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Chapter 109 - The Shura King
A hundred meters deep in the swamp.
The muddy and murky water mixed together, and since there was more mud than water in the swamp, it was very tough to escape.
Once a man or a beast falls into the swamp, they will slowly sink in, and ultimately be engulfed by the swamp, becoming a corpse at the bottom of the swamp, which will eventually rot and never be seen again.
The most frightening part of the Dead Swamp was the sheer size of it. There were hundreds of thousands of swamps, which had swallowed countless warriors and demon beasts, making all of them die within the swamp.
Zhua Qi was the only exception.
As a hybrid between a Mud Dragon and a Human, he could naturally move under the swamps, and use the mud in the swamps.
In the Dead Swamp, even if he met a warrior of higher strength, Zhua Qi could still easily dive into the depths of the swamps, and avoid disaster.
All along, Zhua Qi fit to the Dead Swamp like a duck to water, and never paid any regard to other people.
But this time, deep below the swamp, Zhua Qi had a terrified expression, and it seemed like he was terrified.
The harsh, pungent odor of blood penetrated through the hundreds of meters of swamp, like the blood of dragons.
This spirit of blood had a strong penetrating power, and a shockingly frightening strength. If it was targeting him, even hundreds of meters under the surface, it could still force him into an awkward position.
Having lived in the Dead Swamp for so many years, Zhua Qi was well aware that the deeper you traveled into the swamp, the more Corpse Qi you would find.
The Dead Swamp had existed for tens of thousands of years, and countless dead souls were buried under these swamps. Those that died in the swamps couldn’t gain redemption, and they always lingered at the bottom of the muddy waters.
Because of that, there were alway strong Corpse Qi lingering in the deepest depths of the swamp. The deeper you went, the stronger the Corpse Qi was. The power of this Corpse Qi could block the scoping powers of someone’s soul consciousness, and it could disrupt all sorts of invading powers.
If he didn’t have the power to control mud, even Zhua Qi wouldn’t dare to sink this deep into the swamp.
But now that a harsh b.l.o.o.d.y Qi had penetrated hundreds of meters into the swamp, and easily traveled through the strong dead spirits, continuing to chase Zhua Qi down. This terrified Zhua Qi.
For the first time, he sensed death was coming his way!
Frightened, Zhua Qi could no longer bother with Shi Yan. He quickly descended into the depths of the swamp.
Shi Yan suddenly rushed out of the mud hole.
The mud quickly crushed on top of him, like a heavy mountain. Shi Yan’s body was completely engulfed in mud. He couldn’t breathe, nor see, and he had to use all of his strength to swim upwards towards the surface.
This swamp had a special trait: The harder you struggled, the faster you sank. And even hundreds of meters under the surface of the swamp, that trait still applied.
Struggling, Shi Yan felt like he was in a whirlpool of mud. Not only was he unable to escape, but he was also sinking faster.
Shi Yan’s heart shuddered, and he abruptly stopped his movements. He held in his breath, and stopped moving his body. Lights flashed across his mind, as he hurriedly tried to think of an idea to escape to the surface.
In the depths of the swamp, he couldn’t breath, or see. And a flow of Corpse Qi seemed to be corroding his body.
In this state, he would soon die from suffocation.
Various thoughts flashed through his mind, and suddenly, in the depths of the swamp, he felt the natural Yin Qi in his vicinity.
Once the Yin Qi appeared, Shi Yan soon sensed the negative powers that he released before.
Shi Yan’s mind clicked, and he hurriedly circulated the three types of powers in his body. In the swamp, a Gravitational Field made from Yin power, Profound Qi, and negative energy was formed.
Once the Field was formed, Shi Yan immediately stirred it, and started manipulating the Gravitational Field to surround himself.
His mind was focused on the Field, and Shi Yan, very carefully, controlled the Field, then making it start to slowly whirl…
The three powers intertwined together, forming into a ma.s.sive grinding power. A lot of mud flowed into the Field, and, moved by the grinding power of the Field, it slowly started to float upwards towards the surface.
It really does work!
Shi Yan was overjoyed. He immediately put all his focus on controlling the Gravitational Field. Following the rising motion of the Gravitational Fields, his body also started to rise towards the surface.
After a minute.
Suddenly a figure shot out of a muddy area in the swamp. The figure slowly rose up into the sky, flying around three meters under the cold moonlight, and then suddenly dropped.
“Shi Yan!”
Xia Xin Yan exclaimed, her hands immediately forming into a lotus seal, and a gigantic aqua colored lotus flower flew out from her palms, directly stopping under Shi Yan’s body.
Shi Yan, who was falling towards the swamp,fell on his a.s.s on the icy lotus flower. The lotus flower carried him and flew away from the swamp, stopping by Xia Xin Yan’s side.
Xia Xin Yan lightly breathed out, she put her hands together, taking the form of a worshipper.
The lotus flower that carried Shi Yan away from the swamp formed into streams of pa.s.sing light, that entered into the palms of her hands, and disappeared bit by bit.
“You’re hurt?” Shi Yan looked at her, and frowned.
Xia Xin Yan’s eyes contained signs of exhaustion, and her earlobes, which could be seen outside of her veil, were pale as a sheet. It could be a.s.sumed that her entire face must’ve looked the same.
“This is the aftermath of using my Reincarnation Martial Spirit, but it’s fine, I already used the Nutrition Pill from your Yang family. I will have recovered by tomorrow.” Xia Xin Yan’s expression was cold as she pulled a strand of hair from behind her ears and spoke dismissively.
“My Yang family?” Shi Yan was stunned, he said with a deep voice: “What are you talking about?”
“Boom, boom, boom! Boom, boom, boom! Boom, boom, boom!”
In the distant sky, thundering sounds rang out like earthquakes, and sounded extremely frightening.
Shi Yan raised his head to look into the sky.
He could see that under the thick clouds, there was a imposing man with a face full of scars who was unyieldingly suspended in mid-air.
By his side, appeared three giant rivers of thick blood. The three blood rivers were each a few thousand meters long, and a few hundred meters wide. They swiftly shifted in the air, showing anyone who saw it a scene they will never forget.
The blood in these rivers was thick, and filled with a wicked blood spirit.
That man with the ferocious expression stood at the meeting point of the three rivers. As if controlling the rivers, his two hands twisted and the blood rivers moved at his will. From the looks of it, he was battling with three people.
Those thousand-meter long and hundred-meter wide rivers were like three giant blood chains in his hands, driving the three people in the sky, into difficult positions.
Beiming Shang, Zou Zi He, and the Mistress of the Dark World all threw their Sky realm power at the three blood rivers, continually defending against the intrusive attacks of the blood rivers.
The man controlling the three terrifying blood rivers, still had enough spare power to cast out slashes of blood light. The blood light fell into the swamps below, forcing Zhua Qi in the swamp to flee in panic, having no choice but to dive a thousand meters deep into the swamp to hide.
The man with the face full of scars was mult.i.tasking in four different ways. He fought with four Sky realm masters, Beiming Shang, the Lord of the Dark World, the Mistress of the Dark World, and Zhua Qi, at the same time. And he was still able to gain the upper hand, forcing the four masters into awkwards positions.
Behind the man, giant bats, which were seven to eight meters in length, stared out with violent bloodthirsty eyes.
On the bats, many cold-faced warriors silently watched the movement above, as if preparing to cut in at anytime.
“Who is this?” Shi Yan’s face was full of shock. This was the first time, after he arrived at Grace Mainland, he met such a frightening warrior.
“One of the three Shura Kings of your Yang family—Xiao Han Yi, he has a capability of Sky realm second sky. What he cultivates is the Evil Blood Path of the Five Shura Paths.” Xia Xin Yan’s expression was complicated.
“My Yang family?” Shi Yan shook his head, “I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”
“You will soon understand.” Xia Xin Yan said dismissively, and suddenly whistled towards the sky and shouted: “Master Xiao, Shi Yan came out of the swamp, he’s fine.”
“You guys go down, and protect young master Shi.” Xiao Han Yi deeply gazed at Shi Yan from the sky. Then a trace of pleasant surprise flashed across his eyes, and he commanded the Shura Blood Guards behind him.
Just from his gaze, Shi Yan felt chills run down his spine.
That man’s eyes were like a G.o.dly weapon, which could pierce directly into people’s souls. It gave him a dominating atmosphere, which was a frightening force of deterrence to others, making them feel, deep down, that they could not contend with him.
“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!”
The Cyan Blood Bats flew down from the sky, and stopped by Shi Yan’s side. The fifty Shura Blood Guards rode on the Cyan Blood Bats, and surrounded Shi Yan.
“Young master Yan!”
Fifty ferocious roars simultaneously came from the warriors on top of the Cyan Blood Bats. Fifty Earth or Nirvana realm warriors all looked at him with serious expressions.
Shi Yan jumped in surprise. He looked at this parade of warriors with an astonished expression on his face. He had no idea how he suddenly became their young master.
“Miss Xia, what is going on?” Shi Yan was dazed for a moment, and spoke in confusion.
“Later the Shura King will explain it to you. I’ll say no more.” Xia Xin Yan’s pretty brows furrowed, and she spoke indifferently: “Shi Yan, what I said to you before, will be cast aside now. I’m sure the Yang family will lay out your future well, I’ll stop meddling with it.”
She meant the thing about, making Shi Yan enter the Xia family and employing him into the Three G.o.ds Sect as a spy.
Shi Yan became even more confused. He didn’t know why Xia Xin Yan suddenly became so easy to negotiate with. Seeing that Xia Xin Yan didn’t intend to explain, Shi Yan instinctively looked up at the scar-faced man in the sky.
“Hey!” Just after one glance, Shi Yan couldn’t help but exclaim.
Up in the sky, Beiming Shang became an ice statue, his body wreathed with cold energy, and he quickly flew towards the south.
—Beiming Shang is actually running away!
Once Beiming Shang left, there was an even greater pressure on the Lord and Mistress of the Dark World. The two didn’t stayed either, and also quickly flew to the south, afraid to keep fighting with that man.
The Lord and Mistress of the Dark World felt a huge pressure, and they diddn’t dare to separate from Beiming Shang when running, scared that if they were to fall behind, they would be killed by that man.
“Hehe! Don’t try to run!” Xiao Han Yi’s expression was as ferocious as a demon. He controlled the three terrifying blood rivers, and immediately chased towards the three.

“Hey!” Chi Xiao exclaimed, he raised his head towards the sky, and shouted: “Beiming Shang!”
You could only see that the head of the Beiming family was now bleeding through his mouth, and fleeted across the sky in panic. There was even a sign of fl.u.s.ter in his eyes.
Behind him, the Lord and Mistress of the Dark World were also full of panic. They fled along, as if being chased by some horrifying monster.
Mu Yu Die and Di Ya Lan also gazed at the sky in astonishment, they were stunned inside.
Not long after, the two girls saw the devil-like Xiao Han Yi charge forward, controlling three blood rivers.
The two were lifeless, and all sorts of emotions stirred inside them.
“Ah!” Di Ya Lan suddenly shouted in surprise.
—She saw Shi Yan seated on top of one of the Cyan Blood Bats.
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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