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More than ten thousand warriors and hundreds of battleships had created a heavy pressure like that of a mountain. This force of the Fiery Rain Star Area was over Shi Yan's estimation.

Sana and Ju Bo from the Divine Light were solemn. They had ordered their subordinates discreetly to maintain discipline. They shouldn't provoke or cause any dispute with the others recklessly. Miao Rong also looked shocked. He was bewildered while looking at the people who had just arrived. At this moment, he was speechless as if he didn't know how to talk.

This force of the Fiery Rain Star Area was enough to defeat any force of the Agate Star Area. Moreover, they had outnumbered the other forces, obviously.

Let alone the fact that the Divine Light had only three thousand warriors here, even if this force had attacked the Divine Light's headquarters, they could cause a fatal destruction there.

The huge number of the Ethereal G.o.d Realm of this force was so intimidating that it made them feel mentally subdued already.

The Agate Star Area was vast, but it would need four or five forces combined to resist this force of the Fiery Rain Star Area.

If they wanted to finish the Divine Light's corps in this gourd-shaped island, they could crush every single one of the three thousand warriors here easily.

Yu Shan's force was like a pressing grand mountain, which had suffocated everyone there.

However, Yu Shan didn't look happy at all. Quite the contrary, she looked even more grimaced than Miao Rong and Ju Bo. After the battleships had anch.o.r.ed by the small island, she ordered her warriors with an exhausted face.

Immediately, thousands of big chests emerged from hundreds of battleships. The energy that rippled through those chests was thick and striking.

A lanky, archaic-look old man came to Yu Shan, who was at the Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm. He was called Xiao En. At this moment, he frowned while looking at those chests, as if he was hesitant.

Yu Shan nodded at him.

Xiao En's face was begrudging as he said, "Open them!"

Many warriors of the Fiery Rain Star Area acted like the thunderstorm as they dashed out and opened the chests floating in the sky. Fierce halos were revealed, which seemed so dazzling.

Those several thousand chests were filled with divine crystals, jades, precious metals, and rare woods. The five-colored crystals were fulgent beside the aromatic pellets and medicines. Various types of cultivating materials that were essential to any warrior were glowing with a magical light that could mesmerize people.

Most of the divine crystals in the chests were high-quality, with some rare top-quality ones. The energy stored inside was almost in a liquid form, which was murmuring inside the crystals.

The spectacular jades had different auras of different energy cla.s.ses. Some were cool, scorching, icy cold, or filled with thunderbolts. Apparently, they were the customized products aimed at special warriors, which were priceless indeed.

Even the meteoric iron, the streamer sand, black metals, etc. that couldn't be found in the Potion and Tool Pavilion, were seen in those chests. Watching them all, people felt that their souls had already sunk into those chests.

All the chests were filled with different rare and precious cultivating materials.

Miao Rong and Ju Bo looked at them until their eyes had a strange light. They smacked their tongues, counting for a while before they knew that the even the combination of all of Divine Light's and Fighting League's properties couldn't compare to the materials in those chests.

This finding made Miao Rong and Ju Bo shift restlessly. They looked at the warriors of the Fiery Rain Star Area, who had just arrived even more cautiously.

This was s filthy rich! Seriously!

Miao Rong and Ju Bo sighed with emotions.

"As we come here this time, we will use only our own sources. We won't consume anything from you guys." Yu Shan talked slowly while her bright eyes looked at Shi Yan only.

She didn't bother to look at Miao Rong, Ju Bo, Sana, Xia Xin Yan, and Zi Yao. In her eyes, it seemed only Shi Yan had the right to talk with her. Many warriors of Divine Light were shocked. When they looked at Shi Yan again, they all had an awkward complexion.

"You just need to ask Leona to help us train our soldiers. We will cover our consumption. We won't ask you to take care of all of things for us." Yu Shan became dead serious. "I know how difficult and brutal the training can be. If some of them die unexpectedly during the training, we won't say a word!"

Xiao En stood by her, frowning. He looked at Shi Yan disbelievingly, lowering his voice. "He... Is he worth our trust and difficulties for such consumption?"

Xiao En's voice wasn't high, but everybody could hear him clearly. They couldn't help but look at him.

This man seemed to hold a high position. He was at the Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm, cultivating the Thunderbolt power Upanishad. He must be famous in Fiery Rain Star Area. When Yu Shan talked to him, she was careful and respectful. "Leona is an extraordinary genius. I believe that the force she trains can resist the standing army of the G.o.d Clan!"

"The standing army of the G.o.d Clan?" Xiao En furrowed his brows as his line of sight raked through the warriors of the Divine Light. His eyes became disdainful. "The competence of the team here can't be compared to ours. Is she worth your trust?"

Many warriors of the Divine Light including Sana, Ju Bo, and Zi Yao changed their looks as they felt insulted.

The Blood Lance of the Divine Light was famous in the Agate Star Area, indeed. Sana and Ju Bo had confidence in their fleet. However, being disdained today, they all felt angry.

Yu Shan scanned the Divine Light's warriors, talking nonchalantly, "They aren't an elite force indeed. But, they aren't the force Leona has trained. I believe that if Leona commands them, our troop with a similar competence wouldn't be their match."

Xiao En laughed strangely. He looked at the warriors behind him, and then the Blood Lance of the Divine Light. Suddenly, he talked with a severe face. "You know that I didn't agree to send so many experts to the Agate Star Area for training because I don't believe the Agate Star Area could have some good trainer at such high levels. Our family used to battle against the forces of the Agate Star Area. I know their fighting competence. So... I don't think they can be compared with the intimidating force of our Fiery Rain Star Area. Of course, I know you won't shoot an arrow aimlessly, especially when we are under such a heavy pressure..."

Xiao En paused for a while and then continued. "Give me something to put my faith on, okay? Also to show your soldiers something that makes them believe!"

Standing behind him, the warriors from the Fiery Rain Star Area had their eyes brightened, looking at Yu Shan with yearning visages.

Yu Shan frowned, hesitating for a while before talking to Shi Yan. "Is Leona here?"

Shi Yan wore a cold face while standing by the Child Formation he had just completed. He frowned, squinting at Xiao En and talking deliberately. "You can go back to your Fiery Rain Star Area now. I won't let Leona help you train your army."

Miao Rong, Sana, and Ju Bo were surprised, but they couldn't help appraise him in their minds.

Xiao En laughed evilly, while Yu Shan changed her complexion.

After more than ten thousands warriors of the Fiery Rain Star Area had arrived in hundreds of battleships, they put a heavy pressure on the chests of the warriors in the gourd-shaped island, making them find it hard to breathe.

Although Ju Bo and Miao Rong were at the Incipient G.o.d Realm, they were no exception.

Xiao En and Yu Shan were both at the Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm. They were stronger than the other two. At the same time, the number of the Ethereal G.o.d realm experts of their force was overwhelming. No matter which aspect they were to be compared in, the force in this island would always be in the lower position.

Thus, Miao Rong and Ju Bo felt dispirited as they weren't as strong as the others. Naturally, they kept silent under such ma.s.sive pressure.

However, when facing Xiao En's doubt and contempt, all people in the island thought that Shi Yan would treat them with great care, and would say good words to them and talk them into their agreement. No one had expected that Shi Yan would give a shocking answer like that!

He refused them! Under a mountain-like pressure, he unilaterally erased what he's promised them!

All the warriors in the gourd-shaped island were scared. They didn't understand anything.

"You had promised me!" Yu Shan's eyes got colder while her soft body released a scorching heat of the burning flame.

"After you can satisfy your men, I will talk to you again." Shi Yan still wore a cold face. "If the people you've brought here disdain us or don't trust us, as they think they could kill us easily... then, I'm sorry. We won't welcome you. Please leave the Agate Star Area!"

Hearing him, the Divine Light warriors became excited, while Xiao En and the Fiery Rain Star Area warriors had a cold countenance.

"Kid, your realm isn't high, but your mannerism isn't anywhere low!" Xiao En snorted, sneering, "I don't think that warriors of your Agate Star Area can beat us in military tactics. Have you ever engaged in a battle with the G.o.d Clan? Do you know how strong they are? No, you don't! Because you've just met the Dark Shadow Clan, a watchdog of the G.o.d Clan! If you did face the G.o.d Clan, even if it were a group of warriors without a structure, you guys would be smashed!"

His finger pointed at the Divine Light's Blood Lance Fleet with a countenance full of contempt.

Taking a deep breath, Xiao En wore a stern face. "I used to face the G.o.d Clan directly. I know how terrible this clan is, more than anyone else. I know how sharp and magical their formation can be. It's important to train the legions, but, if I have to put my hope in someone who has never seen how dangerous the G.o.d Clan is, I'm sorry but it has to be a no."

He looked at Yu Shan, and the warriors of the Fiery Rain Star Area also looked at her. Obviously, they didn't trust her.

"Seems like even you can't have a uniform thought in your own organization." Shi Yan gave a faint smile while talking to Yu Shan impatiently. "First, you should manage your internal issues then you can talk to me. I don't have free time to help you with your discipline."

"Dares disrespect Madame Yu Shan? You haughty kid!" A Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm young man shouted at Shi Yan, his eyes dark and cold like an icicle.

He was the patrol leader of a troop who was saved by Yu Shan. He had always respected and appreciated her for saving his life.

In Fiery Rain Star Area, Yu Shan held a superb position. Not many people dared to talk to her like that. Even when Xiao En had doubt and debated her, he needed the ten thousand warriors behind him to be his base of confidence. Yu Shan's power could be proven as she could gather more than ten thousand elite warriors and materials in just a short time.

"Shi Yan, I've saved your friends and your family. You don't want to give me face?" Yu Shan glared at the young man over there. Then, she lowered her voice, begging for his favor. "Why don't you bring Leona here and compete with the troop led by Xiao En? We can solve things that way, right?"

"My teacher has mobilized so many people to the Agate Star Area. She has to bear heavy pressure from the others already. If we can't solve this matter smoothly, it will affect my teacher's reputation badly," said Xuan Fei.

"Shi Yan..." Xia Xin Yan whispered to him and nodded. "The general picture's more important. The G.o.d Clan's too domineering. We aren't the enemy to the Fiery Rain Star Area. We will be good allies in the future."

"Okay then." Pondering for a while, he stood in front of the battleships and ten thousand warriors of the Fiery Rain Star Area. Pointing at them, he said coldly, "Among you guys, if someone under the Incipient G.o.d Realm can beat me up, I will let Leona compete with your Sir Xiao En for a battle."

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