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Before the ten gold flood dragons created by the sharp metal energy could reach Shi Yan, the phantoms of Demogorgons had stopped them. The Demogorgon phantoms were filled with brutality, bloodl.u.s.t, and craziness. They were black and icy, carrying a formidable evil aura.

Those giant Demogorgons were the combination of the Evil Spirit and the Death energy, with a wisp of Shi Yan's essence soul. Right after they appeared, they faced the sky and howled, releasing tremendous energy waves.

Shi Yan cut the void with one hand, releasing countless s.p.a.ce blades which were even sharper than the sharpest sabers. They all swarmed inaudibly towards Jin Lie.

s.p.a.ce slits appeared in the void around Jin Lie, where brilliant beams of light shot out.


Shi Yan's pupils shrank when he hissed. With that, the s.p.a.ce around Jin Lie was locked, as if it was tied by invisible chains.

The heaven and earth energy was stagnant, the wind ceased, and the energy vanished. It seemed like even light was forced to stop moving.

At that moment, everybody could see Jin Lie halt in the void all of a sudden, as if he was struck by the Body Fixing Spell.

The ten gold dragons Jin Lie had released trembled hard. The Demogorgons grabbed the dragons, tearing them into small pieces. Gold light bloomed in the sky and then vanished.

The confined s.p.a.ce now looked like a tranquil lake which just had a big rock dropped in it. It rippled, sending out giant waves.

The fine s.p.a.ce slits invaded shortly after, causing Jin Lie's body to echo cracking sounds. His face paled, while his eyes showed a gleam of fear.


Jin Lie couldn't help but spurt out a mouthful of blood. His G.o.d Body shook, and in just a blink of an eye, his body had many fine cuts which began to bleed terribly, as if he had been cut by many knives.

All the onlookers of the Divine Light and the Fiery Rain Star Area were dead silent. They all gawked, dropping their jaws and looking shocked.

Xiao En's bright but cold smile was now turning into a grimace. His lips trembled, but he couldn't utter a word. Yu Shan's hair bun shivered while locks of her black hair fluttered behind her back. Her bright eyes looked extremely stunned.

Miao Rong, Ju Bo, and Sana were dumbstruck like wooden chickens. They were bewildered for a long time before grinning evilly.

"Hah!" Xuan Fei let out a low cry, her beautiful eyes filled with radiant lights. At this moment, she didn't know what to say.

Many warriors of the Fiery Rain Star Area thought they were dizzy. They couldn't help but rub their eyes as though they wanted to see things clearer. They couldn't believe that Jin Lie was pushed into such a state, and that he got hurt in just a short time.

They couldn't believe what they had just seen!

Jin Lie had trickles of blood on the corners of his mouth, but he didn't look dispirited at all. On the contrary, his fighting will was triggered, as he grinned fiendishly.


Dazzling gold lightning beams lingered on his entire body like worms. With a close look, one would recognize that those were actually the bulging veins in his G.o.d Body. His veins were now golden and glowing, wiggling in his skin and giving him a peculiar look.

Fiery Rain Star Area warriors were stunned. They cried in fear, pulling themselves together to observe the fight.

Xuan Fei covered her mouth, screaming instinctively. "Gold Lightning G.o.d Body!"

"He's combined the Metal power Upanishad and Lightning power Upanishad?" Sana changed his countenance to a grimace.

Ju Bo slightly shook his head. "No, it's not like that. Jin Lie's main power's the Metal power Upanishad. I guess he had a lucky encounter, in which his G.o.d Body was quenched by lightning. Lightning isn't his power, he just has the energy stored in his body, and he can use it together with the Metal power."

Xia Xin Yan and Zi Yao were still calm. They didn't show their panic-stricken countenances.

Under people's gaze, Jin Lie's veins bulged as if they were real lightning blots. His G.o.d Body glowed radiantly with golden light, emitting more robust energy waves.

His entire body's muscles swelled under the urge of his Metal and Lightning energies. He was filled with the explosive energy of Lightning and Metal.

Lightning and Metal powers had enhanced Jin Lie's G.o.d Body. At this moment, he looked like a golden man who was molded out of liquid gold. His aura bloomed as he dashed with the rainbow momentum towards Shi Yan.

He moved like a sharp, golden sword!

Shi Yan's face was calm. He squinted, urging his power Upanishad and hissing for the second time. "Confine!"

Jin Lie, who was storming towards him, halted all of a sudden. However, he forcefully wiggled out of the s.p.a.ce confinement. Once again, he stormed towards Shi Yan, this time even faster than before.

Shi Yan's eyes were bright. He smiled and nodded as he knew Jin Lie had urged all the energy of his body. His furious power had helped him get rid of Shi Yan's s.p.a.ce confinement.

"Good to see you here!"

He wasn't afraid, but actually cheered up. He smiled while his G.o.d Body changed.

Under everybody's gaze, his G.o.d Body suddenly shriveled. His hunky, majestic body became tragically thin. Wisps of pale mist gushed out of his acupuncture points, flooding the surroundings shortly.

Many warriors who were watching this battle had to frown, looking at his body. They suddenly felt like their souls had fallen into a fantasy mirror where they were nipped and torn by evil spirits, demons, and wailing ghosts in a blood sea with many white bones jutting out. They felt that both their souls and bodies were invaded by the evil and negative moods.

Everybody discolored in fright, hurrying to get themselves together. They all looked panic-stricken.

After they had stabilized their souls, they looked at Shi Yan once again, their faces ashen.

What kind of an evil power was this?

They had just looked at him several times, and their souls had sunk down there. They felt desperate, as if they would never get rid of that blood sea. They seemed to be able to see Death approaching.

When they could react, they realized that Shi Yan didn't aim at them. With that, they felt even more terrified. Xiao En and many other experts of the Fiery Rain Star Area couldn't help but remind Jin Lie. "Watch out! Don't jump into the mist!"

Unfortunately, it was too late...

Jin Lie was like a sharp, golden sword that directly and violently thrust into the immense white mist. He had jumped into the sea of negative moods, immersing in the blood sea, visiting each island made of white bones. Countless evil spirits and wailing, hungry ghosts were gnawing at his body and soul.

It was the negative sea made of the negative energy of the Death power Upanishad. It was a soul attack.

Right after Jin Lie jumped in, he entered layers of illusions. He lost his mind instantaneously, slashing the ghosts and evil spirits he saw, which didn't actually exist.

People who were watching could see everything. They saw Shi Yan squinting and floating aside, looking at Jin Lie, who had lost his mind. The onlookers were now so afraid of Shi Yan.

Under people's observation, Shi Yan chuckled, balling his left hand into a fist. He punched Jin Lie neither hurriedly nor slowly.

The Immortal Demon Blood was urged.

The arm with that fist suddenly emitted a brutal, savage energy. Spikes jutted out of his elbows, while rigid, iron-like armor covered his arm. At this moment, his arm showcased endless evil features.


Jin Lie got hit in his chest and was blown backward like an asteroid. His G.o.d Body resounded popping sounds as if someone was frying beans unceasingly.

He was struck, sent into the crowd of the Fiery Rain Star Area battleships. Warriors of the Fiery Rain Star Area had to catch him and check his situation.

Jin Lie panted, gasping for his breath. His face reddened as he shoved the others away. "I'm alright!"

He adjusted his condition, trying to attack Shi Yan one more time. But right at this moment, Yu Shan and Xiao En both stopped him. They were stern, their looks towards Shi Yan complicated.

"I'm okay. I can fight more!" Jin Lie cried.

Xiao En turned around to glare at him, sighing. "He showed mercy. Or else, you wouldn't be safe and sound."

As he didn't defend himself and Shi Yan had hit him with an ultimate energized punch, seeing that his G.o.d Body was intact, even if Jin Lie didn't know what had happened to him, Xiao En and Yu Shan had realized it.

They could see clearly that when Shi Yan struck his attack, and at the moment Jin Lie was blown backward, the explosive energy had dispersed out. It didn't burst off his G.o.d Body. Otherwise, even if Jin Lie's G.o.d Body didn't explode, he would be hurt severely.

"Jin Lie is defeated." Yu Shan was resolute, declaring the result of this battle. She didn't allow him to fight anymore.

The Divine Light's and Fiery Rain Star Area's experts were boiling as they looked at Shi Yan with fear.

Shi Yan... was only at the First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm!

He had used his Firs Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm cultivation base to forcefully resist Jin Lie at his Peak of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. Even more appallingly, he had gained the upper hand right from the beginning. He had even showcased that if he used his strongest abilities, he could kill Jin Lie shortly. He had toppled their cognition of powers completely.

After they had arrived in the gourd-shaped island, the warriors of the Fiery Rain Star Area had felt contempt toward the Divine Light warriors and the warriors of Agate Star Area in general. But at this moment, they all quieted down, thinking about their purpose in taking this trip seriously. They didn't dare to disdain or underestimate the people here anymore.

Xuan Fei's beautiful eye showed she was stunned. She suddenly jumped and yelled. "Wow! You're so strong. Even Jin Lie dge couldn't beat you!"

Jin Lie was the famous Ethereal G.o.d Realm expert in Fiery Rain Star Area. His extraordinary fighting competence had gained people's approval. It was also why when he started to attack Shi Yan, the experts of the Fiery Rain Star Area had a.s.sumed that Shi Yan would lose.

Today, Jin Lie failed, beaten up badly. He was lucky that his opponent had shown mercy. Otherwise, Jin Lie would have been killed today!

"You guys can send another one." Shi Yan frowned, looking at the crowd of the Fiery Rain Star Area in front of him. "You have like ten thousand warriors here with many Ethereal G.o.d Realm experts. I can slowly fight with you then. Don't worry that I would have to consume a lot of energy and that I wouldn't be able to resist you anymore."

Warriors of the Fiery Rain Star Area exchanged look, but they all kept silent.

Ju Bo, Miao Rong, and the Divine Light warriors were filled with smiles, feeling so proud.

"Are you really at the First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm?" Xiao En pondered for a while before asking.

"Can't fake it," Shi Yan answered coldly.

Xiao En sighed while looking at Yu Shan. "I think no other Ethereal G.o.d Realm expert in our force can defeat him. I admit that I have looked down the fellows in the Agate Star Area. Leona should be like what you've told me. She is a genius in strategy and military tactics."

"I'm sure nothing's wrong with Leona's talents. I've seen them with my own eyes," replied Yu Shan.

"I'm convinced." Xiao En thought for a while and then stooped his head, admitting his defeat. "I will watch over our soldiers properly, and we will listen to the other's directions. We won't have any dispute or objections."

Yu Shan was surprised, exhaling in relief. She then begged Shi Yan, "I'm sure my soldiers will listen to the commander... Can we meet Leona now?"

Shi Yan frowned, pondering for a while before nodding.

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