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More than thirty years ago, Zi Yao left the Broken Star Field to enter the territory of the Divine Light. She had accepted the Master of the Divine Light her teacher. Since then, she had ascetically cultivated the Light power Upanishad.

Divine Light wasn't within the area of the Shadow Ghostly Prison, but it wasn't far from this area either. It was especially close to the s.p.a.ce hub where s.p.a.ce pa.s.sages were congregated. This area was mystical, with rumors that the Divine Light would cross this place from time to time.

The Divine Light's Master didn't want Zi Yao to cultivate all the time. She asked Zi Yao to come to the s.p.a.ce hub to see if she could get lucky and catch a glimpse of outer s.p.a.ce divine light. If she could take it in, her realm would leap up.

Some precursors of the Divine Light had escorted Zi Yao to the area with the s.p.a.ce slits. She had wandered there for a long time, but couldn't catch the outer s.p.a.ce divine light. However, she found a narrow s.p.a.ce slit that was connected to the Raging Flame Star Area. With the help of the Divine Light's experts, they moved through the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage and arrived in the dead star area of the Raging Flame Star Area.

In that area, Zi Yao found a lot of traces of the outer s.p.a.ce pirates, as well as Ka Fu's whereabouts.

She knew Shi Yan had a relationship with Ka Fu, Bao Ao, and the others. She was one of the vanguards entering the Agate Star Area with Shi Yan. She knew Ka Tuo and Shi Yan were always together. Thus, she came to talk to Ka Fu, telling him that his brother was in the Agate Star Area, and she wanted to take him there.

Ka Fu, of course, couldn't be happier. After he had arranged everything, he took Bao Ao, Jie Ji, Bo Rou, and some strong pirates to follow Zi Yao to Agate Star Area.

Listening to Zi Yao, Shi Yan felt his eyes itch, and his heart feel warm.

He suddenly recognized that while he didn't know anything, this woman had done many meaningful things for him. He remembered things he had undergone those years and became baffled.

"Shi Yan, you didn't fail us," Bao Ao appraised with emotion. Jie Ji and Bo Rou were excited as well. Jie Ji stepped forward to pat Shi Yan's shoulder. "Excellent!"

Shi Yan was bewildered, asking, "What's excellent?"

"You've taken the fellows of our Demon Clan from the Grace Mainland. You gave them a way of hope. It's what we had departed for that year. We wanted to find a way out for our fellows. You've done it for us. You didn't fail us."

Bao Ao's eyes had flames, his voice strong and echoing.

Bao Ao and Jie Ji were the leaders of Demon Clan. They had soon recognized the exhaustion of energy in the Grace Mainland, and had struggled to find a way to survive for their fellows. They had even left the Grace Mainland for this reason.

After that, they arrived in the Raging Flame Star Area, where they had their knowledge widened when they saw the wealth of the medium-level star area. At that time, they recognized how weak they were at the Peak of True G.o.d Realm. They used to be the potion and mining slaves. They struggled to live for a long time. Eventually, they found the dream they once had seeming to drift further and further away from them.

They had given up one or two times. However, shame stayed forever in their hearts as they couldn't bring hope for their fellows.

But it was until they met Shi Yan again. Shi Yan had used the star map to exchange for their rescue while they were trapped inside the demonic flower. After that, they were safe and recovered in a hidden area somewhere in the Land of G.o.d Punishment. Slowly, hope dawned back on them.

Dozens of years later, when Zi Yao brought some Ethereal G.o.d Realm experts of the Divine Light and found them here, they were shocked. Now they knew that the Raging Flame Star wasn't a high-level star area. Only the star areas with Incipient G.o.d Realm experts could be deemed the high-level star areas. After that, Zi Yao told them one thing.

They knew Shi Yan had completed the dream they could never fulfill. Shi Yan had brought the hope of a new life to their fellows in the Grace Mainland. They were so grateful to him.

"When we had just visited the Grace Mainland, we made the vow that we must find a life star to prepare a new home for our fellows." Jie Ji looked at Shi Yan, his face holding a sincere and touched smile. "Too bad our capacity was limited, so we couldn't do that. But, you helped us. Even if we have to die now, we will die with a smile."

The Demon fellows in the Grace Mainland were their families, relatives, friends, and subordinates. They were worth their care, and they would do everything to continue their bloodline.

"They live well and safely now. Don't worry." Gazing at them, Shi Yan smiled happily. "After I am done with my business here, I will create a formation that can help transport you guys there to live with them. You will... meet someone very close to you on that planet."

Bao Ao, Jie Jie, and Bo Rou were thrilled.

In another area of the immense ocean, Sana and Ju Bo wore a solemn face, standing on the purple crystal battleship.

"Shi Yan has fulfilled his promise of solving our problems. What should we do now?" Ju Bo frowned while looking at Sana. "You're in charge of this operation. I'm just a protector. You tell me."

Sana contemplated for a while and then said, "As we've promised, Divine Light will leave the Shadow Ghostly Prison."

"Are you willing to leave?" Ju Bo was surprised as he knew Sana wasn't the sort of man who would yield before he could get what he wanted. However, this time, he just simply gave it up like that. Ju Bo was quite astounded.

"I'm a man of my word." Sana frowned. "That man and my sister... have a close relationship. If we don't do what we have promised, it will be difficult for her as well."

"Little Yao and that guy don't have a simple friendship, you know," said Ju Bo meaningfully.

Sana trembled shortly, his face gloomy. "I know. But, there's something we can't force to get."

"Well, that kid is only at the First Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm at this moment. With your power and tricks, you have many ways to kill him. I believe you can do it discreetly," said Ju Bo with a smile.

Sana's face was colder, looking at him indifferently. "Old Ju, did you take your meds today? If I wanted to compete for my sister with him, would I need to use such a low trick?"

Ju Bo laughed cheerily and nodded. "Sana, you're truly Sana. You won't let me down. Right, I was worried that you would let jealousy consume you. I'm not worried anymore. Alright, we'll do as we have promised. We will give them the territories we've claimed."

Sana was bewildered. But then, he gathered himself together and burst out laughing. "I will respect my sister's opinions, no matter what she chooses. I, Sana, am always sane."

Ju Bo nodded smilingly. "As Divine Light has you in its structure, even without the benefits from the Shadow Ghostly Prison, we will grow steadily."

Fighting Star…

Feng Han was standing on a high mountain with a Sound Stone in his hand, his face astounded.

"Divine Light gave it up? It... What happened?" He turned to Qi Ze while frowning. "Is it a conspiracy?"

"Ghost knows," Qi Ze seemed not mind it much. "Miao Rong sent me the message, saying that they have gathered with Xin Yan's Windstorm War Department. So, we don't need to hand the Divine Light the letter you wrote. Moreover, we also received the information that the Divine Light's forces have left the life stars and mineral stars they had claimed before."

"I'm sure something had happened." Feng Han said with a cold face. "Contact Miao Rong and Xin Yan. I want to know what happened."

"I'm on it."

In the dark star sea of Shadow Ghostly Prison, many battleships were hovering by a group of slender battleships above a crescent moon-shaped life star. This star was covered with a blue ocean, where they could see many small, dazzling islands that decorated this planet, making it a dreamy scene.

"So beautiful," Xia Xin Yan observed from her battleship, her beautiful eyes sparkling.

Standing by her was Miao Rong from the Water Moon War Department of Fighting League. "This life star produces a lot of spiritual herbs and gra.s.ses. The Dark Shadow Clan had controlled this place strictly. Among the important areas we want to claim, this place ranks right behind the planet with the divine crystal lode.

Xia Xin Yan smiled gently. "The Divine Light's warriors are in there. If they don't retreat, we can't take this place."

Miao Rong knitted his brows, talking. "I still don't know why the Divine Light suddenly gave it up. The Fighting Star has asked me several times. I don't know what to answer them. The Divine Light had come fiercely, and they retreated even faster. I wonder if they have some internal problems."

Xia Xin Yan put on a cold and indifferent face. She pondered for a while and then said, "We don't know why they retreated, but we can go there and ask."

Miao Rong discolored in fright. "You want to go there?"

The soldiers of the Water Moon Department and Xia Xin Yan's department numbered just over one thousand. Compared to three thousand warriors of the Divine Light, they were quite few.

The Divine Light had sent here all of the elite warriors, which weren't weaker than them. If they had to engage in a fight, Xia Xin Yan's side would fall into a disadvantageous situation.

Today, warriors of the Divine Light who entered the Shadow Ghostly Prison were all gathering in here. If they got down there and provoked the Divine Light's warriors, it would not be a good move.

Miao Rong couldn't understand a thing.

"We just use a war chariot to get there." Xia Xin Yan called, and a crystal jade phoenix war chariot emerged. She hopped on and waved at Miao Rong. "You and I will go there to show our goodwill."

Miao Rong was a little hesitant.

"You are at the Incipient G.o.d Realm. What is there to be worried then?" Xia Xin Yan said gently.

"I'm worried about you." Miao Rong forced a smile. "I can escape simply. But, you can't do that. Your realm isn't high enough. If they confine you for the second time, we will fall into a tough position again. Don't you think so?"

"No, it won't turn like that this time." Xia Xin Yan smiled, her beautiful eyes piercing through the layers of clouds. She mumbled. "I'm sure he has established an agreement with the Divine Light. Otherwise, the Divine Light won't act that way..."

"Forget it. I will go with you to see what troubles we will meet." Miao Rong was reluctant, but he jumped onto the war chariot like a furious water current.

The lithe phoenix war chariot glided, dancing in the sky while piercing through layers of clouds. Slowly, it lowered towards the blue ocean. They saw many Divine Light's battleships anch.o.r.ed by the islands in the sea. Warriors of the Divine Light were looking at the sky, their faces gingerly.

"I want to see your leader." Xia Xin Yan called out gently while she was still in the sky. The sound waves of her voice echoed, expanding further.

"Xia mei-mei, over here." An enchanting voice that could even reach people's bones came from the gourd-shaped island in the middle of the ocean. The female voice sounded lazy and soft, as if she was sunbathing.

Xia Xin Yan arched her brows, but she didn't recognize it. Her beautiful eyes held an unclear meaning. Her phoenix war chariot suddenly hissed ear-piercingly as it sped up, which made Miao Rong lose his balance and almost fall off. He immediately looked at her with an odd face, not knowing what had happened.

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