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The sky above the pond was covered with lightning. Electric arcs weaved like a light net that s.n.a.t.c.hed over Shi Yan.

In the grumbling thunder like an avalanche, the young woman gritted her white teeth, her elegant face cold. Savage electric dragons swirled around her body with an intimidating aura, her narrow eyes shooting electric beams.

Shi Yan was frightened!

That woman was at Third Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm. She seemed to cultivate both Lightning and Ice powers Upanishads. She had exquisite attainment of both powers Upanishad. The moment the lightning strikes swarmed over Shi Yan, a sleet shower also started to fall from the sky. The rocks that were the size of a human head fell ma.s.sively and rolled with power and icy energy.

At that moment, the temperature of the surroundings was reduced dozens of times. After the lightning strikes. .h.i.t the pond, it was damaged severely. Dirty water splashed on exploded foliage.

Apparently, the woman thought he was peeping at her. She was so angry that her face turned purple. Her attacks could rise strong waves and gusts of wind from the surroundings. Her fiercely scorching lightning had stirred the entire area and left nothing in peace.

While lightning strikes and sleet were attacking everywhere, Shi Yan retreated like a ghost, flashing on and off.

Brilliant starlight dots sparkled around Shi Yan. They made his way, his trajectory in the sea of stars, moving him at fast speed. He ran so fast that even the Soul Consciousness couldn't catch him.

After the battle in Cloud Sea Star, Shi Yan had put aside all the chaotic issues to watch the rising and lowering tides with Xia Xin Yan and Zi Yao. His soul was peaceful and relaxed. When he had the mood to comprehend his powers Upanishads, he could occasionally grasp the key element of his power. Within that short time, he had improved his Star power Upanishad to the level that could make people feel envy and awe.

Shi Yan urged his Star power Upanishad and used the Star power to create the magical sea of stars. His body seemed to fall into the starry sky, moving as if he was a star that could change according to the galaxy. His soul and body had fused with earth and heaven.

Starlight dots emerged. While he was moving backward, those starlight dots sometimes gathered, sometimes scattered. This kind of movement was strange but marvelous.

The woman had her eyelashes battered. Her Soul Consciousness was released like a vast net, but she couldn't figure out his direction.

In her sensibility, Shi Yan had disappeared from her sight as if he had become a part of this ancient continent, a tree or even a leave. He had blended well into the surroundings that the young woman couldn't detect his life energy fluctuation.

The ability to recognize and locate the soul and aura was the premise to guide the attacks. Just like when a normal warrior fought, he needed to see where the opponent was to properly aim his attack. The thundering attack of the woman also needed to locate Shi Yan first before she could do anything.

However, right when Shi Yan used his Star power Upanishad, he had become part of the earth and heaven here. Sometimes, the others could see him with their eyes, but they couldn't grasp his location with their Soul Consciousness.

This irritated the young woman a lot. Her savage attacks couldn't be accurate. She could only stir up the area around the pond. She had created many holes on the ground. At the same time, the dirty water of the swarm shot up and turned into a muddy shower falling from the sky.

A large amount of dirty water had showered her and made her helter-skelter.

As this ancient continent had restricted the warriors' Soul Consciousness, they could sense a small area around them. It was different from the other places where they could cover half a star with their Soul Consciousness.

Thus, when Shi Yan's image disappeared from her sight, she couldn't figure out where Shi Yan once again.

The graceful young woman had a lot of mud and other dirty, sticky objects from the swamp all over her body. She walked around the area to check for a while, but she couldn't see any commotion from Shi Yan. She felt so gross and she wanted to find a clear lake to wash her body and change her clothes.

This area had many lakes and bogs. Some were filled with dirty water, but there were still many clean lakes. However, it was strange that the entire place didn't have any life energy fluctuation of living creatures. Without insects, the whole place was filled with unknown foliage.

After Shi Yan had escaped the woman's attack, he still looked calm and gentle. He wandered around the swamp and held the book Shang Chen had given him in his hand.

He wasn't too bored to compete against that girl. However, Shi Yan thought that she was tough at her Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm with her Lightning and Ice powers Upanishad. At the same time, her blood Qi was abundant with a strong life magnetic field. Perhaps she wasn't less powerful than a First Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm expert like Feng Yan. Shi Yan thought it was really difficult to fight to the death against her.

Anyway, he didn't need to fight that woman.

She was Shang Chen's daughter and the Guiding Fruit that Shi Yan got was from her family. At the same time, Shang Chen had treated him pretty well and his relationship with Frederick of the Bloodthirsty bloodline was quite good. From any aspect, he shouldn't provoke or fight with her. He'd better stay away from her.

With the book in his hand, Shi Yan read carefully while observing the spiritual herbs and flowers around him.

There were many flowers with peculiar auras and energy. However, they weren't Original Incipient Grade materials. His book didn't have any articles about them. However, Shi Yan could find many Divine Grade materials, which were attractive to Original G.o.d Realm warriors if they appeared in the market.

However, he wasn't here for them. Although he found them interesting, he had to put his efforts into finding the strange and rare things in this book.

This swamp seemed endless. He walked around the area for a long time, but he didn't see the end.

Lifting his head to look at the sky, Shi Yan had an admiring look. Although it'd been a while, every time he watched the arch of the sky above his head, he always felt surprised.

There were many colorful clouds in the sky, which looked like rainbows hanging that never disappeared. Their glamor made his soul mesmerized. Every time he looked at the sky, he felt like he was in a fantasy world where he never wanted to leave.

Thick energy like water and spiritual herbs and gra.s.s were everywhere on the ground. There were magical sights that he had never seen before. It's an ancient continent!

However, he hadn't seen the special places that Shang Chen had told him or found Original Incipient Grade materials yet. Anyway, the energy he had consumed for teleportation to this area was refilled. The Essence Qi Ancient Tree in his body was filled.

Today, he stopped by a lush lawn. His eyes brightened in thrill.

Those green tufts were Immortal Gra.s.s!

To him, a warrior with Immortal Demon Blood, the Immortal Gra.s.s was a great tonic! Shi Yan didn't want to keep his manner so he lingered on this lawn to pick up the Immortal Gra.s.s and grind them to take the green fluid. His fingers absorbed the fluid and he used the magical energy from the liquid to generate Immortal Demon Blood!

Just like he had taken in the panacea, he felt so refreshed. The ruby drops of Immortal Demon Blood were generated and were stashed inside his veins, bones, and even his lungs.

Tufts of Immortal Gra.s.s disappeared under his fingers. Gradually, the Immortal Gra.s.s around him was cleared and it left a bare ground.

He sat neatly on the damp, muddy area. His aura was quiet when he was mobilizing the Immortal Demon Blood in his body. It circulated around his internal organs and made them fill each of his veins.

His blood Qi surged like a rising tide, shooting out from his G.o.d Body. Bones of his skeleton sounded of "crack." Each of his muscles was shivering as if the muscles were taking in energy and sounding happy.

The shrunken seven hundred and twenty acupunctures points in his body started to vibrate. When drops of Immortal Demon Blood circulated in his body, he seemed to receive great G.o.d power. He felt that an unrivaled energy had just filled his body.

Beams of blood mist flew out of his pores. His G.o.d Body was quenched another time as if he had a complete transformation.

Those Immortal Gra.s.s had helped him generate more than three hundred drops of Immortal Demon Blood. Those drops of Immortal Demon Blood flew through his veins and burned down dregs and contaminations, which made his G.o.d Body tougher and more tenacious.

Shortly, he transformed into an Immortal Demon shape. Ferocious, sharp spikes appeared on his elbows, knees, and shoulders. His body was as red as melting iron. At this moment, his body had an exploding beauty with the natural armor that covered his entire body. He looked like the perfect knight with a naturally fierce and brutal aura.

This procedure took time. The bones in his body sounded of "crack crack" for a long time. Eventually, he resumed his normal shape.

After a while, he awoke and slowly stood up to check his condition. He grinned happily.

Although his realm hadn't broken through yet, each muscle of his was filled with power and his bones like iron. Now Shi Yan had confidence that nothing could break him.

His thought flickered and his eyes shot out dazzling light that was aimed at the pinky finger of his left hand. The fingertip exploded when he released the star energy in his body through his finger. He immediately urged the Immortal Demon Blood.

A ruby Immortal Demon Blood was sent to that damaged area. The supernatural recovery ability of the Immortal Demon Blood was activated immediately. He could feel clearly that the broken bones were covered and connected shortly.

After fifteen minutes, he found his little bone was recovered. Checking for a while, he saw nothing abnormal.

He suddenly recognized the tenaciousness and recovery level of his body. All had become terrifying because of his Immortal Demon Blood.

Laughing, he urged the energy in his body, striding forward. He felt he had reached the peak of his state, and he would break through to the Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm soon.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The ear-splitting wind hissed by his ears as if something was whipping in the air, which almost exploded in the air.

Standing bewildered for a while, Shi Yan accelerated and dashed towards the source of the sound.

Dozens of meters long vines were winding around a blurry shadow in front of him. Those vines had a lot of sharp thorns that danced like crazy pythons and wreaked havoc in that area. Their auras were so frightening.

He concentrated and observed. That ma.s.sive blurry shadow over there was a kind of bizarre demonic rattan. It looked like a small mountain with so many vines, which were moving and whipping unceasingly. Those vines were trying to capture a person.

That figure was dashing madly like an electric beam and swaying between vines that had covered the sky. Surprisingly, that was Shang Chen's daughter, a warrior cultivating Lightning and Ice powers Upanishad at Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm.

However, her condition was evidently not good in this moment.

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