beat faster. The energy in her body was subdued. She felt so uncomfortable.

Shang Ying Yue quietly sensed for a while. She could feel that her vitality was affected as the full Blood Qi was reduced.

She changed her complexion in fear. She didn't dare to sense further. She gathered her spirit to withstand the power of the Death power Upanishad.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

It felt like a wind of Death had just blown through the area. The temperature dropped and it became chilled to the bone. A strange noise echoed from underground.

Dozens of thousands of demonic insects were dragging him moving underground. Although it was still the murky and dirty wetland, countless insects had dug up the pa.s.sage so he could move freely underground.

Many insects were glowing in ice blue and dark green lights, lighting up the dark subterranean world.

The Life Gu worms were wiggling inside Sha Zhao's chest, their small claws weaving like the skillful craftsmen patching his wounds, making them stop bleeding.

Bdum! Bdum! Bdum!

Sha Zhao's heart suddenly beat faster. His soul altar swayed hard. Wisps of Soul Consciousness in his Sea of Consciousness turned into smoke.

His face changed into a green-hue color, his eyes bulging. He clutched his chest and gasped for his breath. He couldn't help but curse loudly.

Deep underground not far from him, many insects and venomous animals were dead, their bodies stiff.

When each of his demonic insects or venomous animals were killed, Sha Zhao felt like he was p.r.i.c.ked by a needle. In that short moment, Sha Zhao felt needles thrusting into his flesh thousands of time. This experience wasn't pleasant at all!

Sha Zhao clutched his chest, his face purple. He winced and bared his teeth like an ugly monster. Blood continued to trickle down from his mouth.

He suddenly felt an extreme fear!

A sharp energy wave expanded and reached him from above his head. Sha Zhao's dark eyes lit up for seconds as he was sensing. Suddenly, he roared and screamed.


Just like a beast roaring in a low-pitched voice, countless insects gathered around his body, aligning their bodies and linking with each other.

Those insects used their tiny claws and fangs to connect to each other, bleeding in different colored blood. More than ten thousand insects had congregated into a monster that looked somehow like Sha Zhao.

That monster gathered the energy of blood and flesh from the insects and angled its hand into an iron-like anchor, soaring into the sky.

Sha Zhao didn't dare to linger. He spurted out blood that then turned into blood mist, covering the entire insects and small animals around him.

It was an evil technique of the Gu G.o.d Sect that was used to cover the aura of demonic insects and venomous animals.

A blood light slashed down from the sky and fell like a meteor, which violently attacked the anchor that the monster had created. Shortly after, the anchor was shattered. The body of the monster, which looked like Sha Zhao, was dismembered. It turned into many demonic insects and toxic animals that ran helter-skelter.

Shi Yan stayed by the muddy pond and squinted to sense. He couldn't catch a glimpse of those insects' aurae.

On this ancient continent, the coverage and sensibility of the Soul Consciousness were limited. He couldn't lock Sha Zhao's position accurately. He could only guess his general direction by the number of insects gathering.

Shi Yan guessed that Sha Zhao was where there was the largest crowd of insects. He was correct, indeed.

However, Sha Zhao was cunning enough and the witchcraft techniques of the Gu G.o.d Sect were extraordinary so they could hide all the insects.

Shi Yan had chased after him to this area. However, he could only shake his head and sigh as he found that he couldn't force Sha Zhao to get out of his spot.

As Sha Zhao was a Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm expert from the Gu G.o.d Sect, he was a dangerous character on this ancient continent. At the same time, Sha Zhao was interested in the flaming Origin in Shi Yan's soul. Shi Yan had figured this out right from the beginning.

He knew that it wouldn't go well with Sha Zhao. Thus, he tried to attack Sha Zhao when he wasn't prepared.

The three Bone Thorns had the sharpness of s.p.a.ce. Even Sha Zhao who was at Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm couldn't endure them. Since Sha Zhao's competence was limited, Shi Yan wanted to seize the chance and kill him. However, everything ended with his failure.

After Shi Yan found the insects moving further away underground to disappear, he decided to return and collect the Hundred Kalpa Ghost Hand Rattan.

An azure light flashed when he caught a glimpse of beauty. The light blue lightning was clear and pure. It disappeared into a hole leading to the underground like a rainbow.

Shi Yan was baffled for a while. He walked neither fast nor slow towards that area, his face astounded.

That big hole was caused by Shi Yan's b.l.o.o.d.y sword. It was as big as a basketball yard and was several hundred meters deep underground. It was dark and quiet. Many murky streams were running into the deep hole and carrying leaves and spirit herbs with them. At first glance, the hole was a chaotic area.

A clear blue light glowed inside the hole. It was as bright as the moon and it slightly shook his Ethereal Extent.

He concentrated on sensing. He found that the dazzling star in his Ethereal Extent was bouncing. It became restless in his Ethereal Extent.

That star was evolved from the Star Nucleus and stayed in his Ethereal Extent, becoming a special attraction of his Ethereal Extent.

His understanding of the Ethereal Extent wasn't deep enough. Until now, he hadn't known what was special about his Ethereal Extent. However, after he had arrived in this ancient continent, his co-soul had continued to pour energy into his Ethereal Extent. He could feel the extent enlarging together with the star in it.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

As he had felt the change of the Ethereal Extent, he wanted to take a better look at it. Suddenly, he heard some strange noise, so he turned his head to see.

In the Hundred Kalpa Ghost Hand Rattan's general direction, Shi Yan saw the flame burning high and torrentially. Although it wasn't the heaven flame, it wasn't less scorching. It was rumbling and burning the rattan, dyeing the entire sky in a fiery red color that looked like the sunset.

Someone was burning the Hundred Kalpa Ghost Hand Rattan!

He understood immediately.

His eyes rolled. He couldn't help but snort. He knew who did that, his face darkening.

Looking at the big hole in front of him, Shi Yan found that the blue light disappeared and the star in his Ethereal Extent didn't vibrate anymore. Turning his head around, he discovered that the Hundred Kalpa Ghost Hand Rattan was being burned. After hesitating, he took a deep breath and released his energy to dash towards its direction.

"Dge! Fiery flame happens over there!"

In the corner of the swamp, a muscular man was holding an enormous hammer that was so rigid. He shouted, his voice like a bronze bell ringing. This beefy man was tall and broad. His gold hammer was as big as a windmill with sharp metal spikes, giving people an intimidating look.

However, the man who he called big brother was a lanky but good-looking one. The smile on the corner of his mouth was so charming. He was wearing gorgeous, richly ornamented garments that were obviously customized. It had so many pieces of beautiful jade decorating his hem. It gave him both elegant and imposing looks at the same time. This man was indeed particular.

"That furious flaming energy will draw the attention of many people. Yeah, it should be something good then."

The handsome man smiled. He licked his lips, his eyes suddenly turning red. "Let's go hunting!"

"Haha, it's so good." The muscular man thundered and dashed with his gigantic hammer.

The other side of the swamp.

Inside a dirty puddle, the mud in the wetland moved all of a sudden. A humanoid creature slowly emerged while mud oozed down its body. His eyes were so sharp and icy like sabers.

He rose from the middle of the mud pond like a clay statue, coldly watching the red sky over there.

After a while, he swayed back to the dirty pond like a white eel swimming inside the mud. His body was as soft and flexible as the snake. While moving through the murky pond, he didn't cause any ripple.

The wet mud splashed and its water evaporated immediately. Smoke and fire burst up to the red sky, creating a ma.s.sive lantern that covered the entire Hundred Kalpa Ghost Hand Rattan.

Not far from the rattan was the elegant gait of Shang Ying Yue. She was frowning while a blood-red ring on her porcelain wrist fired scorching flames at the Hundred Kalpa Ghost Hand Rattan.

Many vines of the rattan were dried and cracked. The flames burned them down. Slowly, something appeared from the cracked vines.

Shang Ying Yue's beautiful eyes had a strange light. She was stirred up.

The Hundred Kalpa Soul Thread was crucial to her. This time she got to this ancient continent, she must find many things. The Hundred Kalpa Soul Thread was one of them. She had to try to get it at any cost.

Thus, even though she knew that Shi Yan could return at any minute, she couldn't control her stirring desire. She immediately showed herself and used the secret treasures to refine the Hundred Kalpa Ghost Hand Rattan.

However, she didn't expect that her rushing actions could make the sky look like it was burning. It had alarmed some thugs who couldn't be here after just a short moment.

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