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Above the vast sea, two troops of King G.o.d Realm warriors were gathering and lining up in special dispositions. They were fighting fiercely.

The young man was called Yue Dao and he was a disciple of Xiao En. He also knew how to use strategic dispositions. He had experienced many fights against the G.o.d Clan. He was deemed experienced in this field.

Yue Dao wore a serene face and hid in the center of the formation of three hundred warriors at King G.o.d Realm of Fiery Rain Star Area. He swayed like a ghost shadow, continually sending his commands in a low and gloomy voice.

His voice was clear and cold as if it had some magic that could stir up the warriors of Fiery Rain Star Area. With the charm of his voice, those warriors started to have a desire to fight. Their fighting competence was actually boosted.

Yue Dao cultivated Sound power Upanishad. With this kind of power, he had the natural advantage in commanding a battle. At the same time, he could trigger the potential of his warriors. He made them not wary of death, make them wildly bloodthirsty, and could even make them not feel pain.

Three hundred soldiers of the troop he was commanding created a blood saber, which was ruthless and bloodthirsty. The Qi of the three hundred people had combined into one flow. Their different energy fluctuations started to synchronize and create a marvelous synergy.

This troop of three hundred warriors gave people the aura of a legion of one thousand soldiers and ten thousand horses dashing. It made Xia Xin Yan and the warriors of the Divine Light discolor.

Apparently, Yue Dao was like Xia Xin Yan. He was also a warrior whose expertise was to control a troop. He had innate talents in this field.

Xiao En chuckled and said, "Yue Dao cultivates Sound power Upanishad. Although his cultivation base isn't really exquisite, his Sound ability could urge the potential of his soldiers. He could make them not feel pain and not be afraid of death. They would become wild and fearless. Of course, Yue Dao knows how to command his soldiers in the field. After hundreds of battles, he could still surprise people every time."

Yu Shan nodded and gave her compliments, "Sir Xiao En, you're lucky to have such a good student."

Xiao En laughed, his face cheered up.

Many warriors of Fiery Rain Star Area also looked at Yue Dao without blinking, light filling their eyes.

Compared to Yue Dao, Benny's performance was much worse...

It was Benny's first time controlling a troop in a battle. He had the knowledge of different tricks, secrets, and major stationing. However, he had never practiced them before.

He appeared somewhat flurried, his voice also hurried and muddled. Thus, before they had engaged in the battle, their disposition was twisted like a mess of tangled fibers. It didn't look like a professional stationing at all.

Warriors of Divine Light and Fighting League looked disappointed. The warriors under Benny's command didn't have confidence. They scattered and didn't even listen to Benny's orders, which a.s.signed their stations.

The warriors of Fiery Rain Star Area laughed as they saw such a poor arrangement.

Xiao En frowned. He contemplated for a while and gave Yue Dao a gesture, telling him not to attack immediately.

"You don't respect us!" Xiao En darkened his face. "Sending a rookie like that kid, a person who has never commanded in a battle to confront us. You look down on us!"

Yu Shan also frowned.

Xia Xin Yan was baffled. She stepped forward and whispered, "Should we change the commander? Let me fight that Yue Dao. I believe I'm as strong as he is. I'm sure we won't have an ugly defeat..."

She could see that Benny didn't have experience. She didn't know why Shi Yan wanted Benny to command this troop but this situation wasn't something Benny could control. As Fiery Rain Star Area could make a fit about this, she proactively wanted to take the responsibility.

Shi Yan frowned and shouted, "Benny! Where's your wild power?!"

Staying in the middle of the mess, Benny was so worried as if he had a flame in his heart. All of a sudden, he was shaken. A bloodthirsty desire swarmed over him. His anxiety boiled while his eyes had the evil light of destructive power, which was deadly and dangerous.


A flow of energy that could kill all living beings shot out from Benny's body. He seemed to become a completely different person. He became extremely wild and crazy!

A warrior of the Windstorm War Department didn't listen to him. He rose his hand to pat that man. The man's bones exploded, his body almost smashed.

Benny's eyes turned garnet, which seemed to have blood br.i.m.m.i.n.g. A destructive desire diffused that could affect the souls of all warriors in his troop, their soul altars controlled.

Immediately, Benny's ordered flowed like a gush of water as his Soul Consciousness poured into those people's brains directly.

The chaotic melee of three hundred soldiers suddenly had an aura that could destroy earth and heaven. Each warrior of Windstorm War Department seemed to be boosted to the extreme. Now, they looked as if they had just fallen into bedevilment. They all became wild and brutal.

Benny's destructive aura had collected all the auras of his troopers' energy. In just a blink, he combined them into one ma.s.sive flow.

He looked like the Devil that commanded his troop. The troop of three hundred warriors seemed to turn into a giant demon from the Nine Serenity Purgatory. The evil and mad energy fluctuations violently swarmed towards Yue Dao's troop.

"He uses his soul to control people's Qi and operating mechanism, gathering everything into one unit!" Xiao En discolored all of a sudden, his body shivering.

Yu Shan's eyes brightened radiantly. She was in disbelief. Apparently, she was also aghast.

People who knew strategic military dispositions screamed. They looked dull as they couldn't explain what they were observing.

Using the soul to gather the auras of the subordinates and using the Soul Consciousness to connect the soul altars were the subtlest methods to control the troop in combat that only legendary field commanders who ruled the whole region could do.

As Xiao En and Yu Shan used to fight the G.o.d Clan, they knew that the clan had just a few talented field commanders that could do so.

They were astounded, indeed.

It was obviously the first time Benny controlled a troop in combat. His wildness could create something magically terrifying when he used his soul to control the troopers' operating mechanism and Qi to create the tide of the strongest attack. It was unimaginable, indeed.

Yue Dao's troop had a totally different feeling compared to the audiences' when they saw Benny and his troopers coming.

In Yue Dao and the warriors of Fiery Rain Star Area's eyes, there was no Benny and his troop. There was a monster that had just crawled out of its pit in h.e.l.l. With an open mouth, it spurted blood scent as it was storming violently towards them. It wanted to tear them apart.

It was not a hallucination. They could even see the cold fangs and the evil, cold eyes of the monster.

Their minds were subdued in just a blink of an eye. They felt dispirited as they couldn't resist this troop. Their formation was scattered from its formerly sharp disposition.

Many people felt their feet soften.

Seeing the earth-destroying aura like the Devil from h.e.l.l, Yue Dao felt his heart become cold. His eyes showed his panic.

Yue Dao's troop was defeated right before the battle began.

"STOP!" Xiao En thundered, shaking the entire sky.

Under his thundering voice, what Yue Dao and his troop saw had changed. Now they didn't see the monster anymore. They pulled themselves together and found that it was the Windstorm warriors and Benny in the middle of their formation.

Benny's eyes were garnet, his face bloodthirsty. The destructive energy swirled around him. That energy was like countless silk fibers that sewed the Windstorm warriors' Qi into one bunch.

The onlookers could see cl.u.s.ters of gray mist and clouds hovering around the troop of three hundred warriors that vaguely formed the terrifying monster. It was very similar to the Demogorgon phantom that Shi Yan had created.

However, the monster above the troop of three hundred was more gigantic and brutal. It was the Qi and operating mechanism of three hundred people that Benny had used his extraordinary power to collect and perform.

It looked so real.

The audiences could even see a fearsome, giant demon crawling above Benny's head.

They could even feel the malicious aura of that demon, which made them discolor in fear. They now had to consider Benny once again.

Gathering the troopers' auras to generate a demon that looked so real was some strategic disposition technique that went against Nature. Even Xiao En and Yu Shan who used to fight with the G.o.d Clan were dumbstruck. Now, they knew that if it wasn't the first time Benny controlled a troop and if he was a talented, experienced field commander, he could make his corps change earth-shakingly.

The experts of Divine Light and Fighting League were also astounded. Miao Rong and Ju Bo frowned as light sparkled restlessly in their eyes.

"Can we take this boy to our Fighting League?" Miao Rong suddenly approached Xia Xin Yan and asked seriously, "This boy is a rough gem. Once he gets used to strategic dispositions, he will be a top field commander!"

Xia Xin Yan smiled, her beautiful eyes raking around. "You can ask Shi Yan. If he agrees, we will try our best to have him."

"Who's foolish like that?" Miao Rong forced a smile, shaking his head. He knew that hope was just in vain.

"Shi Yan, if he agrees to join the Divine Light, we will do our best to nurture him." Ju Bo came forward and spoke with an earnest face.

Shi Yan was surprised. He shook his head.

Benny was slowly recovering from his insane state. He calmed down but his eyes were still fluttering.

"How do you compare him to Leona?" Xiao En dismissed Yue Dao's team. His face became so severe. He looked at Benny and asked Yu Shan, "I think with this kid, it's not important whether we could have Leona or not..."

He could see Benny's potential. As it was just the first time Benny commanded in combat, if he studied harder, he would become a peerless talented commander.

Since he had never seen Leona, in his eyes, Benny was the top field commander. He thought that Leona couldn't be compared to Benny.

"This boy's not bad. But he lacks a lot of experience compared to Leona." Yu Shan chuckled. "Unless he has experienced more than one hundred battles, he will have no chance to resist Leona. He doesn't have experience and he has never trained an army."

Xiao En's eyes brightened up, "Is Leona that excellent?"

"Maybe Benny will surpa.s.s her later. Right now, he's far behind her. You tell me. Who do we need now?" Yu Shan smile.

"Both!" Xiao En's eyes twinkled. "It's good that we can have both of them!"

Shi Yan glared at him before smiling and waving his hand, "We're done here. Leona will come very soon. I will arrange for her to train your soldiers. About Benny... if you aren't afraid that he would cause harm, you can let him torture your soldiers for a while to help him earn experience."

"It's okay. If he agrees to work with us, it's our honor. We're glad to do that." Xiao En hurried to reply.

"We're also glad to send our men for him to torture." Miao Rong and Ju Bo also expressed. They looked excited and enthusiastic to proactively propose and chime in.

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