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Blood Devil, Gu Te, and Bath were annoyed because Leona wanted to leave. When Fei Lan and Ka Tuo told them the situation where Gu He of Potion and Tool Pavilion wanted to attack Shi Yan, they grumbled and came like thunder.

Warriors of the Monster Clan and Demon Clan all wore heavy armor with fearsome iron helmets. Their murderous auras shot out like sharp tips. When hundreds of Monster and Demon warriors lined up neatly, a flow of bloodthirsty aura gushed out like an overflowing river.

There was no emotion on Leona's daunting face. She looked cold and harsh, her eyes radiating a dark halo.

After those Monster and Demon warriors had undergone her training, they seemed to be dyed with blood. This kind of thick blood scent nauseated people.

The warriors of Potion and Tool Pavilion faced the soldiers behind Leona with fear.

Blood Devil, Gu Te, and Bath stood arrogantly in the front. Standing behind him were some First Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm experts. They were all heroes of Monster and Demon Clans. Their auras were like the rainbow, their energies fierce and abundant.

It wasn't like when the had entered Shadow Ghostly Prison where only Blood Devil, Bath, and Gu Te were Incipient G.o.d Realm expert. Of course, back then, there were only three Incipient G.o.d Realm experts of Monster Clan and Demon Clan. Since they had other important roles, they didn't join the trip to Shadow Ghostly Prison.

It was different today. When they knew Potion and Tool Pavilion had taken the Fire Clan, Ice Clan, and Crystal Clan to this place with around thirty thousand warriors, Blood Devil and the others had to mobilize the experts of their clans.

There were nine Incipient G.o.d Realm experts from Monster Clan and Demon Clan including Blood Devil and the other two, and more than ten experts at Ethereal G.o.d Realm. Although there were just several hundred warriors who came here this time, they were all from the elite force.

"What happened?" Blood Devil's voice was like a bronze bell that rang. He coldly glared at Gu He, "Congratulations Second Elder for your higher position. However, Potion and Tool Pavilion has never interfered in any important matter of Agate Star Area. After you hold the office, you want to break the rules immediately, don't you?"

Usually, Potion and Tool Pavilion would never partic.i.p.ate in any dispute of Agate Star Area. However, they often affected the forces discreetly in the shadows. Everyone knew that.

Gu He took the Ice Clan, Fire Clan, and Crystal Clan here, which meant that they had to sweep off the outsiders from Agate Star Area. However, they had broken the rules of Potion and Tool Pavilion.

As Blood Devil came, he immediately asked Gu He without trying to be nice or polite.

Gu He furrowed his brows. He begrudgingly looked at Shang Chen and didn't say much.

What Sheng Chan said had shaken him hard. He was threatened.

Gu He couldn't help but glance at Shi Yan, his face grimacing more.

He knew that at his position, Shang Chen wouldn't deceive him. What Shang Chen said was all the truth. If he started a war here, his Gu family would be uprooted. He would be killed too. The young man in front of him would be the originator.

Gu He was so worried.

"... Blood Devil," Shang Chen called him quietly.

Blood Devil, Gu Te, and Bath heard his voice. They were surprised and their bodies shook. They immediately greeted him solemnly. "Great Sage."

They seemed to know Shang Chen better than Gu He. At first glance, they knew Shang Chen's ident.i.ty. They immediately showed him their respect.

"This dispute ends here. Don't extend it further." Shang Chen sighed and then added, "If you don't want to see Fiery Rain Star Area and Agate Star Area fall into the G.o.d Clan's control, you must calm down now."

While talking, Shang Chen looked really tired. It seemed like talking was also strenuous for him at this moment.

A wisp of blood mist silently diffused from Shang Chen's G.o.d Body. His abundant Qi drained quickly. He did not look good at all. His face gradually paled...

It seemed like an invisible hand was destroying his mind and body at the same time. He could freeze Gu He and hurt Ino in just a blink and no one could recognize his attack. However, he currently didn't have a beam of power to resist. He could only stand and bear the pain.

Shang Chen coughed terribly. A trickle of dark blood oozed from the corner of his mouth. He smiled sadly. Lifting his head to look at the immense horizon, he shivered.

Everybody was frightened. They looked at him, but they didn't know what was happening to him. The ones who could understand the situation had bitter eyes while they felt many waves rising in their hearts.

Blood Devil was shaken. He walked to Shang Chen and prepared to use the Immortal Demon Blood to heal the old man.

"It's useless," Shang Chen waved his hand to stop Blood Devil, beaming a forced smile. "It's the price that I have to pay. Otherwise, I can't see that spider web of fate or the path to walk..."

Pausing for a while, he tried to look excited. "Don't worry. I'm all right. I've risked my life to stop your battle. I hope you will listen to what I've told you today."

Gu He, Xiao En, Yu Shan, Blood Devil, and the others looked at him and nodded. No one dared to protest.

"Don't fight. Give up the racism. Give up family hatreds and resentment. Let go of the dispute between the two-star areas," Shang Chen looked and talked to them. "The barrier between Agate Star Area and Ancient G.o.d Star Area will be forcefully torn in ten years max. When that happens, the great army of G.o.d Clan will invade you. I hope you will be well prepared in ten years. Improve the competencies of everyone to the utmost. If you can't defeat the G.o.d clan, you will be killed. You will be enslaved."

All warriors of Agate Star Area, Blood Devil, Bath, Gu Te, Gu He, Ino, Miao Rong, Ju Bu, and even the warriors at Incipient G.o.d Realm had ashen faces. No one doubted Shang Chen.

Everybody stooped and felt heavy-hearted.

Shang Chen looked at Yu Shan and Xiao En. "It's the right move that you came to find Leona to train your soldiers. In this vast universe, the ones who could face the G.o.d Clan are only members of the Bloodthirsty's bloodline. You will have only seven or eight years before the ma.s.sive operation of the G.o.d Clan. They will attack Fiery Rain Star Area with their best power. If you can win in that battle, Fiery Rain Star Area won't need to worry about the G.o.d Clan for a long time. You need to hurry and try your best to prepare for that coming battle."

Xiao En and Yu Shan were frightened. They nodded. They believed what Shang Chen had just told them.

Shang Chen coughed, his line of sight falling on Shi Yan. "I was asked to be here. I want to take you to someplace. Follow me."

"Who asked you to come to see me?" Shi Yan was surprised.

Shang Chen grinned and didn't explain. Four rings suddenly flew out of his sleeve and flew toward Fei Lan, Leona, Ka Tuo, and Benny respectively. "Someone asked me to deliver those rings to you guys. They are pretty useful to your realm and power. I wish for you to reach the perfect state in the future."

He looked at Shi Yan and said, "You don't need to take care of them for a while. They have their own destinies."

Fei Lan, Leona, Ka Tuo, and Benny received the rings. They sensed for a while. Seconds later, their eyes brightened and, their faces were happy.

Apparently, what the rings stored was extremely suitable for them.

"You two," Shang Chen regarded Fei Lan and Leona and smiled, "The ones you want to find have escaped adversity. You don't need to worry about them. They're doing well, though. You will meet them soon."

Fei Lan and Leona were very happy.

Fei Lan's man and Leona's father had left Raging Flame Star Area a long, long time ago. They didn't receive any message from them for such a long time. After they had arrived in Agate Star Area, they knew that the ones they wanted to find used to be confined by the Dark Shadow Clan. However, after leaving the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage, they didn't find anything.

The two of them were disappointed and worried.

Today, hearing Shang Chen, the two of them had finally eased their minds. They were even happier than receiving the rings.

They both said thanks to Shang Chen. Benny and Ka Tuo also bowed to him with sincere faces.

"No need to thank me," Shang Chen shook his head. "It's I who owes you..."

He immediately turned to Shi Yan and said, "You don't need to worry about them. Come with me. Hurry up."

"To where?"

"I will tell you on the way."


Shi Yan simply confirmed with Shang Chen.

"You gave Potion and Tool Pavilion's Canon to Gu He," said Shang Chen all of a sudden.

"Give it to Gu He?" Shi Yan shook his head and smiled coldly, "He doesn't deserve it."

"It was to Fu Wei. The Canon is destined for her. Today, among the Elders of Potion and Tool Pavilion, only Fu Wei has the capacity to decode the mysteries of the Canon." Shang Chen looked at Gu He and pondered, "Fu Wei is the future of Potion and Tool Pavilion. If she can't decipher the Canon's mysteries, you... will follow the trail of the former Pavilion Masters. Only if Fu Wei can break the mysteries of the Canon can you escape your fatal destiny."

Gu He paled.

The former Pavilion Masters had forged weapons or refined pellets until they had fallen into bedevilment, shattered their bodies, and left only a dying wisp of a soul. They couldn't stand for a long time, though.

It seemed to be related to many secrets in the refining of Potion and Tool Pavilion. Lower realm blacksmiths and alchemists wouldn't meet such a bottleneck. However, when they reach a particular level, they would eventually fall into such a destiny. The previous Pavilion Masters and the oldest elders of the pavilion had disappeared like that.

Gu He took a deep breath and said with a dispirited face, "I understood."

"It's good that you've understood." Shang Chen nodded. "I just want the best for you. I want you to live longer. Remember to give the Canon to Fu Wi. Otherwise, you will die eventually."

Shang Chen looked at Shi Yan and said, "Give it to him. We are in a hurry. We don't have much time to waste here. Your Great Grandpa... is waiting for you to rescue him."

"My Great Grandpa?" Shi Yan discolored in fright. "How is he?"

"He's too extreme. He has a problem. I've confined him for the time being. The situation is... serious." Shang Chen sighed, "We should talk on the way."

Shi Yan didn't hesitate anymore. He snorted at Gu He and threw him the Canon. "If you still have the Canon the next time I see you, I will take it for the second time. Well, I will take your life with it too."

Gu He discolored. He didn't dare to open his mouth and talk. He just grabbed the Canon with a wince.

After he had listened to Shang Chen's prophecy saying that he would die by Shi Yan's hand if he fought him, Gu He was wary of Shi Yan unknowingly. Facing him, Gu He couldn't help but be restlessly anxious.

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