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The Potion and Tool Pavilion's battleships emerged from the thick clouds of the Cloud Sea Star, putting pressure on the small sea area underneath.

The heavy, mountain-like pressure came from the warriors on the battleships with so many giant, crystalline artilleries. The energy inside those artilleries was br.i.m.m.i.n.g as if they could fire at any minute.

The battleships of the Fire Clan, Crystal Clan, and Ice Clan surrounded the Cloud Sea Star from three different major directions. They blocked the sky, releasing their intimidating auras.

Second Elder Gu He of Potion and Tool Pavilion was close to the Fire Clan, Crystal Clan, and Ice Clan. He also had a close relationship with the forces like Divine Light. He was a mighty character who had the competence to resist Great Elder Zuo Lou.

Right now, as Zuo Lou had fallen, he had to live like a stray dog. No one knew where he was hiding. Gu He became an overlord, the official representative of the Potion and Tool Pavilion. It was his time now to rule over all the offices of the Potion and Tool Pavilion.

Xiao En, Yu Shan, and the warriors of the Fiery Rain Star Area were looking at the sky with stern and dark complexions.

Many battleships of the Fiery Rain Star Area were mobilized from the nearby islands and in the sea area. They flew up while releasing a hazy halo. All things were ready to engage in the coming battle.

Right at this moment, Shi Yan glided like a meteor over the sky and appeared above the gourd-shaped island.

Miao Rong, Ju Bo, Sana, and the experts of the Divine Light and Fighting League also gathered up. They were so surprised on seeing the Potion and Tool Pavilion's battleships emerging.

An orange-red, crystalline war chariot, which was strangely beautiful and yet luxurious, appeared with dazzling light. It carried a lot of strange divine crystals. An obese man squinted his small eyes while watching the warriors gathering underneath and maneuvering his war chariot to approach the other.

That man was a human. At first glance, he appeared like a flesh mountain, with the fat in his body bouncing as he moved. The loose garments on his body were precious, but they couldn't cover the fat and flesh of his body. They looked as if they could burst off at any minute.

This man had big ears, a round face, and a pair of bizarrely small eyes. If they didn't observe carefully, they couldn't even have seen his eyes - his fat had pressed and deformed his facial features.

"Gu He!" Xia Xin Yan called him.

Shi Yan arched his brows, looking at Gu He while putting up his guard.

Ju Bo and Sana of the Divine Light hesitated when they saw this plump of flesh. However, they still stepped out and greeted him.

Gu He squinted his small eyes, trying to pull a smile. He nodded to Ju Bo, talking gently. "You guys are all here. It's good then."

Ju Bo and Sana didn't understand a thing.

Gu He looked at Xiao En and Yu Shan, his eyes getting colder. He shouted all of a sudden. "Why did you people of the Fiery Rain Star Area come here without permission? Who allowed you to cross the border? You've brought more than ten thousand warriors and several battleships. Are you declaring war on our Agate Star Area?"

Hearing him, everybody was startled.

The battleships of the Fire Clan, Ice Clan, and Crystal Clan were anch.o.r.ed not far from them. They silently moved, sending sharp auras to this area. They were ready to engage in a battle.

Xiao En and Yu Shan frowned while exchanging looks, their faces darkening.

"We came to Agate Star Area because we have an agreement with someone in your star area. We don't have any bad intention towards the Agate Star Area." Yu Shan hesitated for a while before pitching her cold voice. "It has nothing to do with your Potion and Tool Pavilion, right? Is the Potion and Tool Pavilion the owner of the entire Agate Star Area? Do we need your permission to enter the area?"

"The Fiery Rain Star Area and our Agate Star Area don't get along well." Gu He smiled coldly. He snorted, then continued. "We used to fight fiercely back in the days. Our Gu family had laid down our lives to withstand one family of the Fiery Rain Star Area. Afterward, the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage that connected the two star areas was sealed. We do have an unwritten agreement that no party is allowed to trespa.s.s the other's territory. Today, you guys have come without any precaution. We can consider it to be your war declaration."

"Gu family?" Xiao En was surprised as he sneered, "Ah, turns out it's that Gu family. Haha, that family had been almost exterminated. I didn't expect someone from that family could rise again."

"Who are you?" Gu He had a cold and harsh look.

"I'm Xiao En. Haha, that year, your Gu family was beaten up by my Xiao family. I guess you've heard about your ancestor's humiliation, right? Haha!" Xiao En laughed like crazy.

Gu He had an extremely cold face while his eyes showed his deep grudge. He gazed at Xiao En for a while and then thundered. "We give you half a month to leave this place. Otherwise, we'll consider it as your declaration of war! We will unite to kill all of you!"

"Mister Gu He!" Ju Bo frowned, "They didn't come here to attack the Agate Star Area. They have some other plan..."

"Cut it off!" Gu He swung his hand, talking unreasonably. "They are from the Fiery Rain Star Area. Anyone who accompanies them will be the Agate Star Area's traitor! I will talk to your Divine Light's Master. You guys should help us deal with those aliens or just step aside. Don't cause trouble to the Divine Light!"

Ju Bo changed his face. His cold eyes sparkled, but he didn't talk more.

Miao Rong and Xia Xin Yan also frowned. They then discussed quietly, but they didn't give an opinion.

The Fighting League and Elder Bettina had a close relationship. However, they didn't like the Great Elder and Second Elder. If they joined this talk, it would lead to an adverse result. Gu He would treat them harsher.

Apparently, because Zuo Lou was crossed out, Gu He became the overlord of the Potion and Tool Pavilion after the Elder Conference.

Gu He and Fire Clan, Ice Clan, and Crystal Clan had a close relationship. With the agreement of the three great clans, and the allies in the Divine Light and the other strong forces, Gu He could be arrogant, because his time had finally come. Turning one's back on him at this moment wasn't a wise move.

However, Gu He didn't dare to declare war that simply.

The total warriors of the Potion and Tool Pavilion, Crystal Clan, Fire Clan, and Ice Clan were around thirty thousand. Although they outnumbered the other, Yu Shan and Xiao En's force had more Ethereal G.o.d Realm experts.

This fight would relate to the war between two star areas. If it were triggered, with more Incipient G.o.d Realm experts, the Potion and Tool Pavilion might win. However, it would be a strenuous triumph, as they would lose a lot of experts. After that, they would have to face the anger of the Fiery Rain Star Area when they sent more forces to take revenge.

The warriors that Yu Shan and Xiao En had brought here weren't from the same force. They came from different clans and different forces. It would cause a great trouble indeed.

If they were killed here, the war between two star areas, the Agate Star Area and the Fiery Rain Star Area, would explode immediately, clearing up everybody.

Although Gu He was haughty, he wasn't impulsive. He didn't dare to act rashly.

"I just want to know one thing. Does the Potion and Tool Pavilion have the power to decide things in Agate Star Area?" Yu Shan asked coldly.

"It's not that our Potion and Tool Pavilion can decide the fate of this star area. I've talked to the forces everywhere. Fire Clan, Crystal Clan, Wood Clan, Ice Clan, and Ghost Mark Clan all think that if they let ten thousand warriors of the Fiery Rain Star Area stay in Agate Star Area, they won't be able to sleep well. If you don't want to leave, we will expel you," said Gu He.

"Did you talk to the Monster Clan, Demon Clan, and Fighting League?" Shi Yan asked all of a sudden after keeping silent for a long time.

"Kid, who are you?" Gu He's eyes were cold. "You are only at the Original G.o.d Realm. Do you think you have the right to intervene?"

"My first name is Shi, and my last name is Yan." While frowning, Shi Yan said, "I think you've heard of my name before, eh?"

Gu He's eyes had a gleam of surprise, which he hid immediately. He then talked with a stiff face. "Never heard of you before. I don't need to talk to you!"

He looked at Miao Rong and Xia Xin Yan, his face getting less tense. "I've talked to Feng Han. He said he didn't care about anything here. About the Monster Clan and Demon Clan, because of the far distance, I'm still trying to reach to them. I think they would agree with my decision. It's ten thousand people from a strange star area coming to the Agate Star Area. This potential danger's really big. We can't bear the unexpected events, if any. We must expel them!"

Gu He was determined to shoo them away.

Miao Rong and Xia Xin Yan were bewildered. With a begrudging complexion, they didn't say anything.

Since Gu He got the authority of the Potion and Tool Pavilion, of course, Feng Han would give him face. He didn't say anything, but it didn't mean he agreed. However, from what Gu He told them, Feng Han had agreed with his operation.

The atmosphere became tense.

The Potion and Tool Pavilion brought the Fire Clan, Ice Clan, and Crystal Clan to this area with ma.s.sive momentum. They looked as if they would fire up at any moment. Yu Shan and Xiao En's force wasn't bad. If they had to fight, they wouldn't be afraid. However, it would be tough to return to Fiery Rain Star Area.

At this moment, the Agate Star Area didn't need to face the G.o.d Clan's attack, while the Fiery Rain Star Area still had to engage in the war. Although Yu Shan and Xiao En felt irritated, they couldn't afford the possible losses in this area.

"You tell me," Yu Shan turned to Shi Yan all of a sudden, talking begrudgingly, "We arrived here as you promised us. We just want to improve our corps' competence. What we need are talented field commanders like Leona and Benny. If they can come to our Fiery Rain Star Area, we can go back now."

"We must seal the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage connecting to Fiery Rain Star Area!" Gu He shouted coldly. "Your Fiery Rain Star Area is having a terrible fight with the G.o.d Clan. If the G.o.d Clan comes here through the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage connecting your Fiery Rain Star Area, it will be a catastrophe to our star area. Thus, when you leave, we will absolutely seal the barrier. We will not have any connection anymore."

Hearing Gu He, all the people on the gourd-shaped island had a grimace.

Once they sealed the pa.s.sage between the Fiery Rain Star Area and Agate Star Area, the connection between the two star areas would be cut off. If Leona and Benny got there, they wouldn't be able to return.

Of course, it didn't suit Shi Yan's thought and benefit.

In his eyes, the G.o.d Clan was the biggest enemy. The Agate Star Area should join hands with the Fiery Rain Star Area to resist the G.o.d Clan. The Fiery Rain Star Area had many experiences and information about the G.o.d Clan. So, they could help figure out how to deal with the enemy.

And, at the same time, the Ascot family was fabricating the secret treasure to clear the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage connecting to Agate Star Area. Once they got it done, the Agate Star Area would have to face the Ascot family of the G.o.d Clan immediately. If they could have this ally from the Fiery Rain Star Area, they could exchange information and forces, which was good to both sides.

If they fought alone, they would be smashed, and their star areas would be occupied.

Shi Yan's face was getting colder. He lifted his head to look at Gu He of the Potion and Tool Pavilion. "It's me who gave Fu Wei the Potion and Tool Pavilion's Canon. According to the rules, Fu Wei's the official master of your pavilion. You're just an Elder. Do you think you can stand here and bl.u.s.ter?"

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