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Miao Rong was quite suspicious.

This time, the Divine Light had made a large-scale invasion. While the Fighting League hadn't noticed, they had forcefully claimed many important areas which used to belong to the Dark Shadow Clan. It was like a sharp thorn thrusting towards the Fighting League's throat, which gave Feng Han a big headache.

When Feng Han was ready to deploy his force, he got the news from the Divine Light: They had kept Xia Xin Yan as a hostage!

Thus, Feng Han had to stop his plan of a fight, and begrudgingly agreed with the strict conditions the Divine Light had given. He didn't deploy his forces, but wrote a letter of agreement, which he asked Miao Rong to hand to the other in exchange for Xia Xin Yan.

Miao Rong thought that it was a humiliation, which he had prepared himself to bear.

However, when he arrived there with his Water Moon War Department, Xia Xin Yan and her Windstorm War Department had escaped their confinements. Moreover, the arrogant experts of the Divine Light were leaving their important areas. They seemed to want to retreat from the Shadow Ghostly Prison soon.

Miao Rong was confused, as he didn't know what was wrong. He had asked Xia Xin Yan, but she didn't give him a convincing answer.

The Fighting League was hurried, wanting to know all the details related to it. So, they continually asked Miao Rong.

Miao Rong knew that Xia Xin Yan had the answer. However, he didn't have the right to ask her. So, he had to keep being skeptical.

The Phoenix war chariot trembled hard. Miao Rong looked at Xia Xin Yan, who acted normal, her eyes lost somewhere. He knew that he would get the answer in a few minutes.

On the gourd-shaped island, the breeze was warm, flowing above the sparkling sea. Divine Light's battleships were anch.o.r.ed by the small island, leaving only one magnificent purple crystal battleship lying in the center of the island.

Dozens of Divine Light's warriors were surrounding the purple crystal battleship, situated in the middle of many lush mountains. All of a sudden, Sana and Ju Bo arrived there with Zi Yao, who was wearing a gorgeous purple dress.

At this moment, the three leaders of Divine Light were giving orders to their subordinates.

A hunky young man stood in a corner with the three Demon clansmen, his face cold and calm.

Warriors of Divine Light weren't wary of them. They were talking to each other, while the mesmerizing woman in purple would often throw her glance at the young man over there, her beautiful eyes twinkling.


The war chariot slightly trembled. Miao Rong jolted up, frowning at the Divine Light's warriors in the distance.

Sana and Ju Bo were famous warriors of the Divine Light, the commanders of this Shadow Ghostly Prison operation. At first glance, Miao Rong could easily guess their ident.i.ties.

He looked at the gorgeous woman in purple, his eyes brightening as he nodded inwardly.

That was the new disciple of the Divine Light's Master. She was quite favored, and had an extremely fast cultivation progress. He knew that she was called Zi Yao.

A series of information related to Zi Yao slid through his brain, startling him. He suddenly became bewildered when he found out that Xia Xin Yan had only looked at Zi Yao and that cold young man since she had arrived on this planet. She didn't even give Sana and Ju Bo a glance.

Since Miao Rong couldn't explain that, he paid more attention.

Ju Bo didn't talk more. He rose one hand, making a gesture to stop the Divine Light's warriors from discussing.

He looked at the Phoenix war chariot emerging and chuckled. He waved his hand while talking. "I'm Ju Bo of the Divine Light. You're welcome here to see us off."

See them off?

Miao Ring was bewildered.

Xia Xin Yan furrowed her bold brows as her look shifted from Ju Bo to Zi Yao. Finally, she gazed at Shi Yan.

Shi Yan was still natural as he grinned while talking to her. "Divine Light wants to retreat from Shadow Ghostly Prison. They will leave soon."

Miao Rong and Xia Xin Yan were astounded. They finally confirmed that the Divine Light would leave for sure, which made them even more bewildered.

Ju Bo looked at Shi Yan, giving the compliment. "What we agreed about with Shi Yan, we will never change. After we're done with the preparations for him, we will leave shortly. We won't linger in Shadow Ghostly Prison anymore."

Sana snorted, his face indifferent. He seemed not willing at all.

Zi Yao wore a charming smile while talking to Xia Xin Yan gently. "It's perfect not to cause any dispute with Xia mei-mei. Mei-mei, if you have time, come to be our guest in Divine Light's territory. Please don't keep in mind any previous provocation of ours."

Xia Xin Yan just frowned, but didn't answer.

Miao Rong was dumbstruck like a wooden chicken. He looked at the lean young man, and finally knew that he was Shi Yan, the one they had talked about.

However, this man was only at the Ethereal G.o.d Realm. What kind of a trick had he conjured to make the Divine Light leave Shadow Ghostly Prison? And why did he have to help the Fighting League?

Doubts grew in Miao Rong's mind.

"I want to create a Teleportation Formation. They will help me gather some necessary materials. That's why I'm waiting here." Shi Yan thought for a while, and realized that he should clarify everything with Xia Xin Yan.

With his realm and cultivation base, it wasn't really hard to create the Child Formation of the Mother and Child Sky Linking Formation. He believed that he could do that.

However, he didn't have the materials to build a s.p.a.ce Teleportation Formation. When he discussed with Bao Ao, Jie Ji, and Bo Rou, he told them about it. He didn't expect that Zi Yao would help him collect all of the required materials.

However, he was even more surprised when Ju Bo and Sana didn't oppose this. They expressed that they wanted to thank him because he had rescued the warriors of the Divine Light.

He couldn't deny this, and he didn't try to deny anyway. He just let Divine Light and Zi Yao take care of the preparations.

It would take a lot of materials to build the s.p.a.ce Teleportation Formation. The battleships of the Divine Light in this area didn't have enough materials. Thus, Zi Yao and Ju Bo had ordered their subordinate to gather them. They knew that they could collect all of them in a short while.

The Divine Light and the Potion and Tool Pavilion had a close relationship. The materials Ai Fu had piled up in Broken Star Field were from the Divine Light. And, they even had a way to buy and sell the Mother and Child Sky Linking Formation to Ai Fu.

Shi Yan didn't doubt the Divine Light's capacity. Also, he believed in Zi Yao. Thus, he had been waiting on this gourd-shape island.

"Gathering forging materials?" Xia Xin Yan was surprised for a while. She reacted immediately, laughing. "Ah, turns out you're busy with this. When we came back from the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage, you had told me that, so I had arranged it for you."

Shi Yan was surprised.

Miao Rong slightly frowned while talking. "You sent your request to the League, asking us to contact the Potion and Tool Pavilion to collect the materials for him?"

Xia Xin Yan smiled naturally, then nodded and talked to Shi Yan. "You don't need to stay here anymore. We should go to the Fighting Star. I believe that the materials required are already there. You can do it right away without waiting here."

Shi Yan scratched his head as he felt awkward.

"It takes five days max, and the materials we have ordered will be delivered." Zi Yao smiled charmingly. "Can you wait for five days more? It will take half a month to travel to the Fighting League. You don't need to waste a lot of time, right? Just wait here for five days more. What do you say?"

"You want to go to the Fighting League, anyway. When you get there, the materials will be awaiting you already. You can do what you want. Why would you waste more time here?" Xia Xin Yan pitched her voice.

The two peerlessly beautiful women were trying to show their colors. With soft voices and yearning eyes, they were asking him to agree with their suggestions.

The Divine Light's warriors were baffled, and Miao Rong was also dumbstruck.

No matter it was Xia Xin Yan or Zi Yao, they were both extreme beauties who were really rare in this world. Both their makings and glamor were perfect. They also held a high position in the Fighting League and Divine Light respectively.

Ordinary people would never have a chance to get in touch them. But today, they were competing for a man. As they were trying to gain his attention, it baffled all the warriors on the scene.

Many warriors the Divine Light had yearning, jealous, admiring, and even angry facial expressions. Some of them even roared in their minds, as they had considered Zi Yao as their perfect G.o.ddess, the dream of their lives. Today, their G.o.ddess and another extremely exquisite woman were waiting for a man's decision. This made them almost lose their sanity.

Sana felt like a big failure. He didn't have any confidence or arrogance in his eyes anymore. He looked at Zi Yao, who was gingerly, and then Xia Xin Yan, who was yearning, then sighed inwardly.

Miao Rong frowned deeply. The light in his eyes was like a burning torch as he gazed at Shi Yan and felt aghast.

He had never heard of the name Shi Yan. He knew nothing about this man who had emerged from nowhere. But, he knew how much Feng Han had favored Xia Xin Yan. He also knew Xia Xin Yan's strange profile. At the same time, he knew of Zi Yao's n.o.ble position in the Divine Light.

What made this young man deserve the two women's favors?

Miao Rong gradually became absorbed in his thoughts.

"I've been waiting for several days, and it will just take five days more." As people were gazing at him, Shi Yan's face was indifferent while he spoke, "Five days later, after we've collected the materials, I will leave with you to the Fighting Star. I think I can finish the Teleport Formation on the way. It will be the best solution for me."

The Fighting Star was the headquarters of the Fighting League, which situated in the dangerous center of the Shadow Ghostly Prison. It was heavily guarded in a special location.

Shi Yan had agreed to Yu Shan from the Fiery Rain Star Area that he would a.s.sign Leona to train a troop of her force. Due to the unique location of the Fighting League in Shadow Ghostly Prison, it was his top choice.

His answer gained the approval from both the two beauties. They smiled, and nothing in this sea area could compare to their glamor.

"Alright. We will wait for five days more." Xia Xin Yan felt at ease. She nodded to Miao Rong, asking him to wait here as well.

As long as Shi Yan agreed to go to the Fighting Star with her, she wouldn't nag him about any other matter. She felt happy with his decision.

Zi Yao knew that Xia Xin Yan still ranked first in Shi Yan's heart. She wasn't foolish to make things tenser. As Shi Yan had agreed to stay five days more in this place, she thought that it was a noticeable change already. She believed that she could imprint her image into his heart little by little over time. Eventually, she would be able to compete with Xia Xin Yan directly.

"This area doesn't look bad. Shi Yan, take me around for seeing the sights, will you?" Xia Xin Yan suddenly asked with her sweet voice.

"I've taken him for a walk once. If you don't mind, we will go together. What do you say?" Shi Yan hadn't agreed when Zi Yao took the chance to intervene. She stretched her body like a lazy cat, her face natural and calm. "I'm excited to talk more with Xia mei-mei."

"Cough! Cough! You two go for a walk. I want to prepare and meditate for a while." Shi Yan gave out some dry coughs and expressed his opinion.

The two pairs of pretty eyes shot at him with some meaning.

"I'm going to seclude and cultivate!" Shi Yan said placidly, then flew out all of a sudden and disappeared into a cave on the mountain of the island.

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