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Chapter 108 - Waiting for an Opportunity
Shi Yan felt humiliated.
He was being carried by Xia Xin Yan and flying in the wind. The sharp winds blew on his face and he felt a stinging sensation like blades stabbing into his skin.
Wisps of fragrance from Xia Xin Yan flew into his nose along with the wind. The fragrant breeze should’ve been a wonderful thing, but his position was seriously awkward and his mood just couldn’t lighten at all.
He was grabbed by the collar of his clothes and lifted into the air. Shi Yan felt more like Xia Xin Yan was carrying him like a package rather than a living person.
Although he knew that Xia Xin Yan had no choice and had to take him to escape quickly, Shi Yan still felt humiliated.
There was never another moment like this where he held such a desire for power! He desired stronger power! He desired power that could get rid of everything!
Carried in Xia Xin Yan’s hands, he secretly made up his mind. If he was lucky enough to survive this, he would never let any other person carry him like this! He would use all his strength to find higher ground and he would override everyone else!
Shi Yan clearly heard the conversation between Xia Xin Yan and the woman’s voice in the dark. After knowing that it was the Mistress of the Dark World, Shi Yan’s expression became grim, but there was nothing he could do.
Although he had many wondrous encounters and obtained four different Martial Spirits in his body, he was still only in the Human Realm. There was an insurmountable gap between him and Sky Realm masters. This wasn’t just some minor difference and couldn't just be offset by his mysterious Martial Skills.
He clearly knew his own capabilities and he knew that against a master like this his chances of escaping would be minimal.
So he didn’t bother to speak. He only gathered his concentration and tried to find an escape opportunity.
“Do you really want to become enemies with the Endless Sea?” Xia Xin Yan took a deep breath, her beautiful figure slowly descending.
Shi Yan’s heart shook as he could clearly sense that the reincarnation power in Xia Xin Yan was slowly disappearing.
Once Xia Xin Yan used her Reincarnation Martial Spirit, the power of reincarnation would slowly disappear as it did not belong to her. When all of her reincarnation power is used up, Xia Xin Yan would revert back to her original realm of a Disaster Realm, Third Sky warrior.
Just standing in mid-air used a lot of reincarnation power. When she realized that the Mistress of the Dark World completely blocked the path ahead she knew that it would be impossible to keep roaming the sky freely while carrying Shi Yan.
They landed.
Xia Xin Yan dropped Shi Yan and she coldly looked at the dark cloud that was slowly descending from the sky, and said dismissively, “In the false gate, there’s only the Original Seal of a Martial Spirit. Once the seal has been obtained, it can no longer be used again.”
Pausing for a second, Xia Xin Yan then said, “Which means, even if you kill him, you’ll get nothing out from him.”
While saying this, Xia Xin Yan’s eyes swept to afar and she looked towards the swamp next to her.
From the swamp came the sound of squelching mud. Zhua Qi’s body slowly surfaced from the swamp.
Standing in the middle of the swamp, Zhua Qi maliciously looked towards this area, “I don’t believe you! There must be something else on this kid! Miss Xia, you just have to give him to me. If I really can’t find anything on him then that would have nothing to do with you.”
“Shi Yan! Shi Yan!”
Beiming Shang’s roars came from far away, coming closer and closer.
“Miss Xia!” Zhua Qi screamed again, “Give that kid to me and when he drops into the swamp I will drag him underground. Or else, Beiming Shang won’t leave him alone. I promise you, if there really is nothing on the kid, I will leave him alive!”
Xia Xin Yan did not mince his words as she seemed to know that Beiming Shang was almost here. And with the situation with the Mistress of the Dark World forcing her hand, Xia Xin Yan couldn’t just directly take Shi Yan away.
After her response, Xia Xin Yan did not hesitate. She moved and grabbed Shi Yan and threw him into the distance.
At the same time, she opened her mouth and a glistening dagger flew out from under her tongue.
The dagger was covered in mysterious runes. The runes were only the size of tadpoles, but they slowly shifted on the dagger, as if they had a life of their own.
Once the dagger came out, waves of mysterious power came from the runes. That power was able to cut off someone's soul consciousness. Xia Xin Yan swung the dagger and casually slashed down. Suddenly, layers of ripples appeared in the void, glinting with light.
The layers of ripples were slashed by Xia Xin Yan’s dagger and in the ripples, Beiming Shang’s furious face faintly was faintly displayed.
“Xia Xin Yan! How dare you cut off my soul consciousness! I will kill you!” In the distance, Beiming Shang roared in madness, his voice was filled with an earthshaking wrath.
Xia Xin Yan remained unmoved. She held the dagger in her hand and her body swiftly danced. The dagger drew beams of light, making layers of soul consciousness waves in the plain void and shattering that soul consciousness bit by bit.
The Mistress of the Dark World who was hiding in the pitch black darkness saw that Xia Xin Yan could cut off the soul consciousness of Sky Realm masters. Realizing that Xia Xin Yan was not easily trifled with, the mistress did not venture out when she saw that Beiming Shang was about to arrive. Instead, that cl.u.s.ter of darkness slowly floated up the sky again and stopped inside a dark cloud.
Shi Yan’s body suddenly dropped into the swamp.
Zhua Qi’s face was filled with joy and he immediately stirred his Martial Spirit, wrapping Shi Yan in layers of mud. He then dragged Shi Yan with him and sank into the swamp.
Shi Yan instantly felt that it was hard to breathe. He hastily gathered his concentration and held in his breath. He secretly circulated the power in his body to prepare for any upcoming situations.
In the cl.u.s.ter of mud, Shi Yan felt like he was sinking G.o.d knows how many meters into the depths of the swamp.
Suddenly, the mud cl.u.s.ter wrapping around his body abruptly dissipated.
This was a tightly sealed, five square meter cavity in the mud. There was mud all around and only a small amount of air, with no exit.
In the mud cavity, there was only the excited-looking Zhua Qi by his side.
Zhua Qi rubbed his hands together, looking very excited. He laughed sneakily and said, “We are a hundred meters under the swamp. This cavity is created by my Martial Spirit. It can guarantee that you won’t suffocate to death. Okay, now we can talk about what happened in that strange s.p.a.ce. Hmm, if you hand me everything, I can promise that I won’t kill you and I will even escort you out of the Dead Swamp.”
“You can figure it out yourself.” Shi Yan spread out his hands, and stood still in his spot, “Whatever you can find on me you can take.”
“I only want what you got from the strange s.p.a.ce.” Zhua Qi dazed, and then said ruthlessly, “I have no interest in anything else!”
“I didn’t get anything.” Shi Yan shook his head, and said calmly, “Only bits of starlight entered my body and now it has merged with my blood and bones. Maybe if you eat my flesh, you can still get some power from the starlight.”
“Kid, you really think I wouldn’t dare to eat you!” Zhua Qi licked his lips, and said cruely, “If I can get power from eating you, then I wouldn’t mind eating you whole!”
Shi Yan’s expression remained calm, he simply sat down, and said: “It’s up to you. The thing is in my body anyway and I can’t take it out, so do what you want.”
“Kid, you would rather die than give it away?” Zhua Qi’s expression was ferocious. He pondered and then suddenly said, “Did you know, that I have many ways to make you wish you were dead?”
Shi Yan was silent and he didn’t say a thing.
The Profound Qi, negative energies and Yin Qi all quietly came out of his body and started to slowly spread around the entire cavity…
The three different powers spread out, but didn’t immediately form into [Gravitational Fields]. Shi Yan was focused as he secretly took precautions. If Zhua Qi made a move next, he would create the [Gravitational Fields] without hesitation.
He knew that the [Gravitational Fields] definitely won’t be able to go against the Sky Realm Zhua Qi, but he only wanted to use it to restrain Zhua Qi for a bit.
As long as the [Gravitational Field] could trap Zhua Qi for a moment, even if it was only a few minutes, he grab the opportunity to flee to the surface of the swamp and maybe even find a chance to escape.
“Boom, boom, boom! Boom, boom, boom!”
Earth-shaking sounds came from above the swamp. The violent power fell into the swamp and even Shi Yan, who was a hundred meters deep in the swamp, could still sense the commotion from above.
“Kid, don’t expect that woman to save you. Now that Beiming Shang is here, she won’t even be able to help herself.” Zhua Qi took a deep breath in and clenched his teeth, “Don’t force me to take extreme measures, just give me the thing now. I will promise you that if you’re obedient, I will escort you out of the Dead Swamp. You know my power in the Dead Swamp. As long as I’m willing, even if that woman can’t protect you, I can! How’s this?”
“I only got the sky full of starlight from the s.p.a.ce and now all that starlight is in my body. The starlight can let me absorb power from the stars. It is a Martial Spirit. Hmm, if you know how to transfer Martial Spirits, I wouldn’t mind giving it to you. Other than that, I have nothing else to say.” Shi Yan said casually.
“A Martial Spirit! One that can absorb power from the stars!”
Zhua Qi’s face was full of joy. He was so excited that his body was shaking and he laughed loudly, “It certainly is a treasure! Kid, give it to me now! Quickly, give it to me!”
“Didn’t you hear me?” Shi Yan frowned, “That Martial Spirit is in me. I don’t even know how to use it. How am I supposed to give it to you?”
“Surely there’s a way! There must be a way!”
Zhua Qi was extremely excited and he shouted in the cavity, “If you can obtain that Martial Spirit, then you can definitely give it up too! Hurry and think, you can definitely find a way! Shi Yan, I’ll give you three days! After three days, if you give the Martial Spirit to me, I will promise to escort you out!”
Three days?
Shi Yan furrowed his brows and said dismissively: “Okay, I’ll think about it carefully.”
“Yes, you have to think about it carefully! After three days, if you still can’t do it, hehe, then don’t blame me for being unkind!” Zhua Qi grinned.
On that day.
Deafening blows kept coming from outside the swamp, indicating that Xia Xin Yan and Beiming Shang were still battling.
When the night fell, the fighting outside finally ceased.
Shi Yan didn’t know what was happening outside. His heart sank deeper and he kept thinking about how to escape from Zhua Qi’s hands.
“Boom, boom!”
Late at night, waves of a most destructive power suddenly covered the swamp!
Those waves of power had such a frightening penetrative force that it pierce a hundred meters deep into the swamp. It had an indomitable life force. It kept trying to find traces of warriors in the swamp and came straight at Zhua Qi.
“What the h.e.l.l? Who is this powerful?” Zhua Qi’s face suddenly changed, his expression aghast.
He saw that the waves of power came at him like flying dragons, he didn’t bother about Shi Yan anymore. Shrieking, he rushed out of the mud cavity and clashed with the frightening power that carried the scent of blood.
Shi Yan’s eyes brightened. He sucked in a big breath and hurriedly he rushed out of the cavity, floating up towards the surface without regard for anything else.
Translated by: Amy
Edited by: Moto and Vick
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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