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Hovering above the mountain range of the divine crystal lode were dozens of battleships, with even more war chariots moving around. The warriors of the Divine Light were waiting, watching over the entrance of the lode.

More and more mining slaves and Divine Light warriors rushed out of the place. Their faces were blue or purple. After they got out for not too far a distance, they coughed, vomited blood, and then died. None of them could resist for a long time.

"What's going on?"

Sana's stiff face was now anxious and restless while his angry voice echoed.

No one answered him.

The warriors and mining slaves of Divine Light getting out of the lode didn't have the time to talk. They were busy covering their mouths and necks, struggling in pain and shrieking shrilly. Shortly after, no one was left alive.

The extinct volcanoes everywhere around this life star were fuming out the toxic green and blue smoke. The smoke was so dense it could cover the whole sky. Soon, the entire life star was shaded by a thick layer of toxic smoke.

Everybody discolored in fright and felt heavy-hearted under such a deadly pressure.

An old man of the Divine Light flew out of the lode entrance, his face ashen. He was wearing a moon-white long robe, his aura immense. He was the only one that wasn't affected by the toxins.

"Old Ju!" Sana screamed.

Ju Bo was the Incipient G.o.d Realm expert who was hidden under the divine crystal lode. The Divine Light had sent him here to deal with Feng Yan. However, since Feng Yan didn't come, he kept staying hidden in the mineral lode. When Shi Yan had used his Soul Consciousness to find the s.p.a.ce node, Ju Bo had used his soul to disturb him.

At this moment, Ju Bo looked grim. He took a deep breath and then said, "While our men were exploiting divine crystals, they accidentally activated a restriction. Toxic smoke rose out at the same time. That restriction has chained many extinct volcanoes. It happened in a blink, and we couldn't do anything to stop it."

"Even you don't have any solution to stop it?" Sana was frightened.

"When I realized something had gone wrong, the smokes had spread out already." Ju Bo's face was dark. "Those poisons are hazardous. They can enter the soul altar directly. I can only resist, but not be able to help the others."

A graceful, purple figure emerged from her purple battleship. She pitched her voice, "Grandpa Ju, what happened?"

"We must leave this place as soon as possible!" Ju Bo was restlessly tense. "Little Yao, order our forces to leave. Now!"

"What about the divine crystal lode?" Zi Yao was surprised.

"We don't have the time to mind it," said Ju Bo worriedly.

Sana lifted his head, looking at the colored toxic clouds in the sky, his face grimacing. "Old Ju, I'm afraid that we can't leave easily. If you can't wash the smoke away, I think we don't have any solution then."

Hearing him, many warriors of the Divine Light were petrified, their eyes restless.

Ju Bo looked at the thick toxic clouds in the sky, knitting his brows tightly. "I'm going to try if I can clean a pa.s.sage for you guys to glide through."

Then, Ju Bo soared up into the sky, hovering by a dark blue cl.u.s.ter of clouds as he started to urge his power Upanishad.

Shortly after, thunder reverberated. Lightning strikes flashed like a saber, weaving in the sky like giant snakes. They struck at the toxic clouds in the sky.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The ma.s.sive and wild lightning snakes struck through the dark blue clouds. However, after the lightning snakes got through the layer of clouds, the dark blue smoke immediately swarmed over to fill the hole.

Ju Bo looked cold as he continued to urge his power, controlling the lightning snakes and attacking the clouds. Unfortunately, after the lightning snakes crossed the clouds, the dark blue smoke immediately occupied the hole they had just created.

Ju Bo felt like he had just fallen into an ice chamber. He knew that the situation was really messed up, so he tried to use other tricks.

However, after several failures using his power Upanishad, he couldn't wash away the toxic smoke. At the same time, the poisonous clouds were pressing down from the sky, seeping towards the surface of the planet.

At this moment, toxic smoke was hovering in the tunnels between the mines underground as well as inside the mountains. It was also slowly crawling up into the sky while the poisonous clouds were pressing down. Shortly after, the toxic vapors in the air and from underground would meet up and merge with each other.

Then, no one on this life star would be able to escape the erosion of the toxic smoke. Without the power to resist, they would die gradually.

Divine Light warriors became fluttered as they looked at the sky with fear, trying to find a way to escape. On the other side, warriors on the flying bird battleships of Fighting League were also frightened.

They knew how terrible the toxic smoke and clouds could be. They had experienced them once, and understood how fatal they were, much more than the Divine Light warriors.

While being confined in the icy cold sea, the four Incipient G.o.d Realm experts had joined hands to create the energy curtain to protect them from the toxins. Bath, Gu Te, Feng Yan, and Blood Devil had had to use a lot of energy to resist for two months. Especially Feng Yan, she couldn't hold it up for a long time, and had almost exhausted her energy.

Looking at the similar smoke and mist, they immediately knew where they came from.

They came from the meat lumps of the Departed Spirit Jellyfish. The Fighting League warriors knew the situation. They knew it was the last attack of the Divine Light aimed at the Fighting League.

As Divine Light came up with a conspiracy, they had claimed this planet first. They thought they could take the divine crystal lode, but too bad the Dark Shadow Clan had used the restriction to trap them. In just a short time, they had borne huge losses.

The Fighting League warriors looked at hundreds of warriors and mining slaves of the Divine Light die, but they couldn't feel happy.

They understood that if the warriors of Divine Light hadn't come here first, today, the ones who died there would have been them, even though they were not so sure they could survive at this moment or not.

They all looked at Xia Xin Yan.

Xia Xin Yan had a calm face. She wasn't hurried, as if she didn't have any pressures. She looked at Shi Yan, her eyes asking. She stooped, shooting a discreet look on the inky bead in his hand.

That bead was black, with thick Yin Qi in it. However, the Yin Qi swirling inside the bead didn't come out to the environment. Only Shi Yan, who was holding it, could feel how icy it was. He could feel the bead release some magical energy fluctuation, which seemed to match with the toxic smoke covering this life star.

"Can you resolve this?" Xia Xin Yan whispered.

Shi Yan thought for a while and then released his Soul Consciousness to contact the Poison-dipped Cold Bead. Then, he nodded smilingly. "Not a big problem."

Xia Xin Yan calmed down, beaming a natural smile. "Well, the others don't seem to have a solution."

As she threw a look to the Divine Light's side. Shi Yan found an elegant purple figure who seemed to have lost her calm, seeming fluttered. Sana was even more worried. He was screaming, trying to find the warriors with Fire power Upanishad to burn the toxic smoke in the sky.

Shaking his head, Shi Yan sighed. He knew the warriors with Fire power Upanishad of the Divine Light couldn't solve the poison of the Departed Spirit Jellyfish. Although the smoke didn't come from the jellyfish directly at this moment, as the Dark Shadow Clan had captured the toxins from it and trapped them here, they were still very deadly. Only the warriors who had fused with the heaven flame could burn them down.

The Divine Light had many warriors cultivating Fire power Upanishad at the Ethereal G.o.d Realm. However, they didn't have heaven flames from the Origin.

In other words, it was impossible for the Divine Light to deal with the toxic smoke.

Anyway, people who should die had already died. The ones who were still alive were now trapped in the clearance between the toxic clouds in the sky and underground. They could be temporarily safe for a short time.

Staring at the other side for a while, Shi Yan frowned while talking to Xia Xin Yan. "Okay, we will get out of here first. After we're all safe, I'll help the Divine Light warriors escape. At this moment, you guys and the Divine Light don't have any deep grudges we can't solve. We shouldn't be too heartless."

Xia Xin Yan was bewildered, then smiled then said, "Okay."

She knew that it wasn't Shi Yan feeling for the Divine Light. He just didn't want to see Zi Yao getting killed by the poison. That's why he said so.

Of course, she wouldn't point it out. She knew Shi Yan was chivalrous.

"I will bring you out of here first." While pondering, Shi Yan lifted his head and said, "We have to stop before touching the toxic smoke. I will clean a pa.s.sage for you guys."

Xia Xin Yan nodded, spreading her order. She asked her Windstorm warriors not to touch the toxic smoke. Everybody listened to her, their faces excited.

Through the difficulties they had experienced in the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage, they had laid their trust in Shi Yan. As he had resolved the threat of the lethal Departed Spirit Jellyfish, they understood that it wasn't going to be a big trouble for Shi Yan this time. Seeing the warriors of the Divine Light wincing hopelessly, they felt happy.

Since the Divine Light warriors had broken the restriction the Dark Shadow Clan had left and borne the disaster for them, they felt pleasure on their misfortune.

"Oh, they... they want to leave?" Sana frowned, his voice cold and harsh.

Ju Bo, Zi Yao, and many warriors of the Divine Light were astounded. They immediately looked at the flying bird battleships.

"Courting death!" said an Ethereal G.o.d Realm warrior of Divine Light who cultivated Fire power Upanishad. "If we could get rid of it that easily, we would have left already. Why would we linger until now? I'm afraid they don't know the deadly features of the toxic clouds. If they fly up there, they are going to kill themselves!"

Ju Bo and Sana nodded as they agreed with that man. They also thought that Xia Xin Yan's force was going to commit suicide.

However, Zi Yao had a bizarre look on her face. She lifted her head, revealing her blushing neck. Looking at that majestic figure in the sky, she screamed in her mind. 'That b*stard finally came out!'

Her soft body shivered as she realized something. She hesitated for a while then flew off her battleships while shouting. "Watch out! It's not easy to burn those toxic clouds. Don't act rashly. Stop!"

She was worried about Shi Yan. She didn't mind anything else, just screaming to remind him.

Many warriors of the Divine Light looked at her with an odd face.

Warriors of the Windstorm War Department of Fighting League were also skeptical, as they couldn't understand her actions.

Only Shi Yan felt warm as he knew Zi Yao hadn't changed. She was still the woman he had known.

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