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"s.p.a.ce power Upanishad!"

The matured woman screamed in fear. She could only watch Shi Yan disappear and reappear by the outer layer of Desolate in a blink of an eye. She couldn't do anything.

She was so annoyed.

At her realm, she could know Shi Yan's true realm with only a glance, but she couldn't know which powers Upanishad he was cultivating. Thus, she couldn't predict that Shi Yan had s.p.a.ce power Upanishad.

Seeing Shi Yan escape using his s.p.a.ce power Upanishad, she understood immediately. She knew why Shi Yan had been calm when he met them.

"Mother!" the slender but graceful girl changed her visage.

The young man also had a regretful face. He sighed begrudgingly and shook his head. "Father must know the power Upanishad he cultivates. That's why he could leave him here unguarded."

As the three of them were ready to attack Shi Yan, they had even mobilized their energy. On the one hand, they wanted to take the Guiding Fruit back. On the other hand, they wanted to make Shang Chen show himself. When Shi Yan had successfully escaped, they knew Shang Chen had left a long time ago.

"That cowardly b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" The matured woman gritted her teeth. She looked so angry that her eyes were raging with flames.

The young man calmed down quickly. "He's entering Desolate. We can't take the Guiding Fruit back. Yeah, we can't always get what we want. We need to alter the plan, though."

"Little Qiu (*), do you have any good solution?" The woman sighed begrudgingly.

(*) 虬: Young dragon with horns

The young man shook his head. "I don't have any good solution. Anyway, we can enter Desolate with the Guiding Fruit. No one could break this rule for many years. Of course, we can't, either."

He suddenly smiled and said gently, "Honestly, I'm not interested in entering Desolate."

"Ge!" yelled the girl.

Waving his hand, the young man stopped her screaming. He naturally took out a Guiding Fruit from his sleeve and shoved it into her hand. "Little Yue, you go there. I'm here waiting for your good news."

"No!" The girl shook her head, her neck reddening. She screamed, "Father took my Guiding Fruit. It means he favors you more than me. You know he has keen eyes. This trip is crucial to you. You must take the chance!"

"Nah, he just took it randomly. It was easier to take your fruit. You are overthinking it." The young man smiled brightly and relaxedly, "I can reach Incipient G.o.d Realm without entering Desolate. You need to fuse the powers Upanishad. You must get in there shortly."

After the young man said that, he didn't let the girl talk more. He swayed his body and moved away like a beam of light. After several flashes, he disappeared.

"Just keep it as Little Qiu gave it to you." The woman lovingly adjusted the hem of the girl's dress. She said tenderly, "Go and bring us a surprise ten years later. Find your brother the materials he needs. I believe you can do it."

The beautiful eyes of the girl were complicated as she nodded and answered gently, "I understand."

She bent her waist slightly and said seriously, "Take care, Mother, and gege."

"Good girl. We will be alright. Your evil Father can calculate things well. He will appear if something happens to us," the woman consoled the girl.

"Yes, Mother."

The young girl nodded and bid farewell to her mother. She flew like a gust of wind towards Desolate. The rings on her white wrist flashed. The exquisite patterns on them emerged beautifully.

It happened as what Shang Chen had told Shi Yan. He didn't need to do anything to enter Desolate. The Guiding Fruit in his hand was the key.

When he approached the edge of Desolate and sensed the earth-shattering energy inside, Shi Yan felt an explosion in his soul. He was shaken hard. It was the masterpiece of G.o.d and the power of Nature. The torrential energy hiding in Desolate was thicker and more powerful than that of an expert he knew.

Shi Yan immediately felt overwhelmed. His soul flickered anxiously as he couldn't approach further.

However, the Guiding Fruit exploded and made blue halos cover his entire Body and protect his soul altar. Shi Yan fell calm.

He didn't even move. An unknown force started to pull him into the atmosphere while the electric arc that could kill the soul covering the planet ignored him and let him pa.s.s through.

While he had almost entered Desolate, he saw an Incipient G.o.d Realm expert trying to break into the planet at a corner pretty far from him. The electric arc stopped him and attacked his soul. The Incipient G.o.d Realm expert immediately got hurt. He had to use some soul cla.s.s secret treasure to get rid of the attack.

Shi Yan also saw many blurry blue shadows like him from other areas of Desolate. They were slowly guided by Desolate and they moved through the atmosphere.

After he had pa.s.sed the atmosphere of Desolate, he had a wonderful feeling as if he had just jumped into the water. He felt floaty as he slowly sank.

All of a sudden, he became a shooting star that plunged through layers of cotton clouds and a sparking electric pa.s.sage. He grumblingly landed. However, before he hit the ground hard, he hurried to urge his energy. The Immortal Demon Blood burst out, which held him backward.

Shi Yan landed inside a vast bog. This wet, muddy area had countless plants and foliage. The energy here was so thick that it was like a murmuring stream moving above his head. With a deep breath, Shi Yan felt so wonderful as if the pores in his body were all relaxed. It was a marvelous experience, indeed.

Shi Yan was shaken, standing idly and perplexedly. He felt like he had an explosion in his head.

Earth and heaven energy were so thick that it was almost like water spreading everywhere. Even though Shi Yan didn't do anything, energy still flowed into his chest and seeped through his skin, following his veins to fill his Essence Qi Ancient Tree. It felt like soaking in a warm spring to wash his dirty body. Even his soul was clear.

Ancient continent! Worth the name of the ancient continent!

Shi Yan was surprised. He furrowed his brows and touched his forehead instinctively. Shortly after, his eyes brightened up.

His co-soul has some changes!

Shi Yan's co-soul was Grace Mainland's Origin, which was the ten heaven flames combined with a wisp of his soul. Now, his co-soul was like a sweet stream gushing out the remaining energy that it had gathered from outer s.p.a.ce, which poured into this Ethereal Extent.

In this area, his co-soul seemed to be able to guide the energy of outer s.p.a.ce into his body. At the same time, it felt so relaxed and safe.

Shi Yan's co-soul was Grace Mainland's Origin and Grace Mainland was also an ancient continent. In this area, his co-soul seemed to harvest big benefits as it could guide a lot of free energy into this body.

Shi Yan used his Soul Consciousness to check and found his co-soul wrapped in wisps of creamy white mist, which were drawn from the energy around him. It congregated in his head and covered his co-soul. The co-soul was washed once again and it gave him a magical feeling of something crystal clear and clean.

He suddenly recognized the incredible benefit that this place had offered his co-soul and Ethereal Extent.

Shi Yan stood still in the swamp where he was surrounded by thick energy and many strange pieces of herbs and foliage. Shi Yan didn't want to move yet.

Closing his eyes, Shi Yan was trying to sense the commotion around him. Suddenly, his Sea of Consciousness became chaotic as if some invisible force had just affected his mind. It was almost impossible to sense the surroundings using Soul Consciousness. When he tried to fly away, a strong gravity was suddenly applied at his spot which pulled him back and prevented him from flying up to the sky.

"Desolate" has cognition... it's sealed itself and will open every ten thousand years... You can escape after ten years...

What Shang Chen had told him about the magical features of this area suddenly emerged in his head. Shi Yan was astounded. He lifted his hand to walk and put aside the thought of flying away. Surprisingly, the intense gravity that had just pulled him down didn't exist!

Shi Yan was dumbstruck. Now he could confirm what Shang Chen had told him. This area was truly marvelous. And he realized that the earth under his feet indeed had its consciousness. This planet was truly a fantastic existence in this universe that stood for something mysterious that no one knew about

Shi Yan stood at his spot and took out the book that Shang Chen had given him to study the drawings and descriptions that Shang Chen had prepared.

Shang Chen wrote this thin book himself. Shi Yan admired his style of calligraphy and the realistic drawings. Those pictures seemed to be able to emerge from the pages. The content of this book contained descriptions of Original Incipient Grade materials and how to find and distinguish them. It was useful with the drawings and description as the readers could have a deep understanding of those wonderful materials.

Shi Yan quieted down. He temporarily put aside the mysteries of this ancient continent to focus on the book.

Shang Chen wasn't just operating in Agate Star Area. He was the Fate Traveler and he seemed to travel through many strange star areas. His knowledge was broad and profound. The descriptions he wrote in the book were clear and easy to understand, which gave Shi Yan big benefits.

Without this book, even if he saw the most precious thing on this ancient continent, he could never know it and waste his rare chance.

With this book, he had a tool that could give him explanations at any time. This book was precious to him to distinguish something priceless.


While he was reading the book earnestly, a low explosion came from afar with an angry scream.

Frowning, he stashed the book. Thinking for a while, he silently dashed towards the source of the noise.

The sound he had just heard came from Shang Chen's daughter...

She was the elegant woman who wasn't good to him while they were out there. The two Guiding Fruits they had should have something in common, which guided her near him. Shi Yan was worried that something unexpected happened to that girl so he came to see if he could help.

Anyway, the Guiding Fruit that got him here came from them. Although Shang Chen had given him the fruit himself, Shi Yan still felt shameful. Moreover, she was Shang Chen's daughter. For Shang Chen, he couldn't stand still when his daughter got into trouble.

However, things didn't go as he thought.

When he arrived quietly, he saw that the young woman had fallen into a small, clear pond. She was soaking wet and her damp clothes were sticking on her generous contours. At this moment, she was rubbing her beautiful rear end gracelessly. She murmured in pain. Evidently, she got a rough landing.

The robe that covered her beautiful curvy b.u.t.ts was wet, which made her more mesmerizing than ever. The contour of that wonderful b.u.t.t cheek was breathtaking. Seeing her soft hand rubbing it, it looked pretty flexible. The bouncing cheek almost made Shi Yan's nose bleed.

Standing and looking at her from a far distance, Shi Yan thought that he should leave quietly before he recognized her sharp-blade look that would drill into his eyes and lock him down.

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"

The young woman cursed indignantly. She didn't notice her gentle curves were revealed. She violently dashed forward and raised fierce thunderbolts in the sky.

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